Sunday, August 28, 2011


Gotcha!! Lol, i bet half of yall went, "Ooo!" Hahaha! Well now that i have the minds of u FREAKS! pay close attention! This is a special shout out post for all the writers!! I've been meaning to do one of these since like FOREVER but I've never got around to it. *Trey voice* Leggo!

S/O 2 Dex! aka @TMAngel_ She always has me ctfu! I tell u this chica is hilarious!!! I freakin love you with ya silly self!!! (P.s. hold on 2 that laptop!!!) Follow her and read her fic! <~ ALWAYS and FOREVER

S/O 2 E.B. (short 4 Easter Bunny) aka @MissMinaj341 This London barb is beyond amazing! She write's amazing stories even if she doesn't think so! Follow her and read her Dricki as well! But I must warn u, sometimes Mesha comes out to play ;) <~ LOVE SONG

S/O 2 Cleo aka @TeamMINAJ_PYB Hahaha, dn't ask how she got that nick name, I Cnt tell u! But anyway, she is the cutest liddle thing!! :D She started hi skool this yr guyz!! *wipes tear* They grow up so fast! Lol, read her fic Nd follow her on twitter! <~LOVING YOU ALWAYZ

S/O 2 Temper aka @TeamMinajPeru Yo! When I 1st started reading her fic, I wuz like dayuuum!! Lol I love it!! You needa update soon girl! I'm still on the edge! Read her fic and follow her! <~IT'S STILL IN YOUR EYES

S/O 2 the one and only Jammy Jam!! aka @Jamrock_Barbie Barb, u r the best!! Ur Dricki is just like WOW! I love how Candi & Lauren r trouble makers, lol. Nd Nic is so hard headed at times! Btw, does Drake kno abt the twins yet? O.o I 4get. Anyhoot, follow this dime and read her fic!! Oh! And one more thing Jam... I've yet 2 get mi Sunny Doodle's!! ;) <~ JUST L.O.V.E.

S/O 2 Marty! aka @ItsMarthaBitch Her fiction is jus spectacular!!!! I fell in love after I read the first five lines! No lie!! It's that good!! Lol, y'all better read it!! And follow her on twitter too! <~BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE

S/O 2 @DrickiAllDay I've yet 2 nickname you :( *thinx* Hmm.... I'll let you kno on twitter, which u guyz should all hop on so u can follow her! Now, u guyz this barb'z fiction is for mature audiences!! Lol, I mean DAMN!! Very detailed, edgy, graphic! Maybe not that graphic, but she has a way with words! Lol. I hope u gals Nd guyz have a change of underwear when you read this! <~ DRICKILIFE

S/O 2 the new boy in our midst!! @Minajeh_That!! He jus started writing so give him ur attention and read his chapters plz!! Follow him on twitter as well!! <~FRIENDS TURNED LOVERS

S/O 2 mi TWIIIIIIIIIN!!!!! XD @Illtakeuhigh She's bak guyz!!! She wuz M.I.A. 4 a minute, but now she's bak! Her fiction is pretty steamy too. I remember this one chap I read had me like :O it was jaw dropping and I liked it! Lol, follow her on twitter and read her fic!! <~ MAKE IT LAST FOREVER

If I didn't shout you out, don't feel bad. I love you all the same!! :) I jus have bad memory, lol. I have a confession to make too... *huffs* since I love you, im letting you guyz kno... that I follow ALOT of fictions! It's hard for me to read them all so I haven't :( I've read like half of wut I follow up to this point. But don 't worry, if I haven't read urs, I will eventually, thas y I followed it! Lol, Nd if u have a fic u want me 2 read jus let me kno and I'll follow :) Idk when I'll get around to reading it, but I WILL read it!

OH!! Trebb, Trebbie!!! aka @TrebbleBarbie S/O 2 her 2! I love her fiction! She's good! Follow her and read that fic!! :) <~ COMPASSION, TRUST, and LOVE FOREVER

S/O 2 mi audience as well: @SoPinkBarbie @ImOnNickiSide @TeamMinajLexi @TeamMinajIrmo @lilmomominaj @BarbieGirlSteph @STORMiiMINAJ @TEAMinajNYC @aquariusminaj @PinkFridaynov @TeamNickiNinja @TweetingUKBarb @Brilouiie_G @TeamMinajS_A @MinajikalMuzik Shae @TiffanyRenae3

I thank you all for reading my Dricki! It means ALOT to me! If I didn't name u here I probably shouted you out. Or possibly forgotten, I apologize abt that, but I can only remember so much & go by wut I c on twitter or in these comments, BUT I still thank u 4 reading!! Or redain as Dex would have me say, lol. Thank you to all the Anonymous ppl too, u're just as important!! I love you all!! Thank you!! Muuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! Don't 4get 2 watch our Queen on MTV at the VMA's this Sunday @ 9pm EST!!! Deuces!! :p


  1. Damn, you got me with that title lmaoo. I thought there was gonna be some good make up sex going on or something lol but thanks for the shoutout!


  2. Thank you so much i love you !! your my fav writter !!!! @drickiallday mwahhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Whooo S/O to errybody!!! Thx Toni Roni!!

  4. LOLL!!! you got that right!!! I'm really bout to freak out! I WAS GOING TO DO THE SAME THING! ON MY LIFE. Like you don't even know!!!! OH EM GEEE!!! Thas C R A Z Y!

    *DIESSSSSSSS.* Stop! Thas ignorant! Cause I fell of the bed! you gon clown me for the rest of my LIFE , LOLL.

    awwwww I love you Buttercup <3 (: mwuahhhhhhh :*

  5. Or redain as Dex would have me say, lol. < AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I'm bouta cry! :')

    I didn't even see that.


  7. Thank u ALL!!! :D And u're welcum!!!

    Canni jus say I wuz spazzing tf out during the VMA's 2nite?!?! I screamed, cried everything! I wuz sooooo happy 4 Nic!!! She looked so damn adorable!!! I wanted to hug her!!! Lol

    OH!! Nd I KNO y'all heard Drizzy call her Onika!!! That made me spazz even MORE!!!! Lol, I wuz afraid he wuzn't gonna show, but he did! Yay! :D

    Um yea, that show wuz Asstackulous!!! Hahaha!

    Eye love you guyz!! Muuuuaaahhhh!!!!!!!

    Nd yea Dex, I will clown u for life :)

  8. damn! *prepare's for it.*

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute! Onika! I need to see this. love them <3

    and YES she looked cute!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the s/o! You are a great writer! You also gave me a few more fics to read... So shoutOut to that!! (:

  10. TripleT/ illtakeuhigh/ TwinAugust 30, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    thx twwwiinnnnn for the shout out lol and just wait to see wat i have in store ;)... look for my next update on thursday! yay! lol LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! MUUUAAAAHHHZ!!!

  11. Thnx for the shoutout barb!!! Love reading this story it gives me life!!!