Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chap. 13: Thee Exchange

Since I couldn’t sleep last nite…. Oh, nd excuse the error’s…. I’ll admit, this isn’t mi best work, but hey, I tried *shrugs*

Chapter 13:

*buzzzz buzzzz*

"Drizzaaayy!! Where you been nigga? Ain't seen yo ass in a few months. Workin hard on that album huh?"
"Ha, ey Wayne. You could say that, but um about that album man... It's kinda been post-"
"Hold that thought. I need you to do me a favor. I hope you not busy."
"Nah, what's good?"
"I'm workin on a few new singles for The Carter IV. I need ya vocals for this hook and a couple verses man."
"Ard man, I gotchu."
"Don't make no plans for the nex few days!"
"Hahaha, I already know. Where you at?"
"In the studio down Miami. Be here asap."
"Ard, already on my way."
Drake hung up his blackberry and hopped up off the couch. He turned his flat screen off and headed to his bedroom to pack his duffel. When he had everything he needed, he called Nicki.
"Heeey baaaby. *smiles* You miss me already?"
"Hahaha, you've only been gone a couple hours and yet.... I feel like you never left..." He replied, pulling the thongs he kept of hers out of his pocket. Drake put them in his nightstand and carried his duffel bag into the living room, placing it on the couch.
"But that's not why I called you."
"Oh... Well what's up then?"
"Wayne jus hit me up and he needs me in Miami for a couple days to work on a couple songs."
"Aww, you're leaving me?" She whined.
"I'll be back, I promise."
"I'm gonna miss you. Don't you forget to call me either."
"Hahaha, how can I forget? Your voice is beautiful. Not hearin it drives me crazy."
"Yea bay?"
"Stop being so corny please." She bluntly stated. They both laughed and Drake was about to speak, but Nicki cut him off.
"Hey babe? I think that omelet you made me this morning has already taken effect... My ass feels like it got a liddle bigger…” She said, looking back and popping her booty in the mirror to check it out. “I needa work out."
"Work out?!"
"Haha! Yea, I'm for real!"
"I know, I ain't doubt you for a second. I squeeze it and I could tell how it feel."
"Wait, what?! What are you getting at Aubrey?"
"Hahaha, I'm jus--"
"Oh, baby I gotta go! Macaiah is callin me, we'll talk about this later. Lemme know when you land. Love you, muuuaah!!"

And with that, she hung up. Drake smiled to himself and then called his pilot to make flight arrangements. Three hours later, around 8:40 something, Drake arrived in Miami. He texted Nic to let her know he was there safely then headed to his condo to drop off his duffel. Drake then drove to the studio to meet up with Weezy.
"Ayyyyeee!!! Wuddup Drizzy?" Wayne said, dapping him up.
"Aye bruh? What's good?"
"Chillin. Jus laid a few verses for "She Will" and I need you on that.... Aye? Play that real quick." Wayne said, talking to T-Minus, the producer, and taking a sip from his foam cup. Drake bobbed his head to the beat as he sat down and took out his blackberry. He started singing bits and pieces of a hook to himself as he typed them into his phone. About seven minutes later, he had what he needed and headed into the booth.
"Turn me up T."
The beat started playing and Drake waited for his cue. He recorded the hook over and over ‘til he got it right then stepped out of the booth to hear it.

~ She just started to pop it for a nigga and looked back, told me "baby it's real"
And I say I ain't doubt you for a second, I squeeze it, I could tell how it feel
I wish we could take off and go anywhere but here, baby you know the deal
Cause she bad, so maybe she won't but shit, then again, maybe she will... ~

Wayne nodded his head."Not bad."
Drake smiled and turned around placing his Blackberry on top of the brown mini fridge, next to Wayne's. He grabbed a bottle of water out of it and was about to head back into the booth to record his verse, but Wayne stopped him.
"Aye, what the hell is that on the back of ya neck man?" He looked at T-Minus and they both looked at Drake. He reached his hand up and felt the back of his neck.
"Damn man, I don't even know..." He lied. Drake couldn't tell them about Nicki, if he did, she'd kill him and he was not trying to die.
"Sure look like something to me." Wayne got up out of his chair to get a closer look (nosey self).
"Yo?! What bitch you get wit? Shorty gotchu you good! You musta been hittin it right for lil mama to scratch you like that!" T-Minus and Wayne both bust out in laughter. Drake forced a laugh along with them.
"I guess man... Well let me record this real fast so I can go, need my rest."
"Why so early? We bout to head out to Mansion and meet up wit the fella's after this. Come on wit us."
"Naw man *fake yawn* I can't, I'm kinda tired anyway. Lemme jus lay this verse."
"Well I ain't one to beg. You do you, I'll jus tell the guys you can't hang..." Drake knew what Wayne was trying to do...
"Ard man, stop the bullshit. I'll go."
"Ayyyee!! Hahaha, that's the Drizzy I know!" He patted Drake on the back and grabbed his blackberry off the top of the mini fridge, slipping it in his pocket. Drake went in the booth, recorded his verse then came out. T-Minus saved everything and closed up his MacBook.
"A'ight y'all, let's go."

When they arrived at Mansion Nightclub, everybody was in VIP. Mack had a couple girls on his lap and Streetz was trying to book one. Jae was talking to Baby and Gudda while Tyga had some cuties huddled around him. Drake wasn't feeling the vibe. The only girl he wanted was back in New York, somewhere he wasn't.
"Aye Wuddup Drizz?" Tyga slapped him a cool five. Wayne, T-Minus and Drake greeted the guyz then went to their respective areas. Wayne was talking to two tipsy girls near the restrooms, Minus buying a drink for some chick and her friend's and Drake headed straight to the bar. He wasn't much of a liquor person. Wine was more his taste, but he was out at a club so he had a few shots. Moments later, an Asian girl in a cute dress and heels with a drink in her hand tapped Drake on his shoulder. He turned around and saw her gingerly sipping her drink.
"Hey stranger?" She said, waving.
Drake looked her up and down then turned back around.
"Aw, don't be that way. Can I talk to you for a moment?"Drake shrugged and she sat down next to him. She talked his ear off the entire time! He tried to leave, but she just followed him. She left once, but found her way back with sad news.
"Hey Drake? Do you mind taking me home? My ride ditched me..."Drake was a liddle fed up. This girl had been touching on him all night and he was not happy about that. But he didn't want her to leave alone. It was dark outside and anything could happen to her if she were to leave by herself. Drake would've felt like shit if he woke up the next morning and saw her as a missing person on the news. Sooo, he didn't say no. When everybody left the club, Drake stopped by his house before taking her home. He got out of his car and told her to stay put, but she had to pee so he let her in. She used the guest bathroom while Drake was upstairs in his. When she finished, she snuck upstairs into his room. And fiddled with stuff on his dresser. Moments later, his phone started to buzz, so she picked it up off the dresser and answered it.


"Damn I'm beat. Ain’t think all three of us could fit in that stall, but damn. Those girls were some kinda flexible." He said to himself, falling back onto the couch in his suite. Wayne slowly began to fall asleep. Ten minutes later, around 1 something, his Blackberry began to buzz, he reached into his pocket, eyes still closed and answered it.
"Mm?" He asked, half sleep.
"Mmmmm, hey baby? You alone? I'm..... kinda horny..... I think maybe you could help me fix that...." A woman said in thee most seductive voice ever! Wayne could hear the sex clinging to her vocal cords. He sat up so fast, looking at his phone he almost fell off the couch. He saw Nicki's name on the Caller I.D.
"Ooooo! Yeeeess!" She moaned. "That's what they call me... Lewinsky if ya nasty... *sluuurp* Haha!"
Wayne looked at the phone again. He noticed it was blue and not black. Damn! He picked up Drake's phone instead of his!
"What's wrong baby? Never had phone sex before? I'll gladly teach you.... Just tell me what you wanna do to me... I'll be sure to make it fun...."
"Baby?! Nicki?! What the hell?!"
"Wait a minute..." She said, snapping out of her sexually explicit state of mind. "WAYNE?!?! What the fuck are you doing with Aubrey's phone?!?!"
"What the fuck are you doin callin Aubrey’s phone?! At this time of night?! Moanin nd shit?!” Then Wayne realized something. “A Yo?! Hahahaha.... What the fuuuuuuck...." He said shaking his head and giggling in disbelief while rubbing his free hand over his face.
"A Yo Nic? Tell me wha- Nic? Hel, hello??" Nicki quickly hung up the phone. She was so embarrassed and didn't know what the hell to do, but she was smart. She figured if Wayne had Drake's phone, then maybe Drake had Wayne's. She quickly called it.
"Um, hey... Is Drake there?"
"Yea, but he's in the bathroom freshening up for me. You can call back in the morning, beside's, I'll be gone by then. He's gonna be a bit busy tonight. Hahaha." The woman hung up the phone without giving Nicki a chance to respond.
"BUSY?!" Nicki asked herself out loud. She dialed back, but immediately got the voice mail. Nic was not one to play games. She called Drake's phone back, which Wayne still had, and waited for him to pick up.
"Now tell me what the fuck that was about! You screwin Drizzy?!"
"Wayne, I'll explain later, can you jus do me a huge favor?! Please?!" Wayne could hear the urgency in her voice, she sounded MORE than pissed!
"Whoa! What's wrong Nic? Calm down!"
"Wayne, listen to me! Drake has your phone, I need you to go to his condo for me right now! Jus tell'm you came to exchange. But don't tell him I sent you!"
"Ok, ok. Jus chill lil mama. I gotchu."
"Thank you Wayne."

[At Drake's]

"You ready Alicia?" He asked, grabbing his car keys off his dresser.
"Yea, and by the way... Some trick called you." Alicia said, handing Drake Wayne's phone.
"This isn't mine. Stop playin games girl. Give it to me."
"That's what I've been trying to do all night." She said, wrapping her arms around Drake's neck. He nudged her off.
"Get the fuck off me girl! I'm jus takin yo ass home! Now where the hell is my phone?!"
"Ooo, we're a little cranky tonight aren't we?" Alicia asked.
"Look, I done told you I'm seeing somebody right now. I'd appreciate it if you kept ya hands to yourself."
"Fine!" She said, handing him the phone and folding her arms. Drake turned it back on and saw the greeting "Wayne's World"
"The fuck?" He asked himself. He then realized he had the wrong Blackberry. He walked to his front door dialing his own number with Alicia following behind him. When he got to the door, Wayne was just about to knock.
"Aye yo Drizzy?! Man, I'ont know what the fuck you done did, but jus know Nic is pissed off with you." They exchanged phones.
"What? Why?"
"I'ont know man. What's goin on witchu and her? She seemed real upset."
"I'll tell you ‘bout it later. Come on." He nodded his head at Alicia to exit so he could lock his front door.
"Hey beautiful." Wayne said to Alicia. She blushed and waved at him. Drake dialed Nicki back, he didn't know what to expect.
"Hey baby, what's wrong?"
"Don'tchu hey baby me! Who the fuck is she Aubrey?!"
Drake looked confused as fuck. He looked at Wayne for an answer, but he just shrugged with his hands in his pockets. Alicia smiled as Drake looked at her. He put the phone to his chest and asked her, "Did she call earlier?" Alicia nodded her head with a smile.
"You betta say somethin Aubrey!!" Drake put the phone back up to his ear after he rolled his eyes at Alicia.
"Look Nicki, it's not what you think. I'm jus takin her home baby, that's all." He was right. Alicia's home girl ran off with some dude and left her with no way home. Being the nice guy that Drake is, when she asked him if he would drive her, he agreed.
"That's all?? That's ALL?! Then why the FUCK that bitch tell me you'd be busy tonight?! Like she was about to get some?! Who the fuck is SHE?!"
Drake took a deep breath and replied,
"My ex... fiancé…"


Ask her nd she'll tell u she wuz a Go-Go dancer...
*whispers: liar...*

The finished product:

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