Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chap. 15: Taste Test

Hey guyz! I've been gone for quite sum time I kno. I started mi Senior yr of high skool on the 31st and I wuz moving into mi new house at the SAME time so I've been hella busy and tired and all that exhausting stuff! I feel like I dnt get enough sleep these days, lol. Enough abt muah, I kno u guyz want the goods! *pauz* So... Here it is!

Chapter 15:

The next morning, our lovely couple were still fast asleep. The sound of the ocean and it's breeze outside of Nicki's bedroom crept through the cracked windows, allowing the curtains to flare out a little, setting a very calm and tranquil environment. Nicki had her back to Drake. She rolled over, stretching, and faced him. She fluttered her eyes open and glanced at Drake with a smile. He was still sleeping like a baby, on his side, the left of his face resting on the pillow. Nicki then lie on her right side, tucking her right arm beneath her head. She reached out with her left hand and softly raked the tips of her fingers down Drake's stubbled cheek. Nicki repeated this action until he began to stir. He furrowed his brow, crinkled his nose and exhaled through his nostrils. Nicki smirked at this and ran her hand over his hair. She started caressing his ear, then his lobe. Drake reached up and laid his hand on top of Nicki's causing her to jump a little. She didn't know he'd wake that easily since he was a deep sleeper. He softly pulled her hand from his ear lobe and kissed the back of it.

"Good morning beautiful." He said, opening his eyes to look at her. Nicki smiled.

"Hey baby. Haha, didn't think you felt that."

"Oh I did, jus didn't want you to stop." Still holding her hand, he kissed the back of it again... and again... and again. He kissed her wrist, then slowly reached up and placed kisses on her neck.

"Stooop, that tickles!" She said giggling, and trying to pull her neck away from his soft, thick, pink lips. Drake released her from the kissing spell she was about to undergo. He smiled at her then lie on his back closing his eyes. Nicki sat all the way up and crossed her legs like a warm, cinnamon pretzel awaiting it's sweet, sticky glaze.

"Get up." She said to him.

"Mm mm. I jus wanna lay here. I'm comfortable."

"But I wan-" Drake lifted his lids and placed his index finger over her lips.

"Ssshh.... Here that?" Nicki looked around the room, puzzled, and shook her head no.

"Drake? What are you-" He sat up, pressing his finger against her soft lips a little harder. It looked as if he were trying to figure out what the sound was exactly. This freaked Nic out a bit. She thought maybe he was losing it 'cause she didn't hear anything. Drake had the look of a hard thinker cross his face. Nicki pulled his hand away and held it.

"Babe?" She scooted closer to him, she looked worried. "You're scaring me, I don't hear anything." She looked towards her bedroom door while he looked toward the windows. Drake's facial muscles relaxed and the corners of his mouth began curving up.

"It's the sound of the ocean..." Nicki quickly side eyed him then she sucked her teeth and started laughing.

"You know what?" She threw his hand away from her. "You're such a freakin softy!" She pushed his head away and laughed a bit harder, Drake joined in.
"Aye?! You don't hafta be so violent."
"You had me over here thinkin I was gettin robbed and shit. Come to find out, ya soft ass listenin to the ocean!" Drake laughed.
"Hey, hey, what can I say? The sound of the ocean's really lovely." He sang that in the tune of WTGA. Nicki bust out in laughter.
"Hahahaha!!! YOU CLOWN!!! Get outta my bed silly." Nicki threw back the covers. Her legs hang over the edge of the bed as she slipped her grey socks on. She stood up and combed her hair back up into a messy bun with her fingers, her bangs cascading over her forehead. Drake watched.
"Where you goin?"
"Kitchen. I'm kinda hungry and I know you are to." She turned around to look at him, dropping her arms and rolling her red and black checkered sleeves up.
"What do you want to eat babe?" Drake was a bit surprised. He realized Nic never actually cooked for him before. He was a greedy boy who could really throw down, but he didn't want to take advantage so he just answered with, "Whatever you plan on making." She smiled then went into the bathroom to relieve herself, brush her teeth and wash her face and hands. She came back out and noticed Drake had closed his eyes again. The sheets covered up his lower half, leaving his bare torso exposed to the sunlight shining into the room through the windows. Nic smiled to herself and headed down stairs, still in her pj's. She roamed around the kitchen looking through multiple cabinets trying to figure out what it was she wanted to make. When she figured it out, Nic took the eggs out of the fridge, cinnamon out of the spice rack, bread from atop the microwave and maple sausage links from the freezer. She got out all the pans she needed then rinsed and dried them out. Nic turned on the oven, opened the links, put them in a glass pan and set the whole thing in the oven. She did that first since the meat would take longer to get done. Nicki then decided to make the French toast. She turned on one of the electric stove eyes then took out a pink bowl and cracked an egg into it. She added a little cinnamon then beat it with a fork. She untied the twist on the bread and took a piece out, leaving the bag open on the marble counter next to her. Nic dipped both sides of the bread in the mix, then put it flat in the heated pan and waited to flip it.

Meanwhile, Drake lie in bed with his eyes glued shut. About twenty minutes passed as he started to smell the delicious sweetness Nic was cooking up. He shot up and darted to the bathroom. He relieved himself, washed his hands and face, then brushed his teeth. He headed downstairs to the kitchen in his briefs and Hanes ankle socks. Nic was about done. She had just finished scrambling the eggs. She had already set the table so she just added the eggs to both of their plates. The fat and fluffy French toast were stacked high in the middle of the table on a separate plate. She didn't know how many Drake would eat so she made about six, two for her, four for him. Next to the plate sat powdered sugar and strawberry syrup. Nicki was scraping the rest of the eggs onto her plate when she looked up and noticed Drake eyeing everything on the kitchen table, she smiled.
"Hey babe, I see you're up." Drake looked at her, but Nic was not focusing on his face, he looked down and blushed.
"Whoa..." He covered himself. Nicki laughed.
"It's ok babe." She walked around the table to him, pan and fork still in hand. "I get it, food makes you horny." She giggled then kissed him. Nic turned around and walked over to the sink.
"Maybe I should cook for you more often?" She bit her bottom lip and winked at him as she turned the faucet on. Drake walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing himself up against her backside.
"Maybe you should..." He kissed all on her neck. Nicki dropped the pan plus fork in the sink and tilted her head to the left. She closed her eyes and reached her right hand up to caress the back of his head. Drake, still kissing her neck, ran his hands down her hips to her bare thighs. He slowly brought them back up under her shirt. Pressing against her a little harder, he rubbed his left hand across her belly button and started moving his fingers down, her knees knocked against the cabinet under the sink. The buzzer on the oven unexpectedly went off startling them both. They jumped and looked over at it at the same time. Drake's big fella relaxed and he let her go to walk over to the oven.
"Damn it." Nicki said under her breath. Drake grabbed an oven mitt, opened the oven and took out the sausages, placing them on the stove. He glanced over at a pouting Nicki as she turned off the faucet and dried her hands, she didn't notice him staring. Drake looked at the sausages again, doing a double take.
"DAMN! These sausage links are big as hell!" Nicki snapped out of her little mood and walked over to him.
"Well, I do like my sausages big, thick and juicy." They weren't steaming hot so she picked one up and felt the tip of it with her tongue. She bit into it while they gazed at one another. Juice flowed down her chin then she pulled the bitten sausage from her lips. "You're dr-dripping babe." Drake stuttered. Nicki giggled then wiped her chin with the back of her hand.
"How'd you guess?" She turned to head to the table. Drake looked a bit confused, but then he put two and two together. He shook his head and smirked then grabbed the pan of sausages and went to go sit at the table with her. He placed them next to the stack of French toast and scooted his chair inward.
"You are somethin else, you know that?" Nicki took two of the French toast and looked at him.
"I do now." She picked up the strawberry syrup and drizzled some over her toast. Then she took up the powdered sugar and sprinkled a dash over them both. Drake took two as well.
"Oh, you can have them all. The rest are yours." Drake was being polite, but when she said that, he did NOT hesitate. He snatched up the other two like his life depended on it. Nicki smiled.
"Haha, you are such a fatty."
"Aren't I?" He grinned. He smothered his four pieces of French toast in the strawberry syrup and scooped out two spoonfuls of powdered sugar. He then placed two of the three thick, maple sausage links on his plate. There were originally four, but Nic already attacked one so she had one remaining. She went to reach for her cup then realized it was empty.
"Oh shoot! I forgot the juice." She went to get up, but Drake stopped her.
"I'll get it."
He got up and walked to the fridge.
"Apple, Orange, or Cranberry?"
Drake came back to the table with the juice and poured Nicki a cup.
"Thanks babe. *takes a sip*"
"No problem."
He then poured himself some and left the jug of Simply Orange on the table just in case. They ate most of what was on their plate. Some how Nic ended up on his lap during breakfast. She had already finished all her food so she took it upon herself to feed him. Drake loved it.
"Slow down greedy! Hahahaha! Don't bite my finger off!" Drake smiled with a full mouth. It was almost like he was a baby. He had strawberry syrup smeared across his bottom lip and a little powdered sugar on his upper. Nicki had the sticky, red syrup on the thumb and index finger of her right hand. Drake swallowed his food and Nicki went to lick her fingers, but he grabbed her wrist. He wrapped his lips around her index finger and did it for her. Her jaw dropped.
"Heeey! How do you know I didn't wanna lick my own finger?"
"Cuz." He shrugged. "It's my job to taste you."
"Ooo.... well you missed one..." She went to lick her thumb, but Drake got to it before she did.
"You should really learn to share." She giggled.
"Come here, it's my turn." She slowly pulled her thumb out of his mouth and leaned in to kiss him. Nicki sucked the strawberry syrup from his bottom lip and powder from his upper. When she finished, she didn't pull away. She inserted her tongue into his mouth and they both shared a sweet and sticky make out session. Five minutes passed and they pulled away from each other.
"Damn, I thought you was boutta suck a nigga face off."
"Hahahaha! Shut up!" She picked up the last thing on his plate, a link. "Here, finish this."
"This was the best food I've ever had, but I can't, I'm stuffed. You eat it."
"Aww, thank you sweetie! And sure, why not? It's fine with me." She went to bite it, but Drake took it from her.
"I thought you didn't want it?!"
"Stop whining, I don't."
"So why'd you take it?"
"Cuz I wanna feed it to you. Open wide."
"Pauz that."
"Nope. Unnecessary. Open wide." Nicki hesitated, but eventually did what he ordered. Drake put the tip of the sausage on her bottom lip and slid it in slowly. Nicki began to bite down, but before she could, Drake quickly pulled it out.
"Drake?!" He laughed. "Are you gonna give it to me or not?"
"I'll give it to you alright."
"Hahaha, stop bein nasty. Jus feed me the damn sausage."
"Beg for it."
"Yes. Beg."
"How?" Drake shrugged.
"However you want. Jus convince me to give it to you."
"Fine." Nicki thought for a second. "Drake? Baby? You know that I love you right?" He nodded. "Well I think it would be in your best interest if you fed me that there sausage." She looked at it then back at him.
"Hmmm..... Well Nicki?" She pressed her lips together and nodded. "I love you too and I know you can do better than that so I'm gonna say no."
"This is stupid." She folded her arms and poked her bottom lip out.
"Haha, don't pout cuz you can't get your way. Here girl." Drake shoved it in her mouth.
"MMM?!!?!!" She pulled it out and slapped him upside the back of his head. "What the hell?!?! Are you trying to choke me?!"
"Ow! You wanted it." She side eyed him and bit the maple link. Drake patted her thigh and told her to get up.
"Well I would like to shower some time today Ms. Maraj." Nicki finished the link and stood up she rinsed off all the dishes and placed them in the dish washer. Drake put the orange juice back in the fridge and shelved the strawberry syrup and powdered sugar. He was about to head upstairs until Nicki asked, "Hey babe, Im about to do laundry. Have anything you need me to wash?"
"If you want, my duffel's on the ottoman."
"K." Drake got out the clean clothes he'd be wearing and headed to Nic's bathroom. Nicki went to get her suitcase and his duffel. She took them to the laundry room and loaded the washing machine with their dirty clothing. She decided to wash her night shirt too so she unbuttoned it and threw it in. She went upstairs in only her black and red thongs and grey, cotton socks. Nicki heard the shower running so she peeked into the bathroom. She couldn't see much 'cause everything was fogged up so she went in, closing the door behind her. Nic slipped out of her socks then tiptoed over to the shower and knocked on the glass door.
"Hey Aubrey? Mind if I join you?"
"Do you mind if I- ugh..." She opened the door and poked her head in. Drake was shampooing his hair. Suds ran down his arms.
"I said do you mind if I join you?" She bit her lip awaiting an answer. Drake smiled and hurriedly answered.
"Of course!" He rinsed his hair out and moved over so that she had room. Nicki pulled the door open further, exposing her topless self.
"Ooo, I see we've already started undressing. Sorry I missed the show." He said slowly, admiring her curvaceous body.
"You're not too late..." She placed her thumbs on the sides of her thong and starting sliding them down, Drake tentatively watched.
"Eat me?" He asked, reading her thong. "Are you trying to tell me something?" Nicki shrugged with a smile.
"You tell me..." She stepped into the shower and closed the door behind her.
"Move back." Drake did so. Nicki turned around so that the water streamed down onto her chest. Drake stood behind her, trying to keep his hands and eyes to himself. He was successful with one of those. Drake's eyes wandered all over her. They caressed her body, fondled her ass and squeezed her boobs. His eyes placed soft kisses on her neck and wrapped themselves around her waist. They massaged her shoulders and gripped her thighs. Drake could feel himself rising. He reached down to stop it. He closed his eyes and thought about something he hated. Drake's dick calmed down, he kept his eyes on her back, but even that was sexy so he looked at the shower head. He had already washed up, but he didn't want to leave her in the shower alone so he just stood there, staring at that good 'ol shower head. Nicki washed all of her body then looked over her shoulder at Drake.
"Wash my back?" She asked, handing him her soapy wash cloth. Drake knew this wasn't gonna be easy. He took the hot pink wash cloth from her and started at her shoulders. Nicki stepped back so the water wouldn't rinse the soap off right away. She was now closer to Drake and he started getting aroused again.
"Um... Nic?" He hesitated. "If you uhh.... Feel anything.... Anything hard.... It's not my fault..."
"Haha, sure it isn't." She turned around to face him, taking her wash cloth, and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Oh look! Jimmy's happy!" She said looking down.
"Yes. Not you. Him."
"You named my penis? Jimmy??"
"Hahaha! Yeeess! And it fits you perfectly." She pressed her body up against him. "Or me..." She kissed his lips. Drake ran his hands down her soapy back and gripped her ass. She dropped her wash cloth and moved her hands to hold the sides of his wet face. They kissed for what seemed like hours, but it wasn't really that long.
"Hold on babe." Nicki stood under the stream of running water and let her hair get wet. The soap disappeared off her body as she took her bun out of the scrunchy. She put it on her wrist and watched Drake watching her.
"Come here..." She said seductively. Drake stepped closer. Nicki ran her hands down his rock hard abs and stepped even closer, moving out of the stream of water.
"Damn, you're ripped." She moved her hands even lower.
"Mmm, strong fella isn't he?" Nic stroked his manz with both her hands. This caught him off guard.
"Whoa! Onika? I don't think you should... Mmm.... do that." He was enjoying this even if he was trying to get her to stop.
"Why not?" She gripped it tighter.
"Mmm....." He closed his eyes. "Because......" He bit his lip. "Because baby.... We're... Ooh... in the shower..." Nicki chuckled.
"Haha, poor excuse Aubrey. Besides I think it would be-" They were interrupted by multiple knocks on the front door. It was loud, almost like the police were bangin on it.
"Really?!" Nicki turned off the shower and stepped out of it. She dried herself off then put her rose pink, silk robe on to go answer the door. Drake followed suit, however he stayed in her room putting lotion on after he dried off.
Nicki ripped the door open. She was already upset, but she was furious when she saw SB standing there.
"What the fuck do you want?! Bangin on my door like you five-o!"
"Whoa Nic! My bad, did I interrupt somethin?" *As a matter of fact, yes the fuck you did asshole!!!!! >,<* She thought, but she didn't say that. She took a deep breath.
"No... What do you want?"
"Well I called you a few times before I drove over here, but you didn't answer. So I came to check on you. Why is your hair wet? You ok?"
"I'm fine Faree."
"Good, now let me in." He barged in before she could say no. Nicki rolled her eyes, she could already feel the head ache forming in her temple. She shut the front door and walked in the kitchen where Safaree was searching her fridge.
"Why are you here Safaree?"
"I already told you girl. You didn't answer ya phone so I came over to check on you, see if you was good."
"Thanks for caring, but as you can see, I'm fine. You can go now. I'd appreciate that. Like alot."
"Naw, I'm already here, I'm good." SB took out a bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale and a 5th of Hennessy. Nicki didn't drink so it wasn't hers. Safaree just kept all his liquor there for safe keeping. Since he and the Vakies shared a place, they always helped themselves to Safaree's liquor. He wasn't too fond of that so he stashed his sippy sippy at Nic's.
"By the way, when'd you buy that red Ferrari out front? It's fresh..." He closed the fridge and took a glass from the cabinet.
"It's not mine." Nicki folded her arms and pouted. Not 'cause she didn't own the car, but because Safaree wouldn't leave.
"Ooohhh.... So is it a gift for a coon? Let's say he's about 6' 3" handsome, wears fitted's, is extra icey..." He turned around, facing her, and leaned back on the counter, flashing his pinky ring.
"No dumbass. It's not for you."
"Then who's is it?" His answer came walking down the spiral staircase. He had on khaki cargo's, a black Adidas tee and black Adidas sneakers with a white G-shock around his left wrist. He walked into the kitchen and saw SB sipping his drink.
"Hey man." Drake said, nodding at him.
"Aye, wussup?" SB, still leaning back on the counter, tipped his glass toward Drake. The ice in the glass made a tinkling sound. He walked up behind a cross-armed Nicki and kissed her on her temple, wrapping his arms around her waist. She looked up and smiled.
"Ok... I'm feeling like I really interrupted somethin..." Safaree stood up and put his Hennessy back in Nic's fridge, he held on to the glass though.
"How long you here for?" Drake asked as politely as possible. He really didn't mean anything by it, just asked to ask. Safaree was about to answer, but Nicki answered for him.
"He was just leaving." Safaree didn't want to make her look like a liar so he agreed.
"Yea... I jus stopped by to grab a drink. Didn't mean to bother you guys..."
"Bother? Nah, you good. You jus-" Nicki elbowed Drake in his side causing him to let out a faint grunt.
"You ard man?"
"Yea... *clears throat* Yea, I'm fine."
"Oh, ok. Well I'm out. Nice ride by the way."
"Thanks." Safaree let himself out and Nic turned to Drake.
"What was that about?!" He asked, holding his ribcage.
"You talk too much Aubrey."
"I was jus making conversation."
"Well don't!"
"Whoa! Why so snappy?" Nicki caught herself.
"I'm sorry babe. It's jus all these interruptions! I jus... I can't take it. I want you to myself. That's all. And when I can't have you I jus get like this. My bad." She hugged him.
"It's ok Nika, you'll have some Drizzy time."
"Not exactly..." Nicki looked hurt.
"But why? Do you have somewhere to be???"
"Actually... I do. I jus got a call from my manager a few minutes ago. He's in LA and he needs me at some meeting."
"But Aubreeey?" She whined, looking up at him, her arms still wrapped around him.
"I know, I know. But I'll be back Onika. I'll only be gone for a couple hours."
"Well I understand. When business calls, one must go."
"Exactly." He kissed her on the lips. Nicki walked him to the door.
"See you later baby."
"See you." They kissed again and Drake jogged to his car, she watched him as he pulled off. He beeped the horn and turned left out of her driveway. Nicki went to finish getting dressed. She blow dried her hair and Shirley Temple curled it. After she dried the clothes that she washed earlier, she began folding them. She put Drake's stuff back in his big, black duffel bag and took her things to her room. Nicki hung up what needed to be on hangers and tucked away things that went in dresser drawers. Then she lounged around the house, cleaning unnecessary things.

[4hrs Later] 6:43pm

*diiing, dooong!*

Nicki rushed to the door and swung it open.
"Aahh!!! You're back!!" She threw her arms around Drake's neck and kissed him deeply.
"Yea, sorry it took so long."
She let him in and closed the door behind him. They both walked up the steps into the living room and sat on the couch.
"I like your hair." He said, twirling one of her curls. She blushed.
"Thanks babe.... So what was the meeting about?" Drake huffed and looked down.
"What's wrong?" Nicki moved closer to him and tried to look in his eyes. He lifted his head back up and replied.
"They want me to go on tour."
"Oh..... Well, are you?"
"I have to baby."
"How soon are you leaving me?"
"This Wednesday... July 27th..."
"But that's the day after tomorrow."
"I know. I don't know why they wait til the last minute to tell me. It starts the 31st. I haven't prepared or anything." He shook his head. Nicki patted him on the back.
"It's ok baby. You gotta do what you gotta do.... How long are you gonna be gone for?"
"Well as far as I know two weeks, but that could change... Damn, I was really looking forward to spending more time with you..." Drake smoothed out his hair a few times by running his palm over it in a forward motion. Nicki was about to speak, but she could feel herself choking up.
"Well look... Don't be upset... It's business. It's what we both signed up for when we put our first mixtapes out, right?" She tried to force a laugh.
"Hey? I think I know something we can do to cheer us both up..." Drake looked at her.
"What's that?"
"Wait here. I'll be right back."
Nicki raced into the kitchen. Drake could here pots and pans clinking. He heard water running and the fridge and cabinets opening multiple times. He heard something fall with a loud thump and was about to go check until he heard, "I'm ok! I didn't break anything! Sit back down!" Drake hadn't even raised up off the couch cushion yet. Nicki just knew he'd come check on her. He relaxed and waited. Twenty-five minutes passed. Nicki came back in the living room with a blind fold.
"Put this on babe." Drake looked at her like, what the fuck.
"Never mind, I'll do it." Nicki straddled his lap and put the blind fold over his eyes, tying it around the back of his head.
"Now tell me exactly what's going on."
"Nope! Stand up please." She said getting off of him. Drake did this.
"Come here." Nicki grabbed his hands and started to pull him.
"Wait! I can't see."
"That's the point. I want you to learn to trust me. It's sort of like a liddle test." She smiled. "Come on, I won't hurt you." Drake took a step.
"Progress!! Ok now jus let me lead you. We're heading to the kitchen." Drake allowed Nic to guide him to their destination. She pulled out a kitchen chair and sat him in it.
"Did I pass?"
"So far you're doing very well."
"Sooo, can I take this off now?"
"Not yet. We're not done." Nicki grabbed a bowl off of the counter and straddled his lap.
"Open your mouth."
"What?!" He reached for the blind fold, but Nicki smacked his hand away.
"Open your mouth." Drake laughed.
"No, I'm not gonna do that."
"Please? Do it for me?" Nicki kissed him then whispered against his lips, "You trust me don't you?" Drake smiled then slowly opened his mouth.
"Stick out your tongue." He laughed then followed her directions.
"Aaahhh...." Nicki dipped her index finger in the bowl and placed it on his tongue. He sucked away making Nicki giggle.
"See? It's not that bad."
"Mmm, what is that?"
"I need more." Nicki dipped her finger in the bowl again and inserted it in his mouth.
"Is... Is that cake mix?"
"Bingo! Now tell me what kind."
"Hmm.... One more taste."
"Sure..." Nicki gave him more.
"Ima say it's red velvet..."
"Ooo! You know your stuff! Hahaha!" Drake laughed with her.
"Are we done?"
"No. Stop asking." Nicki got up and put the bowl on the counter. She came back and straddled his lap with another concoction of hers.
"Open." He did this with no hesitation this time. This made Nicki feel good. It was a sign his guard was slowly, but surely falling down.
"Mmm!!! Whoa! What is that?! It tastes like... Like... YOU!"
"Hahahaha! Shut up Aubrey! And that's not a good enough answer. Be more specific cuz I know I'm sweet."
"Tastes like Mango."
"Mango it is! I sware you're such a foodie! Haha, I bet you could memorize a cook book." Drake sucked his teeth.
"Whatever... Bring on the rest."
"Ok, last one... Um... It didn't really turn out how I wanted it to, but hopefully you'll like it." She got up and came back with a small, plastic bowl and a spoon.
"Here..." She scooped up a small amount and put the spoon to his lips. Drake tasted it and a smile formed across his face.
"Not bad. I actually really like that one... What is it?"
"I don't know. I found it in the very back of the freezer..."
"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!" He reached up and wiped his tongue off with the back of his hand, tipping the bowl and spoon over toward Nic. He was still blind folded so of course it was an accident.
"I'm kidding!!!!! Hahahaha!!!! Look at what you did! You got it all over me." Nicki reached over him and sat the bowl and spoon on the kitchen table behind him. She went to get up, but Drake stopped her.
"I apologize. Where you goin?"
"To clean this off, it's getting sticky."
"Let me do it." Nicki smiled.
"Ok..." She pulled her tank top off and threw it behind her. She leaned forward and Drake kissed her bosom until his lips met the sweet carmel. He licked and licked until it was all gone.
"There you go."
"No..... don't stop Aubrey. Keep goin..." She breathed. Drake felt his way around to her back and unhooked her bra. He kissed her boobs and suckled her nipples. Nicki sat on him biting her lip in complete bliss. She scooted up a little and Drake took the blind fold off. Nicki reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. She kissed his pecs and then his neck. Drake reached between them and unzipped his shorts. Nicki lifted up a little and he pulled them off. She straddled him in the kitchen chair, topless, her hands on his six pack. Drake rolled up her skirt and began to pull off her thongs as she lifted one knee then the other. Drake dropped them on the linoleum and pulled out a very erect Jimmy. Nicki looked down, bit her lip then looked Drake in the eyes.
"One sec..." She stood up and slipped out of her skirt; Drake took off his blue briefs. She walked over to one of the kitchen drawers and pulled out an unopened box of 12-pack condoms.
"I figured we'd be needing these..." She opened it and ripped one off. She strutted back over to Drake and put the Magnum on him while straddling him. She reached her left arm behind her and placed it on his knee to scoot herself up so she could fit him all in. Drake thrusted his pelvic area forward to help her, resulting in Nic's lower half bucking against him. Nicki gasped causing Drake to look up at her.
"You okay baby? Did I hurt you?"
Nicki shook her head no and breathlessly replied,
"Mmmm, I'm fine. You're doing... just... fine..." She loosely wrapped her arms around his neck and began to ride him. Nicki started off slow and steady, creating a rhythm they could both follow. Drake had no problem, he caught on quickly. He started kissing her neck as he held her back so she wouldn't fall. Nicki tilted her head a bit so he could enjoy her like he wanted to. As she moved her hips back and forth, Drake ran his hands down her back and grabbed her ass.
"Ooh! This feels so good Aubrey!" She started grinding him a little faster, Drake moved his hands up and held on to her waist. He lifted her up a bit causing her feet to leave the floor. Then he rocked himself back and forth inside her. Nicki's toes curled.
"Uuuuuhhhh!!!!" She moaned. Drake brought her back down hard.
"DRAKE?!!" She squealed.
"I'm sorry..."
"No.... No.... Do it again! Please?! Do it again!" He followed her orders. Nicki then began to bounce up and down on him.
"Oooohhh!!!!! I'm sorry Aubrey!!!! I didn't mean to overreact!"
"Overreact?" He whispered.
"The other day baby. I'm sorry! Uuuhhh!!! I'm sorry!!!"
"It's ok baby. I'm glad you got upset, if you didn't, I woulda thought you didn't care." He kissed her lips.
"Aaaahhhh!!!! I'm sorry!!! Oh God I'm so sorry!!!" She continued to bounce up and down on his joystick. She then leaned forward, burying her face in his neck and began to roll her hips, grinding on him HARD! The chair rocked back so Drake reached forward grabbing the air so they wouldn't topple over. He jolted a little then quickly brought his hand back with a slap on Nicki's ass.
"Uuh!! Sss!! You know exactly how to please me!" She kissed his neck and then moved up to his earlobe. She nibbled on it for a while until Drake pulled her off.
"Get up..."
"Noooo, I... I... I can't..."
Drake put his hands under her knees and stood up, still inside her.
"Aubrey?! Oooooo!!!! Baby?! What are you doing???"
Drake didn't say a word. He was simply trying something new. He turned around, sliding the chair in front of him with his foot then sitting down. Nicki's back was now up against the back of the chair. Her legs were hanging over Drake's thighs. He held onto the sides of the chair and scooted up. Drake thrust into her with all he had. Nicki, who's eyes were closed, threw her head back and furrowed her brow. Drake didn't stop. His dick was like a heat seeking missile. He pumped and pumped, driving Nicki insane. They were both starting to sweat.
"Hhhmmmmm!!!!! Aubrey?!?!?! I'm..... Oohh!!! I'm..... I'm about to cum!" Nicki closed the little space they had between them. She wrapped her arms under his arms, resting her hands on top of his shoulders so that her nails were pointing at her. With their bodies pressed tight, Drake stood up yet again. Nicki wrapped her legs around him, locking them together. She kissed his neck and he quickly carried her to her room. However, they never made it to her bed. They both ended up on her carpeted floor. Drake lay her down on her back and threw her legs over his shoulders. He stroked until she came. He wasn't far behind. But he wasn't done just yet. Drake carried Nicki to her bed and started kissing her from her lips to her lips. He teased her clit with the tip of his tongue and licked inside her like he was searching for buried treasure.
"Ooooohhhhh Shit Aubrey!!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!" Nicki screamed in high pitch falsetto's. Drake's wet and wide tongue was a beast all its own. She clenched the bed sheets and tensed up.
"Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!! Uuuhh!! Sss!! Aaaahh!!!!" Drake shoveled his tongue deeper into her vagina. If I didn't know any better, I'd declare he thought she was cream-filled. "Oh!! Oh!! Uuh!! YES!! Ooohh baby YYYEEEEESSS!!!!!" Nicki arched her back and her body began to tingle. A sensational heat wave shot through her. It traveled out of her finger tips and toes, causing her body to quiver. Drake knew she had just cum... again. He kindly kissed her pussy then lifted his head up, licking his lips. He had the look of a wild lion who had just finished attacking his prey. The taut muscles in his back glistened with sweat. He breathed heavily through his nose and looked up at Nicki with a devilish grin. She looked down at him then at the ceiling. She raised her right knee up, tiredly rocking it from left to right. Nicki breathed hard trying to catch her breath. She lazily blinked her eyes and wiped the sweat from her face with the backs of both her hands. Drake went to go take care of himself in the bathroom then came back out. He crawled up next to Nicki, who was still trying to cool off, and kissed her cheek. She smiled a tired smile and fanned herself. "Oh my God Aubrey... You sir? Are a fucking beast..." He chuckled and pulled her hot body close as they lie on top of the covers.
"Well I have to be since you're my Beauty." Nicki smiled then snuggled up under him and they both cuddled each other to sleep.

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