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Chap. 16: Wavy Baby [Part 1/2]

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Chapter 16:

Drake intently focused on the rising and falling of Nicki's chest while she peacefully slept, her breasts hiding under the cream colored bed sheets. She was breathing like an angel. Drake didn't like being awake alone so he scooted his body closer to hers and gently ran his fingertips up the inside of her right leg. He stopped before he reached her center and did it again, this time with more feeling. Nicki rolled over and clamped her legs shut, causing his hand to get caught in between her thighs. She opened her almond eyes and hazily smiled at him, they were face to face.
"Morning tiger..." She whispered against his lips. Drake kissed her and removed his hand.
"Did I wake you?" He smiled.
"Ha, what do you think?" She smiled back.
Drake happily sighed and rolled onto his back, Nicki did the same. He then folded his strong hands under his head and Nic folded her hands over her tummy.
"......You have an abnormal penis." She said, staring up at the ceiling. Drake frowned then turned his head to face her.
"Your penis... It's huge as shit." Nicki sat up, leaning on her right elbow. She turned to look at him; the sheets still covering her bare breasts.
"Are you circumcised? I hear many Jewish guys aren't. Or is it the other way around?" She asked, tilting her head to the side like a puppy who looked as if it were trying to understand you.
"Hahaha! Yes Onika, I am. And um... no, most of us DO get it. It jus takes some longer than others."
"Holy shit. Now imagine if you weren't... Thas a big ass dick..." Drake laughed uncontrollably. Nicki just looked at him as the corners of her mouth curled up into a parted smile.
"Whaaat? I'm serious."
"Hahaha! I know you are. Thas why it's funny." He calmed down. "It doesn't matter whether I am or not babe. Circumcision doesn't affect men like you may think... Come here."
Drake reached over and pulled her on top of him. Nicki lay her body on his, her legs spread over his pelvis. They were chest to chest.
"You're so cute." He said, lightly tapping her nose. "You know that?"
"Haha, of course I know that. I'm a bad bitch. Hellooo?"
"Oh, so you wanna be cocky now?"
"Nooo, YOU'RE the cocky one!" She lifted up and quickly reached her hand down between them to cup his manhood.
"Aye?! Watch where you goin with that girl!"
"Hahahaha! But babe, just imagine, if this demon of yours was any bigger, I couldn't fuck you." She said, still holding on.
"And why not???"
"Look at me! I'm so damn tiny! You'd definitely rip me in half! I wouldn't be able to handle awl'lat. Shit, I had trouble last night." They both laughed.
"Can u pls get off my penis?" She laughed, remembering she still held on and let go.
"Hahaha! Sorry babe."
"Yea, if you held on any longer, you would've been reeeal sorry." Nicki smiled and sat up, placing her hands on his chiseled chest. She started to playfully bounce up and down on him.
"You really don't wanna do that."
"Who's gonna stop me?" Drake smiled.
"Get off my dick."
"Ard, I warned you." Nicki giggled and kept at it. She bit the tip of her index finger as if to say, "I'ma naughty girl!", then she closed her eyes and made sexy faces.
"Ooh Drizzy! You're the man!" Drake just smirked and watched her boobs bounce. Nicki started to feel something solid rise beneath her. Her eyes got huge.
"Ha! Oh my goodness Aubrey! You know what? I quit."
"Whoa, wait a minute! You can't stop now! You done got me all excited." Nicki laughed then she leaned over and whispered in his ear while climbing off of him, "Watch me..." Nicki strutted her naked self to the bathroom.
"You are such a tease." He said, shaking his head. She looked back at Drake and winked at him before entering the bathroom.
He sat up and stretched. Nicki's phone started to buzz. Drake glanced at it on her nightstand and noticed it was Safaree calling. He normally never answered her phone, but it was only SB so he picked it up.
"Aye man, what's good?"
"Hey, is Nic near you? I need to talk to her."
"She's in the bathroom. I'll tell her to call you back."
"Oh naw, jus tell her to call Martin immediately. He tried callin last night, but she didn't pick up. Musta been sleep."
"Oh... Haha, yea, thas it.... Um, I'll let her know."
"Ard, thanks guy. BC Hammer out!"
As Drake hung up the phone, Nicki came out of the bathroom.
"Who was that babe?" She asked, wrapping her hair.
"Just SB. He said to call Martin asap."
"Don't know."
"Oh... K, well I'm about to take a shower. I'll call him afterwards." She turned around to go back in the bathroom.
"Hey Nic? Stop for a sec." 
"What?" She asked turning around.
"Hold on..." Drake got out of bed with a quizzical expression on his face.
"What's wrong?"
"Turn around." She did. Drake approached her while looking down at the area above the dimples in her lower back. As he got closer, he reached his hand out to feel. Drake brushed the tips of his fingers against her skin and Nicki immediately smacked his hand away.
"Ow!! What the hell are you doing?! That hurts!" Nicki's lower back was bright red. It looked as if something rubbed it raw.
"My bad. I jus wanted to see what it was. You're red." Nicki reached her hand back to feel it. She winced from the pressure of her own touch.
"Ow, that really hurts." She touched it once more and winced yet again.
"Stop touchin it crazy. I'm pretty sure it's jus rug burn..."
Nicki turned toward Drake and slapped him in his chest.
"OW?! What was that for?!" He asked, holding his arms over his bare chest.
"It's your fault..." Drake grinned at her.
"Haha, sorry baby. I'll go easy on you nex time. Promise."
"Yea, whatever... So how do I get rid of it?"
Drake shrugged.
" -_- You're no help..."
"Let it wear off?"
"Looks like I'll haftu... It kinda burns now... *sarcastic* Thanks Aubrey..."
"You know you liked it when I had you on the floor..." Nicki half smiled, but didn't say a word. She bit her bottom lip and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door in Drake's face. He walked back to the bed and ripped the sheets from it. Since he was still naked, he wrapped his lower half in the sheets and went downstairs to retrieve their clothing from the kitchen floor. After he got them, Drake dropped the sheets and their clothing near the washing machine. He then grabbed his duffle off the leather ottoman and headed back upstairs.

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