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Hey guys! For the person who asked, "Okai, Whatever Happened with The watches nd stuff Nic Bought for drake? :o Did she ever give it to himm? " I left your answer at the end of Chapter 21, part 2 so you might wanna go read that. ^_^ Okay, back to this, it's short but I think it's import to this story. Not much else to say, please read on.

statutory rape (n.)  - takes place when any person engages in sexual intercourse with a person under 18 (commonly referred to as unlawful sex with a minor). ¹

sexual battery or assault (n.) - 1. non consensually touching an intimate part of another against their will for: ¹ sexual arousal, ² sexual gratification, ³ sexual abuse;
2. consent for touching was fraudulently obtained.


"In other news, thirty-four year old Jarvis Delgado has been arrested earlier today for shoplifting at a local Walmart. Police say he would have only spent a few nights behind bars. That was until they found he had outstanding warrants and was on the run for a crime he committed in California. His victim has refused to be acknowledged so she will remain unnamed. He and the woman, his victim, have been said to have had an intimate relationship when she was at the tender age of seventeen. Jarvis was only twenty-four. The courts have agreed to charge him with statutory rape since she was still a minor. That crime alone leaves Jarvis Delgado with a sentence of four years. And that's not counting his recent sexual battery charge against his victim, which would give him four more years if found guilty. We'll have more on this story when we return…"

Forty shook his head. "Poor girl…" He said lowly. He then reached for the remote control and pressed a button signaling the television screen to go blank. He carefully scooted to the edge of his recliner and reached for his cane, which was resting on the arm of the cushioned chair. Slowly, he rose to his feet and strategically made his way to the bathroom. He had been sitting in a gloomy room, lights off as the rain danced outside of the window to the right of the television. The environment around him reflected how he felt within. There was no telling how long he'd been like this. Once he made it to the bathroom, he pulled the door open and headed straight for the mirror. He stared at his pale face and sunken eyes. Forty then rested his cane against the sink and turned on a faucet. The cold water streamed out with a menacing whisper. He leaned down, splashing his face a few times, then raised up looking back into the mirror as he turned off the faucet. The cold water against his skin didn't liven him up. If anything, he looked sicker. Forty stood there, hands holding either side of the sink, and stared at his reflection.

"What happened, Noah?" He disappointedly asked himself. "What happened…"

He lifted one hand and wiped his wet cheek.

"How could you…"

Forty closed his eyes, letting out a sigh as his head began to hang. He then reopened them seconds later and stared at the drain. The water droplets were slowly connecting as they inched their way down, disappearing into the dark abyss.

He shook his head. "You gotta fix this…" He told himself. Forty then grabbed his cane and made his way back into the dark room of his studio apartment. He searched for his cell phone in the piles of clothing scattered across his room; it'd been awhile since he used it. Once found, Forty sat down on his unkempt bed and scrolled through his contacts until he came to the person he wanted. He took a deep breath and pressed talk. The phone began to ring and after a few seconds, he heard a voice answer.


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Sneak Peek!

Hey guys!! Since it's my birthday, I wanted to be nice & share something with you all. This is a tiiiny sneak peak of "Sweet" part two. I'm still working on the full chapter though. I want it to be long so hopefully it will be. Please enjoy. :)


"HA!! I'm sorry, baby but I probably would've been one to tease you if we went to the same school. You looked like such a neeerd." She made a sad face.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You're funny, Nic." He closed his bedroom door behind him.

"Haha, sorry babe." She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you grew up. Age has done you well."

"True…" He held her by the waist. "You know… you can still tease me if you want. I won't take it offensively. I promise." He looked over her body as he licked his lips.

Nicki gave him that look. "See…" She shook her head. "I wasn't even talkin about that kinda teasin." She removed his hands from her waist and stepped back with a smile."

"Oh, but I am… come on, babe." He grabbed her by the waist again, placing kisses on her neck.

Nicki giggled. "Aubrey stop!" She pulled away. "We're not."

"We're not what?" He asked, already knowing.

"We, you and I, are NOT doing it. Not here."

"Wanna take it to the living room?"

"Why are you so nasty???" She asked in shock, her eyes widening with a grin.

"Cuz you like it." He placed his hands under her thighs and lifted her from the floor to his bed in one swift movement.

Nicki was now laying on her back with him standing between her legs, leaning over her. "Aubrey, no." She pointed her finger in his face.

He put one knee on the bed. "Tell me why?"

"Because! I'm not havin sex with you in your mother's house. That's disrespectful. And especially when she's home? No, sir." Nicki folded her arms.

"Come on, bae. You know how long I've been dreamin about this moment? To have you in my bed?"

"Don't lie."

He smiled. "I'm not. I'm serious. It's… essential. I've wanted to lay you down in my…" He glanced at his bed sheets. "In my race car bed sheets since I can remember." He tried to keep a straight face, but failed. He and Nicki both broke out in laughter.

"You are such a fool." She smiled.

"I'm yours though…" He kissed her neck.

"Drake stop." She politely pushed him away. "I meant what I said."

"But your eyes are speakin a whole 'nother language right now." He admitted, looking into them.

Nicki held their gaze for a moment before breaking contact. She then turned her head and began to look at the posters plastered on his royal blue walls. "Drake… how many girls have you had in this bed anyway?"

"Ha, not many. You saw the pictures. I wasn't the most popular thing back then."

Nicki laughed, looking at him. "Oh, yea… poor baby." She reached up to rub his ear.

Drake stared down at her. "You sure you don't want this?"

"For now I am."

"So that leaves hope for later then?"

Nicki giggled and pushed him off her. Without answering the question, she sat up and walked over to his closet.

Tada! :D Chapter coming soonish!

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Response Post

What happened that night with the Nicki/SB thing that has Nicki's dad so angry towards SB?

Hopefully this post explains why Robert & Safaree don't get along.


Shoes off, 2-way in hand, and nearly sprawled across his bed with my feet propped up on top of his headboard… this is how I'm spending my Friday night. In my best friend's room while he sits on his floor playing Mario on his Nintendo. I'm assuming the game froze 'cause I hear him remove the cartridge, blow into it, and put it back into the console. He's been trying to beat this level for a few days now with no luck. His mom and sisters are visiting family across town so it's just us here, in our own little worlds. Oh… I should probably tell you who he is, right? Haha, well Safaree of course. And yes, as you all know, I am your narrator, Onika. Enough with the introductions though; I just got another message on my 2-way. It's from my boo, Charlie. We've been dating for about three months now. He's really, really sweet and cute and funny and all that good stuff. Faree introduced me to him actually. I'd always see them hanging out and playing basketball on the court a few blocks away from my house. I guess I was staring a bit too hard one day when Charlie shot his three pointer. He was Skins so I just couldn't look away, haha. Anyway, Safaree noticed the look I was giving him so he took it upon himself to introduce us. And I've been in heaven ever since. He's nineteen and I know I'm only sixteen, but I'll be seventeen next month so really there's no issue, right? Right.

"Shit!" Safaree yells, breaking me from my thoughts.

I roll over onto my stomach and look at the television. "What happened?"

"Oh my God… I was THIS close!" He showed me with his fingers. "Thiiiiis close!" He tossed his controller and ran his hands over his face. "That damn Princess Peach gon hafta stay captured…"

I started to laugh. "Hahaha! It's just a game, Faree. Relax."

"Shut up. You don't even know how to play so I wouldn't expect you to understand."

"So???" I grab a pillow from the head of the bed, behind me, and whack him with it.

He quickly shielded his head with his hands. "Stop!" He started smiling as the pillow continued to make contact with him.

I giggle and tuck the pillow under my bosom. "Well now you know to watch your mouth."

Safaree smirked as if my words held no value, so I mushed the back of his noggin.

"Stop, Lil' Charlie." He says.

I smile. "Don't call me that." I say, knowing damn well I like it.

"Little Charlie!" He says again, annunciating every syllable while he switches Nintendo cartridges.

"Shut up, Safaree…" I reply, closing my eyes and resting my head on the pillow beneath me. My 2-way goes off again, making me smile. I check it.

Well yea, I'm jus layin on my bed thinkin bout u

Aww, really? What abt me?

How beautiful u r & how u coulda came over tonight

I roll my eyes.

Now u know I can't. Ya mom hates me 4 some odd reason

She jus jealous

Of me?? Y would she be?


I giggle at his lack of an explanation. Safaree looks back at me.

"What's funny?" He asks. 

"My C. Bear." I respond, replying to Charlie's message.

"You and that nickname stuff…" Faree shook his head. "You know me and the boys' clown him about dat shit, right?" He chuckled, eyes on the television screen as he played Donkey Kong 64. 

"Y'all are wrong. Leave my baby alone. Don't be mad 'cause he got somebody and y'all all still single lookin like scrubs."

"Me?? A scrub?? Yea, a'ight. You musta forgot that blue classic sittin out front is mine. I ain't no scrub."


I see Faree pause the game and pick up his 2-way while he mumbled something inaudible.

"Don't mumble. Say whatchu gotta say, my nicca." 

"It ain't even about you so chill. Ya C. Bear, " He mimicked. "just sent me somethin."

I look over Safaree's shoulder to see the message. Yea, I'm curious alright. But Safaree holds his 2-way away from me so I can't see.

"I said he sent ME a message. Not Onika."

I suck my teeth and sit up, laying back on his bed now. I continue to text my boo, oblivious to all else.

Ayo S. Beezy. Wuddup, nigga?

Nothin. Tryna play this Nintendo game

U still ain't beat that level on Mario?

Naw, nigga, lol. I ain't even mad though. Playin Donkey Kong.

Oh word? That's wussup. But yo, guess what?


Yo, u know the girl Leslie from History class, right?

Safaree furrowed his brow.

Yea... the lightskin 1? What abt her?

Shorty tried 2 get @ me yesterday

And? U tell her u got a girl?

The bitch already know. Son...

Forreal? So what happened?

She invited me over her house

What??? So where u at?

Her house...

I freeze. I can't believe what this nigga just told me. Fuck he doin at this bitch house?!

Um... & y is that? U 4get 2 tell me bout a house party?

I ask, but I already know that ain't why that nigga there.

Naw nigga. It's jus me & her. She wanted me 2 come over &… yea

Wtf is wrong with u, nigga?!? U know u got Onika over here all crazy 4 u & shit?!? The girl is head over heels. Don't do dis, man. Please.

Well she ain't puttin out! It's been 3mos, nigga! You know I don't wait that damn long 4 nuthin. So if she ain't lettin a nigga get dat, I gotta get it some place else

I don't even reply. This nigga… fuckin dumb ass…



"You still messagin' ya C. Bear?"


"Did he say what he was doin?"

"He's home… layin in bed thinkin about me."

I can hear the smile in her voice. I sigh, trying to figure out my next move.

"Why are you so concerned?" She asks.

How can I tell her? Can I even tell her? Should I tell her?

"Faree?" She calls. "What is it?"

"Nothin… just askin… I'll be back." I get up to go to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.

Safaree is so weird… weirdo. Haha, I wonder why he asked me that though… I look at the television, the game is still paused. I never really played this thing before, but how hard could it be? I slide off the bed and pick up the controller next to his 2-way. The little monkey character on the screen begins to twitch when I resume the game. I press a few buttons and he begins to run. I don't get why boys like this stuff. This game is so basic, haha.

*beep, beep*

Oop! Another message. I look at my 2-way, but it's not me. I look at Faree's and I see a notification for one new message. It's from my C. Bear. I really shouldn't be going through his phone, but... it's just Charlie.

U still there man?


I reply.


How is it that Safaree gets a response faster than me? Like… and I don't even know what Charlie's talking about. Haha, I'm so nosey. I begin to read the beginning of their conversation. "……wait……" I say aloud. "No fuckin way………" I cannot believe what I'm reading. I look through my inbox and read our messages. But what the fuck am I comparing?! He fuckin lied to me! How could he lie to me??? He said he was home. He fuckin told me he was home! Now he's at this Leslie bitch's house?! She is such a fuckin hoe! Everybody at school knows that! How could Charlie do this to me?! Oh my God, if he fucks her, I swear...

U're not gonna screw her, r u?

I brought the rubbers so

Nicki dropped Safaree's 2-way and held her face in her hands. Her tears made contact with her palms immediately. "What did I do?" She asked herself.

Safaree walked back into his room and saw her crying on the floor. His heart dropped into his stomach. "Onika… please tell me you didn't go through my messages…"

She looked up at him, rage quickly replacing her sadness.

"How long did you know about this?? And why the fuck didn't you tell me?"

"Onika…" He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, closing his bedroom door behind him. 

"No Faree! Don't even!" She threw his 2-way at him as she rose to her feet. "You're supposed to be my best friend, right?? Fuck you." Nicki slipped on her shoes and coat and headed for his door.

"Whoa! Onika, hold on! I can explain. Jus wait a minute." Safaree blocked her from leaving.

"Fuck ya explanation Safaree! If you couldn't even tell me his ass was cheatin then it ain't shit you can say to me now!"

Nicki shoved him out of the way and yanked his bedroom door open.

Heavy footsteps soon followed behind her. "Wait! I'm coming with you!"

"No! I need to be alone!" She ran to his front door, struggling to unlock all four locks.

"Be mad at me all you want, but I'm not letting you walk home by yourself Onika! It's 1:34 in the mornin! Anything could happen to you!!" He placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" She jerked away.

"Jus let me talk to you. I apologize. I know… I should've told you. I jus didn't know how…"

Nicki had her back to him, her hand on the bronze doorknob. She slowly pulled the door open and looked back at him before stepping into the vestibule. She then opened his screen door and walked out, closing it behind her.

It's really dark out here… There's only one working street light and it's way down the sidewalk on the corner. I fold my arms into my body trying to stay warm. Looking both ways, I head down his steps, taking a left and walking a couple paces, I stop at an alley way. It's faster to get to my house through this alley and all I wanna do is get home so why not? I mean, I can see a light at the end and there's nobody in it.... I look around me one last time before I head into it....


What the fuck…… I have no idea why I didn't tell her. I should have told her. I hope she's not too upset. Aw man… this is fucked up. It doesn't matter how mad she is right now, I hafta go after her. I can't let her walk home alone. I open my front door and hop down my steps. I look both ways, but I don't see her. All I see is one street light at the end of the corner. I hope she didn't walk through that alley. I've told her to stay out of it. Even I don't walk through it, it's not safe. I run to the alley. I can see her walking, but I don't want her to see me. I'll jus watch her from here, peeping around the corner of this building. I can get to her fast if I need to… She's stopping? Who the hell is that she's talking to? I walk into the alley, sticking by the wall and hide behind a dumpster. Peeping around it, I can see Onika better from here… What the hell? Why is she—



I can barely see a damn thing. My vision is blurry and I can't stop crying. Why the fuck would Charlie cheat on me? I was good to him… I was so fuckin good to him. What did I do to deserve this? So what I didn't put out. I told him I wasn't ready. He fuckin knew that and he said it wasn't a problem. Liar…… I fuckin hate him. Oh my God, I hate him… He better not fuckin call me. I'm so done with him… Safaree really should have told me. I would've told him if he were in my shoes. *sniffles* I really hope he isn't following me. He's told me about this alley. I don't see what the big— *gasp* Oh my God… Somebody's stumbling towards me… Wait....


"Mm… What the fuck do you want?"

"Dad? Are you high?!"

"Naw... Naw... Mm mm!" He stops and wobbles a little.

"Daddy? Why are you still out here?? Let me get you home..." I walk up to him. I can't believe him! He is so fucking high. He can't even stand straight up. We may not get along, but he's my father. I'm not gonna leave him out here like this.

"No! Don't, mm mm, don't *shakes head* don't touch me! I got it, shit!"

"Let me help you!" This is exactly why he should stay off these streets!! I then see a baggie fall out of his coat pocket so I pick it up. There's white stuff in it… I am completely disgusted… He tries to snatch it from me, but I hold it up high. He's keeled over so he can't get it.

"Gimme my shit!"

"No!! This is the problem!! Who'd you get it from this time dad?! Was it Corey?! You know better! You need to stay away from this mess!!"

"Shut up!!! Hand it here!!!"

"NO!!!!" He lunges at me and grabs me, trying to take it. I suddenly hear my name. It sounds like... like Safaree...

"ONIKA?!?!" I feel hands pull me apart from my father. Safaree's face flashes across my eyes. He takes the bag from me.

"What the fuck is this Onika?!"

"It's not mine!!! It's his!! Why are you here?! I told you I needed to be alone!!"

"And I told you I wasn't gonna let you walk alone!!!" Safaree looks at my father. "Robert? Why you out here man?" He sounds disappointed.

"Jus hand me my shit young blood..."

Faree looks at what's in his hand.
"You want this? Naw, I don't think so." 

I snatch the baggie from him.

"Stop playin wit my shit!!!"

"This is between me and my dad! Go home!! I don't need you to fuck up anything else! Jus leave!!!" I push him.

"You know what, fine, be mad. Since you so tough, I'll go..."

I watch him turn to go back up the alley and I pocket the drug. Then I look at my dad.
"Come home with me please? You don't need this." I start crying again, I'm fed up. I walk closer to my dad and I see him pulling something out of his pocket. I can't really tell what it is.

"Dad?" I ask hesitantly. He points it at me. It's a switchblade. My eyes widen. "Daddy? What are you doing?"

"I'm tired of playin games… Hand me my fix, Onika."

"What's the knife for? You... you wouldn't use that on me... Would you? I'm your daughter, it's me. Onika. Remember?" I raise both my hands in surrender. I'm scared. I can tell he's already been shooting up. He's capable of doing anything right now.

"I don't want to, but I will."

"What? No, dad please?! I'm not gonna give you the bag, jus please put the knife down!" I'm breathing heavily now. I can't move. I'm frozen in place and not just because of the cold weather.

"I'm not playin wit' you! Hand it over!"

"NO!!!" Before I know it, I'm screaming and the palm of my hand is on fire. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! DADDY?!?!?? Wha- Wha- I d- I-" I squeeze my bleeding hand shut and fall to my knees. It stings like hell. I can't believe he just fucking cut me. HE CUT ME! My father? He... He cut me? I hear a thud so I look up. I see Faree wrestling with my dad on the ground. I thought he left?

"Faree..." I say, but it comes out as a whisper. "Faree?" Can he hear me? "FAREE?!" I yell. He doesn't look at me. He snatches the switchblade from my father and throws it down the alley. My dad punches Safaree in his face. Then I see Faree striking my father in his jaw. Robert puts him in a headlock. Safaree is punching him in the chest. I don't know who I should be more angry at right now. Robert lets go and I see Faree stand up and kick him one time in the ribcage with the head of his Timberland. Then he walks over to me. My father rolls over and crawls toward the switchblade. Not his bleeding daughter, but the got damn switchblade.

"Safaree?" I cry. He kneels down and helps me stand. I bury my face in his chest and he holds me there, letting me cry. After a few seconds he pulls me away and wipes the tears from my face.

"You ok?" I shake my head no and show him my left hand. It's shaking. His eyes grow wide and his nose spreads. I can see the anger dance across his face like wildfire. His lips are pursed and he looks more than upset.

"Fuck him. Come on, I need to get you to the hospital."

"No! Safaree no, I jus wanna go home. I'll clean it. Wrap it up. I can't even feel it anymore..."
He grabs my hand and I scream.

"Yea, we're goin to the hospital..." Safaree pulled me by the wrist, his grip was tight. I struggled to keep up with his pace. He was speeding, almost dragging me behind him like I was some sort of misbehaving child.

"Safaree, you're hurting me."
He looked back and loosened his grip, but continued speeding out of the alley. When we arrived to the ER, it took twenty minutes before I was seen. The nurse cleaned my hand. She said the cut was pretty deep. She called it a gash. The doctor came in and examined me. I had to get stitches, nine of them. They wrapped my hand in gauze and Faree drove me home.

My mother, Jelani and Caiah were asleep so we had to sneak in. I told Safaree I'd be fine, but he insisted on walking me to my room. He had me sit on my bed while he removed my coat, hanging it up for me as I took off my shoes.

"Put on ya pj's, I'll step out." He left, closing the door behind him. I change clothes and crawl into bed, thinking about all that has happened today. My life is fucked up… I sink further into my sheets. I feel tears running down my face again. I'm not surprised. I've been crying so much, it just feels like that's where they belong. I hear a polite knock on the door. I look over, but don't say anything. Safaree knocks again.

"You dressed?"

"Yea..." I tiredly admit. He opens my bedroom door and walks in. I don't tell him to leave. I'm too fed up to care about anything. He shuts the door then sits on the edge of my bed and looks at me. I absent-mindedly stare back at him.

"How's ya hand?" I slowly lift it up and show him. "Can you move it?"

I try to wiggle my fingers, but it hurts. I sniffle and shake my head no. I feel more tears pouring down my face. I bite my lip and Faree reaches over to wipe my tears. I wish he wouldn't do that. It's just so weird.

"I'm gonna go home now. Call me if you need me for anything. I mean it."

He turned my lamp off and left, closing my door behind him. I cuddle up with a nearby pillow and stare at my digital clock, watching the bright red numbers change until my heavy eyelids lose the battle with sleep.

& this is why Robert & SB don't get along… didn't know where to put this post so I withheld it. I now know it could've been a flashback, but I clearly wasn't thinking straight at the time…

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Any Questions?

Sooo…… I'm infamously known for leaving things unanswered in this story. :-/ I usually figure you guys forget & don't care since I take forever to update so I don't bother bringing things back up cuz I assume it's just too late, BUT I see nothing gets past some of you ._. Reading over your comments, I see some of you guys are still wondering about stuff that happened in previous chapters. This makes me cringe cuz I don't wanna think abt it, lol. I just wanna move past it, but I don't want to leave you guys in the dark either. With this said, I'm willing to answer all your questions. Some questions will be answered with a post, some questions will just get a straight up reply, & some questions may not be answered yet because I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about the situation. So please, leave your questions about anything I've left unanswered. I'll try to get back to you all as soon as possible. I just wanna move forward with the story, but the fact I left stuff out was bothering me so I had to address it. & if you feel like it's not an issue anymore, pleeeeaase let me know cuz that saves me from a lot of explaining. Don't be afraid to ask. No questions are stupid questions, lol. Please, please ask away. I jus wanna know what's on your minds. :)

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Chap. 22: Sweet

So 1st shout out to @ItsJamielaHOE, @Jamrock_Barbie, @KiannaOVO, and the homie @BriLovesNM. I wouldn't be posting tonight if it wasn't for them. Plz follow them! Thank you ladies! ^_^ Now, this CHAPTER is looooong overdue, I know. Not much more to say so plz enjoy.
Chapter 22:
One month. Twenty four days. And fourteen hours. That's how long it's been since Drake and Nicki have last seen each other. After the night he decided to stay in LA with her, that next morning she received a very important phone call from a very important woman. Britney Spears. Of course it was about her opening on the Femme Fatale tour, which Nicki excitedly accepted Ms. Spears' offer. After many meetings via conference call, everything was all set. Nicki would be rehearsing day after day until the tour was set to begin. With that, Drake started to see less of her. He was more than proud that she was blessed with the opportunity to tour with Britney, but he still missed his girl. Before long, he decided to fly back to Toronto, where he finished the few shows that he had left. His managers weren't so happy about the shows that he missed, but being angry with him wouldn't change anything. Being the man that he is, Drake apologized and took full responsibility for having been absent. No one ever found out Nicki was his reason for not attending those shows. He just wanted to protect her and make sure she was okay. When he felt that she'd be fine without him, he then went back to Toronto, finished the mini tour and scouted a fresh batch of producers to began working on the rest of his sophomore album, Take Care. With both Nicki and Drake busy and running on hectic schedules, the couple didn't speak like they normally would, but they made it work the best way they knew how. Tonight was Nicki's last show and it was in the most fitting city, Toronto. She'd called Drake the night before to see if he was free and he was. Nicki then invited him to the show to see her perform. She was beyond ecstatic to finally see him after such a long time away from him. It was almost showtime and Nicki was in her dressing room sitting in her styling chair, Terrence fixing her hair.
"Is he here yet?" Nicki asked, looking at Terrence through the mirror before her.
"Chile…… he wasn't here since the last fifteen seconds you asked me." He half smiled, shaking his head at how eager she was.
Nicki grinned. "I knooow! But I'm jus… I don't know! Ahh! I'm so happy, T. I haven't seen my baby in forever and he's gonna be here tonight!"
Terrence chuckled. "I know, Nic. You haven't stopped talkin about the poor boy since I got here."
"Well zuhh Terrence! You're the only one I can talk to about him. Nobody else knows, boo boo." Nicki playfully rolled her eyes.
"Hahaha, cute. But now I know so much about him, I feel like I'm dating the guy."
Nicki sucked her teeth. "I haven't told you thaaat much about him. You're exaggerating."
"Oh, am I?"
"You are."
"Mmm…… well thanks to you I know his birthday is in two days, I know his favorite song, he prefers tuna over chicken salad, I know what side of the bed he sleeps on, his favorite wine, he likes it when you—"
"Hey…" Nicki interjected dryly. "I get it… So maybe I do get a liddle carried away, but that's my boo. I can't help it." She smiled.
"It's nice seeing you like this. I'm glad he makes you this happy."
Nicki blushed, showing her dimples. "Thank you, T."
Just as Terrence was finishing up, there was a knock at the door.
"You think that's him?" She asked.
"Could be." Terrence began walking towards the door, comb in hand. "Who is it?"
There was a clearing of the throat before the entity on the opposite side of the door spoke up. "It's me, Drake."
Nicki squealed as she sat in her chair. "Let'm in!!" She squeaked.
Terrence opened the door and in walked the man Nicki had been waiting for. He greeted Terrence before glancing over at Nic with a warm smile. "Hey beautiful. Long time no see."
"Aubrey!!" Nicki hopped out of the chair, running over to him. He held out his arms as she jumped into them, wrapping her legs around his waist. "I've missed you." She admitted, pecking at his lips. Nicki then slipped her tongue into his mouth before giving him a chance to respond.
"Yea…… K. I'm gone." Terrence said, walking over to his bag. He awkwardly packed his things away as the couple continued to kiss, unaware that he was still in the room. "Um… call me if you need me. You know my number." He said, heading for the exit, trying not to look at them.
When the door clicked shut, they both pulled away. "I missed you too, Nic." Drake licked his lips.
Nicki giggled. "I'm so glad you could make it. It really means a lot to me."
"I'm glad you invited me. Now that means a lot to me." He smiled, as she unwrapped her legs from around his waist, letting herself down carefully. "I have something for you."
"What is it?" She asked.
"Well I couldn't really bring it in cuz it would've been too obvious. But walk with me to my car after the show and I got you."
"Ooo, sounds big."
Drake smiled.
"I have a little something for you too."
"What's that?"
"Perform with me and you'll find out."
"Perform? I haven't even rehearsed at all."
"Don't need to. Just remember your verse on "Moment 4 Life" and we're both good. The stage hands will cue you to come on and when we're done, I'll lead you off myself. Cool?"
"If I didn't love you so much I'd swear you were insane for askin on such short notice."
"But because you love me??" She batted her eyelashes.
"Because I love you, I'll do it."
Nicki grinned. "Thank you, babe."
"Mhm. Now… what's this something you have for me?"
"You'll see. When the stage manager calls you back out the second time, just listen. You'll love it. I guarantee." She winked at him.
"And what makes you so sure?" He asked, getting in her face as he gripped her waist, pulling her closer. 
"Experience." She whispered softly against his lips before kissing him. She pulled back biting the edge of her bottom lip. "We uhh… we have some time left before they call for me." She uttered, looking at the pendant on his necklace as she fiddled with it. "Now would be the perfect time to… practice?" She looked up at him.
Drake squinted at her. "You're still talkin about the song, right?"
"Hahaha! Um… okay." She shrugged. "We'll do that instead. I'll start, just follow my lead."
Drake shook his head with a smirk. "You are such a—"
Nicki quickly placed her index finger on his lips. "Don't. Even."
He softly wrapped his hand around hers, slowly pulling her finger away. "You didn't let me finish," He smiled. "I was only saying that you're such an unpredictable woman."
Nicki sucked her teeth. "Nice save." She giggled.
Drake grinned, never taking his eyes off of her. He placed his palm on her cheek, running his thumb over her dimple once.
Nicki then laid her palm upon his wrist, smoothing the back of his hand with her thumb. "What?" She innocently asked with a smile.
He admired her only a few seconds more before shaking his head. "Nothin… you're jus… so beautiful… but you know that." He smiled.
"It still feels good to hear. Especially from you." Nicki pulled his hand away from her face, kissing his knuckles before bringing it to rest.
"Damn, I love you." Drake admitted.
"I love you too, babe." She smiled. "We should probably get started on that run through now."
"Oh yea. Right."
A few bars in, Nicki had already captivated Drake's attention. He was following along intently as she rapped "Moment 4 Life" A Capella, not skipping a beat. When it was his turn, he jumped right in. The couple ran through this a few more times before adding in the track. After awhile, Nicki was needed onstage. Drake walked with her backstage until the stage hands ran up to her, pulling her away to fit her with mic and earpiece. Once the show began, everything seemed to happen so fast. Drake watched from behind the scenes as his girl graced the stage, her fantasy-like ideas coming to life before the enormous crowd. Before he knew it, Drake had been ambushed by the stage hands. They geared him up with a mic and an earpiece. He waited for Nicki's cue word before he stepped onto the stage. The duo's performance was flawless. They harmonized without a hitch, chemistry the obvious factor. When Nicki started singing Super Bass, Drake was watching her from backstage as before. The stage manager then approached him.
"Hey? Drake, after the second verse when she's down stage right, after she goes, "Can't you hear dat? Boom badoom boom, boom badoom boom…" That's your cue. I want you to go on directly after that line. That chair right in the middle is yours." The stage manager pointed it out.
Drake nodded. "Got it."
"Cool." She gave him two thumbs up before turning to walk away.
"Hey, wait!" He called, the manager spun around. "Mind tellin me what this is about?"
"Can't." She smiled and sped off.
"Right…" He said to himself. He watched Nic until his cue came up. The crowd erupted into loud cheering, signaling Nicki to turn around as he walked toward her.

"Wow… I wasn't expecting that." Drake smiled, walking with Nicki back to her dressing room.
She grinned at him. "What? The hug or the dance?" She asked, taking a sip of her Dasani.
"Both!" He answered in excitement, making Nicki giggle. "When you wrapped ya legs around me out there, I swear that crowd was about to get another show of a different nature."
Nicki burst into laughter. "Drake, shut UP!" She managed to say.
He grinned, laughing along with her. "I'm dead serious. And the dance… got damn… I'll tell you more when we get in here." He said as they approached her dressing room.
Nicki placed her hand on the knob, but before turning it, she turned to him. "I want you to wait out here."
"What? Why?" He asked with a furrow in his brow.
"Because. I need to change."
Drake looked at her awaiting a better reason. "And?"
"I already gave you a lapdance. I don't need anyone thinking I gave you more than that."
Two men on stage crew walked by, one patting Drake on the shoulder. "Good job, man. Lucky you."
Drake nodded at them as they continued to walk. "Thanks." He looked back at Nicki.
"Mhm. Yea, just wait out here."
"Alright. It's whatever you say."
Nicki smiled. "Thank you. I won't be long." She slipped into her dressing room closing the door behind her.
Drake found a comfy seat to slouch in nearby and pulled out his phone. He played a few games while he waited. He knew Nicki would take longer than she thought. A few minutes into Temple Run, Drake received a message that made him sit up and check his surroundings. It was a picture from Nicki with a caption that read, "You're not missing anything. ;)" She was clad only in a red thong, her lip bitten, and forearm covering her nipples as her extended arm snapped the photo. A little to the left behind her was a mirror lined with light bulbs so he also received a rear view.
Drake licked his lips, the corner of his mouth turning up, creating a half smile. "Damn, baby. Is all that for me?" He replied.
Nicki: Lol, could be. How bad you want it?
Drizzy: I'm too proud to beg.
Nicki: Oh?
Drizzy: No.
Nicki: Lol, goodbye Aubrey.
Minutes later, Nicki opened her dressing room door and looked across the hall at him. "You ready?" She asked, smiling. She wore sweats and a pair of sneakers.
Drake looked up from his cell. "Yea." He stood up as she closed the door behind her.
The two walked out to the backlot where all the tour buses, vans, and trucks were parked. When they reached Drake's Aston, a group of dancers in the distance walked by waving at Nic. "Great show tonight Nicki!!" One yelled.
Nicki waved back. "Thanks, sweetie!!" She smiled.
Drake unlocked the car doors and pulled the left one in the back open. Nicki watched as he reached in. Her eyes lit up when he pulled out a gigantic pink teddy bear.
"This is for you." He smiled, handing it to her.
"Oh my God, Aubrey! It's so cuuute!!" Nicki took the bear into her arms. "Awww!! Thank you, baby!"
"You're welcome." He laughed. The bear was almost bigger than her. He hadn't expected it to be so large compared to her. "That's not all though." He reached into the backseat again, this time pulling out lots of pink, helium-inflated balloons. A few were heart-shaped with the words "I love you" printed on them. "I thought I'd jus keep it simple."
Nicki gasped at the sight of all the balloons floating in the air. She placed her hand over her mouth in awe then looked back at Drake.
"Wait. Before you say thanks, there's more." He reached into his backseat yet again, pulling out a lush bouquet of red roses.
Speechless, Nicki reached for them, Drake helping her cradle them in her free arm. He then tied the balloons around the teddy's wrist.
"Baby?" She began. "These are beautiful. The bear, the balloons, the everything. I love it all. Thank you so much." Nicki looked around her to see if anyone was approaching. The coast was clear. She raised to her tiptoes and gave Drake a quick peck on the lips before anyone could show up.
"Are we stealing kisses now?" He chuckled, making Nicki blush. Drake then took her by the elbow and lightly pulled her between his car and the tour bus he parked next to. Once they were out of sight, Nicki rose to her tiptoes yet again. She pressed her soft lips against his, this time adding tongue. Drake accepted and returned her friendly gesture. He then raised both his hands to hold either side of her face and kissed her harder. Nicki furrowed her brow as their tongues passionately danced the ballet. She felt an intense sense of urgency overcome her. Thus resulting with a moan escaping her lips. Nicki quickly pulled back like she'd done something wrong. She shyly looked toward the ground with a smile.
"That's a first…" Drake chuckled.
"Well don't laugh. It's been awhile." Nicki pressed her lips together and looked up at him.
"Almost three months now, but I'm not counting." Drake said, scratching the back of his head.
There was a strange moment of silence before Nicki spoke up. "Well I should probably go get on the bus now." Nicki motioned to turn around, but Drake stopped her.
"Wait. I have something else for you."
"What is it?" She asked, a grin gracing her face.
Drake reached in the backseat a final time, pulling out a heart-shaped box of chocolates. "Alright, this is the last thing in here." He smiled.
"Aubrey?" She poked her bottom lip out making a sad, pouty face.
He looked between her and the chocolates. "Is there something wrong with these?"
"I… I can't eat those." She answered harmlessly.
"Diet?" He asked knowingly.
Nicki nodded her head. "Yea…"
"Drake, please. Don't start. I really appreciate everything, I do, but I'm—"
"Just one." He interrupted. "For me?"
Nicki twisted her lips, looking between him & the red box. "Well…" She sighed. "I guess one wouldn't hurt."
Drake smiled, opening the top. He held them out to her for her to see. With hands full, Nicki used her eyes to select the one she wanted.
"Hmm…… I waaant…… that one!"
Drake pointed to a chocolate with a white cream drizzled over the top. "This one?"
"No, the one next to it."
Drake moved his finger accordingly. "This one?"
He lifted the chocolate from its molding and held it up to her lips. Nicki opened her mouth slightly, taking part of the chocolate in with the tip of her tongue. She bit down on it, releasing the carmel filling inside. It began to trickle down her chin.
"Aubrey, geddit!" She lifted her chin a little.
Drake looked around him, trying to think. In his left hand he held the box of chocolates, in his right, the other half of the sticky treat. He looked back at Nicki. "With what?"
"I don't know." She giggled. "Hurry up."
Drake leaned in toward her. He kissed the carmel from the bottom of her chin, using his tongue, then worked his way up.
Nicki stood there giggling with her eyes shut. "That tickles!"
When Drake reached her lips, he kissed them, sucking on her bottom lip until she was carmel free. He then pulled away and looked at her. "You know… you could've just took it in one bite."
Nicki smiled. "I know… But where's the fun in that?" She winked at him and took a few, slow steps backwards. "I should go. The bus driver's not gonna wait for me forever." She turned to leave.
"Wait, why don't you jus stay with me? I hope you didn't expect to come to Toronto and not stay with me." He stated, finishing the other half of her carmel candy.
Nicki turned to him. "But all my stuff's at the hotel."
"Isn't Terrence staying at the same hotel as you? You could ask him to bring you your things?"
"He is, but I don't wanna ask for too much."
"He probably won't mind, Nic. Just ask."
"Hm, maybe you're right. I'll see."
"Great." Drake motioned to open his car door.
"I'll be right back. I'm jus gonna go tell the driver I'm riding with someone else."
"Alright." Drake closed the chocolates and set them upon the roof of his car. "I'll just hold onto all this for you." He reached for her roses and her bear, placing them in the back seat.
"Thanks, babe." Nicki said, jogging away.
"No problem." Drake said to himself, stuffing the balloons into the backseat.
Once Nicki reached the bus she pulled on the door handle. It was unlocked to her surprise. She briefly climbed the steps to find the driver feeding his face.
"Hey Gus?" She called.
The man looked at her, wrapping his half eaten hamburger back up. "Oh hey there pretty lady!" He bellowed in his southern twang. "Hop on up 'ere. We'as waitin for ya." He pulled his truckers cap on and reached for the key in the ignition.
"Oh no, I found another ride. You guys go ahead."
"Another ride? What? You too good for Gus?" He laughed.
Nicki giggled. "Of course not."
"Oh I know. I'm jus messin. You go 'head. Be safe out there ya hear?"
"Got it." She smiled. "Have a goodnight, Gus." Nicki looked toward the back of the tour bus. "Goodnight ladies!"
A chorus of goodnight's echoed from her dancers. Nicki smiled then stepped off of the bus and headed back to Drake. He was standing with his back up against his car helping himself to Nicki's chocolates.
"Heeey?" She let out as she approached him.
Drake looked over at her, hurriedly placing the lid back on. He licked his fingers and finished chewing.
"Give it up. I already caught you."
He chuckled. "I uhh…"
"Mmhm… Did you save me any?"
"Plenty." He opened the lid back up to show her.
Nicki smiled and took another chocolate. "Thanks."
"About that diet…"
"What about it?" She asked, popping the treat into her mouth.
Drake shook his head with a half smile. "Nothin. Nothin at all."
Nicki took another one of the candies and headed to the opposite side of his car. "These are really good." She opened the passenger door and got in.
Once Drake was in his seat, he buckled his seat belt and started the car. Nicki took the box of chocolates from his lap and munched away.
"So," She began. "Where we goin?"
Drake backed out of the parking space and made his way onto the main road. "I thought we'd go see my mom."
Nicki looked at him. "Sandi?? Oh my God! I haven't seen her in forever. How is she?"
"She's great. Couldn't ask for better." He smiled. "She knows you're here by the way."
"Really? Did she ask about me?"
"Did she??" Drake laughed. "I couldn't get her to stop."
"Awww! Well I can't wait to see her. Your mom's amazing." Nicki admitted, eating another chocolate. "Hey… does she know about us?"
"Yea… I uhh… I told her awhile back actually."
"What? It's just my mom. Relax."
"I know, it's not that. It's jus… you could've waited for me. We could've told her together."
"I'm sorry, babe. I couldn't hold it in."
"Yea… I'm not mad."
Drake glanced over at her as she removed another chocolate from its molding. "Can I have one?"
"No." She popped it into her mouth like he'd never asked.
"No?" He dryly chuckled.
"That's what I said."
"You must not know Aubrey Graham."
"Mhm… cuz see, I'll jus slide my fingers right into that lil box of yours and I'll take it."
"This box? Or…… my box?" Nicki asked, looking at him as he stared out onto the dark road.
Drake licked his lips and glanced over at her. "I gotta watch what I say around you, huh?" He grinned.
Nicki giggled, picking up another confection. "I'm jus playin, babe. But I'm sayin… I wouldn't be mad. Shiiid, I'd throw it at you if you really wanted it." She held the candy out to him. "Here."
Drake looked at her as he leaned in to take the treat between his teeth. Nicki watched him as his lips covered the chocolate, her thumb, and index. She adjusted in her seat feeling his warm, wet tongue steal the candy from between her two fingers. Drake slowly sucked the melted chocolate from her digits as she watched him. He then slowly pulled back. "Thank you."
"Yea…" was all Nicki could say.
Drake smiled and looked back out at the road.
Nicki slowly readjusted herself in her seat and closed the box of chocolates…
To Be Continued! Please comment.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Shot: Good Joke Gone Wrong

Hey guys! Forever since I been here right? Yea, yea I know. Well I won't hold you up. The writing explains itself, read on! :p

One month. Twenty four days. And fourteen hours. That's how long it's been since Drake and Nicki have last seen each other. After the night he decided to stay in LA with her, that next morning she received a very important phone call from a very important woman. Britney Spears. Of course it was about her opening on the Femme Fatale tour, which Nicki excitedly accepted Ms. Spears' offer. After many meetings via conference call, everything was all set. Nicki would be rehearsing day after day until the tour was set to begin. With that, Drake started to see less of her. He was more than proud that she was blessed with the opportunity to tour with Britney, but he still missed his girl. Before long, he decided to fly back to Toronto, where he finished the few shows that he had left. His managers weren't so happy about the shows that he missed, but being angry with him wouldn't change anything. Being the man that he is, Drake apologized and took full responsibility for having been absent. No one ever found out Nicki was his reason for not attending those shows. He just wanted to protect her and make sure she was okay. When he felt that she'd be fine without him, he then went back to Toronto, finished the mini tour and scouted a fresh batch of producers to began working on the rest of his sophomore album, Take Care. With both Nicki and Drake busy and running on hectic schedules, the couple didn't speak like they normally would, but they made it work the best way they knew how. Tonight was Nicki's last show and it was in the most fitting city, Toronto. She'd called Drake the night before to see if he was free and he was. Nicki then invited him to the show to see her perform. She was beyond ecstatic to finally see him after such a long time away from him. It was almost showtime and Nicki was in her dressing room sitting in her styling chair, Terrence fixing her hair.

"Is he here yet?" Nicki asked, looking at Terrence through the mirror before her.

"Chile…… he wasn't here since the last fifteen seconds you asked me." He half smiled, shaking his head at how eager she was.

Nicki grinned. She found it hilarious that you guys actually thought I was posting a full chapter. Lmao! April Foooooolsss!!! :D Love you guyses!! ^_^

Btw, this is actually the beginning to my next chapter just in case you wondered if I was still writing. I am.