Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Not much to say here barbz/kenz/boyz.... Um, this chapter iiiiissssss... Well u'll find out by reading it, lol. Dn't 4get to comment guyz!! Love you #TeamMinaj <3

Chapter 9:

        When Nicki arrived at JFK, the first thing she did was call Candi.
*ring ring ring... ring ring ring*
"Hey Nika!"
"Hey babe, I'm here."
"Aahh! Do you need me to come get you?"
"No, I have a rental... Hey Can?"
"I'll meet up with you guys later, I'm gonna go see my mom first."
"Ok cool, call me when you can."
"K babe, bye."
        Nicki hung up the phone and quickly walked through the airport. There weren't many people there so this time no one spotted her. Nicki's rental was already waiting for her in the parking lot. She picked up her luggage from baggage claim and walked out. Waiting for her in the parking lot was a shiny, black Mercedes Benz, hard top convertible with chrome rims and blacked-out, tinted windows.

Jus pretend the windows r tinted black.
      This SLK350 Mercedes Benz Sports car was perfect for anyone who didn't want to be noticed. Especially with the tinted windows, you'd never know who was inside. Nicki quickly hopped in and drove to Mama Carol's house. She didn't need any keys; this Benz was push to start. ;)

        When Nick arrived, she cut the ignition and stared at the beautiful house that she had purchased for her mom, both of her hands were on the steering wheel. She took a deep breath after about two minutes and unbuckled her seat belt. Nicki was excited, but nervous at the same time. She hadn't spoken to her mom in almost a week so she wasn't sure how Mama Carol would react with her showing up unannounced. But Nicki didn't think too much about it, she knew in the end her mom would be happy she came to visit. Nicki stepped out of the Mercedes with the cheesiest Kool-Aid smile. She felt like a kid again. She raced up the walk way and knocked on the door. Excited, Nicki was bouncing a little like she was having a sugar rush. Eyes wide, Nicki rang the doorbell then knocked on the door again.
"I said I'm coming! Wait a minute! *opens door* ONIKA?!*" Mama Carol said, holding her hands to her mouth in awe. Nicki grinned ear to ear and held out her arms.
"Mommy!! I missed you!"
Mama Carol began to tear up.
"Oh mommy please? Please don't cry. You’re gonna make meee." Nicki whined. She smiled and squeezed her mother into the tightest hug ever.
"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Mama Carol asked happily. "You could call your mother more often Onika." She said, playfully hitting her on the arm with an oven mit.
"Aw, I know ma. I'm sorry, I jus really wanted to surprise you!" Nicki said, letting go of her mom. She stepped aside and shut the door behind her. Nicki was so excited she was finally home that she had forgotten all about Drake and his drama. There wasn't one single thought about him in her mind.
"Where's Ci?!" Nicki asked.
Maciah came running down the stairs with a wireless Xbox joystick in his hand.
"Nickiii!" He yelled out of excitement.
"Maciah! Come here my liddle Lamb Chop! I've missed you!"
Maciah ran over to Nicki and she bear-hugged him for at least three minutes.
"I can't breath..."
Nicki laughed and let him go.
"I'm sorry Ci, I just couldn't help myself."
   A little boy, about half the size of Nicki, came running down the steps in his socks with Xbox controller in hand. He looked about only a few years younger than Maciah.
"Maciah! Hurry up! I'm beating your—“
        The little boy stopped in midsentence as he saw Nicki standing at the door. They all looked over to him.
"High... score?"
        His jaw dropped and he froze in place.
"Who's that Ciah?"
"Oh, that's just my friend."
        The little boy ran over to Maciah and looked at Nicki.
      He said, looking her from bottom to top, almost like in a movie when the beautiful girl shows up to the party.
"Maciah? Do you know Nicki Minaj is standing in your house? On your carpet?" He asked, leaning over to whisper it in his ear while still looking at Nicki.
"Yea... she's my sister."
        The little boy’s eyes grew wider with each word Maciah had just spoken. He slowly turned his head toward him and gave him the shocked face.
"Your sister?!?! You didn't tell me Nicki Minaj was your sister!!"
        The little boy looked back at Nicki and shyly waved at her, she smiled and waved back.
"Well that's cuz she's just my sister."
"And what's that supposed to mean?" Nicki asked, placing her hand on her hip. Maciah shrugged and Nicki looked at the little boy. She put her hands on her knees and bent down to the little boys level.
"What's your name?"
"Uhh... Tuh... um..... *gulps* Taylor... Muh, m my name's Taylor."
"Aww, how cute? Nice to meet you Taylor." She said, quickly swiping the tip of her index finger across his chest as if she were removing something from his shirt.
"Well... I'm glad you're here Onika, now may I please have my friend back? We have a game to finish."
        Mama Carol smiled and Nicki giggled.
"Ciah? Why do you have to be so rude to me?"
"I'm not, I jus...."
"Go ahead boy." Nicki said with a laugh. Maciah and Taylor darted up the steps, back to his room.
"Aw, where'd he come from?"
"He moved in next door a few months back." Answered Mama Carol. They both walked into the kitchen. Nicki sat in a chair at the island, in the middle of the kitchen and Mama Carol walked back over to the stove.

Nicki's sitting in the chair to the far left.

  "You know Onika? Those two sorta remind me of you and Safaree. They are always hanging out, practically attached at the hip. Inseparable those boys."
        Nicki smiled and sniffed the air.
"Mmm, smells god. What are you cooking?"
"*stirs pot* Ooh, just some roti. If I knew you were coming, I would've made your favorite. I know how you like boneless stew chicken." Mama Carol smiled.
"Oh trust me ma, you'll have time." Nicki laughed. Then her phone started going off.
"Who's that?"
"Lauren... I promised I'd go see them today."
        Nicki looked at the clock; it was 5:07pm.
"Ok, dinner should be ready before you get back... you are coming back rite?" She asked, side eying Nicki.
"Of course ma!" She said standing up. "I'll call you." She kissed her mom on the cheek and walked towards the front door.
"Be careful out there Onika! Those roads are slippery!"
        Nicki side eyed her mom with a chuckle and opened the door.
"Ok ma..."


  1. "Do you know Nicki Minaj is standing in your house?" CTFU I freaking loved this chapter! loll too cute. can't for the chap. 10 :D !"Do you know Nicki Minaj is standing in your house?" CTFU I freaking loved this chapter! loll too cute. can't for the chap. 10 :D !

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    Buuuuut i hope there was no foreshadowing at the end there lol
    - Maria

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