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Can't Let Go {Part 2/2}

You guyz kno i MUST love you to b posting 2 nite's in a row rite? Lol, when i say this part is long. I mean it, it's made for those who really enjoy reading. So if u get tired after 5 minutes, i'm warning u, turn bak NOW! Hahahaa, nd u guyz will find out wut happened between SB nd HB, jus not here. I have a special post thingy 4 that ;) Anywayz, enjoy this mi liddle dumplings! :p
OH!! Here's the song ~>

Chapter 10: {Part 2/2}

        Nicki walked up to Candace and hesitantly took the phone.
"Yea... what do you want?"
"I called to apologize. I only have ten minutes on here so will you please listen to me?"
"Listen to you?! Why should I? Don't you think you're asking for a bit much Mr. Grahm? You damn sure as hell didn't listen to me! And why the fuck are you in jail?!"
"Look Nick, please..." He begged. "I'm sorry, I jus need you to hear me out, please?"
        Nicki really didn't want to hear his bullshit, but she did want to know why he was in jail so she listened. Candi stood there confused, she didn't know that Drake and Nicki were a couple. Safaree was the only one at the party that knew about them. Candace sat down at the island (nosey friend syndrome). Nicki watched her, but she didn't mind it.
"Go on..." She huffed, rolling her eyes.
"I'm in here cuz me and Forty got into a fight at the bar..."
"A fight?! You?! And Forty?! Wait, wait, wait... you mean to tell me that you and the dumb fuck you believed over ME got into a fight?! What the fuck for?!"
"Well, I heard the conversation you guys had in the studio the other night..."
"Heard it?"
"Yes, some how it got recorded and when I went down there in the studio looking for my wallet, I accidently pressed some button and heard the whole thing... Look Nick, I'm sorry I didn't believe you at first, it's jus... it's jus..."
"What? You needed proof?! That's not fair Drake. You think I'd actually lie to you? Why do I need to do that?"
"No Onika. Listen, it's jus me and Forty--"
"Don't say his name."
"Me and "him" have been cool so long, I didn't notice he was jus usin' me. I was blind to the fact that I knew him for so long, that... that I didn't wanna believe he'd do that to me or say those disrespectful things to you. I mean jus imagine if you were in my position? And that was Safaree instead of him?"
        Nicki took a minute to think. What Drake was saying started to make sense. She started to feel like everything was cool, but she couldn't let go that easily.
"But that's no excuse Drake! The fact that you think... you think I'd sit there and make up shit like that?! You obviously have trust issues."
"Baby listen, I--"
"NO! Don't baby listen me! Fuck you Drake! I hope you and ya right hand have a ton of fun in there!"
        Nicki hung up the phone and looked at Candace, who was staring at her like what the fuck.

[On Drake's End]

        After Nicki hung up, Drake stood there at the pay phone in his cell block hall. There were about eleven or twelve men standing in line behind him.
"Hey fresh meat?!!! Other people are waiting to use the fucking phone!" Some heavy set, tall dude yelled in a raspy voice.
"Hurry the fuck up!" yelled another, with a Hispanic accent.
        Drake looked back at the line and held his middle finger up high without saying a word. The correctional officer stepped to him and told him his time was up. Drake hung up the pay phone and another guard escorted him back to his cell. Some dude in line blew a kiss at him, Drake mugged him.
"The fuck?" He said and kept walking. While in his cell, Drake felt horrible. He lay on the top bunk staring at the ceiling. He wanted Nicki back so bad it hurt. He felt his heart crushing under pressure. Drake knew he was an ass for kicking Nicki out of his hotel room and not believing her. He regretted ever doing that. Drake would give anything to have her back. John Mayer's "Dreaming With A Broken Heart" magically started playing in the background ;D (LISTEN TO THIS SONG PLEASE! It fits here.)

[Back To Nicki]

"What the hell was that?" Candi asked.
"No, Onika. What was that?"
        Nicki looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was in the kitchen, but her and Candace then she walked over to her. They spoke in hushed tones.
"Don't you dare tell anyone!"
"And I'd do that becaaauuse?"
"I know you wouldn't. Here's the deal...... Me and Drake...... we......" Nicki started to fiddle with her fingers.
"You're fucking him?!" Candi asked with bold eyes.
"No! We haven't done it yet."
"Yet?! What the hell? You guys are like...... dating???"
"Well..... yea.... he's my boyfriend..... but he fucked up so right now I don't even want to see his face." Candi's jaw dropped.
"Onika Tanya Maraj! I am your best friend and you didn't tell me this sooner? How long?"
"Three months, two weeks and two days..." Nicki said under her breath, looking down. Candi started to smile wide.
"You want him back." She bluntly stated.
"No. I don't"
"Yes. You do"
"No Candace, I really don't."
"Onika listen to me, you know the exact amount of time you guys have been together. Who the hell keeps track? Especially of the weeks and don't get me started on the days. Open ya eyes girl. you want him."
        Nicki rolled her eyes and poked out her bottom lip. Candi was right and Nicki knew it.
"But Candiii" She whined. "He fucked up. I can't let him off that easily. He has to pay for what he did."
"Look, I don't care what he did. As long as he ain't cheat on you, you two should be able to put whatever it is behind you and move on. You know you want to."
"I can't..."
        Nicki turned around and walked back into the living room, Candi on her heels. She walked over to the stereo and cut it off. Everybody looked her way, her way (haha!).
"Hey everyone. I'm about to leave, it's getting kind of late and I want to get home before the roads get too slick."
"Awww, don't leave!" Dominic pleaded.
Nicki smiled, "I'll be back soon you guys."
        They said their goodbye's and Nicki rushed to her car trying to avoid the drizzling rain. It was dark out and the rain started to pour down. Nicki was almost home when her car stalled on an empty road. No lights, just trees.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" Nicki tried to push the button for the ignition a couple times, but nothing happened because it was jammed.
"Stupid ass car." She called Safaree to send her a tow truck and pick her up. Two hours passed and still no Safaree or tow.
"Where the fuck is he?" She turned on the radio and John Mayer's "Dreaming With A Broken Heart" started playing. (Wierd huh? ;) ) Nicki turned the station. John Mayer's "I'm Gonna Find Another You" started playing.
"What the fuck is this? John Mayer day?" Nicki asked herself, looking at the radio.

~ It's really over... You made your stand...
You got me cryin'... As was your plan...
But when my loneliness is through...
 I'm gonna find, another you... ~

        She turned it again and Cascada's "Everytime We Touch" echoed thru the Mercedes. Nicki huffed then turned the song up.

        Nicki rested her head on the steering wheel. The song was pulling at her heartstrings. She listened to the words as the heavy rain pitter patted on the car windows. Nicki started to think of Drake. No matter how bad she wanted to just forget about him, she couldn't. Waht Candace told her was true. Nicki still wanted him.
        Just then, a man's hand landed on her window and made Nicki jump. She saw stuff like this on Forensic Files. It scared her shitless! She grabbed her phone and frantically started dialing somebody, anybody. The man was wearing a black hoodie, with the hood pulled over his face. He knocked on the window. Nicki crawled into the passenger seat backwards.
"What the fuck do you want?! Please jus leave me the hell alone and nobody gets hurt!!! I'm calling the cops!!" She screamed. The man reached for the handle and pulled the door open. Nicki's eyes grew wide. She thought she had locked the doors (stupid car). Nicki screamed and started kicking her legs at him like Big Dawg.
"Get the FUCK outta my car!" Nicki repeatedly punched him in his dome and pushed him out. She slammed the door closed and locked it. Her heart was racing, beating as fast as ever and she was shaking. The dude removed his hood. It was Drake...

[On Drake's End]

"Hey pretty boy?!" Drake sat up in his bunk. "You're free to go! The hotel said they're not gonna press charges as long as you pay for what you destroyed." The guard said, opening the cell bars. Drake jumped down and followed him out. They both walked to a small room and the guard handed him a bag of soggy clothing.
"What the hell boy? Take a bath in beer?" He asked in a Southern accent. Drake smirked and took the bag. He had nothing else to wear so he had no choice, but to put the damp clothes on (Ew!). After Drake got dressed, he walked out of the jail house a free man. He took a cab back to the Alden hotel. While in his suite, he showered, changed clothes and packed his things. An idea skidded across his mind. He knew he needed to see Nicki so they could talk face to face so he decided to take a flight to NY. When he got there, he called Safaree to see if Nick was around. Safaree told him that her car stalled in the middle of no where. SB picked Drake up from the airport and they drove to Candi's house. Everyone was gone already so it was only Candi and Safaree there. SB asked Drake if he wanted a ride. he said no and decided to walk. It was a bop. Drake was soaking wet in the rain. He figured he wouldn't find her until he saw her car in the middle of the road up ahead. He ran to her car, but couldn't see inside so he knocked on the window, assuming she'd roll it down. That didn't happen. Being the big bold dummy that he is, Drake opened the door (dumb ass). He was greeted by flying feet and fists. He backed out of the car. After Nicki shut the door, he removed his hood.

[Back To Narrator]

"Drake?! How the hell?! What is he...?! Why?!"
        Nicki didn't know what she was trying to say. She was scared as hell and angry. She kneeled in the driver's seat and rolled the window down.
"Now wasn't that stupid?!"
"Yea, that was stupid..."
"YES! So fucking stupid!"
"Sorry, I don't know what that was..."
"STUPID! Ugh! Drake, I hate you! Why the fuck are you here?!" Nicki spat those words like venom. "How'd you find me?!"
"Safaree told me where you were." He said trying to catch his breath. "I need to talk to you."
"Ooo, I'ma whip his ass!" She mumbled.
"It's not his fault." Nicki started to roll up the window. "Aye! Don't do this to me Nicki. I walked all the way here from Candi's house to get you. Thas like a thirty minute hike. I'm wet and my legs are going numb. *pauz* Please talk to me?" Nicki rolled the window back down.
"GOOD! I don't care if you walked all the way from Africa!"
"Nicki? Don't be like this."
"Like what? Upset? Mad? Angry? How am I supposed to feel Aubrey? Happy?! Well I'm not!"
"I'm not tellin' you how to feel Nicki. I'm jus askin' for you not to ignore me, please?"
        Nicki fully sat in the driver's seat and looked thru the windsheild out at the road ahead of her with her arms folded.
"Nicki?" She turned to look at him.
"Why are you pushing me away?" He asked softly.
"I'm no-- well..... because...."
"Because what?"
" don't trust me Drake...." She replied in a low voice, turning the radio down. "And what's a relationship without trust?" Drake didn't answer.
"See?" She said, looking at him.
"Nicki listen, it's not you. I have things I need to work out with myself."
"Well until you do that, we shouldn't be together..."
"Nicki no, please, please don't do this to me. I need you."
"You need me?"
"Yes, baby. I need you. You're the reason I'm able to stay afloat. The reason I wake up in the morning. I'm only able to live because of you. You make me happy. I can't go one day without you on my mind. I'd do anything for you. Anything. Nicki, I don't know what it is about you, but you got me. I'm drawn to you and only you. You're so sweet and.... fiesty, but I like it. And what gets me the most is that you're an independent woman. You don't need a man to complete you, and that's attractive to me. I could talk to you for hours and not get bored. I love looking into your eyes. They speak to me without you having to say anything. I want to be there for you when you need me the most. Yea, I know I fucked up so it may be hard for you to ever trust me again, but I'm being honest. You're the one for me. I jus can't let go. Onika....... I... I love you..."
        With those words, Nicki felt like she just had the wind knocked out of her, she looked him in the eyes. She could see everything he felt. He wasn't lying. Drake meant every word he said and she could feel it. Nicki opened the car door and slowly stepped out of the car. It was still raining, hard.
"You... you love me?" She asked in shock. Drake stepped close to her and grabbed her by waist.
"Yes.... you don't have to say it back, but that's how I feel. I don't want you to leave me Nicki. Please jus stay with me? I can't let you go..."
        Drake dropped to his knees and hugged her around her waist. His head on her stomach. Nicki looked down at him. Her jaw dropped. She couldn't believe he felt this way. No man had ever gotten this emotional over her. Nicki placed her hands around his head and held him.
"I'm sorry I acted like an asshole..." Drake said. Nicki could hear his voice shaking. He was crying. Drake was as vulnerable as he could ever be. He poured his heart out to Nicki. He loved her and he didn't care if she said it back, he just didn't want her to leave. Nicki couldn't believe she had this grown man sobbing at her waist.
"Oh my God Drake!" She said, bursting into tears. "Baby, please stand up." She helped him stand as the rain poured down on them. Nicki's mascara was running because of the rain and her tears. They looked into each other's eyes.
"I'm sorry Aubrey, I'm not even gonna lie. I've been foolin myself, I missed you so much. I jus didn't want to give in so easily. I didn't want you to think it'd be that easy for me to forgive you." She said sobbing thru her words and touching his wet face.
"I don't think you're easy Onika. I never thought that. Never will think that. Will you stay with me? Please?"
"Yes, of course baby." She hugged him with tears in her eyes. After they hugged, Drake placed his hand under her chin and lifted her head up, kissing her on the forehead.
"Don't be shy Aubrey."
       Nicki grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips. He held her by her waist and pressed his body up against hers, making Nicki lean back on the car. They kissed for what seemed like a lifetime, tongue and everything. Neither one of them wanted to pull away. Nicki sucked on his bottom lip then stopped to look at him. He smiled then stepped back. Nicki moved off the car then Drake opened the door for her. She got in, he closed it, then went over to sit in the passenger's seat.
"Now what?" Nicki asked, looking at him.
"Well, you can start by pressing that button."
"Oh, it doesn't work... which is why I'm stranded here."
"Do you know what this is?" He asked, pointing to an orange light with a switch. Nicki looked at it.
"I don't know." Drake flipped the switch then pushed the button to the ignition. The engine reved.
"How the hell did you do that?!" Nicki asked in surprise.
"You must've locked the push to start button by accident." He said confidently.
"But how'd you know?"
"I have one of these." He said, smiling. Nicki grinned back at him.
"I hate you Drake." She said laughing. "Where you goin?"
        Drake told her he had an apartment in Manhattan so she drove him home then headed back to Mama Carol's house.

Can't Let Go {Part 1/2}

Hey barbz kenz nd boyz!! I kno it's been a hot minute since i posted nd i do apologize. It's jus im not on any kinda schedule, i post when i plz :) This is a two-parter cuz i didn't want it 2 b too long. I hope u enjoy this chapter... Oh, nd btw, it's titled after thee Anthony Hamilton song, "Can't Let Go" u should give it a listen. I'll post the song on pt 2 tho, cuz it doesn't really fit in the beginning. Anyway enough blibber blab. Here you go!!

Chapter 10:

        When Nicki arrived at Candi's house, she saw a few cars parked on the curb. Not what she expected. She also saw balloon's tied to the mailbox and silver and metallic pink confetti sprinkled on the walkway leading up to Candi's front door. Nicki started to smile a little.
"I know for a fact this isn't no damn baby shower... Candace isn't even pregnant..."
       She said to herself while pulling into her driveway. Nicki cut the ignition then quickly looked back up with a quizzical look on her face.
"...or is she??"
        Nicki shook it off and got out of the car. She stood there for a sec making sure she looked good. Checking her shoes for scuffs by turning the heel of her foot out a bit. Checking her shirt for wrinkles by smoothing it out a little. And tugging at her jacket to make sure everything was on point.

        Nicki walked up to the front door and before she could knock, it flew open.
"Oh my God Candi! Look at you!"
        The two girls hugged and Candace let her inside.
"Nooo, look at you girl!"
        Candi said, looking down at Nick's feet.
"I love those shoes! You should let me hold those."
"If you can fit them, they're a size five."
"Oh yes girl, please! Hand them over now."
        They both laughed and Nicki looked around Candi's house in amazement.
"Wow Can, this is beautiful! I love the decor."
        Nicki said taking off her jacket. Candi took it and hung it up on the coat rack.
"Come, come."
        She said grabbing Nicki by the wrist, breaking her out of her trance.
"I have a surprise for you."
"Speaking of surprises, what's with all the balloon's and confetti out front?"
        Candi looked back at Nicki with a smile and kept walking. She pulled her into the living room. There was pink EVERYWHERE! Pink balloons! Pink streamers! Pink bean bags! A huge pink table full of snacks in pink bowls, on pink plates and platters! A pink punch bowl surrounded by pink cups. Even the lightbulbs were pink, making the room glo with pink rays!

"Pump it UP!!"
        Candace randomly yelled.
        Nicki quickly asked, looking at her confused, but happy.
        People popped up like pimples! Nicki was in shock. Her eyes got wide and her jaw dropped as she looked from face to face.
"Oh my God?! Candi?! How?!?!"
        Everyone ran up to Nicki to hug her.
"What up Bonika? I missed you girl!"
        Thembi said, hugging her. Nicki laughed.
"Wow! This is all too real right now! I missed you too Thembi!"
"Oh my God! Tyesha?! How've you been babe?!" Nicki asked, hugging her.
"Hanging in there!"
"What up Nick? Ain't seen you in a minute." Vincent (aka YoungVak) said, hugging her tightly.
"Whoa! I see somebody's been working out huh?" Nicki asked, laughing.
"Hey lil mama. I see you doin big things!" Rex said.
"Haha, you know how I do."
"Now Onika, I see you showed up empty handed. Where my cheddar biscuits at?"
        Nicki burst into laughter.
"Shut UP Dominic! Hug me!"
        Dominic laughed and put his arms around her. He hugged her tight, picking her up a few feet off the ground. Safaree stepped up to Nicki and sarcastically said,
"Oh my God! It's been ages!"
        Nicki played along.
"I know right?! I haven't seen you in a minute!" The two bust out laughing and then they hugged.
"Thank you all for being here! I can't believe this!"
        Lauren ran over to Nicki from behind, she had just came out of the bathroom.
"Nicki!" Nicki turned around to see Lauren jogging toward her.
"Aaaahh! Lauren!!"
        The two ladies hugged. The mood in the room was bright. Not just because of all the pink, but because of all the smiling faces. Nicki began to fan herself with both hands. She could feel the tears coming.
"Aww Nicki don't cry." said Candace.
        But it was too late, Nicki's eyes were already watering.
"I can't help it Can... I jus... I jus..."
        Nicki couldn't speak, she put her hand up to her mouth and closed her eyes. Nicki shook her head and opened them again.
"I'm jus so happy." She breathed as tears rolled over her cheeks. Everyone aw'ed and Nicki wiped her tears away with a smile. Candi hugged her and pulled her over to the snack table. Safaree turned on the stereo and the party began. Nicki caught up with her friends and they all shared stories from their childhood. Hours passed by as they were busy laughing, joking around and having a grand time. Lauren, Vincent, Thembi and Dominic had a bit much to drink and they were TIP-SY! Nicki didn't have anything alcoholic to drink, she knew better after what happened last time.
        Candi was over by the snack table, Dominic, Tyesha and Lauren were standing in front of the plasma, flatscreen tv that hung on the wall, Vincent, Rex and Thembi were sitting on the pink bean bags over in the corner of the room having a friendly debate over something silly, and Safaree and Nicki were conversing in front of the stereo.
"Damn, I'm so glad to see that!" A drunk Vincent yelled across the room. Everybody looked at him then toward the direction he was looking in.... Nick and Safaree. The two both looked at each other in puzzlement and then at the tipsy Vak.
"What?" Nicki asked.
"You guys!" He said pointing at her and SB. "I'm glad to see you guys talking!"
"Umm... Ok? What tip guy?" Safaree said, taking a sip from his styrofoam cup.
"No no nooo!" Vincent bellowed. "Cuz... cuz... I remember dat one time when we was kids when ya'll ain't talk for like two months... TWO MONTHS!!" He said, holding up three fingers. "And now... now *sips drink* ya'll all buddy, buddy. It's good to see." Vincent, with lazy eyes, looked at Candi for a comment. She looked at Tyesha, who looked at Dominic, who then looked at Thembi who looked at Nicki. Safaree and Nicki looked at each other remembering exactly what Vincent was talking about. SB huffed with his eyes closed and Nicki bit her lip and looked down into her cup. The whole room went silent (sort of like when everyone know's something, but nobody wants to speak up about it? Yea, that awkward silence.) Nicki looked up at everyone then she turned and speed walked into Candace's kitchen. Candi and Tyesha followed her. Nicki slammed her cup down on the counter and sat on a stool, placing her head in her hands.
Nicki's sitting on the left stool, Candi on the right, Tyesha standing on Nick's left.
(Their backs facing us of course.)

        Tyesha rushed over to her, sitting her cup next to Nicki's.
"You ok baby?" Tyesha asked, rubbing Nicki's back. Candace sat on the stool next to Nicki and waited for her to answer. This was expected. Not Nicki's reaction to Vak's comment, but who ran to her to comfort her. When the girls were teens, Nicki always went to Tyesha and Candi for help and advice. They always seemed to have the right answers. Tyesha was only two years older than Nicki and Candace, but she was still more experienced. Tyesha was Candi's cousin. She didn't live close to them, but she always seemed to be there, at Candi's house. Almost like that boy Roger from "Sister Sister" except people actually wanted her around.
"Nicki?" Candi asked.
"I thought we moved passed this?"
"Sweety, he's just drunk. I'm sure he didn't mean to--"
"I know Ty..." Nicki cut her off, looking up at her. "I jus can't believe he brought it up."
"That was years ago Nick. You gotta learn to let go babe."
"I did! Well... at least I thought I did... *sighs* but it still hurts... Ugh! I feel so embarassed." Nicki said, putting her head down on the counter.
"Well tell me... what exactly are you upset about? The fact that you didn't talk for two months? Cuz if so, that's not important. You guys are cool now."
"No Ty, it's not that... It's what happened before that... the thing that actually made me stop talking to Safaree."
Tyesha and Candace looked at each other. Nicki lifted her head up.
"I wish I could go back in time and change everything." Nicki said, taking out her blackberry to look at the time, 9:41pm.
"What's done is done. You can't dwell on the past Onika. Just focus on the future, that's what's important."
"Yea, spending time crying over spilled milk isn't gonna change anything. It's jus gonna stress you out. You gotta move on babe."
Nicki half smiled and looked at them.
"You guys are right. Thank you girls. You always know exactly what to say. To be honest... it's still awkward, but I feel much better." She chuckled.
"Any time."
The three group hugged and Nicki stood up.
"Candi? Where is your bathroom? I have to go."
Candace showed her to the bathroom.
"Hold my phone for me, jus answer it if it rings."
"Will do."
        Candace and Tyesha walked back into the living room. The mood had lightened up.
"She ok?" Thembi asked.
"Yea, she's good." Answered Candi. Just then, Nicki's phone started going off. Candi answered it.
" have a collect call from *Drake's voice* 'Aubrey Grahm' "
Candi took the phone away from her ear and looked at it in shock.
"Press 1 to accept."
Candi wasn't sure what to do. She was surprised Nicki had some dude calling her from prison, but she answered it anyway.
"No, this is Candace... who is this?"
"This is Drake... is Nicki around?"
Candace's eyes got wide as she realized who she was talking to.
"Drake?!" She shouted in a low whisper so nobody heard her over the music. Candi rushed into the kitchen and waited for Nicki. When she came out of the bathroom, she saw Candace bouncing up and down like a maniac.
"You ok Candi?" Nicki asked, drying her hands. Candace ran up to her and whispered.
"Why the hell is Drake calling you?!" Nicki rolled her eyes.
"Why'd you answer?"
"You told me to!"
"Hang up on him." She said walking past Candace.
"He's in jail!" Nicki stopped in her tracks and turned around. She could feel her heart drop into her stomach.
"He's locked up fool! Wait... why the hell is he wastin his one phone call on you?! Shouldn't he be callin his momma?? What the hell happened?"
Nicki looked at Candi with a worried look on her face and slowly uttered,
"I... I don't know..."

Hahahaa! That's all for now! X) I'll post part 2 whenever. *Martha voice* Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee leave ur comments!! Thanks 4 reading, tootle loo! :p

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Home Sweet Home

Not much to say here barbz/kenz/boyz.... Um, this chapter iiiiissssss... Well u'll find out by reading it, lol. Dn't 4get to comment guyz!! Love you #TeamMinaj <3

Chapter 9:

        When Nicki arrived at JFK, the first thing she did was call Candi.
*ring ring ring... ring ring ring*
"Hey Nika!"
"Hey babe, I'm here."
"Aahh! Do you need me to come get you?"
"No, I have a rental... Hey Can?"
"I'll meet up with you guys later, I'm gonna go see my mom first."
"Ok cool, call me when you can."
"K babe, bye."
        Nicki hung up the phone and quickly walked through the airport. There weren't many people there so this time no one spotted her. Nicki's rental was already waiting for her in the parking lot. She picked up her luggage from baggage claim and walked out. Waiting for her in the parking lot was a shiny, black Mercedes Benz, hard top convertible with chrome rims and blacked-out, tinted windows.

Jus pretend the windows r tinted black.
      This SLK350 Mercedes Benz Sports car was perfect for anyone who didn't want to be noticed. Especially with the tinted windows, you'd never know who was inside. Nicki quickly hopped in and drove to Mama Carol's house. She didn't need any keys; this Benz was push to start. ;)

        When Nick arrived, she cut the ignition and stared at the beautiful house that she had purchased for her mom, both of her hands were on the steering wheel. She took a deep breath after about two minutes and unbuckled her seat belt. Nicki was excited, but nervous at the same time. She hadn't spoken to her mom in almost a week so she wasn't sure how Mama Carol would react with her showing up unannounced. But Nicki didn't think too much about it, she knew in the end her mom would be happy she came to visit. Nicki stepped out of the Mercedes with the cheesiest Kool-Aid smile. She felt like a kid again. She raced up the walk way and knocked on the door. Excited, Nicki was bouncing a little like she was having a sugar rush. Eyes wide, Nicki rang the doorbell then knocked on the door again.
"I said I'm coming! Wait a minute! *opens door* ONIKA?!*" Mama Carol said, holding her hands to her mouth in awe. Nicki grinned ear to ear and held out her arms.
"Mommy!! I missed you!"
Mama Carol began to tear up.
"Oh mommy please? Please don't cry. You’re gonna make meee." Nicki whined. She smiled and squeezed her mother into the tightest hug ever.
"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Mama Carol asked happily. "You could call your mother more often Onika." She said, playfully hitting her on the arm with an oven mit.
"Aw, I know ma. I'm sorry, I jus really wanted to surprise you!" Nicki said, letting go of her mom. She stepped aside and shut the door behind her. Nicki was so excited she was finally home that she had forgotten all about Drake and his drama. There wasn't one single thought about him in her mind.
"Where's Ci?!" Nicki asked.
Maciah came running down the stairs with a wireless Xbox joystick in his hand.
"Nickiii!" He yelled out of excitement.
"Maciah! Come here my liddle Lamb Chop! I've missed you!"
Maciah ran over to Nicki and she bear-hugged him for at least three minutes.
"I can't breath..."
Nicki laughed and let him go.
"I'm sorry Ci, I just couldn't help myself."
   A little boy, about half the size of Nicki, came running down the steps in his socks with Xbox controller in hand. He looked about only a few years younger than Maciah.
"Maciah! Hurry up! I'm beating your—“
        The little boy stopped in midsentence as he saw Nicki standing at the door. They all looked over to him.
"High... score?"
        His jaw dropped and he froze in place.
"Who's that Ciah?"
"Oh, that's just my friend."
        The little boy ran over to Maciah and looked at Nicki.
      He said, looking her from bottom to top, almost like in a movie when the beautiful girl shows up to the party.
"Maciah? Do you know Nicki Minaj is standing in your house? On your carpet?" He asked, leaning over to whisper it in his ear while still looking at Nicki.
"Yea... she's my sister."
        The little boy’s eyes grew wider with each word Maciah had just spoken. He slowly turned his head toward him and gave him the shocked face.
"Your sister?!?! You didn't tell me Nicki Minaj was your sister!!"
        The little boy looked back at Nicki and shyly waved at her, she smiled and waved back.
"Well that's cuz she's just my sister."
"And what's that supposed to mean?" Nicki asked, placing her hand on her hip. Maciah shrugged and Nicki looked at the little boy. She put her hands on her knees and bent down to the little boys level.
"What's your name?"
"Uhh... Tuh... um..... *gulps* Taylor... Muh, m my name's Taylor."
"Aww, how cute? Nice to meet you Taylor." She said, quickly swiping the tip of her index finger across his chest as if she were removing something from his shirt.
"Well... I'm glad you're here Onika, now may I please have my friend back? We have a game to finish."
        Mama Carol smiled and Nicki giggled.
"Ciah? Why do you have to be so rude to me?"
"I'm not, I jus...."
"Go ahead boy." Nicki said with a laugh. Maciah and Taylor darted up the steps, back to his room.
"Aw, where'd he come from?"
"He moved in next door a few months back." Answered Mama Carol. They both walked into the kitchen. Nicki sat in a chair at the island, in the middle of the kitchen and Mama Carol walked back over to the stove.

Nicki's sitting in the chair to the far left.

  "You know Onika? Those two sorta remind me of you and Safaree. They are always hanging out, practically attached at the hip. Inseparable those boys."
        Nicki smiled and sniffed the air.
"Mmm, smells god. What are you cooking?"
"*stirs pot* Ooh, just some roti. If I knew you were coming, I would've made your favorite. I know how you like boneless stew chicken." Mama Carol smiled.
"Oh trust me ma, you'll have time." Nicki laughed. Then her phone started going off.
"Who's that?"
"Lauren... I promised I'd go see them today."
        Nicki looked at the clock; it was 5:07pm.
"Ok, dinner should be ready before you get back... you are coming back rite?" She asked, side eying Nicki.
"Of course ma!" She said standing up. "I'll call you." She kissed her mom on the cheek and walked towards the front door.
"Be careful out there Onika! Those roads are slippery!"
        Nicki side eyed her mom with a chuckle and opened the door.
"Ok ma..."