Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Late...

Yo yo yooo!! Wuddup wuddup? I kno i'ma lil late with this, but i jus felt they needed to b put up especially since i spent eternity looking for them! It only makes sense to use them, dn't want'm to go to waste do we? These are pictures of things from previous chapters, just in case u didn't kno wut they looked like; just visuals :) And a few songs i mentioned throughout sum chapters too. Feel free to comment nd let me kno if i left something out. I'll make it my job to put it up. Enjoy!

The stars of this fic!
(Onika Maraj)

(Aubrey Graham)

More Stars!
Mama Carol

Papa Robert

(Sorry guyz, this is the best pic i could find)

(aka Taylor... yea i 4got his name, lol. & yes, he is Latino)

Nicki's homies!
Safaree Samuels
(BC-1 aka SB or Faree aka Nick's rite hand manz)
(aka Candi aka @Candi_2)


(aka @YoungVak aka BC-2)

(aka @IntlRex aka BC-3)

Dominic Colon
Thembi Banks
(aka Bhembi)
Tyesha Kollore

Drake's backstabber... -_-
Forty or 40
(Noah Shebib)

The Studio's:
The Studio at The Alden Hotel
(Drake sat in the swivel on the rite.
Pretend there's a couch behind these chair's where
Nicki wuz lounging and 40 wuz in the swivel on the left.)

The same studio, different angle...

The studio at the first hotel... The hotel in chapter 2 i believe...
The studio where Rihanna showed up? Yea, that one.

More Pics!
The living room in Drake's Alden Hotel suite where he kicked Nic out.
The hotel bed Nic & Drake shared at the Alden Hotel.
(Imagine the bathroom is off 2 the left and that living
room in the pic up above is off thru sum French doors 2 ur rite.)

Drake's Aston Martin
The guest bedroom at Mama Carol's house that Nicki sleeps in.
The door is on the right and the bathroom
is behind that white, Lazy Boy chair

The YSL heels to go with that red dress on the left.
 Nicki's gear...
The dress Nic wore to the YMCMB tour bus get together.
(chapter 2)

The YSL clutch to match the above outfit.
Mi horrible attempt to put Nic in that outfit... I suck at editing, lmao.

The baggy tee shirt Drake dressed Nic in.
Yes, it is long enough to pass her butt.
(chapter 2)
The Victoria's Secret panties Drake pulled off of Nic.
The one's she found stuck in the couch the next morning?
Yea, those... ;)
(chapter 2&3)
Nicki's fuzzy, pink slippers! :D

The sweats Nicki wore to go apologize to Drake.
(chapter 5)

Nic's beddy bye pajama shorts and top.
(chapter 7)

This edit actually turned out ok... sorta..
But yea, this is the outfit Nic wore to the studio.
Of course the shirt wuzn't tucked in, but i had to let you guyz c the shorts so yea.
(chapter 8, part 1&2)

Drake's attire:

The tux he wore to their dinner, minus the hat.
(chapter 11)

These shoes, those khaki cargos and that OVO shirt as one.
(chapter 5)

What Drake answered the door in when Nic
came to tell him how she really felt.
(chapter 6)

Drake and Nicki:

What they wore at the Houston show.
(chapter 1)

(aka Baby)
Gudda Gudda
(aka Nicki's twin :p)

WEEEEZYYY!!!! XD He looked cute in this pic! Lol

(aka SnL)


Jae Millz

Lil' Chuckee [left] & Lil' Twist [right]
(They weren't mentioned, but they are
apart of the gang so i couldn't leave'm hangin)


Mack Mizzle!!
 [Mack Maine]

Nicki's Crew:

Eleanor & Oscar

Day Hill.
(Make Up)

Terreeeence!! :D Davidson.

Diamond Kuts.

James.... Dick. James. ;)
(Interactive prop)

Bedrock (YMCMB). Chapter 1.

HoustAtlantaVegas (Drake). Chapter 5.

Another You (John Mayer). Chapter 10, part 2.

I Wanna Make Love to You (K-Ci & Jojo). Chapter 11.

Please let me kno if you guyz actually saw all of this! I worked mi booty off!! Lmao! Oh, nd dn't 4get 2 tell me if i 4got anything. Posting 12 in a few. :)


  1. you do NOT know what my body just did! Nicki , Drake , 40 , Tyga and Wayne look SEXY AF!! OMG.

    Yo Dj Diamond is so freaking cute!!! awww [:

    The rest are so sweet <3.

    LOLL at how you put those outfits on Nicki! Currently #Winning.

    shout out to those songs though!!!! > > > > >.

  2. Wayne looked sexy and so did Nicki i had to save the pics of her she looked real sexy!!! Thnx for the visuals!!! Next chapter plzzzzzz!!!!!