Friday, September 16, 2011

Looky Looky!! B)

Hey guyz!!! This is just a post for the pics I left out of the last chapter (Taste Test). I'm able to put them up now,  there not much, but you're getting them anyhoo. Chapter 16 is under construction! :) 



Nic's hairstyle.

Regular degular tank.

The bak.

Tanks tucked in :)

What she wore under that outfit.

The shoes... Remember
Drake bought her those? ;)
[Chapter... :/ Cn't remember, lol]

Nic's robe.

Nicki's Bathroom: 

Nicki's Kitchen: 

The entrance is on the left.
Um, the table and chair's are too tall
so jus imagine they are shorter than they
are, lol. (especially the chairs! ;) )

Breakfast & Drake's blindfold: 

So yea, i hope i didn't leave anything out. *announcer man voice* Chapter 16 is coming soon to a blog site near you!! :D Stay tuned! 

OH!! B4 i 4get, special S/O to mi girl Dexteria!!! AKA Dex!!! :D She helped me pik pics! Thas mi brain twin, follow her on twitter @TMAngel_ if u dn't, i'll stop posting... So serious. Dueces!! :p


  1. Drake's shoes are dope!!! LOLL. i love the tank top and skirt (; and the kitchen and bathroom > > > > > >. thas WINNING! hahah.

    WOAH :O! those things are THICK! [insider , CTFUUUUUUUU!)

    and I want that blind fold! just because!

    and awwwwwww Dexteria! Thanks for the shout out my brain twin. I love you (; loll and you gon keep posting girl! *wink.*

    bye boo! :P pluuhhh.

  2. LOL!!! You're the bestest Dextest!! XD I love you too!! Muuuaahh!! <3

  3. *likes your comment like this is Facebook* lollll. I told someone their the best, but I lied, YOUR THE BESTEST!!!!!!!!!! ctfu! that was random but you are! yes you are! no, you are! [because we would argue about this.ctfu.)

    alright me and my abnormal self is out :/ byeee :( loll.

  4. LMFAOOOOO!!!!!!! Jus seein this! Oh mi Lord!! I freakin love you!!!! Hahahahahahaa!!!!!! too cool!!

  5. *winks..* hmmm wonder where/who I got it from?