Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hey guys! For the person who asked, "Okai, Whatever Happened with The watches nd stuff Nic Bought for drake? :o Did she ever give it to himm? " I left your answer at the end of Chapter 21, part 2 so you might wanna go read that. ^_^ Okay, back to this, it's short but I think it's import to this story. Not much else to say, please read on.

statutory rape (n.)  - takes place when any person engages in sexual intercourse with a person under 18 (commonly referred to as unlawful sex with a minor). ¹

sexual battery or assault (n.) - 1. non consensually touching an intimate part of another against their will for: ¹ sexual arousal, ² sexual gratification, ³ sexual abuse;
2. consent for touching was fraudulently obtained.


"In other news, thirty-four year old Jarvis Delgado has been arrested earlier today for shoplifting at a local Walmart. Police say he would have only spent a few nights behind bars. That was until they found he had outstanding warrants and was on the run for a crime he committed in California. His victim has refused to be acknowledged so she will remain unnamed. He and the woman, his victim, have been said to have had an intimate relationship when she was at the tender age of seventeen. Jarvis was only twenty-four. The courts have agreed to charge him with statutory rape since she was still a minor. That crime alone leaves Jarvis Delgado with a sentence of four years. And that's not counting his recent sexual battery charge against his victim, which would give him four more years if found guilty. We'll have more on this story when we return…"

Forty shook his head. "Poor girl…" He said lowly. He then reached for the remote control and pressed a button signaling the television screen to go blank. He carefully scooted to the edge of his recliner and reached for his cane, which was resting on the arm of the cushioned chair. Slowly, he rose to his feet and strategically made his way to the bathroom. He had been sitting in a gloomy room, lights off as the rain danced outside of the window to the right of the television. The environment around him reflected how he felt within. There was no telling how long he'd been like this. Once he made it to the bathroom, he pulled the door open and headed straight for the mirror. He stared at his pale face and sunken eyes. Forty then rested his cane against the sink and turned on a faucet. The cold water streamed out with a menacing whisper. He leaned down, splashing his face a few times, then raised up looking back into the mirror as he turned off the faucet. The cold water against his skin didn't liven him up. If anything, he looked sicker. Forty stood there, hands holding either side of the sink, and stared at his reflection.

"What happened, Noah?" He disappointedly asked himself. "What happened…"

He lifted one hand and wiped his wet cheek.

"How could you…"

Forty closed his eyes, letting out a sigh as his head began to hang. He then reopened them seconds later and stared at the drain. The water droplets were slowly connecting as they inched their way down, disappearing into the dark abyss.

He shook his head. "You gotta fix this…" He told himself. Forty then grabbed his cane and made his way back into the dark room of his studio apartment. He searched for his cell phone in the piles of clothing scattered across his room; it'd been awhile since he used it. Once found, Forty sat down on his unkempt bed and scrolled through his contacts until he came to the person he wanted. He took a deep breath and pressed talk. The phone began to ring and after a few seconds, he heard a voice answer.


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Sneak Peek!

Hey guys!! Since it's my birthday, I wanted to be nice & share something with you all. This is a tiiiny sneak peak of "Sweet" part two. I'm still working on the full chapter though. I want it to be long so hopefully it will be. Please enjoy. :)


"HA!! I'm sorry, baby but I probably would've been one to tease you if we went to the same school. You looked like such a neeerd." She made a sad face.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You're funny, Nic." He closed his bedroom door behind him.

"Haha, sorry babe." She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you grew up. Age has done you well."

"True…" He held her by the waist. "You know… you can still tease me if you want. I won't take it offensively. I promise." He looked over her body as he licked his lips.

Nicki gave him that look. "See…" She shook her head. "I wasn't even talkin about that kinda teasin." She removed his hands from her waist and stepped back with a smile."

"Oh, but I am… come on, babe." He grabbed her by the waist again, placing kisses on her neck.

Nicki giggled. "Aubrey stop!" She pulled away. "We're not."

"We're not what?" He asked, already knowing.

"We, you and I, are NOT doing it. Not here."

"Wanna take it to the living room?"

"Why are you so nasty???" She asked in shock, her eyes widening with a grin.

"Cuz you like it." He placed his hands under her thighs and lifted her from the floor to his bed in one swift movement.

Nicki was now laying on her back with him standing between her legs, leaning over her. "Aubrey, no." She pointed her finger in his face.

He put one knee on the bed. "Tell me why?"

"Because! I'm not havin sex with you in your mother's house. That's disrespectful. And especially when she's home? No, sir." Nicki folded her arms.

"Come on, bae. You know how long I've been dreamin about this moment? To have you in my bed?"

"Don't lie."

He smiled. "I'm not. I'm serious. It's… essential. I've wanted to lay you down in my…" He glanced at his bed sheets. "In my race car bed sheets since I can remember." He tried to keep a straight face, but failed. He and Nicki both broke out in laughter.

"You are such a fool." She smiled.

"I'm yours though…" He kissed her neck.

"Drake stop." She politely pushed him away. "I meant what I said."

"But your eyes are speakin a whole 'nother language right now." He admitted, looking into them.

Nicki held their gaze for a moment before breaking contact. She then turned her head and began to look at the posters plastered on his royal blue walls. "Drake… how many girls have you had in this bed anyway?"

"Ha, not many. You saw the pictures. I wasn't the most popular thing back then."

Nicki laughed, looking at him. "Oh, yea… poor baby." She reached up to rub his ear.

Drake stared down at her. "You sure you don't want this?"

"For now I am."

"So that leaves hope for later then?"

Nicki giggled and pushed him off her. Without answering the question, she sat up and walked over to his closet.

Tada! :D Chapter coming soonish!