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You've Gone Too Far {Part 1/3}

Hey!!! I kno it's been forever since I last posted. I ran into a few issues with this chapter, but @Jamrock_Barbie helped me out A LOT!! Nd s/o 2 Dex aka @TMAngel_ :D Those barbz r amazing!!!! Plz follow them! Btw, I ended up hand writing approx. 22 pgs, front nd bak 4 this chap so I split it into 3 parts!! I'll post the 2nd half 2maro!! Read with care... <3

Chapter 8: {Part 1}

The next morning was beautiful. The sun was shining thru the curtains, illuminating the sleeping couple. It was very quiet and calm and serene. Nicki was sleeping like a baby. She lay on her stomach with her hands under her pillow. She heard a violent buzzing sound. Nicki opened her eyes only to see the vibrant rays of the golden sunlight beaming down on her. She blinked a few times to completely wake herself up and listened for the noise again. *buuuzzzz!!* Nicki turned her head to her left only to find a sleeping Drake. He lay on his back with one arm thrown over his eyes. Nicki smiled a little and lifted her head off of her pillow. She heard the buzzing again and looked over Drake, at the nightstand next to him. His blackberry was quaking on the nightstand and lighting up a bright, pale shade of blue. Nicki tapped him on his bare chest trying to wake him.
"Babe? Your phone is ringing." She said groggily. Drake didn't budge. The blackberry stopped seizing for at least six seconds then immediately started up again. Nicki cautiously climbed over Drake to pick it up; she was careful not to hurt him. She looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it was Forty.
"Drake? Forty's calling." She said, nudging him on his chest. Drake rolled over to his right, facing the nightstand. He was a heavy sleeper so it was nearly impossible to wake him. Being that this was the first time Nicki and Drake slept in bed together, she was just finding this out. Nicki rolled her eyes and answered his phone.
"Yea, Drake's sleeping. What is it?"
"Can you wake him up please?! It's urgent!"
"I've tried, he won't get up."
"Pluck that nigga! I need him to wake up now!"
"What?!" She asked, laughing. "I'm not gonna hit'm Forty, hold on..." Nicki was laying on top of Drake's left side when she put the phone up to his ear and set it on speaker.
"Go ahead Forty, you're on speaker."
"AUBREY!!! Wake yo ass up!!" Drake jumped up out of his sleep almost hitting Nicki in the face, but she moved back quick enough and he missed her by a few inches. His eyes were red and he looked dazed and confused.
"What the hell?" He asked, staring at Nicki.
"Whoa, calm it down Mike Tyson! I tried nudging you awake, but you didn't budge. Sorry babe." She took the phone off speaker and handed it to him.
"It's Forty." As soon as she said that, Drake's eyes lit up like a deer's in the headlights. He grabbed the phone from Nicki, practically snatching it.
"Nigga?! Yo ass is late! You costin' us money! The session started at 9:25!" Drake looked at the clock on the nightstand beside him and it said 10:03 AM.
"Aw shit!"
"What? You too busy gettin ya dick sucked to remember important shit?!"
"Aye! Watch ya mouth nigga." Drake said, looking at Nicki to see if she heard him.
"What? What he say?" Nicki asked, looking clueless.
"Nothin'..." Drake said, shaking his head. He threw back the covers and hopped out of bed like he had caught the Holy Ghost. His feet got tangled in the sheets so his upper body fell to the floor with a thud.
"Ahh!" He said, holding his lower back and scrunching up his face.
" *gasp* You ok baby?" Nicki asked, looking over the edge of his side of the bed.
"Yea..." He said, yanking his feet out of the sheets. Drake stood up fast and put the phone back up to his ear.
"I'll be there in a sec."
"Hurry up nigga!" Drake hung up the phone, threw it on the bed and ran across the room. He grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. After he slipped on his shorts, he struggled to put on his shirt. He grabbed his Nike's and quickly pulled them on while standing. Drake almost fell a few times, but he managed to keep his balance. Nicki watched him as he ran back and forth like a crazy man.
"You're not gonna shower first?" She asked, looking at him in disgust.
"I can't... No time." He said breathlessly. Drake ran back over to the bed to get his blackberry.
"Meet me down there if you want to."
"Ok babe, I'll be there later. Promise. I just have to shower first... Unlike someone I know..." Drake quickly shot her a smile and she giggled. He ran to the door while saying, "Ard love, see you." Drake closed the door behind him and headed to the studio in the basement.
Nicki fell back onto the bed looking up at the ceiling. She smiled to herself and then rolled onto her tummy, sitting up on her elbows. She looked at the fading depression on the side of the bed where Drake had slept. Nicki slowly ran her hand over his pillow. It was still warm. She started drifting off into a reverie. Nicki's thoughts had no boundaries. As she ran her palm over his pillow, she stopped at the warmest spot she could find. Nicki started to think to herself *I wonder what goes thru that mind of his... What does he dream about?... How does he know exactly what to do when there's no need for words?...* Nicki's trance was broken when her cell started to go off. She reached under her pillow and answered it.
"Aahh! I'm so glad you answered! How are you girl?! It's Candace!" Nicki sat up with bright eyes and a huge smile.
"Candiii!!! Oh my God! How are you mamí?!"
"I'm hanging in there, how's life?"
Nicki giggled, "Life's great Candi! I miss you!"
"I miss you too Nika! |side convo| Hold on! Wait! Wait!"
"Candi?" Nicki asked, with a puzzled expression.
"Hello?! Onika?!"
"Yeeaa? Who's this? Where'd Candace go?"
"It's me Nika! Lauren?! Candi's fine, she's right here!"
"Oh my God! Lauren?! What are you up to honey?! I've missed you guys SO much!"
"Awww, we missed you too! We can't wait to see you! When are you comin' back home?"
"Oh my goodness you guys, I don't know. I'd be there today if I could..." Just then, Nicki got an idea. There was nothing stopping her from going to New York to see them. She had already sort of promised Drake the rest of the day and she was a women of her word so she didn't go back on it.
"Hey Lauren?"
"What are you guys doing tomorrow?"
" |side convo| Hold up! She's not done!"
"Yea Nick, it's Candi. We're not doing anything tomorrow. Are you comin' to see us?!"
"Yea... As a matter of fact I am." Squeals of joy came from the other end of the phone.
"Oh my God Onika! We're so happy you're coming home! We haven't seen you in like ten months! That's almost a year Nicki!"
"Aww, I kno, I kno, I kno you guys! But don't worry I'll be there tomorrow for sure. Don't tell my mom, I want to surprise her."
"Ok Nicki, *whispers* it'll be our little secret. I love you babe!"
"I love you too Candace! Tell Lauren I love her and I said bye."
"Alright, see you tomorrow!"
After Nicki hung up the phone, she did a little happy dance in the bed. She was excited that her best friends called her. She tried her best to speak with them at least three times a week. That's all the time she could fit into her busy schedule. And with the tour she and Wayne just finished, she barely had enough energy and time to talk. Nicki, Lauren and Candace had been best friends since eighth grade. Nicki and Lauren ended up going to the same high school, LaGuardia, but Candace attended a neighborhood high school. It wasn't hard for them to keep in touch because they all lived on the same block, with Safaree just around the corner. Nicki met him thru Candace. Safaree and Candace went to the same high school and they were already good buddies so she introduced him to Nicki and Lauren. Candace started off trying to get Safaree and Nicki to go on a date, but Onika was not having it. She repeatedly told Candace: "I don't even like him like that Candi." Candi finally gave up and so did Safaree. He told Candace he was cool with just being friends with Onika, but he was lying. Candace could tell, but she let it go. All four of them used to hang out after school and every weekend. Sometimes Safaree would stay home or invite his homeboy's Rex and Vak along. He felt threatened being surrounded by three girls. All that estrogen made him feel like less of a young man. However, Safaree and Onika became really close. Almost as close as her Lauren and Candace, if not closer. Onika realized that Safaree wasn't just another neighborhood boy trying to get at her and that he actually cared for her. The two would end up being inseparable. Safaree spent so much time at Onika's house, that he called Mama Carol his second mom. She didn't mind. Mrs. Carol loved that her daughter had such caring friends. The four of them always looked out for each other no matter what. Onika, Lauren, Candace and Safaree were the four best friends that anybody could have.
Nicki couldn't wait for all four of them to be together again. She quickly dialed the airport and made flight arrangements for the next day. She wanted to leave early so she could spend all day with them. Her flight was scheduled to depart at 9:30 AM the next morning. Nicki glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand and it was already 10:41 AM. She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. After she relieved herself, she showered and thru on a pair of cuffed, denim shorts and a pink and creme, horizontally stripped tank top. The tank top was loose fitting so the neckline drooped past her boobs, showing a descent amount of cleavage. Nicki pulled the top portion of her hair into a messy ponytail and let the bottom half hang on her shoulders. She slipped on a pair of flip flops, grabbed her purse and headed to the studio.

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