Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can't Let Go {Part 1/2}

Hey barbz kenz nd boyz!! I kno it's been a hot minute since i posted nd i do apologize. It's jus im not on any kinda schedule, i post when i plz :) This is a two-parter cuz i didn't want it 2 b too long. I hope u enjoy this chapter... Oh, nd btw, it's titled after thee Anthony Hamilton song, "Can't Let Go" u should give it a listen. I'll post the song on pt 2 tho, cuz it doesn't really fit in the beginning. Anyway enough blibber blab. Here you go!!

Chapter 10:

        When Nicki arrived at Candi's house, she saw a few cars parked on the curb. Not what she expected. She also saw balloon's tied to the mailbox and silver and metallic pink confetti sprinkled on the walkway leading up to Candi's front door. Nicki started to smile a little.
"I know for a fact this isn't no damn baby shower... Candace isn't even pregnant..."
       She said to herself while pulling into her driveway. Nicki cut the ignition then quickly looked back up with a quizzical look on her face.
"...or is she??"
        Nicki shook it off and got out of the car. She stood there for a sec making sure she looked good. Checking her shoes for scuffs by turning the heel of her foot out a bit. Checking her shirt for wrinkles by smoothing it out a little. And tugging at her jacket to make sure everything was on point.

        Nicki walked up to the front door and before she could knock, it flew open.
"Oh my God Candi! Look at you!"
        The two girls hugged and Candace let her inside.
"Nooo, look at you girl!"
        Candi said, looking down at Nick's feet.
"I love those shoes! You should let me hold those."
"If you can fit them, they're a size five."
"Oh yes girl, please! Hand them over now."
        They both laughed and Nicki looked around Candi's house in amazement.
"Wow Can, this is beautiful! I love the decor."
        Nicki said taking off her jacket. Candi took it and hung it up on the coat rack.
"Come, come."
        She said grabbing Nicki by the wrist, breaking her out of her trance.
"I have a surprise for you."
"Speaking of surprises, what's with all the balloon's and confetti out front?"
        Candi looked back at Nicki with a smile and kept walking. She pulled her into the living room. There was pink EVERYWHERE! Pink balloons! Pink streamers! Pink bean bags! A huge pink table full of snacks in pink bowls, on pink plates and platters! A pink punch bowl surrounded by pink cups. Even the lightbulbs were pink, making the room glo with pink rays!

"Pump it UP!!"
        Candace randomly yelled.
        Nicki quickly asked, looking at her confused, but happy.
        People popped up like pimples! Nicki was in shock. Her eyes got wide and her jaw dropped as she looked from face to face.
"Oh my God?! Candi?! How?!?!"
        Everyone ran up to Nicki to hug her.
"What up Bonika? I missed you girl!"
        Thembi said, hugging her. Nicki laughed.
"Wow! This is all too real right now! I missed you too Thembi!"
"Oh my God! Tyesha?! How've you been babe?!" Nicki asked, hugging her.
"Hanging in there!"
"What up Nick? Ain't seen you in a minute." Vincent (aka YoungVak) said, hugging her tightly.
"Whoa! I see somebody's been working out huh?" Nicki asked, laughing.
"Hey lil mama. I see you doin big things!" Rex said.
"Haha, you know how I do."
"Now Onika, I see you showed up empty handed. Where my cheddar biscuits at?"
        Nicki burst into laughter.
"Shut UP Dominic! Hug me!"
        Dominic laughed and put his arms around her. He hugged her tight, picking her up a few feet off the ground. Safaree stepped up to Nicki and sarcastically said,
"Oh my God! It's been ages!"
        Nicki played along.
"I know right?! I haven't seen you in a minute!" The two bust out laughing and then they hugged.
"Thank you all for being here! I can't believe this!"
        Lauren ran over to Nicki from behind, she had just came out of the bathroom.
"Nicki!" Nicki turned around to see Lauren jogging toward her.
"Aaaahh! Lauren!!"
        The two ladies hugged. The mood in the room was bright. Not just because of all the pink, but because of all the smiling faces. Nicki began to fan herself with both hands. She could feel the tears coming.
"Aww Nicki don't cry." said Candace.
        But it was too late, Nicki's eyes were already watering.
"I can't help it Can... I jus... I jus..."
        Nicki couldn't speak, she put her hand up to her mouth and closed her eyes. Nicki shook her head and opened them again.
"I'm jus so happy." She breathed as tears rolled over her cheeks. Everyone aw'ed and Nicki wiped her tears away with a smile. Candi hugged her and pulled her over to the snack table. Safaree turned on the stereo and the party began. Nicki caught up with her friends and they all shared stories from their childhood. Hours passed by as they were busy laughing, joking around and having a grand time. Lauren, Vincent, Thembi and Dominic had a bit much to drink and they were TIP-SY! Nicki didn't have anything alcoholic to drink, she knew better after what happened last time.
        Candi was over by the snack table, Dominic, Tyesha and Lauren were standing in front of the plasma, flatscreen tv that hung on the wall, Vincent, Rex and Thembi were sitting on the pink bean bags over in the corner of the room having a friendly debate over something silly, and Safaree and Nicki were conversing in front of the stereo.
"Damn, I'm so glad to see that!" A drunk Vincent yelled across the room. Everybody looked at him then toward the direction he was looking in.... Nick and Safaree. The two both looked at each other in puzzlement and then at the tipsy Vak.
"What?" Nicki asked.
"You guys!" He said pointing at her and SB. "I'm glad to see you guys talking!"
"Umm... Ok? What tip guy?" Safaree said, taking a sip from his styrofoam cup.
"No no nooo!" Vincent bellowed. "Cuz... cuz... I remember dat one time when we was kids when ya'll ain't talk for like two months... TWO MONTHS!!" He said, holding up three fingers. "And now... now *sips drink* ya'll all buddy, buddy. It's good to see." Vincent, with lazy eyes, looked at Candi for a comment. She looked at Tyesha, who looked at Dominic, who then looked at Thembi who looked at Nicki. Safaree and Nicki looked at each other remembering exactly what Vincent was talking about. SB huffed with his eyes closed and Nicki bit her lip and looked down into her cup. The whole room went silent (sort of like when everyone know's something, but nobody wants to speak up about it? Yea, that awkward silence.) Nicki looked up at everyone then she turned and speed walked into Candace's kitchen. Candi and Tyesha followed her. Nicki slammed her cup down on the counter and sat on a stool, placing her head in her hands.
Nicki's sitting on the left stool, Candi on the right, Tyesha standing on Nick's left.
(Their backs facing us of course.)

        Tyesha rushed over to her, sitting her cup next to Nicki's.
"You ok baby?" Tyesha asked, rubbing Nicki's back. Candace sat on the stool next to Nicki and waited for her to answer. This was expected. Not Nicki's reaction to Vak's comment, but who ran to her to comfort her. When the girls were teens, Nicki always went to Tyesha and Candi for help and advice. They always seemed to have the right answers. Tyesha was only two years older than Nicki and Candace, but she was still more experienced. Tyesha was Candi's cousin. She didn't live close to them, but she always seemed to be there, at Candi's house. Almost like that boy Roger from "Sister Sister" except people actually wanted her around.
"Nicki?" Candi asked.
"I thought we moved passed this?"
"Sweety, he's just drunk. I'm sure he didn't mean to--"
"I know Ty..." Nicki cut her off, looking up at her. "I jus can't believe he brought it up."
"That was years ago Nick. You gotta learn to let go babe."
"I did! Well... at least I thought I did... *sighs* but it still hurts... Ugh! I feel so embarassed." Nicki said, putting her head down on the counter.
"Well tell me... what exactly are you upset about? The fact that you didn't talk for two months? Cuz if so, that's not important. You guys are cool now."
"No Ty, it's not that... It's what happened before that... the thing that actually made me stop talking to Safaree."
Tyesha and Candace looked at each other. Nicki lifted her head up.
"I wish I could go back in time and change everything." Nicki said, taking out her blackberry to look at the time, 9:41pm.
"What's done is done. You can't dwell on the past Onika. Just focus on the future, that's what's important."
"Yea, spending time crying over spilled milk isn't gonna change anything. It's jus gonna stress you out. You gotta move on babe."
Nicki half smiled and looked at them.
"You guys are right. Thank you girls. You always know exactly what to say. To be honest... it's still awkward, but I feel much better." She chuckled.
"Any time."
The three group hugged and Nicki stood up.
"Candi? Where is your bathroom? I have to go."
Candace showed her to the bathroom.
"Hold my phone for me, jus answer it if it rings."
"Will do."
        Candace and Tyesha walked back into the living room. The mood had lightened up.
"She ok?" Thembi asked.
"Yea, she's good." Answered Candi. Just then, Nicki's phone started going off. Candi answered it.
" have a collect call from *Drake's voice* 'Aubrey Grahm' "
Candi took the phone away from her ear and looked at it in shock.
"Press 1 to accept."
Candi wasn't sure what to do. She was surprised Nicki had some dude calling her from prison, but she answered it anyway.
"No, this is Candace... who is this?"
"This is Drake... is Nicki around?"
Candace's eyes got wide as she realized who she was talking to.
"Drake?!" She shouted in a low whisper so nobody heard her over the music. Candi rushed into the kitchen and waited for Nicki. When she came out of the bathroom, she saw Candace bouncing up and down like a maniac.
"You ok Candi?" Nicki asked, drying her hands. Candace ran up to her and whispered.
"Why the hell is Drake calling you?!" Nicki rolled her eyes.
"Why'd you answer?"
"You told me to!"
"Hang up on him." She said walking past Candace.
"He's in jail!" Nicki stopped in her tracks and turned around. She could feel her heart drop into her stomach.
"He's locked up fool! Wait... why the hell is he wastin his one phone call on you?! Shouldn't he be callin his momma?? What the hell happened?"
Nicki looked at Candi with a worried look on her face and slowly uttered,
"I... I don't know..."

Hahahaa! That's all for now! X) I'll post part 2 whenever. *Martha voice* Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee leave ur comments!! Thanks 4 reading, tootle loo! :p


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