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You've Gone Too Far {Part 2/3}

Part 2...

Chapter 8: {Part 2}

        When Nicki arrived to the studio, Drake was already in the booth. Forty acknowledged her prescence by nodding at her as she walked in. Nicki nodded back at him as she walked over to the brown leather sofa to sit down. She slipped off her flip flops, sat her purse on the stool next to the sofa and put her feet up on the sofa, getting comfortable. After about seven minutes in the booth, Drake was satisfied with the verse he just laid. He hung the headphones up on the mic and walked out, closing the door to the booth behind him.
"Hey baby." He said, smiling at Nicki. "Glad you decided to come down."
Drake went over to sit in the swivel next to Forty.
"Yea, I wanted to take advantage of the rest of the time we have together."
"The rest of?" Drake asked, looking at her puzzled.
"Yea..." Nicki adjusted herself then said, "I'm leaving for New York in the morning."
"Oh..." Drake said. He and Forty both looked at each other, thinking the same thing, but not saying a word. Then Drake looked back at Nicki.
"Going to see the fam huh?" He asked, trying to force a giggle.
"Yea, it's just for a couple of days... a week or two maybe."
Drake nodded his head and turned around in his chair, facing away from Nicki. The room went silent for a while then his phone started buzzing so he stepped out to answer it.
"Hello?" He asked, closing the door to the studio behind him.
"Hi. Is this Mr. Grahm?" A woman's voice asked from the other end of the phone.
"Yea, this is he."
"Hi Mr. Grahm, this is Ashley from the Alden hotel's concierge. I'm calling to remind you of your scheduled spa date for you and a Ms... Ms. Muh-rage? Muh..."
"Yea! Ms. Maraj." Ashley said, giggling. "I just want you to know you guys are all set for tomorrow. We have the couples massage scheduled for 2:30pm and we reserved the sauna for only you two all day tomorrow. We also closed the pool and jacuzzi area for you guys and set up a private viewing of any movie of your choice for 7pm. Oh! At 4 you guys are scheduled for pedicures and manicures..."
"Ashley?" Drake asked, trying to cut in, but she kept talking.
"We also set up..."
"...your dinner date for 9:30pm and the shopping spree is actually set for 5:15pm..."
"MA'AM?!" Drake practically yelled into the phone.
"Oh. sorry sir, I'm trying my best to read you the times in chronological order. Do you need me to read them back to you?"
Ashley spoke so fast, she sounded really sweet, young and perky. *pauz*
"No... that won't be needed."
"Oh... ok, well I can just e-mail it to you then. What's your--"
"No, actually you can cancel all of what's planned for tomorrow."
"Oh, but sir... it's already paid for and we don't do refunds."
"Just cancel it. We won't be able to make it. Some other things came up."
"I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Grahm. I'll be sure to cancel."
"Thank you."
"You're wel--"
        Drake hung up the phone before Ashley could finish her statement. He had secretly planned an entire day for him and Nicki to hang out and connect. He wanted to surprise her so he didn't tell her anything. Drake only told Forty about it and Forty even helped him pull a few strings. [Surprising...] It was hard to close off certain areas for only two people for only one day with all the traffic coming in and out of the hotel. It was nearly impossible to get even half of what he scheduled for them. But he made it happen. Drake was a little disappointed when Nicki told him she was leaving, but he couldn't be mad at her. He knew she missed her family and he knew she'd eventually go see them. Drake just didn't know Nick would leave so soon. When Drake walked back into the room, he saw Nicki scowling at Forty. She put her flip flops on, snatched her purse off the stool and brushed past Drake. He grabbed her by the arm.
"Hey, hey, hey?! What's wrong? Where you goin?" Drake asked, confused. Nicki looked at Forty then at Drake.
"I'm fine." She said, emphasizing the 'I'm'.
"What happened?" He asked looking at Forty then Nicki. She pulled her arm from Drake's grip and stormed out of the studio.
"Nicki?!" He said, following her out of the studio. When he got to the door he looked into the hallway, but she was already gone. Drake shut the door and walked over to Forty.
"What the fuck man?!" Forty threw his hands up in surrender.
"Aye... das ya girl..."
"You damn right that's my girl. What the hell did you say to her?!"
"Hey now. Calm dat shit down. Why I gotta be the bad guy?" Drake took a step closer to Forty.
"Ard, ard... I know I shouldn't have... I shoulda kept my mouth shut, but somehow we got on the subject of exes and..... I kinda told her about Alicia..." Drake threw his hands up into the air and did a slight pivot as if he was about to head for the door. He turned back to Forty and gave him the 'nigga are you crazy?!' look.
"What the fuck for?!" Drake said, flailing his arms about.
"My bad man... it jus slipped out. I tried to stop, but Nicki jus kept askin question's and I ain't wanna leave her in the dark so I told her..."
"You know what? I should pluck the shit outta you right now, but I won't... I'm not even mad." Drake said, rubbing the stubble on the side of his face. He was lying and so was Forty.

Ya know? I thot abt ending part 2 here to leave you guys with a true cliffhanger, buuuut since i love you guys, i'm jus gonna let you have all of it *pauz* :)

        Alicia did exist, but Forty didn't even mention her to Nicki. They weren't eeeven talking about exes. After Drake stepped out to take the phone call, Nicki sat on the sofa quietly contemplating. Forty spoke up first.

                                  [PLAY BY PLAY of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED]

        Forty turned around in his chair and stared at Nicki. She hadn't noticed him until he spoke.
"You look beautiful today Nicki."
"Thank you." She said with a half smile.
"Mmm... I really like that shirt on you."
 Nicki looked down at her exposed cleavage and pulled her top up a bit.
"Does Aubrey ever tell you how beautiful you look?"
"Sometimes... why?"
"Jus askin... He should tell you more often." Forty said, licking his lips. Nicki pulled her blackberry out and pretended to text someone.
"You have pretty eyes Onika." Nicki looked up at him.
The way Forty said that statement using her given name gave her goosebumps, and not the good kind. Nicki tilted her head slightly to the side and asked,
"Are you hitting on me Forty?"
"What? Me? No, I'm jus simply complementing a gorgeous woman sitting across from me."
"I think you're tryna flirt with me." Nicki said, almost laughing. "I don't think Drake would like that."
"What he don't know won't hurt'm." Nicki furrowed her brow and shot Forty the side eye.
"Excuse me?"
"You heard me. This could be between me and you. Aubrey can't treat you like I could. You should give me a chance Nicki."
Nicki looked around the room to make sure Forty was directing his comments at her. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa..." She said shaking her head with her eyes closed and holding her hand out in front of her. "Wait a minute, Forty? You can't be serious right now. Is this some kind of joke? Am I being punk'd?" She asked laughing. Nicki thought Forty was kidding, but he so wasn't.
"Punk'd? Uh, no... It's jus me and you. I mean, if you into camera's I could--"
"EW?! Forty?! No! How could you even... What the hell is wrong with you? Me and Aubrey are official. Why would you even... I thought you and Drake were cool?"
"We are, but like I said before. What he doesn't know won't hurt'm. He doesn't have to find out." Nicki's eyes got wide and her jaw dropped as her mood completely flipped from playful to disgusted.
"I cannot believe you're telling me this right now! You shouldn't be disrespecting Aubrey like this Forty."
Nicki was starting to get heated. She was upset that Forty was ignoring the relationship she and Drake were building. Nicki started imagining Candi or Lauren behaving like Forty and the results absolutely disgusted her. She didn't like this new Forty and the way he spoke to her behind Drake's back.
"I thought you were better than this Forty?"
"I am... jus let me show you... Once I hit it, you won't want me to quit it. I'll show you a good time." He said grabbing his crotch. Nicki scoffed at him.
"How dare you? I don't want you Forty! Drake is my man, he's the only one I want. Not some backstabbing phoney ass, loser "best friend" like you. I cannot believe this." She said shaking her head.
"You should really be ashamed of yourself... tryna get at your best friend's girl... the fuck kinda shit you on?"
"You right, I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not. I don't care how Aubrey feels. I'm not his mama. If Drake needs someone to talk to, I hear'm out, but I don't listen. I don't give a fuck about what he's tellin me. I jus tell'm whatever he wants to hear."
"If you don't care about him, then why the fuck are you still here?! It doesn't make any sense."
"Listen Nicki, what I do is strictly business. And do you honestly think you and Aubrey will last? I mean, the boy can't keep a girl. You couldn't even keep a job before you hit big so what makes you think you can keep a man? I'm not tryna be ya man, jus... friend's with benefits? Think about it. It works out for the both of us. No commitment."
 Nicki was furious. She didn't want to believe Forty was this stupid, this crooked. She was about to speak, but he cut her off.
"And if you even think about tellin Drake what happened in here, who do you think he'll believe? Me, who he's known his entire fuckin life? Or you? The girl who avoided a relationship with him for.. what? Three years?" He said nonchallantly.
 Nicki sunk into the sofa cushion. What Forty was saying got to her.
"Yea... I know what you'd least expect me to know. Now uhh... I suggest you let me get in those pretty little panties of yours before I tell Aubrey my side of the story. I think I'll add a few details. Aubrey'll believe me anyway, I'm his boy." He said with an evil smile.
 Just then the door opened and Drake walked back into the room. He saw Nicki scowling at Forty. She grabbed her things and sped out. He tried to stop her, but she was too upset. Drake ran after her, but when he got to the door, he looked into the hallway and Nicki was already gone.
        Nicki darted for the staircase. She was too impatient and upset to wait for the elevator. She stomped up all eleven flights, taking a break on the sixth floor. When Nicki reached Drake's room, she was out of breath. She slid the key card, entered the code and pushed the door open. She threw her purse on the couch and kicked off her flip flops. Nicki grabbed her suitcase and threw it on the bed. She started walking towards the bathroom when the door flew open.
"Nicki?!" Drake jogged to the bathroom and stood in the door frame. Nicki was gathering her toothbrush, make up kit and other items she left on the shelf. She even helped herself to the complementary sized hand lotions and soaps.
"Nicki wait..." He said trying to catch his breath. "Please... please don't leave."
Nicki rolled her eyes at him. She wasn't mad at Drake, just disappointed that he didn't see the Forty that she had just encountered. Nicki pushed past Drake and walked over to her suitcase. Drake followed her over to the bed.
"Look Nicki, I can explain. It was a long time ago and she was--"
"Explain what?!" She snapped. "Why Forty's such an asshole?!"
Nicki was fuming. She didn't even hear the last part of what Drake was saying.
"Wait... what?" Drake asked puzzled. After Nicki stuffed the lotions and stuff inside her suitcase, she zipped it up.
"Forty! He's such a pig! A fucking.... UGH!!!"
"What did he do?"
"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me... would you?"
"Tell me what?"
"What happened in the studio... what did his phoney ass have to say? I wanna know." Nicki said, rolling her neck. She crossed her arms and stared a hole thru Drake's face.
"He told me you guys were talking about exes. And he said he told you about Alicia."
"He's such a fucking liar." Nicki said lowly as she shook her head. "Who the fuck is Alicia?!" Nicki said dropping her arms. Drake was about to speak, but Nicki signaled him to stop with her hand.
"I don't even care." She huffed. Nicki started to look more sad than angry.
"Why are you so fucking nice Drake?" She asked, tearing up.
Drake frowned at her comment. Nicki grabbed her bag from the bed and rolled it to the couch, Drake followed.
"What do you mean Nicki?" She sat on the sofa and Drake sat next to her. Nicki took a deep breath before she spoke.
"You're too fucking nice. You don't even see the bad in people do you?" A tear rolled down her face and she quickly wiped it away.
"Talk to me Nicki." Drake said scooting closer to her, he reached for her hand, but she pulled away.
"Drake, I jus... I dunno."
"Tell me, I'm right here."
"Well after you left to take your call. Forty started flirting with me..."
"Ok? He's a flirt. He's just playing half the time, he know's his place. But I'll talk to him about it if it makes you uncomfortable." Nicki shook her head.
"No, you didn't let me finish... he said some really mean and nasty, off the wall shit. Really hurtful. And it saddens me that you don't see that side of him."
"What'd he say?" Nicki looked at Drake, tears still in her eyes.
"God... you're such a good person. You don't deserve to be taken advantage of." Nicki breathed.
"Forty doesn't respect you as much as you may think. He takes you for a joke. He doesn't even respect what me and you are trying to build. He is so fucking low."
Nicki started to get angry again just thinking about it. She looked away from Drake and wiped her tears.
"Wow..." Drake said, shaking his head in disbelief. "I can't believe this..."
"I know *sniffle* I can't either."
"No, you. I can't believe you." Drake stood up.
"What?" Nicki asked, looking up at him, still wiping her eyes.
"Forty told me something like this would happen a long time ago. But I ain't wanna believe him. I jus didn't expect it to be you..."
"Are you serious?"
"How could you make up something like this? Forty and I have been friend's since we were kids. He's practically my brother."
"He's playin you Drake! Don't you see that?!"
"All I see is a liar on my fucking couch!" Nicki jumped a little. She'd never seen him so angry. His tone was intimidating at this point. "I'd appreciate it if you escorted yaself out."
Nicki couldn't believe what was happening. She stood up and grabbed her suitcase. Nicki gave Drake one last look before she walked out of his room. She went to the front desk and checked into another room for the night. Nicki had to wait about an hour for a room to open up. When she got her room keys, the lady behind the desk, Ashley, told her it was on the eleventh floor. Nicki prayed it was nowhere near Drake's room. But her prayers hadn't been answered. Nicki ended up in the room directly across from him.

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    Toni Roni I really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for you to update again!! Mwuaaah!


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