Friday, August 19, 2011

Chap. 12: Joker Face

This chapter seems abnormally short to me :/ Maybe cuz i'm so use to writing Bible's, lol. Idk, maybe you'll find it long. I went photo crazy unfortunately, this may be the last time i ever use this many pics in a post. I kno better than to do that nex time. It makes it look kinda cluttered... Btw Microsoft word is my new bff!! XD They have more colors that won't kill your vision (hopefully) Any whoo enough abt me! Here's the good stuff!!

Chapter 12:

            The aroma of a tasty breakfast filled Drake's flat as Nicki lie in his king bed. She patted his side of the mattress and noticed he wasn't there. She opened her eyes and looked around with the hugest grin on her face. She sat up in bed yawning and stretching her arms up into the air. Drake opened his bedroom door and walked in with a fork in his mouth. He was already showered and fully dressed. It was a simple Saturday so he didn't dress up, just a regular tee shirt and khaki cargo shorts.

"Heeey, I see my girls are up."

He smiled. Nicki looked down at her boobs and grinned then covered them with the satin sheets. Drake walked over to her, removing the fork from his lips, and kissed hers.

"Morning baby. What are you cooking?"

" Haha, you'll see when it's all finished."

"Aww, my baby's making me something special. How sweet?" She smiled at him, exposing her dimples.

"Very, but not sweeter than you." He sat on the edge of the bed next to her and leaned in to kiss her neck.

"Ooo, not right now baby. I need to shower."

"I can't help myself Onika." He reached under the sheets and let his hand travel up her thigh. Nicki caught it before he got too close to her womanhood.

"Drake? Don't you think you had enough of me last night?" She asked politely.
"I can never have enough of you girl. That's Impossible."
Nicki pushed him away and looked him in the eyes.

"I think you're burning something..."
Drake remembered he put the biscuits in the oven to brown and quickly hopped up.

"Oh shit!"
Nicki laughed as she watched him run back into his kitchen to check on the biscuits. She smiled to herself and got out of bed, taking the sheets with her. Nicki tugged them off the bed and wrapped herself in them. She walked towards his bathroom and let the blood red, satin sheets fall to her ankles as she walked thru the doorway.

Nicki looked thru Drake's linen closet for a wash cloth and a drying off towel; she chose a purple set. Nicki shut the bathroom door and turned on the shower. When the water temperature satisfied her, she stepped in. It didn't take long for the bathroom to turn into a sauna. Everything was steamy and the mirrors were fogged up and sweating. The only body wash Drake had in there was Axe Fever shower gel. Nic had no choice, but to use it. She lathered up and tried her best not to get her hair wet since there were no shower caps.
Meanwhile, Drake was in the kitchen trying to butter the surviving biscuits. He had to throw half of them away because they looked like charcoal. After he buttered Nicki's biscuits *pauz* he reached into the cupboard and took down two plates for the chorizo omelets he had cooked them. He learned the recipe while he was in Texas a few years ago at the Biscuits Café. He stuffed the chorizo omelets with avocado, green chiles, cheese and chorizo sausage. He topped them with salsa and sour cream. Drake also made them a heaping amount of hash browns.

"Mmm, Nicki can forget about that so called diet." He said, chuckling to himself. Their food was almost done, he just needed to know whether Nicki ate her biscuits with syrup or jelly. He rinsed and dried his hands then made his way to his bedroom.
"Baby?" He didn't see her, but he heard the shower running and her angelic voice echoing from his bathroom. (Yea, Nic sings in the shower.)

"....Cuz my heart starts beeaatiiing triiiplle tiiiime...."
He approached the door and was immediately attacked by the hot, moist air.
"Damn, it's hot in here." He walked in. "Nic?"

"....When the cause and cure is yooooooouuuuu......"
"Jelly or syrup?!"
"....Iii get sooo weak in the knees, I can hardly speak! I looose all control, then sooomethin takes ooover me...."
Drake walked up to the shower and pulled the door open. Nicki jumped, covering herself.
"Jesus CHRIST! You scared me!"
"Sorry... babe..." He said, looking at her naked body.
"Eyes up here Aubrey!" She commanded, pointing to her face.
"Oh!" He said, shaking himself out of his trance. "Uuh, jelly or syrup?" Nicki let herself show and purposely wrung her rag out in front of her, causing her boobs to slightly squeeze together.
"Well Aubrey..." She started sweetly. "I'm more of a whip cream kinda girl..."

Nicki bit her lip and watched Drake as a huge grin slowly crept across his face. She knew exactly what she was doing. She just wanted to have a liddle fun with him. Drake suddenly reached into the shower with ninja speed, wetting his hair and left arm, and picked Nicki up putting her over his shoulder. This shocked the crap out of Nicki, she was NOT expecting that.
"DRAKE?! I was jus kidding baby! It was a joke!"
"Looks like the jokes on you." He said, carrying her out of the bathroom.
"Aubrey?! Put me down! I'm wet!"
"No!" She giggled, "I didn't mean like that!" Drake smacked her on her wet ass.
"Ow! Baby please? I need to finish my shower! Jus put me down!"
"If you insist."

Drake tossed Nicki onto his bed. He shook the water off his hair and pulled his shirt off, drying his arm with it. He ran back into the bathroom to cut the shower off then ran back into his room. He saw Nicki trying to climb her way off his bed. Drake took big strides over to his bed and stood in front of her, blocking her from trying to leave. Nicki's legs were hanging over the left edge of the bed, the same side she slept on.
"Uh Uuh, where you think you goin?" He asked all cocky. Nicki looked up at him and gave him the pout.
"Not today Onika." He shoved her back onto his bed and got down on his knees. He put her right leg over his left shoulder and started kissing it.
"Drake? No, please? I hafta go home!" He ignored her.
"Are you listening to me?" Nicki asked, sitting up on her elbows. Drake continued kissing her leg. He pulled her body closer to him and began to kiss her thigh.
"Aubrey?" He looked at her, but kept kissing. He stuck his tongue out, making the tip hard, and licked her inner thigh. Nicki watched him get closer and closer to her area. She bit her lip and made one last attempt to stop him.
"Aubrey... I have gas..." Drake laughed to himself. "Yea, now get off me."
"Nope." He continued to kiss her thigh, then flicked his tongue against her clit.
"Ooo... Drake..." She breathed. He then spread her legs apart and gripped both her thighs from the bottom with his strong hands, his thumbs on the inside, palms underneath. Nicki couldn't escape even if she tried her hardest. Drake put his entire mouth around her clit and sucked it like a Popsicle that refused to melt.
"Drake... I hafta.... Uuuh.... I hafta.... Mmmm..... leeeaaavvveee!! Oooohhh!!!! FUCK!!" She breathlessly moaned.

Nicki quit trying to fight him off. Defeated, she fell back onto the bed and let him please her. Drake didn't give his tongue or jaws a rest until after she came a third time, about an hour later. When she finished, Drake stood up from the floor and licked his lips. He then wiped his chin with his forearm. Nicki sat up and grinned at him.
"Remind me to lock the door next time."

They both looked at each other and laughed. Nicki went to go complete the shower Drake oh so rudely interrupted. He went into his closet to find another shirt to put on then took up all the sheets and went to go wash them. After Nicki came out of the bathroom, she dried off, lotioned up and fixed her hair into a messy bun, for her curls had drastically fallen and sweated out. Drake came back in his room from out of the laundry room and looked at her just standing in the middle of the floor, wrapped in a purple towel, staring at him helplessly.
"What's wrong?"
"Um... I don't have a change of clothes..."
Drake chuckled.
"Shut up." Nic chuckled too.
"You can wear whatever you find in here." He told her with a shrug. "If that helps any?"
"Actually... It does... Thanks babe."
"Sure." Drake turned to leave, but then remembered something. "Oh, and I put your dress and stuff in this gift bag on the couch."
"Gift bag?"
"Gift bag." He winked at her and slipped out the door, shutting it to give her her privacy. Nicki looked through his drawers and found a pair of boxers.
"Hmph. These are cute." She said, holding them out in front of her and turning them in different angles.

She also dug out a pair of his Hanes ankle socks to wear. Nicki checked another drawer and pulled out a pair of Drake's basketball shorts to wear. Then she headed to his closet to look for a shirt.
"Hmmm....." She searched through all the racks looking for something to fit her. All his shirts were either too baggy, too long, too big, too wide or too dressy. Nicki huffed and continued looking. Drake came back in and saw his closet doors open.
"Finding everything ok baby?" He asked, hugging her from behind.
"Not really *sigh* I can't find a shirt that fits." Drake took her by the hand and walked her into another room FULL of clothing and shoes. He helped her pick a shirt that fit better than thee others. Nicki stumbled over a pair of Adidas Sandals that were way too small for Drakes feet.
"Heey, what are you doing with these? They are TOO small for you." She giggled. Drake shrugged.
"People are always sending me stuff. You'd think they'd get my shoe size right by now."
"I know what you mean. Well they fit me perfectly." She said, trying them on. "I'm taking them."

"Keep them."

They smiled at each other and then walked into the kitchen. Drake had reheated their breakfast and they sat down to eat. It was now 12:36pm so it was more like brunch.
"What kind of omelet is this? It's huge." She asked, giggling.
"Chorizo." He said taking a bite of his, after he said his grace of course. Nicki then said her grace and took a bite.
"Omg! This is so good!!" She admitted, taking a few more bites. Her cheeks puffed out. Drake smiled as he watched her eat. She looked up from her plate noticing that she was scarfing it down like a savage beast.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Where are my manners?" She asked, covering her mouth.
"Nah you good. I'm glad you like it."
"I love it!" Drake smiled.
"I thought I smelled biscuits in here earlier?"
"You did... That's what I burnt." He said, laughing at himself and taking a mouthful of his omelet. Nicki looked like she had just lost her best friend. She wanted those buttered biscuits, badly.
"Fix ya face. I rescued some." He got up and took the biscuits out of the warmer. Nicki perked up *pauz* Drake placed them in a bowl and attempted to sit them on the table. But Nicki didn't wait for the bowl to contact the table's surface. She immediately reached in and took two. Drake was amazed. *This girl can eat!* He thought. *I like that.*
"So Nicki, what ever happened to that diet?" He asked, like he already knew the answer. Nicki looked at him and ate a forkful of hash browns.
"Bump that diet. Pass me the syrup please."
Drake happily did as she asked. Nicki blessed her plate with the sweet, sticky maple then twirled her biscuits in the syrup and devoured them.
"Hey Nic?" She looked at him, mouth full. "Did you mean what you said last night?"

Nicki looked around his face with a blank stare, fork in hand. She licked syrup off her index finger, trying to figure out what he meant.
"You told me you loved me... Did you mean that?" Nicki swallowed her food and shook her head yes. She reached across the table and held his hand with a smile.
"Of course baby. I meant that with all my heart." Drake carefully pulled her from her seat, around the table and across his lap.

 (Think BlueWigNIKA in Toronto when she gave him that lap dance and they faked us out with that almost kiss... that’s how she's sitting on him.)

"What? You don't think I do?"
"No, it's not that. I just never heard you say it before last night. I’m jus makin sure it's legit and not sumthin you jus yell out during sex."
"Oh, no babe. Trust me, it’s definitely legit. I jus never knew how to tell you before. And last night was jus... Whoa... Hahaha, like I don't know how, but I jus said it. That’s how I felt... How I feel Aubrey. I love you. And I’m happy to say you pulled it outta me."
"No pauz." She leaned in to kiss him, her lips sticky with syrup.

"You know... You called me daddy too..." Drake smirked.
"Oh, hahaha! That? Um, that most definitely slipped."
"I don't believe you." Nicki laughed and pecked his lips again.

"Shut up. I can neither confirm or deny whether I meant to call you that or not. I don't need you to get all cocky on me." She giggled. Drake kissed her back.

After their liddle make out session, and they finished eating, Nicki took their plates to the sink. There was no need to rake the leftovers in the trash, for there were none, just sticky plates that were destined to be cleaned. She ran dish water in the sink on the left as she rinsed the plates in the sink on the right. Drake cleared the kitchen table and wiped it down with a damp dish rag. Nicki put all the dirty dishes in the left sink and began to scrub them. Drake walked over to her.
"You don't have to do that baby, I got it." He tried moving her out of the way.
"No, it's ok Aubrey, my hands are already wet, I got it."
"Seriously Nic, I got it." He playfully elbowed her out of the way. Nicki bumped him with her hip.
"Move, I got it."
"Fine, you win." Drake flicked water at her. Nicki gasped.
"Drake?!" She took a handful of suds and flung it at his face. He ducked and she missed. Drake flicked her again.
"Stooop!" She laughed. Drake smiled at her and did it again. Nicki grabbed the sprayer and aimed it at him. She gripped it tight and let it rip.
"I told you to stop!" Drake couldn't duck this. The entire front of his shirt got wet.
"Oohhohohoo!!! You wanna play dirty huh?"

Drake jogged out of the kitchen and this scared Nicki a little, she didn't know what to expect. She regretted just spraying him with the sink's hose. She nervously awaited his return. Drake immediately came back with a Super Soaker water gun.
"Say I won't."
"I jus put these clothes on. Come on Aubrey, you wouldn't dare..." She said in disbelief.
"You're right. I didn't even fill it up any way. Hahaha, I wouldn't do that to my baby." He walked closer to her, water gun still in hand. Nicki smiled and turned around to finish the dishes. Drake pumped the gun and squirted her in the back with it.
"Aaaahhhh!!!! YOU LIAR!!!" Nicki yelled. She grabbed the sprayer again and aimed it at him. Drake had the upper hand, he could move, she couldn't. He dodged the sprayer and aimed his water gun at her face.
"Stooop!!!" She yelled, still aiming the sprayer, but failing horribly. She had her eyes closed trying to avoid his aim so she couldn't see what the hell she was spraying.
"Tell daddy you're sorry!" He pumped the gun again and aimed at her.
"Then I guess I won't stop."
"Ok! Ok! Fine! I'm sorry!"
"Nope! Sorry what?"
"Daddy! I’m sorry daddy!!"

Drake smiled and put the Super Soaker down. Nicki was soaking wet. Drake got her good. She wiped the water from her eyes and just stood there dripping. Drake thought maybe he went too far and pissed her off, but she started laughing.
"Hahaha!! Oh my God Drake... I'm SOAKED!" Nicki tried to walk, but it felt funny because the clothing was sticking to her.
"Yes... You are."
"I need to change. I hope you have more clothes I can fit."
Nicki held her arms out at her sides and took her time stepping back to Drake's room in search of clothing. He emptied the water gun and put it back where he got it. He washed the rest of the dishes and dried as much of the kitchen as he could. Nicki came back out in one of his black tank tops and basketball shorts.

"I think it's time for me to go. I've overstayed my welcome." She told him smiling.
Drake washed and dried the last dish along with his hands and walked over to her.
"You can never overstay your welcome baby. Mi casa, Su casa." He kissed her.
"Aww, that's sweet of you to say, but seriously, I hafta get going. My mother has no idea where the hell I am. I can't keep leaving and not tellin her I left or where I'm going." She chuckled.
"True... Especially since you are supposed to be stayin at her house right now." He handed her a pink gift bag with white, sparkling tissue paper vibrantly poking out of it.
"Is this my stuff?"
"Yup, your shoes are in the bottom."
"No wonder why it's kinda heavy."
"If she asks, jus tell her you were at a party, got drunk and couldn't drive home."
"Haha, I am NOT tellin my momma I got drunk!"
"And why not?"
"Cuuuzz.... You know what? She doesn't hafta know every frickin thing. I'm grown damn it!" She giggled.
"Ooo, I like it when you put your foot down. Do it again..."
"Ooo, Onika? There you go again." Drake licked his lips.
"Stop it silly!"
“Mmm! Damn girl! Show me who's in control!"
"Aubrey?" She whined.
"Hahaha, I'm jus playin. Come on."

He walked her out to the lobby entrance and waited with her for valet to bring her car around. When it arrived, she got in and buckled her seat belt. Drake leaned inside the car resting his folded arms on the passenger window and Nicki leaned across the armrest.
"Drive safely baby."
"I will. Kiss me goodbye."
"I like it when you're demanding." He smiled and leaned inward to kiss her goodbye. He winked at Nicki and stepped away from the car.
"Call me and let me know what you think!" He yelled as she pulled off. Nicki looked puzzled.
"What I think?" She asked herself out loud. She shrugged it off and drove to Carol's house.
It was 3:26pm when she got there. She knocked on the front door and Mama Carol answered it.
"Who are you?"
"Oooh, I have I daughter named Onika. She never calls me though. Isn't that just awful?"
"Ma? I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"
"Mama?! Let me in! Please?" She begged. Mama Carol opened the door completely and rolled her eyes.
"Where have you been miss?" She asked, shutting the door. Nicki held up her pink gift bag.
"A party?"
"That lasted overnight?"
"It was a slumber party..."

Mama Carol waved her off and walked into the kitchen. Nicki ran upstairs to the guest room. She intended to change her clothes, but she was comfortable so she didn't bother. She threw the gift bag on the bed and heard something jingle. Nicki looked into the large, pink bag and removed the tissue paper. There inside was her dress she wore last night, of course, six beautiful bathing suits:

Three pairs of very cute sunglasses:

Four pairs of sandals:

Two Tiffany & Co. boxes and her red pumps, which were all the way at the bottom. Nicki's jaw dropped. She opened one of the Tiffany's boxes and saw thee most gorgeous necklace. It was white gold and had a diamond-studded, heart-shaped key pendant.

Nicki opened the second box and found two key rings. Nicki bit her bottom lip to stop herself from tearing up. She looked up at the ceiling, blinked a few times then looked back down into the box. Nicki didn't understand the two key rings in the box.

She wondered what they were for. Nicki took out the necklace and put it on. She tucked it in Drake's tank top she wore and closed the box. She grabbed her blackberry and dialed him.
"Hey sweetie."
"Oh my God, baby?! Thank you so much! Everything's so beautiful! When'd you do all this?!"
"Beautiful gifts for my gorgeous girl. Haha, I got it all this morning when I went out to get groceries for breakfast. You were still sleeping. You open the boxes yet?"
"YES! I'm wearing the necklace right now. I love it! Thank you."
"You don't have to thank me now. Thank me later. There's more where that came from. Lift up the foam in the smaller box."

Nicki picked the box up again. She shook the box and heard the jingle she once heard before. She lifted the foam and found two keys.
"Yea, that's what the key rings are for. I know it sounds kinda corny, but you have the key to my heart sooo, in return I gave you the keys to my condo. I jus recently purchased it down in Miami. You're welcome there anytime."
"Awww, baby!! Thank yooouu!!!!"
"Anything for you Nicki, thas real shit too."
"I promise I'll visit whenever I have time. God I love you Aubrey!!"
"I love you too babe."
Nicki searched the bag for something else, but all she pulled out was her clutch. She didn't quite find what she was searching for.
"Draaake?" She asked, dragging out his name. "Where are my panties?"
He started giggling like a liddle child who had sumthing to hide.
"Hahaha, what do you mean? They're not in your bag? *giggle*"
"Ha haa Aubrey. No, they aren't." She said with a straight face, looking thru it again.

Drake smiled into the phone, "Well I don't know what to tell you sweetie. I don't have them."
"I never said you did…" She said with a smirk. Drake realized he had just told on himself.
"Riiight... Well babe I gotta go!"
"Drake wait! I want mi panties!"
"I love you!"
"Aubrey?!" Drake hurried off the phone and Nicki stomped her foot and hung up.
"I love you too..." She mumbled. Nicki turned to walk out of the guest room, but she froze when she saw Macaiah standing in the doorway with the most disgusted look on his face. *SHIT!! FUCK, FUCK!! DAAAMN!!* Where the only words traveling thru her mind.
"Cai? Uh... Hey? How much of that did u hear?" Macaiah was afraid to answer that, he was completely grossed out.
"Ewwww!!!!! I heard whatever you wanted me to hear! Just know this Onika, you're nasty..." Cai shuddered and raced downstairs.
"Cai wait!!!" She chased him into the kitchen, but he refused to be caught.
"Don't touch me dirty girl! You have cooties!!" Nicki chased him around the island until she finally snatched him up by his arm.
"Aaah!! You're touching me!!" Caiah, laughed trying to pull away.
"I'm tellin Mama you got cooties!"
"NO!! Cai, don't you DARE tell Carol!" She commanded, pointing her finger in his face. All he did was laugh.
"Ooowaaa!! And you called her Carol?! Im definitely tellin now! MAMAAA--" Nicki covered his mouth with her hand.
"Shut up boy!" Just then Jelani walked into the kitchen.
"Heeeey sis!! What's goin on in here?" He asked in his deep, raspy voice. Puzzled, he walked over to them and sat his car keys on the island. Macaiah freed himself from Nicki's grip. She tried to catch him, but she failed.
"Hey Jelani. What brings you here?" She asked with a smile. Nicki hugged her older brother and Caiah yelled out, "Don't touch her Jani!" Yes, Macaiah calls him Jani. Ever since he was little, he'd never been able to pronounce Jelani so he called him Jani. When he finally knew how to properly annunciate it, there was no need to say his full name, Jani kinda stuck with him. He was used to it.
"And why not?"
"She has COOTIES!!" He looked at Nicki with question.
"What is he talkin about?"
Nicki rolled her eyes and did her famous dimple-shrug.
"Did he take his medicine this mornin?"
"I guess. I think maybe he had too much candy or somethin." She let her brother go and stepped back to look at him.
"Damn Jelani, I see you packin on the pounds." She said, patting his belly. He swatted her hand away and she laughed.
"I'm just playin J."
"Hahaha, well I'm here to see you. Mama called me and said you were here. Didn't know how long you'd be here so I rushed over as soon as I could. I missed you, you lil rugrat." Nicki dropped her jaw in disbelief.
"Don't call me that." She giggled.
"You goin hoopin or sum'n?"
"Huh?" Nicki asked, looking down at the shorts she wore.
"Oh, no. I don't hoop silly."
"Oh, you look like a straight dude. Hahaha! And you smell like one too, is that Axe Fever? And what the hell are those on ya neck? I think Cai was right, you got cooties, hahahaha! Where have yooouu been?" Jelani asked sarcastically. Nicki smiled really hard, thinking about Drake. Jelani noticed she couldn't have been that happy to see him so he asked,
"Onika? Where HAVE you been?" This time he wanted an answer. Nicki laughed and kept on smiling.
"I don't know J..." She said innocently, looking down and still smiling.
"Mhmm, don't make me hafta bust a cap in that nigga ass if he do you dirty." He said, turning his back toward Nicki to walk away. Her eyes stretched wide.
"That won't be necessary, he loves me and I love him too." Jelani turned back around swiftly.
"Ooooh, so there IS a guy?"
"Yea, you jus— And then you—“ Nicki caught what was happening.
"Jelani?! You set me up!" She whined. He laughed at her.
"You set yaself up, I was just seeing if you would take the bait." He shrugged.
"Exactly! A set up!" She laughed.
"Works everytime..." Jelani smiled. "So what's his name?"
"No, you already got me to admit there is someone so I'm not telling you his name... You'll find out sooner or later..."
"Does mommy know?"
"Ha, of course she know's..." She said, leaning her elbows on the island. Jelani walked around it and sat down, fiddling with his car keys.
"Oh, so you tell mommy, but you can't tell me? I thought we was cool Onika? I see how you wanna be." He said, pretending to be hurt by it.
"Hahaha, shut up dummy. I didn't tell her. You know how mommy is. She jus knooow's"
"Haha, yea. She got that third eye and shit." They both burst into laughter, just then, Mama Carol walked into the kitchen.
"What's so funny you two?" They looked at her then calmed down. They were grown ass adults, but being around their mom jus made them feel like kids again.
"Nothin mama." Nicki admitted. Jelani looked at his mother, who was searching thru the fridge for something.
"So ma... Since Nika won't tell me. What's this guys name that she's seeing?" Nicki looked at him like he was crazy and hit him in his shoulder.
"What the hell are you doin?!" She shouted in a hushed whisper. Jelani turned to face her and put his finger to his lip.

They may have gotten along very well, but they were still brother and sister and some thing's they would do pissed the other off. This was one of those moments.
"I don't know Jelani. She hasn't told me anything. I don't even know what he looks like, where he's from, how old he is." Mama Carol explained, shaking her head and closing the fridge. She pulled out a bowl of left overs she cooked the other night.
"Hmm, and why is that Onika?" Jelani asked, turning to look at her. Nicki rolled her eyes at him.
"Mind you're business Jelani." She snapped, standing up straight and attempting to leave the kitchen.
"Hey hey heeey, there will be none of that! Not while I'm standing here!" Mama Carol announced. Nicki scratched her head and looked at her mom.
"He misses you Onika. He's just trying to catch up with you, that's all. Apologize to him."
"Oh my God ma. Seriously?" Mama Carol gave her the look and Nicki faced Jelani.

She huffed and said, "I'm sorry..."
"I'm sorry for snapping on you Jelani. I know you just miss me."
Nicki turned to leave.
"Hug him." Mama Carol demanded, still fixing plates of food.
"This is stupid." Nicki laughed at how dumb this whole thing was. She went over and hugged Jelani. Robert then walked into the kitchen.
"Hey pop." Nic and J both said. He waved at them then went over to hug Carol. He kissed her on the lips and Nicki and Jelani made sour faces.
"Ugh, you guys are too old for that." Jelani stated. Nicki giggled and nodded in agreement. Robert patted Carol on her bottom and this grossed both brother and sister OUT!
Nicki covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut. Jelani made another sour face.
"Uuugh!!! Stop it!" Nicki yelled, shuffling out of the kitchen into the living room.
"Yes! Please!!!" Jelani jogged out behind her. They both sat down on the sofa and Nicki picked up the TV remote.
"Nah ah." He snatched it from her.. "I'm not done with you miss. What's his name?"
"Why are you so damn nosey boy?"
"Why are you so damn secretive girl?" Nicki folded her arms, while sitting on the couch with one foot tucked under her thigh.
"I'm not telling you."
"Why? It's not like I know dude.... Do I?"
"No Jelani, you don't. At least not personally."
"Oh, so he's in the music industry?" He asked, placing air quotes around music industry.
"Somethin like that." She smiled. Jelani laughed.
"I think I know who this nigga is."
"Oh you do?"
"Who then?"
"Oh, so now you want me to *Drizzy voice* teeeeeeeellll yooooooouuuuu who I think it is? I bet a million bucks that it's that nigga Drizz!" Nicki's eyes got wide and she was shocked he guessed so easily. She bust out laughing then said.
"I’ma need you NOT to ever try to sing again J!"
He laughed with her.
"I know I'm right, you ain't gotta confirm my suspicions." Honestly, he wasn't sure if he was right. He was just throwing names out, trying to bait her again.
"Damn you're good." She said shaking her head.
"It's really him?! I was jus playin!"
"Omg! You set me up again!!"
"Hahahaha! Score two points for me!"
"You're such a crack head Jelani." She snatched the remote back from him and turned on the TV.
"You better keep your mouth shut J. I mean it."
"Of course, I won't tell a soul." Mama Carol walked into the living room and handed Jelani a plate wrapped in aluminum foil. He stood up, taking it, and hugged her.
"Thank you mama. See you soon." He kissed her on the cheek and Nicki looked over.
"You're leaving already?"
"Yea, I promised the guys I'd host the poker game at my place tonight. Gotta get back early so I can clean up a bit."
"Aww, well I'm happy you stopped by." Nicki stood up and hugged her brother, she kissed him on his cheek and he kissed her on her forehead.
"Love you, be safe J."
"Love you too rug rat." He smiled and rushed to the door before she could hit him.
"Bye pop! Bye Caiah!"
"Bye Jani!" Cai said, running down the steps to hug him.
"See ya son. Win that poker game tonight, you owe me $63." Robert and Jelani laughed and he walked into the vestibule and shut the door as his oldest son left.
Here is the song Nic was singin in the shower, it's called "Weak" by SWV!! :p
C O M M E N T ! ! ! !  :D   C O M M E N T ! ! ! !  :P   C O M M E N T ! ! ! ! :)


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