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Missin' You

Heeeeey barbz!!! :D Didn't think I'd b posting 2day, it kinda jus happened. I want 2 thank u guyz 4 reading mi post's, it means soooo much 2 me that u do!! I love u guyz nd i freakin mean that! TM is the best team ever!! Muuuaaahhh!!!! Btw, the tour dates in this blog r extreeeemely exaggerated, lol. I had 2 do that 4 important purposes ;) Oh, nd I got tired of the layout 4 mi paragraphs :/ It wuz driving me crazy so i switched bak 2 default mode. Anywho's, I hope u enjoy! :)

Chapter 7:

        It had been three months since Nicki went to Canada with Wayne to finish up the "I Am Still Music II Tour." Drake had been starting to work on his Take Care album back in Houston. The tour was now ending and Nicki would be back in the U.S. in a matter of days. While in Canada, she and Drake called each other daily. They were very careful not to get caught talking on the phone about more than just business. The two would be on the phone for hours at a time and if anyone ever walked into the room, the safe words were, "Yea Swizz, hold that track for me." or "I don't know, let me see *checks calendar* Ooo, sorry, can't, I'm booked." Safaree and Forty were the only one's who knew what was going on between Drake and Nicki. Forty didn't seem too excited when Drake told him and Safaree spazzed out when Nicki mentioned it to him on the flight to Canada. Safaree's exact words were:
"What the hell?! You and that coon ass nigga?! Oh Nicki *shakes his head* you gotta step ya cookies up B."
Nicki could do nothing, but laugh at him. No matter how SB decided to show how he felt about them dating, he was still happy for her. He never liked to see her hurt, upset or angry and to see Nicki smiling and laughing everyday made him feel good.
         Drake even made a few "business" trips to see her on his days off. They couldn't go out on a public date because of all the paparazzi and fans so they settled for dates in the studio. The two would order food and have Safaree bring it down, sometimes Forty. It never mattered what they ate as long as they had each other. This was different for the both of them, but Nicki still saw it as romantic. Just the two of them having long, meaningful conversations, joking around, cuddling up on the couch, kissing and Nicki falling asleep in Drake's arms. Nicki loved the way he held her. His strong arms wrapped around her itty bitty body made her feel safe. She'd lay on his chiseled chest, falling asleep listening to his heart beat. Boom, badoom boom. Boom, badoom boom. Drake had that super bass, whether he knew it or not. However, Drake could never stay over night. He always had to leave by morning so he'd go in the middle of the night while she slept. But Nicki never woke up alone. She always had a stuffed aminal with a heart-filled note attached to it tucked under her arm. Drake would buy her one everytime he left while she was asleep. Nicki had more than ten of these, all different shapes, sizes and colors. But she was never upset with him because she understood. Her favorite stuffed aminal's he bought for her were two pink and green monkeys. She named them Oscar and Elainor and they went almost everywhere with her.
           It was now Wednesday and Nicki was on her way back to the United States. She flew to California because that's where she resided. Nicki lived in an apartment in Los Angeles where the pools and the trees is. It was a beautiful place with dozens of palm trees and she had a nice view of a sandy beach just outside her window, past her private pool. The first thing Nicki did when she settled in was call Drake. It had been two weeks since his last "business" trip and she missed seeing him. He was back in Houston working on Take Care. Drake spent most of his time in and out of hotels there because he was starting to get very busy with his new album on the way.
     *Buzz, buzz, bu--*
"Draaake!" She smiled into the phone. A grin spread across Drake's face as he excused himself from the studio.
"Aye?! Where the hell you goin? We got about an hour left of this session!" Forty yelled after him. Drake waved him off and stepped outside into the hallway, closing the door behind him. The studio was in the basement so Drake was the only one in the hallway. He could scream at the top of his lungs and no one would rush to help him because they couldn't hear him.
"Hey baby. What's up?"
"Nothiiing. I just got home and I'm so frickin' tired... I miss YOU!" She said, laying on her bed.
"I missed you too Nicki. Mmm, it feels so good to hear your voice right now." He moaned, closing his eyes and playfully biting his lip.
"Uh uuh, don'tchu be getting freaky with me over the phone." She said giggling.
"Hahahaa!" He laughed, then licked his lips. "So when you comin' to see me?"
"When do you want me?"
"Late night... my bed... wearing thongs and pumps..."
"Drake?! You know what I mean boy!" She said with a smile.
"Ha, yea I know. I wanted you like yesterday. How soon can you come?"
"Well it usually doesn't take me very long... you just have to hit the right spot... know what you're doing..." She said, tracing the patterns on the comforter of her bed.
"Whoa ha ooh! Now who's gettin freaky?!" He laughed.
"Be quiet, I'll be there tonight. I'm off today... and tommorrow... well until further notice basically."
"Ard cool. I'm in the studio with Forty right now so call me when you get to Ellington airport. I'll send someone to pick you up."
"Ok babe, bye!"
"Bye love."
        The two hung up and Nicki scheduled the quickest flight to Houston. Her pilot had the rest of the day off so she had to catch a commercial flight, but she didn't mind. Nicki didn't plan on staying very long, but she packed a suit case just in case. She suggested SB go back to New York to spend some time with his family while they weren't busy. Nicki knew he missed them so it was only fair that he went to see them. She missed her family too, but she knew she would see them before she had to get back to business. Nicki took every opportunity she had to go see Mama Carol and her little Lamb Chop. Her family was, and still is, her everything.
        When Nicki arrived at LAX, there were lots of people. As she walked in, they started noticing her. She wore her Nicki Teresa disguise, but it didn't work. Dozens of barbz and kenbarbz rushed her as she walked to get her plane ticket. It took about seventeen security guards to hold them all back, but Nicki did not ignore them. She spent about twenty minutes talking to them, hugging them, signing bbobs, hands, necks, biceps and pregnant bellies. Nicki loved her barbz and kenbarbz as much as they loved her, if not more. They were God's gift to her as she saw it. Nicki boarded her flight and was on her way. When she touched down in Houston, she picked up her suitcase from the baggage claim and called Drake.
"Hey babe, I'm here! Hurry up and send me a ride before I get noticed again. I'm all alone and I don't want the media to know where I'm going."
"I figured you'd be here already. It's outside, you should see it as soon as you walk out." Nicki headed out of the airport and looked for her ride, but all she saw were three taxis.
"Um, I don't see it Drake."
"How could you not? It's yellow..."
"Wait... You called me a cab?" She said, trying to figure it out.
"Uh duh. I wasn't gonna call you something fancy, The media would definitely notice you."
"Aww, you are smart." She said smiling.
"Ouch? That hurt." he said holding his heart. Nicki sucked her teeth as she got into the cab.
"Bye boy, I'll see you when I get there."
"Ard love."
        Nicki arrived at the Alden hotel in downtown Houston around 11:53 P.M. She didn't bother checking into a suite because she didn't even know if she was staying overnight, but if she did, she knew she and Drake would share his deluxe suite. Nicki walked through the lobby bbm'ing Drake. She wasn't looking where she was going and bumped into someone, dropping her phone in the process.
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Nicki said, bending down to pick up the pieces of her blackberry.
"You better be!"
Nicki's nose flared and she started to scowl as she heard the rude remark.
"Excuse me?! Don't you talk to me like I'm--" She said, taking off her Nicki Teresa head scarf and shades. Nicki then looked up into the person's face after she put her blackberry back together.
"Drake!!!" She squealed as a huge grin spread across her face. She wanted to hug him right then and there, but she knew she couldn't because there were people watching, waiting for a public fued they expected to see unfold. Nicki stuffed her shades and scarf into her purse then they both rushed to the elevator and boarded the lift. They were the only two on it. Drake pressed a button for the eleventh floor and as soon as the doors closed, Nicki pressed stop, dropped her luggage and threw her arms around Drake's neck, passionately kissing him. They both closed thier eyes and he held her tiny waist then started moving her backwards until her back touched the opposite wall of the elevator. Nicki moved her hands up to his face and held it. She parted her lips a bit and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Nicki returned the gesture and Drake sucked her bottom lip. He moved down, kissing her neck. Drake moved his hands down her hips then to her butt. He cupped her ass in his hands then slid one inbetween her thighs, rubbing his middle finger over her center.
"Mmm!" She moaned. "Stop..." Nicki opened her eyes, she could feel herself starting to drip. Drake opened his eyes and lifted his head up, looking at her. He smiled then pushed the button for the eleventh floor without looking at it. Nicki smiled back at him and playfully shoved him by the chest with the tips of her fingers.
"Pick up my suitcase please." She said, then bit the corner of her bottom lip. Drake picked it up and the elevator doors opened. He rolled her suitcase to his room as she followed beside him. Before going into his room, they both looked around to make sure no one was looking. The coast was clear because nobody was around so they both went in. Nicki closed the door behind her as Drake turned the light on. He set her suitcase near the wall by his bed and took his shoes off. Nicki also slipped off her shoes as she walked over and sat on his bed, laying back on it. Drake walked over to her smiling.
"You gettin ready for me huh?" He said as he approached his bed. He leaned over to lay on top of her, but she rolled over onto her stomach so he fell onto the bed.
"You wish." Nicki said as they both grinned at each other. Nicki stood up as Drake sat up.
"Hey babe?" She said, combing her hair into a ponytail with her fingers. "Can I use your bathroom? I need to shower."
"Sure, you know you don't have to ask."
"I know, I was just being polite." She said with a smile, walking over to her suitcase. She grabbed a few things and headed to the bathroom. Drake picked up the remote next to him and turned on the tv.
        After Nicki showered, she came out of the bathroom in her fuzzy, pink slippers, a white wife beater and a pair of cute, pink shorts with white polka dots on them.
"Mmm, don't we look yummy? I like those shorts Daisy." Drake said, looking her up and down as she giggled at his comment.
"They're not even that short." She said, looking down at them.
"I thought you weren't staying?"
Nicki shrugged. "Eh... I wasn't going to, but there's no reason for me to leave." She said walking over to lay next to him. "Why? Do you not want me to stay?" She asked in her innocent voice.
"Ooh, no, no no no no nooo! I want you to stay. I was just asking."
She smiled at him and he smiled back. Drake put his arm around her and Nicki snuggled up close to him and put her head on his chest.
"What are we watching?"
"The Devil Wears Prada."
"*gasp* Oh my God, I love this movie!"
"I know..." He said with a sly smile.
Nicki side eyed him then looked back at the television. "I wish I caught it from the beginning."
"Oh, too bad huh?" He said sarcastically. "I wonder what this button does?" he said looking down at the remote. Drake pressed the button and started rewinding the last 42 mintues.
"You recorded this?!" Nicki asked happily.
"Just for you." He smiled.
"Awww. Thank you Drake!"
"No problem love."
        After the movie went off, Drake got up to use the bathroom, leaving his blackberry on the bed. Nicki decided to pick it up. She quickly scrolled through his contacts and stopped at a name that caught her eye.
"Drake?!" He walked out of the bathroom drying his hands.
"What's up?"
"Who the hell is this?!" Nicki said holding his phone up so he could see it. Drake got quiet and looked confused. He scrunched his face up to look at the name and number.
"Oh..." A smile of relief spread across his face. "Just some girl I talk to..."
"Some girl huh?"
"Yea, I met her a while back." He sat on the edge of the bed and Nicki sat up on her knees.
"I've known her for like three years now, but I've only been dating her for like three months."
"Oh really?"
"Mhmm." He said, nodding his head.
"Well what do you like about her?"
"She has a beautiful smile... nice lips... her eyes are gorgeous. I love the way she talks to me. She has a mean ass walk and her voice is angelic. She is the sweetest person I've ever met, she's smart and she's funny as hell. She's focused and she puts her family before anything..."
"She sounds perfect."
"She is." Nicki smiled.
"You know Drake? If she's so special, I think she'd appreciate it if you didn't call her "some girl"."
"Well she sounds more like your girlfriend to me... What do you think?" She asked, looking at him.
"Seriously?" Drake asked, raising his eyebrows.
"Yea... girlfriend..." She smiled. "I like it, it has a special ring to it."
Drake slowly took the phone from Nicki and pulled her in close to him. They kissed and Nicki started laughing.
"Hahahaa! I'm sorry Drake, but you looked nervous as hell!" She said, still laughing.
"I was! I didn't know what the hell you were talkin about! But I was more nervous for you. I was like, is she going crazy?! Cuz I know damn well I ain't talking to nobody else." Drake said, laughing.
"Aww, my bad baby." She said putting her arms around his neck, softly caressing the back of his head with her hand. She poked her bottom lip out and gave him the puppy dog eyes. Drake looked up at Nicki, still on her knees *pauz*, and seductively bit the air. Nicki bit her bottom lip and leaned in to kiss him. They both fell back onto the bed, Nicki on the bottom. He started kissing her neck, then he slowly felt his way up her thighs. He slid his hand into her shorts, then into her wet panties. Drake slowly started to massage Nicki's slippery clit.
"Uuuuhhh!" She moaned, furrowing her brow.
"Drake?" She whined, tapping him on the back of his shoulder. Nicki softly gasped then Drake looked up into her eyes and removed his hand. He kissed her on the forehead and sat up. Nicki sat up too, sliding her back up against the head board.
"No, you good Nick." He said shaking his head. "I know you're not ready yet. I was just... I don't know." He said with a smirk and a half smile. Nicki smiled back at him then pulled the covers back.
"I'm going to bed."
"Ard, I'm going to take a shower." Nicki slid under the covers attempting to pull them over her, but Drake grabbed them.
"I got it." He smiled. Drake tucked Nicki into bed and turned off the lamp.
"Goodnight boyfriend." She said closing her eyes.
"Goodnight girlfriend."
        Drake walked to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. When he came out, he climbed in bed with Nicki. Drake held her and together they slept the rest of the night away.

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Hey guyz!! :) I wrote this chapter according 2 how u all have been reacting 2 mi recent post's. I've noticed u want Nicki 2 tell Drake how she feels abt him, the question is will she? Or won't she? Nd if she does, will Drake still feel the same way? Well I kno 1 thing's for sure, read this chapter nd u shall find out! :) Plz dn't b shy when leaving comments, if u didn't kno, ur comments actually help me move the story line along. And without them, I don't kno wut u want :/ So plz comment, they help!! :D

(P.S. The beginning of this chapter starts back at the moment when Forty spoke to Nick n the hallway. It's sorta showing the relationship btwn him nd Drake nd wut else happened after Nicki left his room.)

Chapter 6:

When Forty arrived at Drake's room, he knocked on the door, but didn't get an answer. He remembered he had a spare room key and let himself in.
"Drake! You sleep man? Wake yo ass up!" Forty said as he saw Drake sprawled out on his bed. "How the hell did you get in here? I swear if I wanted you to come in, I woulda opened the door." "Whoa!" Forty laughed, "What's with the attitude bruh?"
"My bad man..." Drake sighed, sitting up. "I'm just not in a good mood right now."
"Nigga?! You just had Nicki Minaj in your room!" Forty said with wide eyes as he sat on the couch by the window on the far side of the room.
"How the hell could you be in a bad mood?!"
"And? We didn't do anything."
"But you wanted too!"
"Look..." Drake began to explain.
"Hold up... If y'all ain't do shit, what the fuck was she in here for??" Drake looked at Forty with a 'are you serious right now?!' expression on his face. "Forty, it ain't like that with me and Nick... it prolly won't ever be." Drake said.
"What are you talking about?"
"Well... I kinda have a thing for her..."
"Nicki?! Phat ass Nicki?!" Forty said, sitting up on the edge of the couch.
"Hey hey, watch your mouth nigga. Nicki is more than just a phat ass!"
"My bad bruh... so when was you gonna tell me this?"
"I just did." Drake said with a chuckle. Forty had the 'dick look' and Drake went on to explain.
"Well anyway, the bottom line is I told her how I felt and she doesn't feel the same way. Now I feel like shit."
"Damn son... that's tough... well shorty don't know what she missin. Forget about her, you don't need that anyway."
"I can't..." Forty was trying to console his childhood friend, but it wasn't working. Drake started to feel even worse now that he openly spoke about the situation. Forty suggested they play Madden 2K11 for a while so they did. As they played, hours passed and it started getting late. Drake decided they call it a night. "You just mad I was whippin ya ass!"
"Haha, whatever nigga. Get out." Drake said in a joking manner. They dapped up and Forty walked to the door. "Keep ya head up bruh, don't let her bring you down." Drake nodded as Forty left. It was already 12:47 in the night so Drake decided to watch the fight until he fell asleep.

Nicki, on the other hand, was tossing and turning in her sleep. She couldn't get Drake out of her mind. He was all she could think about after she left his room. Nicki knew the only way to put her mind at ease was to tell him. But how? And when? She had to leave early in the morning to catch her flight. She and Wayne had to go to Canada to finish up the tour. Nicki didn't want to wait to tell Drake how she felt because she knew with their crazy schedules, she didn't know when they would see each other again. Nicki knew if she waited, she would be distracted with Drake on her mind and not 100% focused on her work. It was now 2:33 AM and Nicki was wide awake. She set her alarm to wake her up at 3:30, but instead of going back to sleep, she stayed awake. Nicki showered and packed her bags then set them by the door. It was now 4:06 AM so Nicki had a little less than an hour to herself. She had to be at the clearport by 5:00 AM. Nicki called Safaree to wake him up.
"What. The hell Nicki?" He said in a sleepy voice.
"Get up Safaree. It's like 4 somethin, you should be up anyway." SB wiped the sleep from his eyes and sat up in bed. " *yawn* Ard, I'm up." He said stretching. "Gimme about 20 minutes and I'll be up there. Then we can leave so we don't hit traffic."
"No, take your time. I have something to take care of first."
"Take care of?" Safaree asked with a puzzled face. This was unlike Nicki. She hated having to rush for anything. So for her to say take your time at the last minute surprised Safaree.
"Yea, um... I'll tell you later. When you finish just take my luggage to the lobby and wait for me there."
"Ard Nick." After they hung up, Nicki checked the room one last time to make sure she had all her things. She cut the lights out, leaving only the lamp on for SB when he came to pick up her things, grabbed her purse and closed the door behind her. The hallways were deserted. Nicki seemed to be the only person awake. While on the elevator, Nicki started to have second thoughts. She wasn't sure if she was moving too fast with her decision to tell Drake how she felt. The elevator stopped at the eighth floor, where Drake's room was, and the doors opened. Nicki stared into the empty hallway, her feet were failing to take the first step. She watched as the doors slowly began to close. "Hold it!" A voice yelled out running towards the elevator. It was an older gentleman with a briefcase and graying hair. Nicki smiled and held the door for him. As he boarded the lift, she stepped off. Nicki couldn't let her fears and insecurities get the best of her so she headed to Drake's room. Her heart pounded with every step she took. She could hear it beating louder the closer she got to his door. *knock, knock, knock.* Silence. *knock, knock, knock.* No answer. *KNOCK, KNOCK KNO--* Drake answered the door in his black Calvin Klein briefs.
 "What are you doing here?" He said with his eyes half closed. He was squinting from the lights in the hallway. It sounded like he was angry, but he wasn't. His voice was just a little groggy from him being asleep.
"Drake, um... I don't mean to keep stopping by your room unannounced, but I just need to let you know something."
"Come in." He said, closing the door behind her. It was pitch black dark in his room so he turned on one of the lamps by the desk. "So what's up?" He asked going over to sit on his bed. "Oh wait *yawn* if this is about earlier I--"
"Yea, it is actually. Um before I go on, what did you wanna say?" She said as she sat on the couch. "Oh, I was just sayin I didn't mean to catch you off guard like that. I sensed that I made you uncomfortable."
"Haha, yea... It was kind of out of the blue." She giggled. "But Drake..." She said looking at him. "Yea?" Nicki started to get butterflies in her stomach. She didn't know exactly how she wanted to tell him. Nicki looked at Drake biting her lip out of nervousness. "You ok Nick?"
"Oh God Drake. I feel so stupid."
"Stupid? No, you're not stupid Nicki." He said going to sit next to her on the couch. Drake had a worried look in his eyes. "Tell me what's wrong. I'm here for you."
"I know you are. Which is why I felt... feel bad for having walked out on you earlier." She said to him, both of them staring into each other's eyes. "Drake?" Nicki said softly. "Yea?" 
 "I can't... I just can't explain this... how I... What I'm trying to say is..." Nicki leaned in to kiss Drake. She held his face in both her hands as their lips locked. Drake pulled back, he pulled her hands away from his face and held her wrists in mid-air looking at her in surprise. "Wait... WHAT?! Nicki?! Are you... are you drunk???" Nicki looked hurt.
"No Drake! I'm not drunk! I'm not tipsy, I'm not intoxicated, not at all high!" She said shaking her head. "I like you Drake. That's what I came over here to tell you before I left." Drake let go off her wrists. "Oh, Nicki... You don't have to do that."
"Do what?" Nicki asked, confussed.
"What you're doing now. Just because I told you how I felt about you doesn't mean you have to... have to settle. You made it clear you didn't feel the same way and I respect that."
"But Drake? I'm not. I truly do feel this way. I'm not settling, I don't have to. I like you Drake. I HAVE feelings for you. I just... I just didn't know how to tell you."
"YES! I'm being completely truthful with you Drake!" A huge grin spread across Drake's face.
"Damn Nicki, you sure do know how to make a nigga blush." They both smiled at each other. "So what does this mean?" He asked.
"Well... I don't know, I just wanted to tell you before I left for Canada 'cause I didn't know when I'd see you again."
"Oh, well since we both have feelings for each other.." He started to say in a playful tone. "...then maybe we could uuh... you know? Break out the label maker?" He said with a smile.
"The label maker??" Nicki asked in confussion.
"Yea, I wanna make you mine. Call you my girlfriend.. I'm ya boyfriend?" Nicki busted out in laughter. "Hahahahahahahaa! The label maker though?! You are soo fucking corny Drake!"
"I'm serious though."
"Hahaha, I know you are, but we haven't even dated yet."
"How about this... since we're not quite ready for all the labels and titles just yet, we can get to know each other a bit more and see where this goes?"
"Sounds good to me." Drake said with a smile.
"Okaaay, so it's official! We're dating!" Nicki grinned. They leaned in to hug each other then Nicki stood up. "Aren't you gonna walk me to the door?" She asked with a smile.
"Drake?!" She gasped with wide eyes. "You're getting off to a bad start already sir!" She smiled. "I'm just playin wit'chu girl." He said standing up. Drake walked her to the door. "Call me when you land. I wanna know that you made it safely."
"I will." The two parted with a peck on the lips and Nicki grinned her way down to the lobby. SB was sitting on one of the lobby sofa's near Nicki's luggage, playing Angry Birds on his cell. He looked up when Nick approached him, doing a double take.
"Why the hell do you look so damn happy? It's 4:32 in the morning."
"*happy sigh* No reason." She said shaking her head with a smile.
"Looks like somebody had toooo much coffee." Safaree said. Nicki stopped grinning and looked at SB with the 'really dude? -_-' face. "You know damn well I don't drink coffee you goofball." "There she is." Safaree said with a half smile. Nicki scoffed at him then she grabbed one of her suitcases and followed SB out to the SUV that was parked outside waiting to drive them to the clearport. The bell boys' loaded her luggage into the trunk and Nicki was off to catch her flight.

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Wtf Just Happened?! O.o

Hey everybarbie!! U can all thank @TeamMinajPeru 4 me updating 2day!! I almost didn't, but she convinced me! Thnx barb! :D This chapter, so far, is mi favorite!! I luuuuvd creating it nd I jus hope u guyz like it as much as  I do! So here it is, lemme kno wut u think! :)

Chapter 5:

Drake slowly made his way to the elevator after Nicki had rushed off. He waited for the next one so he wouldn't have to see her again. It would have been awkward riding in the elevator with her after she had run off trying to avoid any further communication with him. After Drake arrived to his room, he kicked off his shoes then decided to take a shower. He thought the warm water running over his body would soothe him, putting his mind at ease. He stripped down to his birthday suit and stepped into the shower. Everything was so quiet and tranquil, but yet so loud. Drake's thoughts broke the silence. Images of Nicki raced through his mind. Drake wanted her so bad, but he knew he couldn't have her. It was like life was teasing him, dangling a beautiful, carmel coated candy before him and he was the little kid too small to reach it. Nicki was not within Drake's grasp. After he showered, he wrapped himself in a black towel at his waist. Then he walked to the closet looking for something to wear. While looking for an outfit, he heard a faint knock at the door. The knock was so faint, it seemed as if the person knocking had began to regret their decision. Drake went over to the door and cracked it open to see who it was. Nicki stood there in sweats and fuzzy, pink slippers.
"Hey, um... can I come in? We need to talk." Drake stepped aside to let her in.
"Oh! I'm sorry," She said shielding her face.
 "I didn't notice you were getting dressed. I'll come back later."
"No, you good. Um, just have a seat. Gimme a minute." Nicki walked over to the radio and turned it on. Houstatlantavegas started playing...

~ ....You go get fucked up and we just show up at ya rescue,
 Carry you inside, get you some water and undress you,
I give you my all and the next morning you'll forget who or why or how or when
Tonight it's prolly 'bout to happen all over again... ~

Drake went over to his closet, grabbed a tee shirt and a pair of cargo shorts then went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He quickly dried off and pulled his shirt over his head. Put on his briefs then slipped into his cargo's. He was surprised Nicki stopped by. Drake didn't know what to expect. When he came out of the bathroom, the radio started getting static. He saw Nicki sitting on his bed, fiddling with the zipper on her jacket. Drake walked over to the radio.
"You like that huh?" He said smiling as he reset the frequency by turning the knob left and right a couple times. The radio seemed to get louder as the song became more audible.

~ ...Because I never had you,
Although I would be glad to,
I'll prolly go and tattoo ya name on my heart... ~

Nicki looked at him and smiled. "Do you mind?"
Smirking, Drake turned down the radio and then went over to her. He sat next to her on his bed and waited for her to speak.
"Look, I came over here to apologize. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow up on you like that."
"It's ok." 
"No, it's not ok. It's... not ok Drake. It's not your fault I had waaay too much to drink last night." She said with a half smile. "I should've known better. I am sooo not a drinker." She giggled.
"I accept your apology Nick." He smiled. At that moment, Drake wanted to lean in and kiss her, but if he did, he knew she would have given him two black eyes. 
"If anything, I should be apologizing to you..."
"Me? Why?"
"I should've just kept my hands to myself."
"You were only trying to help Drake."
"Yea, but--"
"But nothing. I'm not mad at you. I shouldn't have led you on. It's my fault."
"Yea..." He said nodding his head up and down. Nicki playfully hit him in the chest with the back of her hand.
"You're not s'posed to agree with me!" She said smiling and they both giggled.
"Drake?!" Nicki's eyes widened as her mouth dropped and they both let out a laugh.
"My bad, you kno I'm just playin' wit'chu Nick."
"I know." She smiled. The room went silent for a second then Drake spoke up.
"Can I tell you somethin' Nicki?" Drake's heart started beating fast. He could feel the blood pumping through his body as his palms started to sweat a little.
"Sure, what is it?" She said looking at him. Drake was nervous, he could feel a knot forming in his throat. "Um..." He took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose.
"I like you..."
"Haha, I like you too Drake." She said standing up with a smile.
"No, you don't get it. I LIKE you. More than a friend." Nicki's smile faded and she started to get butterflies in her stomach. "Oh..."
"Yea, I figured you'd say that." Drake shook his head regretting what he just said.
"Forget I just told you that." He stood up and looked at Nicki.
"My apologies, I shouldn't have expected you to feel the same." Nicki looked down, grabbed her purse off the bed then looked at Drake. She didn't have anything to say so she turned and walked to the door. Drake watched her leave. He waited for the door to close before he flipped.
"Fuuuuuck!!! Why the hell did I just do that?! Oh my God... what the fuck is wrong with me?!" He said cupping his hands on the top of his head. "Damn it! I just fucked. Up. Everything..." He plopped on his bed staring at the floor. "What. The fuck??" He said to himself with a chuckle. He couldn't believe he just embarrassed himself like that. He wanted to rewind the last five minutes, but he couldn't. Drake lay there replaying the awkward scene in his head listening to the faint words of his own song...

~ ... I swear, 
I start, 
To think,
 That I'm goin crazy... ~

On Nick's way back to her room, Forty passed her in the hallway.
"Hey Nicki." He said grabbing his crotch and licking his lips. Forty scanned her body with his eyes when she looked up at him. She was completely oblivious to the gestures he made towards her. Nicki was too busy thinking about Drake.
"Oh, hey Forty." She said snapping out of her trance. "I didn't see you there, I zoned out for a minute." She explained with a smile.
"It's all good. Um, is Aubrey in his room?"
"Yea, he was just getting dressed."
"Ard den, I'm 'boutta head down there. I'll see you around." He said hugging Nicki. As she headed to the elevator, Forty looked back to glance at her rear end then he made his way to Drake's. When Nicki reached her room, she lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. She could not stop thinking about Drake. How his smile brightened up a room. How his voice made her melt. How his smooth hands sent shivers through her body. The way he looked when she stopped by his room. No shirt... no jeans... just skin. Half wrapped in a black towel at his waist. The way the water dripped off his bare chest made her wish she were those droplets. Clinging to his chest, never wanting to fall. She felt bad for leaving Drake out on a limb without telling him how she felt. Nicki wanted to run back to his room and spill her guts to him, but she would not allow herself. She was afraid to. It seemed that every time she showed her true feelings, she always ended up getting hurt. Nicki often found herself pushing  guys away because she didn't want them to get too close. She was afraid that if she let Drake in, she wouldn't be able to ever let him go. When Nicki loved, she loved strong and hard, giving the relationship her all. And if something were to ruin that, her world would come crashing down around her. Nicki didn't know if she would be strong enough to handle heartbreak again. 
Nicki wasn't sure if she was ready to let her walls down just yet.

Sooo?? Wut do ya think?? :) O! Btw, I'm sure Forty isn't that creepy, but it's mi fiction so I made him that creepy wierdo, lol.

The italicized words in purple r the lyrics of Drake's "Houstatlantavegas" song of course. It's really good, give it a listen. It's crazy that I 1st heard it after I wrote chapter 2 tho, lol. The song fits almost perfectly with wut has happened thus far! :)

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Victoria's Secret

Wussup? Wussup?! Hahaha, ok guys this chapter is basically just a filler. It's sorta short, but I jus HAD to put it in here. Cuz if i didn't, mi storyline would b missing reeeally important details :/ Soooo, with that said here is the infamously short filler!! :D

Chapter 4:

After their session, Rihanna headed to a photo shoot and Drake walked with Safaree on the way back to their rooms. Nicki was the last one in the studio, she grabbed her things, cut the lights off and walked out. She felt something pulling her and it scared her senseless. She dropped her purse and let out a scream. Nicki turned to see what it was and standing there was Drake. He was waiting for her so they could talk.
"Nigga?! Don't do that shit!" She snapped.
"I'm sorry?"
"You were so close to having a black eye! And look what you made me do!" Drake let go of her wrist and saw that everything fell out of her purse. He bent down to help her pick it up.
"I thought you went with SB?" 
"I told'm I'd catch him later 'cuz I wanted to talk to you."
"Oh..." Nicki stood up and Drake handed her her purse.
"Um... I don't know exactly how to say this, but..." He began as he stood up feeling the back of his neck. Nicki gripped the strap of her Gucci Jockey bag with both hands as it hang from her shoulder. "Go on." She told him.
"I'm the one who took you up to your room last night. You were too drunk to even stand so I walked you all the way inside. I uh... I helped you into your pajamas."
"I don't wear pajamas."
"Yea, i noticed... So um, I just took your shoes and your dress off and found a really big tee shirt for you to sleep in. After I got u dressed I was about to leave, but then you wanted me to lay on the couch with you."
"Did you?"
"Yea, I did. I'm sorry Nick. You were drunk so I should've known better than to stay." Nicki folded her arms and cocked her head slightly to the side listening to Drake explain.
"After we sat on the couch, I laid my head in your lap waiting for you to fall asleep, but you wanted to be playin' in a nigga hair and shit." Drake smiled, but Nicki looked even more concerned. Drake's smile faded as quickly as it appeared.
"Then what happened?" Drake didn't want to tell her the truth out of fear that she would be too embarrassed to talk to him ever again. But he respected her so he had no choice.
"You started pulling your panties down... then I took'm off." Nicki's eyes widened and he could see her starting to tear up. "We fucked didn't we?" She said as she looked away from Drake, slightly turning to the side, throwing her hands up. Nicki tried to keep a straight face, but the tears were disobediently streaming down her cheeks.
"No." "Don't lie to me Drake!" She shouted.
"I'm not ly--"
 "Yes you are! Please don't stand here trying to spare me my feelings! I woke up with hickies on my fucking thigh! Why would they be there if we didn't DO anything?!"
"That's just it! We didn't DO anything! I gave you a few passion marks, true! But that's all I did! I'm not sayin' it was right, but that is all that happened Nicki!" She wiped the tears away from here face. "... I stopped myself before we went any further." Drake reached out and held her by the hand. Nicki could feel his honesty. His hands were warm. Nicki felt them before and she was starting to remember where.
"I didn't want you to go did I?" Drake looked at her with surprise and said, "No, you didn't. But I left anyway. You told me it was... only for one night."
                                                  "... only for one night?"
They both said in sync. "Yea... So you remember now?" Nicki was all kinds of embarrassed and ashamed of herself.
"I'm so sorry Drake." She breathed. Tears began running down her face again. She tried to stop them, but she couldn't. Nicki rushed to the elevator as Drake just stood there, watching her speed away.

Here's Nicki's purse btw, jus thot u guyz mite wanna c it! :)

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Thing's Left Unsaid

Eeeep!!! I'm happy u guys read!! O! Nd btw, I assumed TeamMinaj wur the only ppl reading this so I didn't take time out to introduce all the characters, but if u need to kno who's who jus let me kno nd I'll inform u! :) I'm luvin ur comments, lol! Keep'm cumin!! *pauz* Um, so yea here is the morning after! Haha, let's c how Nick turned out shall we? :)

Chapter 3:

The next morning, Nicki woke up with a throbbing headache. The sun was shining through the drapes so she quickly got up to shut them. Nicki stood up way too fast and her head started spinning. She raced to the bathroom to throw up, but she only got as far as the trash can next to the couch. After she puked her brains out she trudged to the bathroom to relieve herself. As she reached down to pull off her panties, she noticed she wasn't wearing any. Her eyes got wide as soon as she realized this. Nicki also noticed she had passion marks on her thigh and started to panic. She rushed out of the bathroom to look for her cell phone. Nicki paced the floor as she waited for Safaree to answer.
"Hello?" He croaked.
"SAFAREE?!?!" Nicki yelled, waking him out of his sleep.
"What's wrong Nick?" He said as he sat up in bed. 
He could sense the fear in her voice. "Are you ok?"
"NO!! Oh my God I'm so NOT ok Safaree!" She screamed into the phone. SB held his blackberry away from his ear to prevent his eardrum from rupturing.
"What's wrong?! Tell me what happened! You want me to come up there?!"
Safaree started to get scared himself. He threw back the comforter and hopped out of bed putting on his fitted tee.
"NO!" She shouted. "Please do not come up! Just... just tell me how I got here last night. I can't remember shit! Oh my God, what did I do Safaree???" She said with her hand over her forehead, still pacing the floor. Safaree started to explain to her that she took a couple shots then he left. He was unsure of what else happened, but he told her he was pretty sure she got drunk. Nicki started to come to, but she could only remember so much.
"And what else? How did I get to my room?" She asked.
"Um... Drake. Drake took you back to your room."
"DRAKE?!" She gasped. "Oh my God..."
"Is everything ok though, Nick?" Nicki sat on the edge of her bed looking at the couch.
"Yea... I'm good... Thank you Aree..."
"No problem... Oh! Be ready by 2:30, I booked you some studio time."
"... Ok, thanks..." She sighed then hung up the phone. Nicki noticed something pink and lacy sticking from inbetween the sofa cushions. She squinted to get a better picture of what it could be. Nicki slowly stepped over to the couch. She pulled the item from the cushions and discovered it was her underwear. She stood there in disbelief as a million thoughts raced through her head. She tried to figure out why there were hickies on her thigh and why she had awaken with no panties on. Nicki wanted to know why her panties were stuck inbetween the sofa cushions. She wanted to blame Drake, she had a right to, but she didn't know that. Nicki took off her shirt and bra then headed for the shower. She figured it would help her calm down. After she got dressed, she made her way to the studio in the basement of the hotel to meet SB. He was already settled when she arrived.
"What's up Nick? You good?"
"Hey Aree..." She said with a half smile. Safaree could tell something was still bothering her, but he didn't want to frustrate her any more than she already was so he kept quiet. Nicki sat her purse down on the leather sofa and pulled out her pen and notebook.
"Drake and RiRi are on their way over here." Safaree said. Nicki's stomach dropped when she heard Drake's name. She knew something happened between them last night. Nicki had a feeling that they might have had sex. She wanted to be wrong, but all the signs were there. She started to think to herself, *I woke up with no panties on... there are passion marks on my thigh... I mean, what else could've happened?*
"Nicki?" Safaree called to her. He saw her standing by her purse staring at her notebook and wanted to know what she was doing.
"Hmm?" Nicki answered, coming out of her daze.
"Ha, what are you doing?" He chuckled.
"Oh... nothing," She smiled. "I was just making sure I had the right book." That was a lie. They both knew that, but Safaree just let it go.
"Come here." He said. Nicki walked over and sat next to him.
"What's up?"
"I want you to hear this..." SB turned a few knobs on the mixing board and a beat started playing from the speakers. Nicki bobbed her head to the rhythm and smiled.
"That's dope Aree!"
"Of course it is. I made it." Nicki gave him the side eye and said, "Don't you be gettin' too cocky nigga." They both laughed then SB stood up.
"I'll be back. I gotta piss."
"Ew?!" Nicki proclaimed as he walked out. She sat there as the beat played scribbling rhymes in her notebook. She heard the door open.
"Damn, that was fast. I hoped you washed ya hands." She said laughing.
"Yeah, I got here as quickly as I could." Nicki looked up, over her shoulder and saw that it was Drake, not Safaree. Her eyes widened and she started to get nervous.
"Hey Drake." She managed to say. He walked over and sat in the swivel chair next to her where SB had been sitting.
"What's that?" He asked looking in her notebook.
"Nothing." She said, quickly closing it. She turned off the speakers and looked up at him. Their eyes met for a brief second and Drake smiled. He looked away and scratched at the stubble on his chin. Nicki was still looking at him... thinking. Drake didn't notice her staring so hard at him until he looked back at her. It was an awkward moment. Even for him. Drake was just as nervous as she was. He worried if she remembered last night.
"Drake?" She asked.
"Yeah?" He said. Both of them were still looking at each other.
"I... I woke up this morning... half naked." She said, tucking her hair behind her ear. Drake looked away licking his lips. He turned his body toward Nicki and looked at her in the eyes. Drake opened his mouth to speak, but then he saw SB walk in. Nicki turned around to see who it was then she rolled her eyes.
"Wussup Drizzy?" Safaree said giving him dap. Rihanna walked in behind him and shut the door. "Hey guys!! Wussup? Wussup?" She said with a huge smile. Rihanna brightened up the mood in the studio with her spunky personality. She walked over to Nicki and kissed her on the cheek. "Heeey doll! Stand up, give me a hug! I've missed you!" She squealed. Nicki smiled and stood up to hug her. RiRi grabbed a handful of Nicki's booty as they hugged.
"Rihanna?!" Nicki laughed in shock. "Keep your hands to yourself!"
"I can't help it Nick, it's just sooo juicy!" Rihanna said with wide eyes and a grin on her face.
"Sup Driz?!" She said to Drake.
Nicki had been wondering the same thing.

I kno guys, this chapter wuz i tiny bit short. But do nt worry, the good stuff is in the works! ;)

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One Night Only

Wow! I'm glad you guys wanted me to post another chapter!! :D Well here it is, hope you like!

Chapter 2:

When they arrived to the hotel, Nicki headed straight for her room and SB to his. She planned on sleeping her night away, but that didn't happen. As she lay on her bed, her blackberry rang. It was Drake.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Hey Nick, you busy tonight?" He asked, knowing what she'd say.
"No, why? What's up?"
"Erybody meetin' up in Wayne's tour bus. We just havin' a lil' get together. You know? So erybody can catch up and shit. You down?"
Nicki sprang up. "Of course! I have to be!" She said smiling. "It's rare that we all get together like this."
"True. I'll meet you down there. You leavin' now?" Drake asked.
"No, I need to shower first. Give me an hour, I'll be there."
"Ard, see you love." Nicki hung up and went to the closet. She picked out a beautiful red dress that showed every curve on her body. After she showered, she went to get SB and they both headed for Wayne's bus parked outside the hotel. T-Streets, Gudda, Millz and Mack stood outside smoking as Nicki and SB approached the bus.
"Hey sis!" Yelled Gudda.
"Baby bruh!!" She said going up to hug him.
"Damn girl! You tryna get'chu some tonight ain'tchu?" Asked T-Streets.
"Shut up!" She said as she giggled and hugged Jae Millz. Safaree shook hands with Streets, Millz, Mack and Gudda before going in the bus.
"Is Drake here yet?" Jae nodded his head and Nicki headed in.
"WAYNE!!" She yelled holding out her arms. He stood and gave her a hug. She saw Drake and went over to sit next to him.
"Hey Nick. I'm glad you made it." He said.
"Me too, sorry I'm late though."
"It's cool." Drake said. After they talked for a while, Jae, T-Streets, Mack Maine and Gudda Gudda came back on the bus.
"Partay Tiiime!!" Shouted Streets, who was already drunk.
"Sitcho tail down boy!" Yelled Shanelle as she laughed. Everybody sat around the table towards the back of the bus. Wayne suggested they play some drinking games.
"What?! Uh no, I'm sorry you know I don't drink you guys." Nicki said. "I'ma sit this one out."
"No you not!" Said Wayne.
"Oh yes I am." Wayne handed her a shot glass.
"Try this."
"What is it?"
"Patron." Said Wayne. All eyes were on Nicki.
"Oh my gosh! Peer pressure much?" She laughed. Nicki grabbed the shot glass and took it to the head. *pauz*
Everyone started laughing hysterically as Nicki made a sour face; puckering her lips and closing one eye. She started to cough and Birdman patted her on the back.
"You a'ight Barbie?" He asked.
"Yea, I'm good..."
"I knew she couldn't handle it." Tyga chuckled, taking a sip of his beer.
Nicki side-eyed him. "Hit me with one more!"
Wayne had warned her about drinking different liquors in the same night, but before they knew it, she had four shots of Patron, two glasses of Ciroc, three shots of Vodka and a taste of Hennessy. Nicki was wasted. It was getting late and everyone was preparing to head back to their rooms. SB had already left before Nicki had had her third shot of Patron. He told Drake to make sure she got to her room safely. Nicki could barely walk. She stumbled off the bus so Drake carried her back to the hotel. While on the elevator, Nicki was hysterically laughing at the littlest things.
"Oh my God, look at everybody! They look like ants!" She said pointing to the people in the lobby area as the elevator went up. She started pushing random buttons so the elevator was forced to stop at every floor. Drake couldn't keep a straight face, he laughed at the way she was acting. He'd never seen her like this before. When they reached the penthouse, Nicki tripped off the elevator.
"You ok?" Drake asked.
"Yea, yea I'm okaaay!" She sang. Drake smiled and picked her up. He helped her to her room, but he couldn't just leave her there alone so he helped her inside. She plopped face first on the couch and without looking, tried to unbuckle her pump. Drake watched her struggle to take off her shoe so he went over to help.
"I got it." Nicki let go of her ankle and let Drake take over. After he took off her shoes, he headed for the door.
"Waaiit!" She blurted out. "I can't sleep in this!" She said, tugging at her red dress. "It'll get stuck to my skin!"
Drake couldn't do anything, but laugh. "No it won't Nicki."
"Yes huh..." Drake walked over to her closet and found a big, baggy tee shirt. He made his way over to Nicki and helped her out of her dress. He then put the shirt on her and tried to walk away. Nicki grabbed his wrist.
"Don't leave me Drake." She said, resting her head on the arm of the couch.
"Sit with me." Drake sat next to her on the couch.
"I can't stay long."
"Me either." Nicki said as Drake chuckled and told her, "I'm leaving when you fall asleep, ok?" Nicki pulled him close to her.
"What'chu doin'?" Nicki didn't answer, she just stared at him. "Nicki?" He asked.
"Lay down, I don't want you to fall." She said with heavy eyelids. Drake had a puzzled look on his face. He knew Nicki was just talking nonsense now. He shook his head and lay it on her bare thighs. He figured she'd fall asleep soon. Drake watched the clock until he started to doze off. Nicki was silent for a while so he assumed she had fallen asleep, until he heard her mumbling.
"Mmm... please Drake?" She said sleepily, with her eyes closed. She lightly started to rub her left hand on the back of Drake's head. He lifted his head off of Nicki's thighs and looked at her, her lips half parted.
"Huh?" He asked.
"Please?" She softly ran her right hand down her stomach when Drake finally caught on. She started to slowly remove her panties; edging them off her hips with her thumbs. Drake hesitantly took it from there. his smooth hands slowly traveled up the back of her thighs. He then began to pull down her drenched Vicky Secret's. Laying on her back, Nicki placed her hands on the back of Drake's head. He looked up at her as she pulled herself closer to him. She then rested her hands above her head on the arm of the couch. Drake licked his soft, pink lips then started kissing her thighs. He tucked his left hand under Nicki's right knee and slowly lifted it up off the sofa. Nicki furrowed her brow and bit her bottom lip. She could feel Drake breathing on her center as he moved closer to her clit. Her body begged him to stop being a tease. Drake slowed down until he came to a complete stop. He set her leg back on the couch and Nicki opened her eyes as Drake sat up, his feet now on the floor.
"What's wrong?" She asked with worry written all over her face. She was searching Drake's face with her eyes for the answer.
"I can't do this." He said, looking at her.
"Whyyy?" She whined, poking out her bottom lip.
"You're drunk Nicki. I'm not about to have sex with you. Not like this." He stood up and handed her her panties.
"But Drake, it's only for one night."
"Exactly..." He looked at Nick one final time and walked out. He felt like he was taking advantage of her so he stopped before he did something he'd regret. Nicki watched him as he shut the door behind him. She reached for a couch pillow and curled up with it. She began to drift off 'til she was fast asleep.