Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

It's been a long time... I shouldn'ta left you, without a dope beat to step to! Step to! Step to! Step to!! Lol, lemme stop!! Ok guyz, hiya beeeen?? Good I hope! :) Sorry i've been M.I.A. lately, but i'm here now so let's get the show on the road!! Btw, this chapter is longer than the last. So consider that your warning. And to the person who asked about changin Nicki's color for her words, I'm sorry, but that's the only pink on blogger, lol. If you're reading from ur iPod jus tilt it upward a little and read it from a new angle. I have the same issue with brite colors when i read from mine :) This chap begin's from where the last one ends of course. Nicki jus took Drake home and she's on her way bak 2 her mama's house...

Chapter 11:

        It was nearly 2:30am when Nicki arrived back home at Mama Carol's house. It had stopped raining, but everything was wet still. As she parked her car on the curb, Nicki noticed another car parked in the driveway. Her father Robert was home from work. He had a basic 9-5pm job, but he was happy with it. Nicki got out of the car, grabbed her suitcase from the trunk and walked up to the front door. She didn't want to knock because all the lights were off which meant everyone was sleep. Nicki looked over her shoulder's then dipped down to lift up the welcome mat. No key. Nicki stood back up then looked in the mailbox. Still no key. She huffed and made her way around to the back of the house to let herself in through the back door, but when she got there she didn't find a key.
"Really Carol?" She asked herself. Nicki took a step back and examined the back of her mom's house until she got an idea. She crept over to one of the windows and tried to push it up, but it didn't budge. Nicki tried another window and low and behold, it started to open. She lifted it all the way up, threw her suitcase in and tried to climb inside, but she was too short. Nicki grabbed a chair from the patio table, propped it up against window and stood on it. She put one leg in and then the other. When she had successfully made it inside, Nicki closed the window amd locked it. As she quickly turned around to head upstairs to the guest room, Nicki was struck by a painful, stinging mist. It was wet and it started to burn her eyes.
"I got'm!!" Mama Carol yelled out in the darkness.
"Aaaahhhh!!!! It's me mama!! It's me!!" Nicki screamed. Her eyes were on fire. Mama Carol had shot her in the face with pepper spray. Nicki doubled over, holding her eyes and fanning her face. Papa Robert turned on the kitchen light and Ciah and Tyler came running down the stairs in their pajamas.
"Ooowww!!! It burns!! It burns!!" Nicki yelled, jumping up and down like a lunatic.
"Oh! I'm so sorry Onika! I thought you were a burglar!"
"Mommy?! Please help me! I can't see!!" Nicki pleaded with her eyes squeezed shut. Mama Carol guided her to a seat and helped her sit.
"You should've called Onika."
"I know, I know! I didn't wanna wake anybody!" Nicki's eyes were severely watering and it looked like she was crying with her eyes closed.
"Oh my God! My eeeyyyeeess!!!"
"Ooh, I'm so sorry sweety!" Mama Carol said in panic. "Robert?! Pass me four bottles of Dasani out of the fridge!"
"Dasani mama?!" Nicki asked, fanning her face.
"I was a Nurse's Aid Onika, I know what I'm doing. Hold your head back and open your eyes! I have to flush them out."
"But mama I can't! They buuuurn!" Nicki whined. Robert came over with the bottles of water and handed two to Carol. He stood on the other side of Nicki and placed his hand on her forehead.
"Hold ya head back Onika." He said in his thick, Desi accent. Tyler and Maciah stood near the refridgerator watching this scene full of commotion unfold. Mama Carol frantically opened a bottle of Dasani and waited for Nicki.
"Open your eyes chile! The longer you take, the more it'll burn!"
"But ma?!"
"You want me to do it for you?!" Carol asked in her native Trini tongue.
        Nicki struggled to open her eyes, but she couldn't get them open. Mama Carol forced Nicki's right eyelid open with her thumb and poured the water over her eye. Robert did the left.
"What a scene..." Tyler said, watching Nicki get her eyes flushed. Maciah just looked at him then back at Nicki.
"Maciah, get me a wash cloth out of thee linen closet. Tyler, hand me an ice pack out of thee freezer there." Carol ordered. The boy's went their seperate ways and did what they were told. Maciah came back with a white, cotton wash cloth and handed it to his father. Tyler handed the icepack to Nicki, who then took the cloth from Robert.
"They still hurt mama."
"I know sweetie, jus wrap that ice pack in the cloth and hold it over your eyes while you lay in bed."
"Ok, thanks... Sorry I scared you guys." Nicki said with a small chuckle.
"It's fine Onika. As long as you're okay." said Papa Robert. Both her parents hugged her and slowly pulled back with puzzled faces.
"Why are you all damp Onika?" Carol asked.
"Oh, I got caught in the rain earlier... long story."
"Mhmm..." Robert said.
"Well I'll be fine so I'm gonna go to bed you guys. I'm tired." Nicki said while yawning.
"Ok honey." Mama Carol said, throwing away the four empty Dasani bottles. Papa Robert got the mop out of the broom closet and handed it to Nicki. She looked at him up and down.
"You did say you were gonna be fine. We're going to bed. You mop up this mess." Nicki's jaw dropped and she looked at her mother, but Carol just smiled at her. Nicki took the mop and began to dry the floor as her parents, Maciah and Tyler went back up stairs. After she was done, Nicki put the wet mop back, grabbed the still frozen icepack and headed to the guest room with her suitcase.
        When she got there, she took a big tee shirt and knee-length shorts out of her suitcase to sleep in. She had to be mindful of her parents and two little boys in the house so she couldn't wear her favorite outfit to bed. After she dressed, Nicki grabbed her blackberry and texted Drake to let him know she was home safe. They communicated for a good three minutes, said their goodnight's and Nicki lay back on the bed. Her eyes were starting to itch now, but it hurt like hell when she rubbed them so she just put the icepack over her face and fell asleep.

        The next day Nicki woke up around 3pm. She laid in bed thinking about what Drake had said the previous night, "I Love You." She couldn't help, but smile when she thought about it. Those words made her feel safe, protected and cared for. Like nothing in the world could ever break her down. Onika was happy, ecstatic even. For the first time in her life, she wasn't the one to say it first. And that made her feel even better. It didn't mean she didn't feel the same way though. Nicki loved Drake too, she just didn't know when or how to tell him. Even though she had been mad at him, Nicki still loved Drake. She couldn't just let him go. Her heart wouldn't allow her to. Nicki wanted Drake in her life more than she would've ever imagined. She had to tell him she loved him too. Nicki didn't know exactly how she would accomplish that, but she knew it had to be done. She'd figure out a way.

"He loves me... He loves me... He loves me..."
        Nicki repeated that phrase to herself out loud with a goofy grin on her face. It was almost like she was trying to make it fit *pauz* because she said it in various pitches, tones, volumes and accents. Like she was searching for the right way to say it.
"He loooves me... He loves. ME! HE! Loves... me!"
Nicki would not stop smiling. She even giggled a few times.
"He loves me! He loves me! He loves--"
"Who loves you Onika?"
Nicki snapped out of her happy moment and quickly spun around to look at the door.
"What are you doing here Ci?"
"Mommy said to come wake you cuz you've been in bed too long... Who loves you???"
Nicki studdered, struggling to find the words.
"Uh... uhh... JESUS!" She said loud and proud. "Jesus loves me! And he loves you too. Jesus loves all his children."
Maciah looked at her quizzically and Nicki stared back wondering if he bought it.
"Oooh K... Well I love Jesus too. Now come downstairs, mommy wants you."
Maciah closed the door behind him as he left and Nicki threw the covers back. She let out a huge sigh of relief and slipped her pink, fuzzy slippers on. Nicki couldn't risk Maciah finding out about Drake. She hadn't even told her parents yet. The only people that knew about them so far were Safaree, Candi and that ass of an assless asshole Forty. Nicki would eventually tell her family and close friends, but now was not the time. She grabbed her cell phone off the bed and went to the bathroom in the bedroom to relieve herself. Nicki washed her hands and face, texted Drake [Good afternoon :) ] then headed downstairs. She could smell the thick aroma of something cooking. Nicki took a pause on the middle of the staircase and breathed it in with her eyes closed. After her love session with the scent of food, she continued bouncing down the steps only to find Safaree sitting on the couch in the living room with a bowl and fork in his hand. She walked in and just looked at him with her arms folded. He looked up at her from his bowl and waited for her to say something.
"Well good afternoon sir?"
"What's good?" He asked, taking a bite of food. Nicki looked at him, giving him the explain yaself nigga face. Safaree caught on.
"Oooh! You must want me to tell you 'bout yesterday? With the thing and the thing?" They had to speak in code because Ci was sitting on the couch opposite of SB with his bare feet on the coffee table. But if you didn't know, yes, Safaree is talking about him telling Drake where she was. Nicki nodded her head slowly.
"See... I was jus lookin out for you Big Dawg... I mean... Like.... I was.... I--"
Nicki cut him off with her laughing. She could tell Safaree didn't know how to really explain himself. And Safaree was starting to feel like she would yell at him at any moment, but she didn't.
"I'm just kiddiiing Faree. I'm not mad at you. If anything I should be thanking you." She admitted with a smile. Safaree smiled back. He felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest.
"So what's in the bowl?" Nicki asked, taking a step closer to Safaree to look. He showed her and Nicki's eyes widened.
"Oh my God! You better not had eaten it all you pig!" Nicki smacked Safaree's foot off the coffee table.
"Get'cho foot off my mama's coffee table! What's wrong with you?" Safaree and Maciah laughed at her being all pouty and acting spoiled.
"You too Maciah." Ci took his feet off the table, still laughing at Nic.
"Where's Tyler?"
"Oh, he left earlier. His dad picked him up for the weekend."
"Yo? You look so damn evil right now! Especially with them red eyes! And ya lil attitude jus adds to it." SB giggled through that entire statement.
"Red eyes?" Nic asked, bewildered.
"Yea, you look like Cyborg!" Maciah told her, laughing.
"Good one lil man." Safaree said, high fiving him.
       Nicki looked in one of the mirrors hanging on the living room wall and noticed her eyes did look red. When she went to the bathroom earlier, she had just assumed it was from lack of sleep, but now looking at it, she knew it was the pepper spray.
"What the hell did you do last night? Crack?"
Nicki side eyed Safaree and Maciah broke into a fit of laughter. SB chimed in.
"I am so not here for you guys cracking jokes on me." Nicki said, with a chuckle. "And watch ya mouth Safaree, this is my mother's house."
"My bad B." He said calming down. Maciah got up to go into the kitchen and Nicki followed him. Mama Carol was sitting at the island drinking a cold glass of lemonade.
"Afternoon mama." Nic said, hugging her mother.
"Hey baby, how are your eyes?"
"They feel fine, but they're jus red."
"Don't worry, it should wear off soon." Carol said, taking a sip from her glass.
"I smell the food... but where is it?" Nicki asked, looking around.
"It's in the oven. It's already done, just take it out. It should still be warm, but you can heat it up if you want."
"Hey ma? Did I ever tell you, you are the BEST mother in the world? Well you are. And I'm not jus saying that because you made Boneless Stew Chicken either... I mean it." She said while fixing her a bowl. Mama Carol giggled at Nicki's comment.
"Sure Onika. It's whatever you say."
"Mama? Your daughter is a Jesus freak." Maciah blurted out.
"Oh really? How so?" Nicki looked at him then to her mother as she put the bowl in the microwave.
"Cuz... when I woke her up earlier, she was all excited and stuff. Kept sayin he loves me! He loves me!" Ciah tried mocking Nicki and Carol laughed at him. He was so animated and lively.
"And when I asked her who, she took a minute, but she said Jesus..."
        Mama Carol looked at Nicki and sipped her lemonade. Nicki could feel her mama's eyes on the back of her neck. She took the bowl out of the mic and sat down at the island to eat.
"Jesus huh?" Mama Carol asked, looking at her. She knew it was a lie and Nicki knew her mother could see right through it.
"Yea mama..... Jesus."
"Well since you love Jesus so much, why don't you come with Ci and I to Bible Study? We're leaving in a few."
"Uh..." Just then, Nicki got a text message from Drake.

[Hey beautiful, sorry 4 the late response. Wut r u doing 2day? I wanna take u out.]

Nicki started to smile, but she didn't even notice it.
"Is that Jesus?" Mama Carol asked. Maciah looked at his mom like she was crazy then slowly backed away, running into the living room. Nicki playfully rolled her eyes at Maciah's silliness.
"Answer me Nika."
"No... It's Candace. She's so hilarious."
"Mhmm... So are you going?"
"Oh... I can't. I have plans later."
Mama Carol shook her head and got up from the island. She put her empty glass upside down in the sink and said, "I wanna meet this Jesus fella Onika." as she walked out of the kitchen. Nicki's eyes got wide and she could feel her throat tighten, making it hard for her to swallow her food. She put her fork down into the empty bowl and sat it in the sink. She stood there for a moment texting Drake back.

[Ur fine babe. & im nt doing anything... where we goin?]

[Thas 4 me 2 kno & u 2 find out ;) ]

[Lol, fine then. I'll meet u @ ur place?]

[Yea, around 8]

[K, u got it dude! :p]

[Haha, love you. Bye]

Love you... Love you... How was she to respond? Nicki didn't want to say it back over text when she hadn't even told him to his face yet, that's whack.
[Bye <3]

Sending that hurt her a little. She really wanted to text it back, but she knew she couldn't. Nicki would have to wait until she saw him, it's the right way to go.
        It was now 5pm, Mama Carol and Ci left thirty minutes ago for Bible Study and Papa Robert had just gotten off of work. He went straight to church to meet them, he always did this. Safaree was still there though, playing Black Ops on PS3 in the living room. Nicki was upstairs in her room, the guest room. She had just gotten out of the shower and was looking through her suitcase for something to wear.
"Nope... nope... nah ah... Why did I even pack this? No... *huffs*" Nicki kept digging through her suitcase until she stumbled across two of the cutest little black dresses. She didn't know which one to choose though. Wrapped in a hot pink towel, she walked to her bedroom door, opened it and called to SB.
He came to the bottom of the steps.
"What?!" He seemed a little aggrevated, maybe because he was losing his game.
"Don't what me. Come here, I need your opinion." Safaree hopped up the steps to go see what she wanted. His chains dangling from his neck.
"Get in here." Nicki closed the door behind him and went over to the bed. She picked up one of the dresses and held it out in front of her.
"This one? or....... this one?"
"What's the difference? They're both black."
"Safaree? Just pick. Which one do you like better?"
"Well I hafta see you in them to decide..."
"Fine." Nicki walked to the bathroom and tried on the first dress.

"Hmm..." SB said, rubbing his chin. "Try the other one."
Nicki changed into the second dress.

"Um... I like the first one. Wear the first one... Am I done here?"
"For now... I'm gonna call you back in a few."
Safaree huffed, then went back downstairs. Nicki took off the dress to lotion up then she went back in the bathroom to do her hair, make up and put on some perfume. Not much, just simple eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. And she curled her hair to look exactly like the wig she wore in "Hello, Good Morning."

Finally!! I just needed a valid reason to put this pic up! xD I love this wig! Lol

Nicki. Looked. Perfect. So far anyway, she still needed to put the dress on. She stepped into it and slid it up. It was a cute, slim-fitting halter dress that hugged her curves. It had a barely noticeable tiny, black zipper down the back. Nicki tried to zip it up on her own, but it wasn't working out for her. She wanted to give SB a break, but she needed his help again.
Nicki heard him coming up the steps then knocking on the door. She held the front of her dress to her chest and yelled out of the bathroom.
"Come in!"
Safaree came in and walked over to the bathroom.
"Wow, you look good Nic." He said smiling at her. She smiled back.
"Thank you."
Nicki stepped out of the bathroom, past him, to look in the full-length mirror that was actually a sliding door to a closet.
"Come here. I need you to zip this up for me."
SB walked over to her and searched for the zipper.
"Where the hell is it?"
"Where else would it be you buffoon?"
"Oh, I got it. It's so damn small."
He tugged at the zipper a few times until it started to move upward. It got stuck at the top so Safaree leaned in to see why.
"What's wrong?" Nicki asked.
"I think it's snagged, hold on..."
SB placed his left hand on the left side of Nicki's waist to hold the dress in place so he could pull the zipper up. He bit his lip and made a thinking face, that face you make when you're trying to fix something and you think you've almost got it. Nicki smelled good to him. He closed his eyes and took in her scent. (Not in a creepy way guyz)
"What are you doing?" She asked. Nicki couldn't see his face, but she sensed something wierd just happened.
"I'm jus tryna unsnag it, chill." He finally zipped it all the way up and stepped back.
"Turn around?"
Nicki spun around to look at him.
"Sooo? What do you think?"
Safaree smiled at her.
"Haha! I never thought you could look so good!"
"What are you tryna say?"
"Nothin! I jus...... where ya shoes at?" He asked trying to change the subject.
"They're over there." She said pointing to the bed.

"I'll put them on in a minute... are my eyes still red?"
        SB stepped close to her to get a better look. They were almost nose to nose. He reached out his hand, placed it under her chin and tilted her head back a bit to see. Silence filled the room and to make matters more awkward, the radio came on. It's alarm must have been set for 6pm because that's exactly when music began to play from it. K-ci & Jojo's "I Wanna Make Love to You" echoed through the room.

~ Do you want to be with me?
Baby, you looking so good tonight
I can't control myself
I want to take you home with me
And lay you on your back...
Take off all your clothes...
Make love to you like you never ever known ~

Safaree and Nicki's eyes got wide. Her jaw dropped and they both looked at the radio like they'd never seen one before.
"You know what Safaree? I think I'm fine. You can go. Now please."
"Yea... I think I'm... I'ma jus leave..." He said hesitantly.
Safaree was still touching her face, he jerked his hand away like she was contagious and swiftly headed to the door. Nicki ran over to the radio and turned it off. She went over to the bed, pulled her Christian Louboutin red bottom pumps on, grabbed her clutch and walked downstairs. She turned off all the lights and went to the front door. She opened it and saw Safaree's car pull off. Nicki waited until he was halfway up the road before she stepped outside. She locked the door behind her and strutted to her Benz.
      It was now 7:12pm and Nicki was almost to Drake's apartment. She texted him to let him know she was right down the street from him. When she got there she was greeted by valet, who parked her car for her. A friendly, elderly, white-haired doorman named Chuck escorted her to the elevators and pressed the up button for her. He tipped his hat and Nicki tipped him fifty. She got on the elevator and texted Drake.
[Wut floor u on?]


[ :) ]

[The doors won't open until u enter the code. It's 10242011. Wait 4 me 2 confirm.]

[Ooo, so we all high tech huh?]

[I gotta b. Im Drizzy Drake :p]

[U r sooo cocky! Lol]

*DING!* The elevator had reached the Penthouse. Nicki entered the code and waited for Drake. His face popped up on a small screen in the elevator. Nicki hadn't noticed that before.
"Who are you?" He asked even though he could clearly see her and she could see him.
"That's my name... Can I help you?"
"Are you gonna let me in or not?"
"Seeee...... I thought about it, but... I'ont know cuz I said be here at eight and you're kinda early." He said with a shrug. Nicki folded her arms and gave him a playful puppy pout. He laughed at her then let her in. The elevator door's opened up and Nicki immediately fell in love. Drake's apartment looked amazing.

This is what Nic saw as soon as the elevator doors opened.

"Whoa... This? Is fetch."
Drake smiled and grabbed her hand to give her a tour. The last stop was his bedrrom. It was clean, nice and neat. He had a huge king sized bed and a flat screen tv in there.

NOTE! (for future reference) Just remember, the bathroom is off to the far left, by that window thingy.
Nicki walked over to his bed and sat on it, feeling his sheets.
"Are these satin?" She asked, looking at him.
"Yup." He answered, walking over to her. Nicki stretched out on his bed and started rubbing her hand across the satin sheets.
"Oh my God. These are so soft! I looove satin sheets! I could jus lay here forever."
"Well you can't..." He said, pulling her up off his bed. "We have a date at eight."
"True..... But you're not even dressed yet." She said, lazily pointing at him with her clutch.
"Don't worry, I got this." Drake stepped close to her and put his arms around her waist. Nicki put her arms around his neck.
"You go in the living room and just relax." Nicki bit her bottom lip and shook her head yes.
"Are you ok?" He asked her.
"I'm fine. Why?"
"Your eyes are kinda pink... What happened?"
"Oh..." She said, taking her hands down. "Pepper spray..."
"Pepper spray?! How the hell you get pepper sprayed?!" Drake asked in surprise. Nicki walked over to his mirror to look into it.
"Well last night, my mom thought I was a robber when I climbed through the kitchen window sooo she pepper sprayed me."
"What?!" He asked trying not to laugh.
"I don't have a key..."
"Woooooooooowwww!!" Drake burst into laughter.
"It's not funny, I could've went blind."
"Hahaha! I'm sorry bay, but thas crazy!"
"Says the guy who almost gave me a freakin heart attack last night."
Drake sucked his teeth.
"Well you're still here aren't you? Daddy didn't scare you too bad."
"Daddy?" She asked, looking over at him. "Um, no. I'll never call you daddy."
"You sure about that?" Drake confidently asked.
"I'm damn sure."
"We'll see..."
Nicki side eyed him.
"But seriously though, is it that noticeable?"
"You're fine Nicki. It's no big deal. Come here. You still look gorgeous."
        Nicki walked back over to him and he pulled her close.
"Give daddy a kiss." Drake said, puckering his lips.
"Ugh?!" Nicki rolled her eyes at him. She pushed him away and started walking out of his room.
"You're pushing it Drake." He smiled then walked to his closet to find something nice to wear.
        Meanwhile, Nicki made herself at home in his kitchen. She opened his fridge to find that it was bare. There were a few wine bottles and a bag of white grapes. Nicki helped herself to the fruit. She took the bag out, closed the fridge and went over to the sink to rinse them off. Nicki opened a few cabinets until she found a small, clear glass bowl and loaded it with grapes. She put the remainder back in his refridgerator, grabbed the bowl off the countertop and headed to his couch. Nicki turned on the television and watched Jersey Shore re-runs until Drake came out of the shower. He wore the basic tux, but it looked so good on him. Drake was freshly shaven (Thank God!) and he smelled of Drakkard Noir (It's a cologne). Nicki slowly sat up as he walked in front of the tv.
"Damn..." She said slowly, looking him over from head to toe, but it sounded like "Gam..." because she had just put a grape in her mouth.
"What do you think?" Drake asked, buttoning his cuff links. Nicki quickly chewed the grape and said, "Whoa... You sir? Look dashing!" She said in her Brittish accent. Drake chuckled and Nicki did the same.
"You ready?"
"Yea, just let me put this in the kitchen." Nicki got up as Drake turned off the tv. She put the empty bowl on the counter and smoothed out her dress. She pulled the top of the halter dress up a little. Drake snuck up to her and softly grabbed her from behind.
"You're beautiful. Let's go." He kissed her on the cheek and she smiled. They both walked to the elevator hand in hand and rode it to the lobby. Chuck greeted them and handed Drake his car keys. Nicki smiled at Chuck and followed Drake to his car.
        When the couple arrived at the restaurant, Drake parked directly in front of it. It was on what seemed to be a small, secluded street.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

There were no cars there at all. Drake got out and walked around his Aston Martin to open Nicki's door.
"Aww, who says chivalry's dead?"
"Not me." Drake said, smiling at her. He held her hand to help her out of the car and shut the door behind her. Drake locked the doors and they walked into the restaurant.
"Um... are you sure they serve good food? There's nobody here."

"That's because I reserved it for just you and me."
"Aww, how sweet?"
A waiter walked up to them with menu's.
"Right this way." He said, leading them to a table in the middle of the restaurant, right under the chandeliers. After they were seated, he handed them menu's.
"My name's Donovan and I will be your waiter for tonight." He spoke in a German accent, clasping his hands together. Donovan's W's sounded like V's which made him seem like a sinister vampire type guy, but he wasn't. He seemed too happy for that.
Donovan wore white gloves, a black bow tie, a white blazer and black slacks with shiny black shoes. His hair was slicked back and he had a tiny mustache. He would've looked completely fancy if it weren't for the one diamond stud earring in his right lobe.
"Thank you." Drake said, nodding at him. Donovan took that as his cue to leave so he nodded back and did just that.
"This place is beautiful Aubrey. It has a nice, warm, romantic feel to it." Nicki said with a smile. "And there's so much food to choose from, I don't know what to pick!" She said, flipping through the menu. "Have you been here before?"
"Just once.... a while back." Nicki wanted to know with who, but she didn't ask.
"Ok, cool. So you can help me order then. What's good?"
"Uh... the Wild Striped Bass is delicious. Um, it's topped with oven-dried tomatoes, zucchini and lobster consomme."
Nicki looked at him staring at his menu.
"That sounds funky Drake... it's just fish. Why do they need to add all the extra stuff?" She asked laughing. "How about the Roasted Hudson Valley Chicken? Is that good?"
"Never had it, but it sounds good. How about you order the Striped Bass and I get the Valley Chicken? We can trade plates if we don't like it?" Nicki thought about this for a minute, still flipping through the menu.
"Ok, sounds fair to me babe."
Donovan came back with an iPad in his hand.
"What are we having?"
"I'll have the Wild Striped Bass please."
"And I'll take the Roasted Hudson Valley Chicken."
"Oh, uh..."
"She'll have the ...If By Sea and I'll have a Colonial High Tea." Drake said, winking at Nicki. She smiled at him and Drake handed Donovan their menu's.
"Ok, be right back with your beverages."
        Donovan came back five minutes later with their drinks. Nicki's came in a Martini glass and Drake's in a fancy wine glass even though it wasn't wine.
"One for the ladyyy and one for the mister."
"Thank you." They both said.
"Mhm. Your meals will be here in forty to forty-five minutes. Here are your appetizers."
Donovan sat a big bowl of bread rolls on the table and a bowl of salad next to it. He also placed two types of salad dressings on the table.
"Enjoy!" He said, skipping away. Nicki grabbed a napkin and a roll. Drake took a napkin and tucked it in his shirt.
"Really?" Nicki asked, looking at him. "You look like the Godfather or somebody." She said, giggling.
"Don't hate. I tuck my napkin in my shirt cuz I'm jus mobbin' like that."
"Oh word?"
"Yesss word." He said, emphasizing the 'word'.
        Thirty-five minutes passed as they talked and joked around. The appetizers were almost gone.
"Where is our food? I can't keep eating this bread, I'm supposed to be on a diet."
Drake looked up at her from his plate as she pulled apart tiny pieces of a roll to nibble on.
"A diet?"
"Yea..." Nicki said, putting the roll down and picking up her salad fork.
"Nic? You don't need to be on a diet."
"Maybe..... *takes a bite of lettuce off her fork*"
"What do you mean maybe? No. You look fine Nicki. You don't need a diet."
        Nicki sighed and finished her salad. Donovan came back with their meals. It turns out, Nicki and Drake both liked what they ordered so there was no need to trade dishes. Two hours later, after they finished their meals and such, it was time to go. They both tipped Donovan for his excellent service and Drake paid the bill. Then he and Nic walked out to the car.
"Wow. That place was fantastic. I loved the live piano playing in the background. That guys fingers must be sore cuz he played nonstop. Shout out to him."
Drake looked over at Nicki in the passenger's seat as they sat at a red light.
"And I love how he played Fur Elise. That song is like one of my favorites. I'd really like to learn how to play that."
"I could teach you." Drake said, pulling off at the light.
"Really? You play?"
"I know a lil sum'n sum'n."
"Ok now, don't let me find out you Mr. Beethoven over here." They both giggled.
"And why not?"
"Cuz then you'd be perfect...... And nobody's perfect......"
"So if I'm perfect.... that'd make me a nobody?"
"Exactly. And you're definitely NOT a nobody. You mean too much to me to be a nobody..."
Drake smiled then made a sharp turn into his apartment complex.

        After they got out of the car, Chuck walked up to them.
"Hi Mr. Grahm, *waves timidly* ma'am. We can't park your car at the moment. There's been an accident near the garage and the entrance is blocked off. You'll have to leave it here over night."
"Ok, no problem."
"Wait, can you get my car out? It's a black Mercedes Benz? SLK 500? Tag numb--" Chuck interjected.
"I'm sorry ma'am. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out."
"What?" Nicki asked in disappointment.
"I'm really sorry."
"How am I supposed to get home?"
"I can call a cab for you if you want? I truly do apologize ma'am."
"Don't sweat it Nic. I'll drive you home."
"No Drake, you can't my pare--"
"Yes. I can. And I will. Just give me a couple minutes, I really needa get outta this monkey suit."
"Fine... Thank you Chuck."
        Nicki followed Drake up to his loft (apartment, flat same thing...) and waited for him on his couch. She turned on the television and flipped through the guide. Nicki came across the movie "Gladiator" and decided to watch it. It was another one of her favorites.
"You ready?" Drake asked, coming out of his bedroom twenty minutes later in a blue-ish green, plaid button-down, gray under shirt and saggy blue jeans.

"Ssshhh! This is the good part."
Drake went over to sit down next to Nic, who had made herself comfortable on the couch.
"I thought you'd be ready to go?"
"I am, I am. Jus..... wait til this movie goes off." Minutes passed and Nicki started to rub her arms.
"You cold?"
"Yea, just a little."
"Come here."
Nicki moved over next to Drake and he put his arm around her to warm her up.
Nicki rested her head on Drake's chest and continued to watch Gladiator. An hour passed and the movie was over.
"Okay, let's go."
They both stood up and walked to the elevator shaft. Drake grabbed his keys off of the coffee table and pressed the down button for the lift. As they stood there waiting, Drake spoke up.
"You know I love you right?"
Nicki looked over at him.
"Of course... why do you ask?"
"No reason, jus making sure you knew."
Nicki smiled. They looked into each other's eyes and she wanted to say it back, but something wasn't letting her. It was like her lips had glued shut and all she could do was smile. *Say it Nicki! Say it back! You know you love him! Stop being a coward, just say it!* She thought to herself. *Come on girl! He already told you! You both feel the same way! Why can't you just spit it out?!* Nicki ignored the screaming voices in her head and leaned in to kiss him instead. What was supposed to be just a peck, turned into something more. Nicki couldn't stop herself. Normally she could, but not this time. She threw her arms around Drake's neck and increased the kiss. Drake stumbled back a little, but didn't break this lip lock. Nicki slipped her tongue into his mouth and Drake did the same. They stood their tongue wrestling for a good five minutes before Nicki started pulling off his shirt. She kicked her pumps off and dropped her clutch on the floor.
"Mm! Mm! Mmm! Nicki?!" Drake pulled back, freeing himself from the kiss.
"You sure about this?"
"Look at me Aubrey! I've never been more sure about anything in my life."
Nicki grabbed his face before giving him time to reply and started kissing him again. He pulled away.
"But what?! Oh God Drake, I want you so bad right now. Stop interrupting this moment. I'm getting the feeling that you don't wan--"
Drake didn't let her finish her statement. He cut her off with a kiss, then picked her up with his hands under her thighs, still kissing her as he carried her to his bedroom.

If you choose to read past this point, I am NOT responsible for any changes in hormones! The way you feel, think, hear, or act during or after you read this is NOT my fault! Tiny minds may be corrupted! For mature audiences only!! Thank you :)

Drake closed his door with his foot and practically dropped Nicki onto his bed. He wiggled out of his shirts and took off his sneakers. It was all happening so fast. Nicki crawled into the center of his bed and motioned for him to come to her with her index finger. Drake climbed onto his bed and they started kissing. Nicki laid him back and climbed on top of him.
"You sure you ready for this?" She asked, straddling him while he lie on his back.
"I can be..." Nicki leaned forward, her boobs touching Drake's chest. "...a bit much..." She seductively whispered into his ear. She slowly sat back up with a smile, biting the edge of her bottom lip.
"You tried to warn me, but baby….. I'm warnin' you...” He said, grabbing Nicki by the waist, exchanging places with her. She now lay on her back as he hovered over her with her wrists in his hands, pinning them to his bed. Things started slowing down a bit.
"Just... *kisses her left earlobe* relax... *kisses her cheek* and let me... *kisses her lips* do all... *kisses her chin* the work... *kisses her neck*" Drake whispered in a deep, soulful voice. He kissed her lips again, letting go of her wrists. He sent shivers through her body as his soft lips traveled every inch of her tiny frame. Drake gently started caressing the contour of her smooth body. His hands were strong, but soft. All his warm energy flowed to his fingertips and he knew exactly were to touch her, almost working her like magic. He reached for the remote on his nightstand and tried to turn on the stereo, but Nicki pulled it from his grasp.
"We won't really be needing that. I make my own music..." Drake smiled at her as she put the remote back on his nightstand. He reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a condom. Magnum XL. Gold wrapper. Nicki bit her lip and reached for his belt buckle. She undid it, unzipped his pants and he yanked them off. They started kissing again. Drake pushed Nicki's dress up then reached under it and pulled off her thongs. He felt his way to her center and slowly inserted two fingers, while he massaged her clit with his thumb. Drake then began to kiss her neck. Nicki closed her eyes and bit her lip even harder.
"Oooh!! Drake, Please?! Jus do me!! I'm ready! My body can't take anymore! Uuuhh! I'm wet! Jus fuck me now! Oooh! Fuck me!" She breathed heavily. Nicki then felt around for his briefs. She pulled them down and Drake flung them off. He tugged her dress upward and over her head it went. Drake reached around her back and unhooked her strapless bra. Nicki grabbed his face and started kissing him. Drake put the condom on and slowly eased himself into Nicki, connecting with her. Their bodies merging in unity as he moved in and out… in and out… smoothly pacing himself with each stroke. Nicki raised her knees and wrapped her legs around his lower back. With their bodies tightly pressed together, Drake started to gain speed. His strokes were stronger, faster, longer, harder.
"Oooooohhh! Yes daddy!!" She whined. Nicki was in ecstasy. She could feel every inch of Drake inside her. It was euphoric. Nicki's beautiful almond eyes rolled back into her head as it rested on Drake's pillow. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed hers, sending chills all through her body.
"Mmmmmmmmy God!!! Uuhhh! Ssss, Ooohh!!"
        Minutes later, Drake gently rubbed her thigh as he seductively whispered in her ear.
"Ima need you to turn over for me babe..." Nicki lifted her eyelids and looked at Drake, both of their eyes meeting. Locked in each other's gaze, Nicki began to turn over, Drake helping her. He slid his hand under her backside and simply rotated her onto her stomach.
"Sit up.......... No... Not like that..." Drake grabbed her by the waist and lifted her butt up into the air.
"Get on ya knees for me..." Nicki did this while looking back at him. "Yea... Yea.... Like that..." Drake entered her from behind and Nicki dropped her head between her shoulders, her eyes closed tight, her mouth open. She was on all fours. Nicki could hardly make a sound. It felt so good she felt like crying. She made love faces and clenched the bed sheets as Drake heavily pumped into her from behind. He leaned over and started kissing her on her neck.
"Ooooohhh yes!!! Aaaahh!! Ssss!!! Aaahh!!! Ssss!!"
Drake slowly felt his way around to Nicki's stomach, then eased his hand toward her throbbing clit. He started to massage it as he still pumped into her. This went on for a while.
"Mmmmmm!!!!!" She moaned. "I love you Aubrey! Oooh my GOD I love you!!! I fuckin love you Aubrey!!" She blurted out.
"I love you too Onika" He whispered in her ear, kissing it. "Who's your favorite rapper?"
"Ooo! Sss, You are baby!"
"Who's your favorite rapper??"
"It's all you baby!"
"Aubrey muthafuckin Drake Grahm!!!!!!" Nicki screamed in delight.
"Sit on mi face..." Nicki looked back at him as he pulled out. She spread her legs wide and gave him the cue. Drake slid underneath Nic and lay on his back. She sat on his face and he squeezed her ass with both his hands. Nicki held onto the headboard as she rode his face. Drake's nose was soft and so were his lips. He held onto Nicki's thighs and without warning, flipped her onto her back. Drake looked at her then started kissing her thighs until he reached her center. She looked down at him as he looked up at her and then he stuck out his tongue and teased her clit. Drake kissed her area then rolled his tongue in and out of her slot. Nicki pushed his head down further and arched her back while flaring her nose. 
"Ooooohhhhh baby!!! YES!!! Uuuuuhhhhh!!!!! Sssss!!! Hhhhuuummmmmm!!!!"
        Drake came up for some air nine minutes later then entered her with his manz. He stroked until her legs started trembling. Nicki grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Nicki's body tensed up and she started breathing really hard and fast. Nicki furrowed her brow and squeezed the back of Drake's neck. He was kissing on hers. He noticed the change in Nicki so he sped up. Drake knew what was about to happen.
"Draaake?! Uuuhh!! I'm about to cum baby!!" She loudly moaned. "Hhhmmmmmm!!!!" Nicki started to squeeze his neck a little harder, digging her nails into him.
"Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! AUBREEEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" And with that, she reached her climax. Drake came seven strong strokes later. He rolled over onto his back. They were both staring at the ceiling, panting hard trying to catch their breath. Nicki looked over at Drake as he got up and walked to the bathroom. She slowly blinked a couple times and her eyes were getting heavy. Nicki didn't see Drake come back out of the bathroom. She had quickly fallen asleep.

*peeps out at audience* I'MA VIRGIN!!!! O_O *hides behind curtain* I'll talk 2 u guyz from behind here, I feel safer. Umm... Yea :/ I Dn't really know how this whole sex thing works out so there may be some mistakes. I dunno, I think I may have gone a teeny bit overboard, but it IS a sex scene so yea.... :/ Um... Plz comment... Dn’t be afraid to be HONEST….*nervously awaits your reactions*


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