Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank You @AskTeamMinaj!!! :D

Hey barbz kenz & boyz!! There's this new movement goin down in TM. They've recently featured mi blog on their website and this post is to thank them and promo them! I really wanna thank them 4 doing that! I appreciate them! :) Ok, so here's the deal, ima need u guyz tuh get wit it nd follow @AskTeamMinaj on twitter!/AskTeamMinaj, "like" their FB page!/AskTeamMinaj, aaaand visit their new website Feel free to email them at it's completely anonymous. U can email them your blogs, your questions, if u sing, rap, write poetry, wutever ur talent is, email them nd they'll put it up on their site if and only if they approve of it :) Dn't b shy TM, u kno u want 2. They also give u advice if u need it, help u make life decisions, they r there if u jus need 2 vent, rant or u jus wanna talk. They r here for us TM!! No matter where u live on this thing called earth, if u're TM u're family bcuz we ARE united!! Oh, nd familiarize urself with the creators of AskTeamMinaj, follow them on twitter:

Dn't b left out, u'll regret it if u r. So wut do ya say? Join us!! :p

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