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Chap. 14: Ex-Factor (Part1/2)

Hey guyz. This starts off from where the Sneak Peek ends so if u havent read that, go read that!! Btw, I'm posting from mi iPod so no fancy colors :( U still should b able 2 follow who says what tho. Hope you like...

Chapter 14:

Drake opened his door and slammed it behind him. Wayne stood there rocking on the heels of his shoes with his hands in his pockets; he looked like a big kid. A few seconds later, the door opened again.

"Sorry Wayne. Did you wanna come in?"

Wayne stepped forward then quickly turned around facing Alicia. Without saying anything, he reached deep into his left pocket and pulled out a five. He slapped the bill in her hand and said, "The bus stop is that way." as he pointed her in the direction. He patted her on the shoulder and turned around pulling up his pants then went inside, leaving Alicia standing there dumbfounded.
While inside, Drake headed to his kitchen with Wayne on his heels.

"Aye man? What the fuck was that all about?"

"I can't tell you right now..."

"Well shit, can I guess? Haha" He said pulling out a seat at the kitchen table. Drake was searching for something in his fridge.

"Be my guest..."

"Well I think-"

"Scratch that. Don't guess."

"Look nigga, whether I say it out loud or not, I know what the fuck's goin on."
Drake side eyed him and took a sip of his canned Coca Cola.

"Is that so?"

"Most definitely. I've had time to think about it on the way over. Now here's what I think... I think, you fuckin Nic."
Drake put the can back in the fridge and closed it, then turned to face Wayne.

"Here's how I came to that conclusion. One, when she called ya phone earlier, she was beyooond horny. You musta put it on her cuz shorty was cravin her some Drizzy. Talkin bout some, hey baby? You alone? Hahaha! Then started talkin bout some phone sex. Ch... I admit... Had me a lil turned on..."

Wayne mumbled that last part under his breath while adverting his vision.
Drake squinted at him and frowned a little, but continued to listen, arms folded.

"Two, Nic was hella pissed when she found out little miss Asian persuasion was over here." Wayne paused for a second.

"And three?"

"Oh naw, thas it." He said shaking his head.

"You fuckin Nic." Drake sighed and headed to his balcony.

"So am I right?!"

"I told ya short ass I couldn't tell you." Drake said, walking away. Wayne got up and followed him.

"Y'all gon tell me sooner or later..."

"Keep thinkin that..."

While on the balcony, Wayne and Drake talked for a minute about everything except Nicki. It was getting close to 3:30am so Wayne decided to leave.

"Ard man, I'll see you at the studio tomorrow." They dapped up and Drake shut his front door behind Wayne. He walked to his room, took a shower and then decided to call Nic. He dialed and dialed, but she didn't pick up. Drake knew she wasn't asleep because she never went to bed angry. He tried and tried again and again until finally he heard her voice.

"What?! Don't you get it?! If I didn't answer the third, fourth, or twentieth time you called, what makes you think I wanna talk to you?!"

"Onika, I know you're mad, but you're getting yourself worked up for no reason. Nothing happened with me and Alicia, and nothing will happen."

".......are you sure?"

"Am I sure? Onika, listen to yourself. You're being a bit ridiculous. Do you really think I would sleep with her? Honestly, ask yourself that question."

"Well...... No Drake, I don't...."


"I only said that because.... because I was mad... I didn't know what else to say. I know you'd never do that to me..."

"Ha, okaaay? So, are we good?"

"Not quite..."


"I still wanna know when you were gonna tell me about her. If at all... Were you even plannin on tellin me Drake?"

"Onika. I.... I don't know...."

"You don't know?! Drake??? I tell you EVERYTHING!" She exclaimed, raising her voice. "I don't hold back my feelings! When I'm with you, I have no secrets! I can say whatever, do whatever, be who I am. And here you are tellin me you don't know?! I'm giving this relationship my all, and you're not even trying!! If I didn't ask, I bet you would've never told me who she was... Would you?!"

"I'm givin us a huned percent jus as much as you are-"

"No you're not!"

"Yes! I am! Onika listen... It didn't cross my mind to tell you right away. I had a couple drinks and I wasn't thinkin straight, but I'm positive I would've told you eventually. I know you want a definite answer, but I'm not finna stand here and say, Oh yea, I was gon tell you earlier, when I know damn well thas a lie! Now have I ever lied to you?"

"Omitting the truth is lying Drake!"

"Look, I admit it. Maybe I shoulda told you about her sooner. But I didn't lie."


"Nicki listen, whether you wanna believe me or not, I love you. You're the only one for me. It's jus it takes me a bit longer than you to open up. I'm not holdin back, at least I try not to. I wanna tell you everything, but it's hard for me at times."

"It was hard for me too Aubrey, but I did it. I shared everything with you."

"I know Onika... Look, I need to have this conversation with you face to face. I'll be back in a couple days."

"Don't waste your time. I won't be here."

"Where you goin?"

"Back to LA..."

"Well I'll see you there then."

"Drake, I-"

"No excuses, I love you and I'll see you there. Goodnight."


Drake hung up the phone and laid back on his bed. He reached over to turn off the lamp on his night stand and thought about Nicki til he fell asleep.


"Ugh, I cannot believe him..." She mumbled to herself. Nic was still upset so she decided to go into the kitchen and rummage through the pantry for snacks. She came across a huge brown bag of milk chocolate M&M's. Nicki didn't hesitate to grab them. She went to go get a crystal, glass bowl out of the cabinet above the sink and dumped them all in. She sat down at the island and picked through them, nibbling on them one by one. Both her parents came downstairs in their pajamas. Even though it was 4:06am, it was now Sunday and they were getting ready for church, they wanted to catch the early service at 6am and it was about an hour drive to get there so they wanted to get started early.

"Hey sweetie. What are you still doin up?" Nicki looked over at her mom and shrugged with a half smile.

"I guess I couldn't sleep..." Papa Robert waved at Nic then went into the basement to get something out of the dryer. Mama Carol waited for him to leave then she walked up to Nicki.

"Don't lie to me Onika. I heard you on the phone all night. What's wrong honey?" Nicki looked into her bowl of M&M's and sighed. She didn't wanna cry, but she could feel the tears ready to roll.

"Ma, I jus... I don't know..." Mama Carol began to rub her on her back.

"Talk to me sweetie." A tear rolled down Nic's right cheek and then another down her left.

"Is there something wrong with me mommy?"

"Onikaaa? Why would you ask such a thing?" Nicki wiped a tear away from her face, but that just cleared the way for another to fall.

"Because... I feel like I'm always overreacting and blowing things out of proportion... I never mean to, but I jus... I can't help it."

"This has something to do with Jesus doesn't it?" Mama Carol asked with a smile. Nicki giggled and smiled back.

"Haha, yea... It does."

"Well Nika, if he can't see you for-"

"Mm, mm *shakes head* It's not that ma... I jus feel like I don't know who he really is... I thought I did. Thought I knew everything, but I don't. I jus found out tonight that he has an ex-fiancé and the thing about that is I basically had to find out on my own *eats M&M*"

"Well some things take time Onika. You can't learn everything about someone all at once. It just takes time sweetie. Have patience. I'm sure there's a lot more you'll learn about him in the days to come. Same with him. I'm sure he doesn't know everything about you no matter how much you claim you told him. Every day is another chance to learn something new. Don't shut him out just yet darling. I haven't met him, but I think you should give him a second chance."

"You're right... I'm glad you're here to help. Thank you mama."

Nicki hugged her mother and wiped the remaining tears from her face. Mama Carol walked over to the pantry and looked for something. Robert came back upstairs with some clothing in his arms. Macaiah sleepily came down the steps in his pj's.

"Whoa! You're up early lambchop!"

"I had to be. You're phone kept ringing..." He said groggily. "Safaree called you three times." He walked over, rubbing his eye, and handed Nicki her phone. Papa Robert rolled his eyes.

"I saw that pop."

"What? You know I don't like that boy Onika. Come here Cai, take this." He said, handing him a few garments.

"Dad, he's a man now. You really need to get over it."

"Onika?" Mama Carol said, looking over at her. Nicki ate half a handful of M&M's and said, "What? I'm telling the truth. Ma come on. You were the one that always said forgive and forget. You swore up and down by that. I mean, it took me a while, but I forgave pop for what he did to me. And it's jus not fair for him to stand here and hold grudges. He needs to forgive Safaree." Papa Robert fell silent. Macaiah could feel the tension in the room. He looked at all their faces then headed back upstairs without a word.

"Onika? Don't take your anger out on your father."

"No Carol. She's said her piece... I'll be upstairs." Robert shut the door to the basement and looked away from Nicki with hurt in his eyes.

"Now why would you go and do that? I don't care how old you are. Don't speak to your father like that."

"Mom, I have nothing against him. I jus feel it's not fair that I had to forgive him, but he can't forgive Safaree. Like...? That's not fair. *pops an M&M*"

Mama Carol pulled a box of Honey Nut Cheerio's out of the pantry and sat it on the island.

"What's gotten into you? I think you're getting a little too ahead of yourself miss. Slow down. Take it one step at a time. And think about what you say to people. Especially your own father. Seems like you really hurt him with that. I'll be back."

Mama Carol gave Nic a final glance as if she were looking for her daughter inside the person eating those M&M's. She walked upstairs and Nicki looked into the bowl. She stopped eating them and slid the crystal glass away from her. She called Safaree back to find out what he wanted. He just called to let her know what time their flight back to Los Angeles would be. After she hung up, she felt a little sleepy. Nicki decided it was time to get some rest. She wasn't as upset as she had been earlier so sleep was definitely going to work out. She headed upstairs and crashed on the guest bed while her family got ready for church.

This is all I had :/ Plz comment. Part 2 should b up whenever... I wasn't really feelin this chapter but it had 2 b written. I promise you guys more exciting things will happen if we ever get over this bump in the road.

Oh, and one more thing, I tried to find a song about this particular part of the chapter cuz the song I did have goes with part 2 better. It doesn't exactly say what I want it to, but it's the closest I could get. Here it is ~>


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