Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chap. 17: Little Bit

I have NOT slept at all 2nite e_e Im not tired now, but i will regret this shit later! Lol, It's 5:54am.... i wuz s'posed 2 get up 54 minutes ago...... Oy.... ANYWAY!! I'll sleep later, here's the chapter. I dn't have the time to look over mi mistakes cuz i gotta get ready 4 skool now, EXCUSE ALL ERRORS !!!! Plz and thank you :)

Chapter: 17

“Come on baby… get up.”
Nicki slowly lifted her head from the crevice of Drake’s now soaked neck. She looked him in the eyes, whimpering, with the corners of her mouth turned down.
“Sshhh…” He wiped her tears. “It’s ok Onika.” He sniffled. “Come on… let’s get you to bed.”
She moved off of him and stood up in the navel high, bubbling water, shivering with her arms crossed over her upper torso. A warm breeze had blown through, passing over her wet skin.
“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Drake stepped out of the Jacuzzi and went to go retrieve towels for them. He came back and helped Nicki out of the hot tub. Once her feet were sturdily on the ground, he dried her off and wrapped her in a pink towel. With a green towel tightly tucked around his waist, Drake picked her up and carried her like a newborn baby up to her room despite his injured knee. He laid her down on her bed and kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll be back.”
Nicki looked up with tired, puffy, red eyes and nodded her head. Drake then went to go shower. When he finished, he walked back into her room, fully dressed, and snuggled up behind her, stroking her hair ‘til she fell asleep. Nicki was comfortably covered with her towel, laying on her right side in fetal position. Her snoring was soft and wispy. You wouldn’t be able to hear it unless you were as close to her as Drake was. His arm was draped over her waist, his mouth to her ear. He just lie there, soaking her in. Two hours passed and Drake was still wide awake. His thoughts wouldn’t let him rest. They traveled through his mind like busy tourists in Hong Kong. He felt Nicki fidgeting under him so he raised his arm and sat up to look down at her. She deeply exhaled through her nose and rolled onto her back with a stretch.
“How long you been up?” She asked with closed eyes.
“I never went to sleep.”
Nicki blinked her eyes open and looked over then up at him. “Really?”
He nodded.
“So what’ve you been doin’ for,” Nicki took him by his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist. “two hours?”
“Listenin to you… do you know you talk in your sleep?”
“I do?”
“Haha, yea…”
“What was I sayin’?”
“A whole bunch of random shit… I don’t know what was goin’ on in ya head, but I do know you didn’t want the monkey to take your banana.”
“The hell?”
“I don’t know, you dreamt it.”
“Hahaha, I don’t remember.”
“You have a wild imagination.”
“Can’t argue with you there.” Nicki sat up, holding her pink towel over her breasts, and looked Drake square in the eyes. “I’m… goin’ to go shower. I smell like chlorine.”
“Okay. I’ll be downstairs if you need me.”
“I can’t eat?”
“Oh. Well do you boo.” Nicki walked toward the bathroom, dropping her towel in the hamper near the bathroom door. She went in as Drake got off the bed to go downstairs. He made them both something to eat and waited for her to join him. Thirty minutes later, she came down in one of his huge, black OVO tee shirts and her fuzzy, pink slippers. She witnessed Drake murdering a plate of Buffalo wings.
“Whoa, slow down babe. Haha, I don’t think they’re goin’ anywhere.”
Drake looked up, licking his fingers and smiled. “I made you some too. Your plate’s in the microwave.”
“Aw, thank you baby.”
He watched her as she went to got get it. She sat down, across from him, at the table and said her grace. Drake got up, dumped his bones in the garbage and washed his dish. Nicki watched him as she nibbled on a mini drumstick. He sat back down at the table and watched her.
“So you’re jus gonna watch me eat? You’re creeping me out…” She admitted, covering her mouth.
“Haha, it’s cute… the way you eat. Like a little mouse or somethin’”
Nicki giggled. “Shut up.”
He smiled. Just then, a thought flickered across Nicki’s mind.
”Hey babe? I jus realized something… I only have a few more hours left with you.”
“Don’t remind me.”
“You know what? We should do something. I don’ t remember when we ever actually got out of this house… together.”
“What did you have in mind?”
Nicki ate the last of her six Buffalo wings then scooted her chair out to go throw the bones away. “Something spontaneous. Like something we haven’t done before?”
“It’s almost 6:30pm. What else can we do this late in the day?”
“Time doesn’t matter. I have an idea…. You have bots right?”
“I didn’t pack any. Why?”
“Well… I wanna go star gazing…”
“You don’t hafta leave the house to do that. I’m right here.”
“Haha, no Aubrey.” She said, washing her plate. “I want to go like climb a mountain or something and jus look at the stars. I heard it’s better to see them from a mountaintop.”
“Nic? How are we gonna get on top of a mountain?”
“Hike it?”
“Yea? It’ll be fun.” She dried her hands and turned to look at him, her lower back resting against the edge of the sink. “Don’t be lazy Aubrey. I don’t like lazy people.”
“I’m not against it. I jus hope you can keep up with me.”
She smiled. “I’m pretty sure that won’t be an issue sir.”
“Haha, that’s what you say… So when we leavin’?”
“Um, lemme handle a few things first. Be back.”
Drake watched as Nicki rushed out of the kitchen. She went upstairs to call Safaree. She asked him to buy a few things they’d need for the hike and bring them over. When he got there, SB had driven Drake’s car to return it back to him. Rex was following behind in another car so Safaree would have a way back home. SB had bags of stuff Nicki and Drake would probably never use again. As Dricki sat in the living room, Nic picked through the bags and found two pairs of hiking boots. She pulled out sleeping bags, bug repellant, two flashlights and a survival manual.
“Safaree?” She asked, flipping through the book. He was bringing in the last thing from the trunk… a tall, white box. Nicki looked at him with a puzzled look. “What’s that?”
“A tent…”
“Wait… you think we’re like camping or something?”
SB nodded like that was the obvious thing to do.
“No… we’re not camping Faree. It’s jus for a few hours…”
Drake spoke up in his defense. “Actually… that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea… why would we make the trip and not stay?”
Nicki closed the manual to think. “Well… I… I don’t know. I mean, I guess we could camp out…”
“Okay, so we will. Thank you Safaree.” Drake stood up and limped to dap him up. Nicki saw this.
“Aubrey… you’re still limping…”
“I’ll be fine… come on, let’s get this stuff all packed up.”
Nicki sighed and stood up off the couch. She went upstairs to change her clothes then she searched her medicine cabinet in her bathroom until she found what she needed. She came back downstairs to find Drake strapping on his hiking boots. “Where’s Safaree?”
“He left.”
“How rude? He didn’t tell me bye.”
Drake shrugged and looked at what Nic held in her hand. “What’s that?”
“Oh, it’s for you. It’s an Ace bandage and some Bio freeze.”
“Bio freeze?”
“Yea, it numbs the pain.” She walked over and sat next to him on the couch. Nicki carefully lifted his leg up and placed it over her lap. She tore open the packet of topical ointment and massaged it into his bruised knee. It gave Drake’s leg a cool and tingly feeling. “This should last you for a few hours or so. I’ll bring more in case you need it.” She said as she wrapped his knee in the Ace bandage. “There you go.”
“Thanks baby.” He kissed her on the cheek.
“Come on lover boy. I wanna leave before the sun sets.” Nicki placed his leg back on the floor and helped him stand. The medicine took effect quickly. Drake could barely feel his knee. They loaded everything into the trunk of Drake’s Ferrari then came back inside to load up on snacks; nothing major though.
Drake went in the living room to make sure they had everything. He noticed Nicki’s hiking boots still in the box on the coffee table. “Nicki?!”
She walked out of the kitchen with the bag of snacks they’d be taking with them. “What?”
“How are you gonna hike without your boots?” He looked down at her heeled, cheetah printed size fives. “Haha, you’re not serious?”
“What? They didn’t go with my outfit.”
“Nic? You can’t hike in heels.”
“Says who?”
“Anyone with common sense. You should really change your shoes.”
“I’ll change them if I need to. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine. We’re jus climbing a hill.”
“Where exactly is this hill?” Drake asked, picking up her shoe box. Nicki reached into her purse and pulled out her blackberry. She showed Drake that they’d be hiking the Mishe Mokwa Trail. He had no clue what that was, but he didn’t complain. They both walked to the front door and Nicki locked up. Then they headed to Drake’s car.
“Can I drive? Nicki asked as they walked.
“I wanna drive.”
“Haha, I’m not letting you drive my car.”
“Why? It’s not like I’m gonna crash it.”
“You might. It’s too fast for you.”
“I can handle the curves so shut up and let me drive.” She snatched the keys from him and strutted to his side of the car in heels. Drake didn’t even bother getting them back. Defeated, he walked around to the passenger’s side and got in.
“Be careful Nicki.” He buckled his seat belt and pulled it tight.
“Hush boy. I got this.” She buckled her seat belt. Nicki sat there for a second, her eyes roaming around the steering wheel and dashboard. Drake looked on with a smirk.
“You got this?” He teased. He took the keys from her and started the car for her. Nicki put both hands on the wheel at ten and two. Drake chuckled. “No…” He took her right hand and placed it on the stick shift. “This hand stays here. You have driven six speeds before right?”
“Only for a test drive, but I think I know what I’m doin babe.”
Fright flashed across Drake’s face. He sunk into his seat and performed the sign of the cross. Nicki saw this.
“Stop bein so dramatic. You’re not even Catholic so I doubt that works for you.”
“God answers all prayers…” He tightened up his seat belt some more. Nicki giggled then shifted the gear and stepped on the gas. The car violently jolted, but didn’t go anywhere.
“Okay. Thas enough, I’m drivin.” Drake quickly undid his seatbelt and went to open the door.
“Noooo!!!” She whined, holding him back in his seat. “I said I got it babe. Jus please give me another chance?”
“Hell no! I do wanna live to see another day. I am not tryna die.”
“Baby? Pleeease???” She whined.
“No.” He unbuckled her seatbelt. “Switch sides with me.” Nicki reluctantly got out of the car. She slammed the door behind her and stomped around to the passenger’s side. Drake got out and held the door open for her. He politely grabbed her by the elbow; her arms were folded. “You mad at me?”
Nicki rolled her eyes at him and snatched her arm away. “Get off me.” She got in the car and slammed the door.
“I’ll take that as a yes….” Drake jogged to the driver’s side and got in. He glanced at Nicki, who was holding her head up with her fist. Her elbow was resting against the door, lip poked out. He buckled his seatbelt and put the car in the correct gear then pulled off. They were halfway to their destination when they reached a fork in the road. Drake stopped.
“Which way do I turn? Left or right?”
“You wouldn’t hafta ask if you let me drive…” She mumbled under her breath.
“I said take a left, I’m only along for the ride…”
Drake side eyed her and turned right.
“Why would you ask if you’re not even gonna listen to me?”
“Cuz you’re wrong. Look,” He nodded at a sign ahead before Nicki had a chance to spit a comeback. She turned her attention to what he had pointed out and realized her mistake.
“Oh.” Was all she could say.
When they arrived to the trail, Nicki looked out of her window at the Santa Monica Mountains. Her eyes were huge. “What the fu…” She trailed off. “Drake? Where are my boots?” He smirked and reached into the backseat and handed them to her. Nicki quickly changed her shoes and they both got out. Drake had parked near a lot of trees. They both took everything out of his trunk and humped up the mountain like soldiers in Vietnam. Twenty minutes had already passed and the sun was beginning to set as they hiked in silence. Nicki had gotten over her little attitude and actually started to enjoy the evening. Drake was lagging behind her. His knee was no longer a problem as long as the Bio freeze continued to do its job. Nicki tried to make conversation, but he was off in his own world so she was only talking to herself. He watched her walk ahead of him as she was stepping over stones, swatting bugs and avoiding thorn bushes. Nicki was like Indiana Jones. All she needed was the whip and cowboy hat.
“Drake? Are you listening to me?”
He didn’t answer. He was too busy focusing on the way her body moved as she worked the trail.
“Auubreey?” She sang. When he didn’t respond, Nicki stopped and turned around to make sure he was still behind her. “Why aren’t you answering me?”
“I was talking to this whole time babe.”
“Oh, sorry. What is it?”
“Nothing important now…. Can you carry this?” Nicki removed her backpack.
“My back hurts and my feet feel like they’re starting to blister. I jus wanna go home. Can we turn back? I’m tired baby.”
“No, uh uhh, no. This was your idea and we are going to make it to the top. So you take this bag of yours, turn right back around and keep hikin. We’re almost there.”
“But Aubreeey?”
“Ah ah aah, take it.” He handed her back her back pack and tapped her on the butt as she turned around. “That a girl.” He smiled.
Nicki stopped again and turned around to face him. “Jus curious….. How much do you love me Aubrey?”
“A little bit… I guess that I’m a little bit in love wit’chu.”
She scrunched her face up. “Drake?” She asked with the corners of her mouth turning down.
“I’m jus kidding! Haha, you know you my galaxy, girl.” He pulled her close.
“I better be,” She giggled and hit him in the shoulder. “and stop ignoring me you jerk.”
“Hahaha, I was only thinkin about you.”
“Good thoughts?”
“I always think good thoughts about you.”
Nicki smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek, salty with sweat. It was hot in Cali and they still had a ways to go. Forty minutes later, they reached the top of the mountain. Drake wrestled everything off of his back and sat on a random boulder. There was still a squint of daylight left.
“Babe…. don’t…. get lazy…. on me now….” Nicki said, out of breath. “we still…. hafta…. put the tent up….” Nicki dropped to her knees with everything still on her back. “I hate myself…” She whispered, while pulling of her back pack. She began to peel her shirt off when Drake glared at her.
“Aye?! What are you doin?”
“Calm down guy. We’re the only ones out here. It’s hot.” She wiped the sweat from her face with her top and tossed it. She stood and walked over to Drake, pulling him off his boulder. “Help me with this tent.”
                After four attempts to correctly assemble the tent, they finally got it right. Nicki threw their backpack and bag of snacks inside. The sun had vanished and the temperature was starting to cool down. Nicki decided to set up their sleeping bags so she took them back out of the tent while Drake got reacquainted with his boulder and a bag of pretzels.
“Are you gonna help me or not Aubrey?” She asked, a bit irritated. He looked over at her struggling with the heavy duty sleeping bags and stood up, leaving his pretzels on his boulder. He pulled his pants up and walked over to her.
“What are you doing?”
“Here… hold this.” She handed him a corner of one of the sleeping bags. Nicki grabbed the other end of the other sleeping bag and began zipping them together, into one giant sleeping bag. She flattened it out over the ground and went back into the tent to get the flashlights. Nicki turned them on and handed one to Drake.
“What a I gonna do with this?”
“Not too sure… I’ve never actually been camping before. Jus keep it close to you I guess… Come on.”
                Nicki took him by the hand and they went to lie on top of the conjoined sleeping bags. Drake took his shirt off and used it as a pillow. Nicki didn’t need one, she had Drake. She lie her head on his chest and listened to him breathe, His diaphragm contracting with each breath he took. Nicki could hear the beat of his heart beneath her right ear. It almost lulled her to sleep, but she couldn’t let her lids get heavy. They came there to watch the stars twinkle so that’s what they were going to do. They both looked up, admiring the billions of glittering specks sprinkled across the night sky. Time passed as they pointed out numerous constellations and shooting stars. They only saw one of those and they both secretly wished on it. Drake started to hum something random and Nicki could feel the warm vibrations his body gave off. She snuggled up closer to him and closed her eyes, wrapping her arm around his bare chest.
“Mmm, I love you Aubrey…. You may not hear me say that enough or maybe I say it too much, but I want you to know I mean it. There not jus words to me…”
“I love you too Onika… you’re my heart, my everything. You shine brighter than all the stars in this sky. I could look at you at any given time on any given day and see jus how beautiful you are,” Nicki opened her eyes and lifted her head up to look at his face. “Inside and out. Your eyes tell me stories. I stare into them and I see you. Who you are, what you’ve been through. They speak to me even when you don’t open your mouth. I know how you feel without you havin to tell me. It’s like when I’m quiet and don’t speak cuz there’s no need for words? I’m only thinkin about you… when I look at you, I see myself. We’re both alike in many different ways. We may do a lot of things differently, but you’re still me and… I’m you… What I’m sayin is…. We’re meant to be… we’re perfect for each other. I wanna love you for the rest of my life. And I’m goin to if you allow me….”
“Of course Aubrey. Thas all I’ve been waiting for. For you to love me as much as I know you can. I used to think I’d never be able to open up to anyone again and love them with everything I have. I thought I would’ve been the one to hold back, hesitate, second guess my feelings… But thas not the case. And it’s weird to me cuz you’re the one who’s holding back. I now understand why it takes you time and I’ve learned to be more patient because of you. You allow me to be myself and that has helped me let my guard down faster than I ever have before. I’ve never been able to love someone as much as I love you. I always held back, but with you, I don’t hafta do that. I can tell you anything. You don’t judge me, you love who I am. I can get a little crazy at times and be extra, but you never leave me. You stay by my side and even if I am annoyed with you,” A tear rolled down her cheek. “You try your best to make me feel better and fix whatever the problem is. Aubrey? This love we have for each other is way more golden than I imagined love could ever be. You help me be a better person even if you don’t see it and I jus wanna say thank you for loving me.”
“You don’t need to thank me Onika. It’s not like I’m doing you a favor of any kind. Me loving you is no gift, no reward. It just… IS. You know? I can’t explain it completely. I jus know you’re mine and I’m yours. I feel like the more we talk and the more we spend time together, the more I fall in love with you. And it’s unfair to me that you’re an open book with me, but to you I’m… a diary.”
“Don’t beat yourself up about it baby, it’s ok. Honestly. I’m not rushing you to show me who you are anymore. Now that I understand you a little more, I like that you’re taking your time with me. It shows me you care and you’re jus trying to take it slow because you don’t want anything to mess up between us. I love you with everything I have. I’ve never been able to say that to any man before. I’m glad we found each other…”
                Nicki leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Their tongues intertwined in pure bliss. Tears ran down her face as they occupied each other’s space, sharing an unforgettable moment. Nicki pulled away.
“Aubrey?” She sniffled. “I wanna do something for you…” Nicki crawled to her knees and stood up. She held out her hand and helped Drake stand.
“Like what?”
“Something…” Nicki grabbed his shirtless body and pulled him close to her. All she wore on her torso was a bra and a coating of love. She began to kiss him once more, allowing her hands to free roam over his pecs and six pack. Drake passionately kissed her back. Nicki’s hands wandered downward to his belt buckle. She unzipped his pants and began to undo his belt. Nicki pulled his pants down and then his briefs. She started kissing on his neck as she massaged his exposed penis. Nicki moved lower, kissing his pecs…. Then his abs.
“Nicki… you really don’t hafta do that baby.”
She looked up at him. “I want to… you can’t stop me Aubrey…” Nicki got down on her knees and glanced up at him once more, while pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Her diamond studded earrings glistened in the moonlight. She licked her lips and continued to kiss down his masculine body. Lust dripped from her lips, showering the V to his valley in sweet and soft droplets of kisses, making his skin tingle under her pressure. Almost trance-like, he stood there, basking in the sultry moment, admiring the top of her head. As if it were instinct, Drake hesitantly raised his hand and placed it atop her head. Nicki looked up into his eyes and licked her lips again. She bowed lower as he ran his digits through her straightened, thick and silky, natural hair. She kissed her way down his limp shaft. Drake’s penis awakened when she tongue kissed the head of it. She wrapped her right hand around his thickness and began to stroke. He was very well-endowed so she needed two. Nicki brought her other hand up and pulled at his penis, gently tugging it back and forth. She looked up at him again, but there was no eye contact. Drake’s lids were closed tight as he bit his bottom lip. She leaned inward, bringing Jimmy to her lips. She stared at it and kissed the head again. Nic then slithered her tongue out of her mouth, making the tip hard, and repeatedly flicked it against the tip of Drake’s penis. She licked it like a lollipop a final time, tasting it… savoring it… And then she began to slide his dick in her mouth. She sucked on the tip, sliding it in further, letting it occupy most of the space in her jaws.
“Mmm…. Damn baby…. You know jus what the fuck you doin…” He continued caressing her head.
Nicki began moving her dome back and forth, slowly. Drake’s dick skated across the surface of her taste buds as she rolled her tongue. She wanted to take it a step further. Challenging herself, she placed her hands on the back of Drake’s thighs, under his buttocks, and brought him in closer. His dick moved further in through her lips. He could feel Nicki’s uvula on the tip of his penis, it tickled a little. His dick was so far gone, she was almost swallowing it. Drake was on cloud nine. He began pulling at Nic’s hair, scrunching it up in the palm of his hand. He moved his free hand, the left, to hold the back of her head. Nicki didn’t mind at all.
*Oh my God, how does he fit all this inside me…. He’s so big….. I feel like I’m going to choke… I hope he’s enjoying this… I jus really wanna please him… I love’m so much and he tastes so good…* She thought to herself.
“Oh…. Shit Nicki… Mmm…. You got it… Ooo, sss, you got it baby…”
Still deep throating him, Nicki sucked and sucked like she was slurping thick and creamy milkshake through a red straw. She felt herself about to gag so she took a breather. Pulling his dick out of her mouth, she began coughing, turning her head to the side and holding his penis in her hand. Her free hand patting her chest.
“You ard baby?” Drake asked, looking down at her.
She nodded her head. “Yea… I’m fine…” She put his manz back into her mouth, finishing what she had started. Nicki was more aggressive this go ‘round. She moved quicker with more suction. Drake was on the verge of orgasm. He wanted so bad to cry out and fill the atmosphere with his moans. But he held back fearing Nicki would see him as less of a man. That is until she did this one move with her tongue. Drake couldn’t contain himself anymore.
“Oooohhh!!!! Shit!!!! Damn Onika!!!!” He moaned, delicately thrusting himself into her mouth. He had handfuls of her beautiful head of hair imprisoned under his palms. “Jesus Christ girl!!! Ooohh!!! Damn!! Mmmm!!”
Nicki placed her palms on his waist. She pulled him in even further.
“Aaahhh! FUCK!! I’m…. Ooo…. I’m about…. Ooooo…. I’m boutta cum baby!” Drake pushed her hair back, out of her face and ran his hand down her cheeks, signaling her to stop so he could pull out. Nicki grabbed his wrists and moved his hands away, still holding onto them. She looked up at Drake and continued to please him. He really didn’t want to cum in her mouth, but from the looks of things… Drake assumed she didn’t hear him. “Onika… baby…. I’m…. I’m about to cum baby….”
She stared into his eyes and kept at it. He warned her… twice. Seconds later, Drake ceased all movement. His body tensed up and his mouth widely gaped open. He let it all out. Nicki’s mouth filled with him. She pulled his penis from her lips and swallowed while gazing up at him. Drake continued to look down at her in awe.
*Did she really jus do that…* He thought.
Nicki licked her lips and wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand as they continued to stare into each other’s eyes. Biting her lip, she seductively smiled at him as he helped her stand. Drake didn’t know what to say. His mind went blank. Nicki kissed the corner of his mouth while her fingertips danced across his abs. Smoothly brushing past him, she kissed up the curve of his jawbone.
“You taste sweet…” She whispered in his ear, licking his earlobe. She then continued on her way. Nicki stepped forward a couple paces then bent down to crawl into the tent.
Dazed, Drake clumsily pulled his pants from gravity’s grip, holding them at his waist. He stumbled to the entrance of the tent and peeped inside; he saw Nicki digging through her backpack, her back to him.
She turned around.
“You’re not going to sleep are you?” He climbed into the tent.
“Not if you don’t want me to…. I’ll stay up with you.”
“Yes, you will.” Drake grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of the tent. His pants fell to his ankles as he let them go to kiss her. Nicki kicked her boots off and so did Drake. They walked backwards a few paces and their feet met the cool material of the sleeping bags. Drake unhooked her bra and she unzipped her pants then he pulled them off. Drake lay down on the sleeping bag, pulling Nicki on top of him. She fell to his chest with a smack. Their skin connecting like Lego blocks. Nicki straddled him and began to kiss his neck. Drake’s dick got hard all over again. Nicki sat up and lifted her lower half. She positioned herself over his penis so she could slide down onto it with no problem. She was soaking wet. Nicki leveled herself down onto him inch by inch. When she had him all in, she began to move her hips back and forth. Her hands rested on his chest as she rode him like a pro. Drake watched her as she took control, his hands living comfortably on her waist. Nicki’s eyes were closed and her head thrown back. Her breathless moans became a part of the mountaintop’s ambiance. Drake carefully traded places with her, she now lie on her back, legs in the air. He pinned her wrists down to the sleeping bag as he filled her inner core with his iron rod.
“Oooh, baby! Yeeesss!” Nicki screamed out. She looked him in the eyes as he stared down at her. “Make love to me Aubrey…” She cried, tears escaping the corners of her eyes. She sniffled as Drake continued to hold onto her wrists. He slowed his pace, giving her what she deserved, more meaningful, long and hard strokes. Nicki’s eyes watered as she absorbed each blow. Her breathing was heavy and quick. She was inhaling and exhaling deeply. She may have sounded out of breath, but no, she wasn’t. Nicki closed her eyes.
“Mm mm, look at me Onika…”
She did as she was told. They both peered into each other’s eyes as sweat smeared itself over their bodies. Drake thrust into her, making her body shake. Nicki could feel all of him inside of her. She was so close. Nicki bit her bottom lip to stop from screaming.
“Don’t be selfish… I wanna enjoy it too… Let me hear ya beautiful voice…” Drake kissed her, sucking her bottom lip from her teeth’s strong hold. Nicki moaned into his mouth, causing their lips to buzz a little. He pulled back and she gave him what he wanted. Nicki screamed his name in glory.
“I love you baby… I fuckin love you… Don’t ever leave me… Please… Don’t ever do me dirty… Ooohhh!!! I love you so much… I can’t imagine life without you AUBREEEY!!!! Ooh God, I don’t want to… I want you by my side forever baby… Uuuuhhh!!! You mean so…. fuckin much to me…. Oooohhh!!! So much….”
Drake never lost eye contact with her. He continued to stare into her precious eyes. “I love you too baby… I’ll never leave you… I promise…”
Nicki’s body started shaking again. “Uuuhhh! Can you feel me baby?!”
Drake nodded. Nicki’s walls were tightening around his penis. He could feel her orgasm coming. Within seconds, Nic had reached her climax. She came with a loud moan and fresh set of tears. Drake wasn’t far behind.
“Hold on tight baby… I’m about to pull out.”
“No, please…. I want it all baby. Give it to me…” She breathlessly begged.
“Onika… I—“
“Aubrey… please? Let me have it….”
He pulled out and came on the blue sleeping bag beneath them. “I jus…. I’m… not ready yet……”
Nicki pressed her lips together as her tears got heavier and raced to her ears. “It’s….. okay……. I’ll…… I’ll wait……… I can…… wait…….” She whispered, her voice quivering; full of a hidden cry. 
“I’m sorry….”
Nicki rolled over and balled herself up into fetal position.
“I’m sorry….” Drake said a second time. She didn’t respond, but he didn’t expect her to. Drake just wanted her to know; to hear him. He looked down at her and watched as the tears rolled down her face. Nicki could feel him staring. She closed her eyes and put her arm over the side of her face covering her ears. Drake looked away. He picked up the shirt he’d taken off and cleaned up his mess. He tossed the tee into the bushes and wrapped himself around Nicki; lying behind her, his arm around her waist. Drake held onto her as tightly, but gently as he could, nuzzling his face in her neck. He didn’t want to let her go.
“I’m sorry….”



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