Sunday, August 21, 2011

*whispers* Sneak Peek! Ssshhh!!!

I have posting FEVER!!!!! Lmao, i couldn't hold it in... here is only a snippet of wut's tuh cum. *pauz*

"That's all?? That's ALL?! Then why the FUCK that bitch tell me you'd be busy tonight?! Like she was about to get some?! Who the fuck is SHE?!"
Drake took a deep breath and replied,

"My ex... fiancé…"
"And?! The bitch couldn't catch the bus home?! You coulda jus gave her—“ Nicki caught herself before she went any further.
"Wait... Did you say fiancé?"
Drake nodded his head and said, "Yea..." Nicki lowered her voice. She sounded a bit more hurt now, but still angry.
"When were you gonna tell me you had an ex-fiancé Aubrey? I... I didn't know you were engaged before..."
"Nic I'm sorry. I didn't think it was important, I mean it was, but it was a long time ago and I was-"
"Whatever Drake... glad you love me enough to tell me everything..." She said sarcastically.
"Onika I-"
"Listen Drake, have fun with her tonight... Ha, it's not like you needed my approval though. Seems like you were gonna fuck her anyway huh?"
"Noooo!!! Onika, I was only-"
"Bye Drake."
Nicki hung up leaving Drake standing on his doorstep with Wayne and Alicia staring at him. 
"Well um... Now that that's over, mind taking me home now?" Drake turned to look at her.
"Fuck you!! You the reason I'm in this shit Alicia! Ain't nobody tell you to answer my phone!"
"My phone..."
They both looked at Wayne and he shut up.
"What the fuck were you doin in my room anyway?! You shoulda stayed ya ass downstairs!!"
"NO! As a matter of fact, I shoulda left ya dumbass at Mansion!!"
Drake was furious. He felt like stomping the shit out of her right there, but he'd never put his hands on a woman. He was a gentlemen and Sandi taught him better than that.
"Ooo!!! I really hate yo ass right now!! But you know what?" He began to laugh a liddle. "This? Is all my fault, what the fuck was I sippin on tonight? Why… haha, why the FUCK did I agree to take Yo ass home? Haha, I have no fuckin idea. It's always the good guys who finish last right?"
Wayne could tell Drake was burning inside.
"See... This is one of the reason's I left ya ass Alicia. Too much damn drama!" He yelled. "All you do is start trouble! What the fuck did you tell her when she called?!"
"I jus said you were freshening uuup..... and.... I told her to call back in the morning cuz..... that's when I'd be gone?"
"What the fuck made you say some shit like that?! Who the hell do you think you are?! Me and you are NOT together anymore! I don't love you!! I won't EVER love you!! I don't even like you!!"
"You don't hafta love me Aubrey. Who said I wanted you back? That's you jumping to conclusions... as always..."
"Fuck you Alicia."
Drake turned around to unlock his door.
"Wait, I still need a ride home Drake!"
"And?! You can NOT be fucking serious right now!! Find ya own way! Just get the fuck off my property! You done already fucked my life up and it's only been an hour! Dumb bitch!"

Ok. No more posts 2day! Lol


  1. "And?! You can NOT be fucking serious right now!! Find ya own way! Just get the fuck off my property! You done already fucked my life up and it's only been an hour! Dumb bitch!" < *DIESSSSSSSSSSSSS!* DRAKE Fucking talked BAD!!!!!! loll OH EM GEE!

    BUt you know me Buttercup, I hope Nicki understands and so on. That upsets me :( STUPID BITCH ALICIA!

  2. OMG!!! DUMB BITCH!! LMAOOOOOOOO She got told.. Ooooh I wanna hit Ha!! *balls fists*

    My poor Baby Nika :( Dnt worry boo he didnt do anything nd wasnt go do anything with that dumb bitch..

    *dead* i cant stop saying dumb bitch!!! loolz
    :D me love!!

  3. Just the thought of Drake going off like that, calling her a dumb bitch is funny as hell. I mean I know he pissed but Drake is one of those people who would sound weird going off on but I'm glad he let that hoe know! YES DRIZZY! DEAD @ Wayne correcting him "My phone.." hahaha && poor Nicki. This is not good, Drake people crazy. 1st 40 now this thristy hoe..uugghh! I can't wait to find out what happens next!

  4. OH HELL NO! That bitch needs to leave NOW! How dare she even answer the phone??!! Stupid cunt!Anywho! I hope he and Nicki work it out! Really good sneak peek!! Can't wait for the rest!! :)