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You've Gone Too Far {Part 3/3}

I wuzn't gonna post 2day, but @MissMinaj341 (Easter Bunny) and @Jamrock_Barbie (Jammy) wanted me to post 2day soooooo, i'm posting!! Not much else 2 say so here it is, read with care... X)

Chapter 8: {Part 3}
           (CO-WRITTEN BY JAMMY!!)

        Nicki's day was going from good to bad, from bad to worse, and from worse to horrible. When she opened the door to her new suite, she quickly shut it, dropped her suitcase at the door and ran straight for the bed. Nicki crawled onto the king sized mattress, which was neatly made with pink sheets and comforter. She grabbed one of the four pink, plush pillows that lie on the bed and dug her face into it. She screamed into the pillow as loud as she could, while squeezing the life out of it. Nicki was extremely hurt and angry. She tried so hard to hold back her tears. Nicki didn't know how to feel. She was more than pissed that Forty was able to manipulate Drake so easily. And even more pissed that Drake was too stupid to see that his "best friend" was a sheisty, back stabbing, son of a bitch. Nicki was also upset that Drake didn't believe what she was telling him. The more she replayed the situation in her mind, the more she wanted to cry. She could feel that familiar knot forming in her throat. Nicki couldn't hold back anymore. She let out thee loudest sobs ever. Tears were rolling down her face like there was no tomorrow. The pillow soaked them up like a sponge. She cried non stop for what seemed like ages until she finally drained herself to sleep.
        While Nicki sulked in her new suite, Drake paced the floor of his. In his mind Nicki was a bold-faced liar. He didn't believe her because Forty had been his friend since they were little boys. Drake didn't believe that Forty would say that about him or even try to get at Nick. He convinced himself to believe that Forty was right and Nicki was wrong. Drake ran the story over and over in his mind. He asked himself, *Why would Nicki lie to me? What is she getting out of this?* Drake started to lose himself. Just thinking about all this gave him a headache. He rubbed his temple and slowly walked to his bed. He turned on the tv and watched Canadian football until he fell asleep.

        The next day, Nicki was about to leave for NY. She was already packed and ready to leave, but the weather was bad so her flight had been delayed for a few hours. Nicki stayed in her room until it was time for her to leave. Around 2pm, Nicki was ready to catch her flight. She grabbed her bags and headed out of her suite. Nicki froze up when she saw Drake and Forty standing outside of his room talking. Drake pretended as if he didn't see her, Forty was too busy talking so he really didn't see her. Nicki quickly turned to close the door and headed to the elevator. She didn't look back not once. Drake watched her as she walked, tuning out Forty as he spoke. But Forty broke his trance when he waved his hand in front of Drake's face..
"What the hell are you lookin at man?" Forty asked looking over his shoulder. He didn't see anything because Nicki had already gotten on the elevator.
"Oh, ard. Well hurry up and open the door. You up here starin' off into space and shit."
Drake opened the door and shut it before Forty had enough time to put his foot in.
"Hey man?! What the hell?!"
No response.
"Oh so, so you... you jus goin do me like dat huh?!"
Drake opened the door.
"Nigga, stop makin' a scene. We ain't stayin. I jus had to get my phone, but I'ont see it. *thinks* it might be in the car. Find somethin to do with yaself 'til I get back." Drake said, laughing.
"Ard man."
They dapped up and Drake headed for the staircase.
"Aye man? Why don't you take the elevator? It's much quicker." Forty suggested.
"I'm good... I need my exercise anyway." Drake said, pulling up his pants and pushing the door to the staircase open.

        On the elevator, Nicki was really upset. She held her head down staring at the tiled floor. She tried to keep her mind off of Drake, but she couldn't. Nicki's eyes started to water so she looked up to keep the tears from falling. It hurt her deeply to know that Drake thought she was lying. As the elevator doors opened up, Nicki stepped out and and rolled her suitcase to the front desk. She turned her room keys in and headed to the revolving doors. Nicki was looking down as she watched her feet take turns hitting the ground. Her vision became cloudier and one by one, her tears began to fall. She didn't even bother wiping them away. Nicki could barely see where she was going and bumped into a gentleman on his cell phone. She apologized and then looked up only to see that that gentleman was Drake. A tear rolled down her cheek and Drake mean-mugged her and coldly said, "Whatever..." Nicki looked down and pushed past him. Drake closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew what he just did was a mistake. He grabbed Nicki's wrist just as she was walking away and pulled her close to him.
"Let go of me Drake..."
"Let go of my fucking wrist and don't fucking touch me again."
Nicki snatched her wrist away from him and walked out of the hotel, leaving Drake with his hands resting atop his head, watchong her exit. Nicki handed her suitcase to her driver and he put it in the trunk. Nicki then looked back at Drake and got into the car, slamming the door shut. As her car pulled away from the hotel, Nicki recieved a BBM. She opened it to find that it was from Drake.
It read:

~ I'm sorry I overreacted... I forgive u 4 wut u said... I think maybe u took 40's comments the wrong way... He can come off as a bit rude, but once u get 2 kno him, u'll c he didn't mean any harm... We really need 2 tlk ~

Nicki frowned while reading Drake's BBM. She was starting to think he lost his mind.
She replied:

~ What I said?! FUCK u Drake! FUCK Forty too! You two idiots wur obviously made 4 each other! You're too stupid 2 c the real Forty! Or r you jus choosing not 2 c him bcuz the results will scare you?! Well I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK!!! We have NOTHING to talk about!! Goodbye. ~

Nicki sent the message then chucked her phone into her handbag. Drake called her and called her and called her. But Nicki wasn't answering. Drake sent her a few more text's, but she ignored them. Nicki didn't want to be bothered with him anymore.

        Drake was dialing Nicki for the fourteenth time when he recieved a call from Forty. He was hesitant to answer, but he did anyway.
"Hey man, you up for some drinks? I think it'll help relax you. Take ya mind off of a certain someone?"
Drake was starting to get suspicious. Why would Forty care if he thought about Nicki or not? Why would Forty offer to help him ease his mind? It wasn't like him at all. Forty usually shy'd away from helping Drake when he felt down. Forty wasn't much of an affectionate person. He usually gave Drake a piece of cliche advice and left it at that. Forty never actually helped Drake solve his problems, if anything, he added to them.
"Um... yea, I suppose I could."
"Ard, I'm already at the bar, meet me here."
Drake walked through the lobby to the other end of the hotel where the bar was. He saw Forty sitting on a stool talking to a bartender so he walked over to sit next to him.
"Bout time you got here. I was starting to think you got lost nigga.... where's Nicki?" Forty asked. Drake shot him a bewildered look.
"Why do you care? She left."
"Oh..." Forty said, sipping his drink. "I was jus askin... have you spoken to her?"
Drake didn't answer him. He was starting to wonder why Forty was so concerned. Drake took two shots of Oval Vodka and looked at him.
"Does it matter?" Drake asked, rhetorically.
They sat there in silence for a minute then Drake spoke up.
"Look man... I jus wanna thank you for being honest with me. You been my boy since... since we were in the womb." Drake said with a chuckle. "I'm jus happy I can trust you to have my back. It's a blessing really. Not many artists have that one person they can tell anything to. I'm glad I can call you my brother."
Forty forced a smile.
"Thanks man..."
Drake laughed.
"My bad. I'ont mean to get all emotional and shit. I know that ain't for you."
"Nah, you good. You good. You kno I'm always here for you bruh."
Forty was lying, but Drake didn't know it.
"Damn... I can't believe she lied to me though. Like... why? I don't get it. What's the logic behind her reasoning?" Drake huffed.
He knew he'd never know the answer's to those questions, but that didn't keep him from wondering.
"I finally find the girl of my dreams. I'm happy with Nicki. We connect on every level. Believe in most of the same things. She's everything I could ever want... everything I could ever need... And then, this happens. It jus doesn't make any sense. It's jus not adding up Forty." Drake said, taking his fifth shot.
"Well maybe it jus wasn't meant to be."
"What?" Drake asked, looking at Forty.
"I don't know... I heard it somewhere. I'm not good at this relationship crap."
"Yea, I know, but at least you're here... listening to me. I appreciate you. I really do. Thank you man."
"No problem."
"You know what Forty? What gets me is that even though she lied to me... I still want her. I can't NOT be with her. Like... I don't know how to explain it... *chuckle followed by a half smile* Wouldn't it be great if we could put this shit behind us? Like, forget it ever happened? I'd want that... *shakes head* But I know it ain't that easy..."
"Well like my mom always says, 'Don't ask permission, jus ask forgiveness...'" Forty added.
Drake looked at him, puzzled, and was about to speak, but then decided it'd be best if he didn't. The bartender came over to them.
"Would you fella's like anything else?" She smiled.
"Nah." Drake said drinking the last of his Vodka. Forty reached for his wallet, but Drake stopped him.
"Nah man. I got it. It's the least I can do for you."
Drake patted his back and front pockets looking for his wallet, but he couldn't find it.
"Oh shit, can't find my wallet... I think I left it in the studio last nite."
"Maybe." Forty said.
"Wait here, I'll be back."
"Ard." Forty said, turning back toward the bartender. "Sooo *reads name tag* Samantha... you got a man?"

        When Drake reached the studio, he checked all over, but couldn't find his wallet. He looked on tables, in the couch cushions and even in the booth. He stood in the middle of the studio slowly scanning every inch of it. He noticed something small, square, black and leather on the floor underneath of the mixing board on the table. He went over to see what it was. Drake noticed that it was his wallet. He kneeled down and crawled under the table to grab it. After he got it, he backed from under the table to stand, but he lifted his head up too quickly and hit it on the edge of the table. He reached up to hold the back of his head, then he placed his right hand on the mixing board to help him stand. Drake accidently pressed a button and he heard Nicki's voice echo from the surround sound speakers. "Are you hitting on me Forty?" He looked around to see if she was in the studio with him, but she wasn't. "What the fuck?" He asked himself. Drake looked for a button to stop the sound, but then he heard Forty's voice. "What? Me? No..." Drake pulled his hand back and grabbed a swivel chair to sit down in. He turned the volume up and listened. "I don't think Drake would like that *giggle*" "What he don't know won't hurt'm." As Drake listened, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. The room started to spin as millions of thoughts and emotions rushed through his brain. He started getting angry as he listened to what Forty was saying. It was all new to him. Drake never noticed this side of Forty. He started to think about Nicki and what she told him over BBM. Drake felt so stupid and used. He felt like the biggest idiot in the world. Then he heard this, "...let me get in those pretty little panties..." Drake immediately became enraged. He stuffed his wallet in his pocket and kicked the swivel chair in front of him. He stood up and threw his chair across the room. He was angry with himself for being so blind. Drake sped out of the studio and heavily walked back to the bar. His nostrils flaring, his lips pursed. This dude was beyooond angry. When Drake got back to the bar, Forty noticed his demeanor was completely different. He waited for Drake to make it over to him before asking,
"What's wrong man?"
Drake stood there mugging Forty.
"What's wrong man?!" He said, mocking Forty. "You tell me nigga!" Drake shoved Forty by his shoulder then Forty stood up.
"Aye?! What the hell's ya problem?!" Forty asked, surprised and holding his shoulder.
"Why the FUCK would you lie to me?!" Drake asked, balling up his fists as his arms hang at his side. Forty looked confused.
"Aubrey? What the hell are you talkin about?" By this time, the bartender and everyone else in the bar were staring at the two men.
"You were supposed to be my homeboy! Have my back and shit! But instead, you behind my back tryna mack my girl and shit!" Drake stepped closer to Forty. They were toe to toe.
"Aye! I'ont know what the fuck you mad 'bout bruh, but you goin hafta step the fuck back!" Forty started getting mad.
"I thought I could trust you?!" Drake shoved him again. "I told you how I felt about her and you go and do this shit?! Had me lookin stupid! Had me thinkin Nicki was the one lyin to me when you were the fuckin liar the whole got damn time!!"
Forty's eyes got wide as he realized what Drake was talking about,
"Oh... *chuckles* I see... you jus mad 'cuz my game better than yours. Trust me, if you ain't come back in the studio when you did, that ass woulda been mine.. But I say fuck that bitch! She ain't nothin, but a piece of pussy! Ain't that's what you say "Drizzy"? *mockingly* pussy's only pussy and I get it when I need it... Fuck outta here wit dat shit man." Forty shoved Drake.
Drake cocked his fist back and swung at Forty, striking him in the mouth. Forty stumbled back, holding his bleeding lip and charged at Drake, trying to bring him down, but Drake grabbed the back of Forty's hoodie and swung him to the floor. Forty tried to get up, but Drake pinned him down, striking him multiple times in his jaw.
"I *punch* told you *punch* to watch your fucking mouth! *punch, punch, punch*"
Forty kicked Drake off him and hit him with an upper cut. Drake fell back onto one of the tables, scaring the two women who sat there. They jumped up with a scream and ran to the other side of the bar. Forty stood up wiping the blood from his lip. Drake rolled off the table, knocking it over, then sprung up and charged at Forty, knocking him into the beer fountain causing it to break and spray beer everywhere. The plates and glasses fell and wine and beer bottles shattered, sending wet glass shards in all directions. The two were hugged together like UFC fighters. They bumped into bar stools, knocking a customer to the floor. As they tussled, Drake tripped over the fallen man and Forty landed on top of Drake, punching him in the face three times. The man got up and angrily backed away. Drake grabbed Forty by the neck and smashed his head against the table to his right. Suddenly there was shouting from the halls. The police had showed up.
"HEY! HEY! Break it up!"
Drake stood up, but Forty tripped him causing him to fall flat on his face. Forty pushed Drake's face into the ground and yelled,
"What ever happened to bro's before hoe's?! Huh?!"
Drake rolled over and put Forty in a head lock.
"She's NOT a hoe! And you damn sure ain't my brother! 'Cuz if you were, you woulda neva said any of that shit!"
Security ran over to them. It took five cops to pry them apart. Three cops grabbed Drake and one other grabbed Forty while the other cop stood in ready position just in case Drake or Forty had been armed. The police handcuffed the two men and paraded them thru the lobby. The bar was in shamballs. There was broken glass all over the floor. The beer fountian had been destroyed so everything was soaked. And there was a gaping hole in what used to be an elegant, maple-colored table. Bar stools were knocked over and tables were on the floor.

        Drake, still in handcuffs, walked with one of the cops back to his patrol car. Forty walked with another. The officer threw Drake in the back seat, almost closing the door on his leg. Drake didn't say a word. He had been silent the entire walk to the cop car. He sat up in the back seat and stared out the window, anger boiling inside him. Drake watched the guests pour out of the hotel as fans and by-standers took pictures of him as the patrol pulled off. Drake was on his way to the precinct.

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  1. CTFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I fuckin died on this part ----> "I *punch* told you *punch* to watch your fucking mouth! *punch, punch, punch*" ...yo this was really good! loll made my night. Good job barbs :) I'm glad he found out the go get your fuckin woman DRAKE!

    post sooner that later , xoxoxo.

  2. Tss Tss Tss Yassss!! Drake found out the truth!! And he kicked Forty's ass! POW! But I'm sad that Nicki had to leave before everything unraveled and was revealed. That just goes to show not everybody can be trusted. And that line "Don't ask permission just ask forgiveness" The Calm?!?!? OMG Best line ever!!
    I can't wait for you to update barb because I wanna see how everything goes down when Nic finds out! KAPOW!!


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    - Maria

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  6. K blogger deleted my comment and I can't remember what I typed so.... I'm glad drake heard the recording and beat 40's ass. I hope the hotel doesn't press charges and I hope Nic forgives him and we see Dricki back in full effect soon! :)