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Chapt. 19: Intruders

I really hope you guys like this. Please excuse all errors. I hope this chapter makes sense to you.... um..... not much else to say :/ I hope it's long enough and plz dn't 4get to comment. This chapter reeaaallllyyy needs your feedback. I'm sorry if it's not that good. It could've been better, but I'm tired. Forgive me and enjoy *stares off into space*

Chapter: 19 (I think)

3 wks later: Wednesday

After Nicki left her photo shoot, she headed over to Safaree's. Being home wasn't the same without Drake there with her. Nic had gotten used to him in her everyday life and now that he was away, her house felt too empty. When she arrived at SB's everybody was in the kitchen playing poker. Nic sat and watched a few rounds until she got tired of spectating.

"Can I play?"

The Vaks started chuckling and shaking their heads. "No." Safaree said.

"And why not?" Nic folded her arms.

"Because this is a man's game."

"Bullshit. I'm playin nex round. Let's go." She pointed to the table signaling Safaree to play his card. The BC's (Vaks... same things) all laughed at how Nicki just shut him up. Safaree played his card and they laughed harder.

"Shut up. It was my go anyway."

Nicki laughed then got up to go to the fridge. She came back to the table with a bowl of juicy pineapple slices. SB took one and Nicki popped his shoulder then slid the bowl away from him. She watched them play some more and joined in the next few rounds. By the looks of things, Vincent was the best player. He had most of all the chips on the table.

"Damn V, I see you over there snatchin'm up left and right. You like a professional or some shit. I wouldn't mind takin you to Vegas... pauz!"

The guys all chuckled at Nic's comment.

"It's funny you say that cuz we ridin out there tonight. Plan on gamblin this whole weekend." Rex stated.

"Oh. Well y'all don't have anything to worry about then. Looks like Vince is gonna win everything."

"Actually. I'm not goin."

"Aww, why not?"

"My sister and her kids are out here for the summer. She's goin out tonight so I'm stuck wit'm."

"Oh. Well I don't want you to hafta miss an experience like this... I'll babysit."

All eyes focused in on Nic like heat seeking missles.

"Naw, I can't let'chu do dat."

"You can. I love kids. I'm great with them. It's no trouble, really."

SB was waving his hands and giving Vincent two thumbs up. Nic caught his eyes wandering behind her so she turned around. "Is there something you wanna say Faree?"

He pretended to yawn with a big stretch. "Naw, I'm good B."

"Mhmm...." Nicki turned back around. "So are you gonna take Faree's advice or not?"

"Haha, sure. Why not."

"Yay! Thank you V!" She gave him a big hug.

"Um... you're welcome? Why you wanna babysit so bad anyway?"

"Cuz... I jus..." She trailed off because her phone started to ring. Her eyes lit up like LED's as a smile tapered across her face. It was Drake. "Uh, hold on guys..." Nicki went in the living room to answer. "Hello?" No response. "Babe???" Still no answer. All Nicki heard was loud talking, laughing and music playing in the background. "Drake?!" She got fed up and ended the call when he didn't respond the last time. "He must've called by accident.... lucky me." She said to herself. Nicki went back in the kitchen and sat next to Safaree. Her eyes searched the table while her mind tried connecting the dots.

"Um.... Faree? Where are my pineapples?"

"Oh. I ate'm." He admitted, licking his lips.

"Why would you do that you big, greedy doof?!"

He shrugged and Nicki rolled her eyes.

After some time, Nic decided to head out. Vincent would bring the kids over later. It was 3pm when she got home. She took a shower and threw on a pair of yellow sweats and white tank. Nicki neatly brushed her hair up into a high ponytail. Around her neck hang the necklace Drake had bought her from Tiffany's back when they were in New York. Nicki decided she'd wear it everyday since he wasn't there to show that a part of him was still near. While she cleaned up around the house, she decided to set out some snacks for the kids. There were juices in the fridge and colorful bowls of chips, cookies and pretzels decorating her kitchen countertops. Nic also set out a few board games and Disney movies. She wasn't sure how old these kids were, but she knew no one could turn down Finding Nemo. As she made sure everything was in place, she heard a knock at the door. It was none other than Vincent. As she opened the door, she witnessed four children standing before him. Nic's eyes grew wide.

"Hey guys..... wow, there's four of you." She nervously smiled and looked at Vincent.

"You wanted to babysit." He pushed the children forward. "They're all yours." Nicki opened the door letting them all stand in her vestibule. Vincent brought in a high chair so Nic guided him to the kitchen and he set it up. As soon as he finished, he left. Nicki closed the door and showed them to her living room.

"Soooo, tell me your names." She said sitting on the couch with a smile.

A girl about the same height as Nic spoke up. "I'm Megan, I'm fourteen." She pointed to the little boy standing to her right. "Thas Tyrone, he's seven." He waved. "And thas Deandria. We jus call her Dee Dee. She's four." The little girl hugged her stuffed aminal to her chest.

"And what about the cutie in your arms?" Nicki asked in her baby voice.

"Oh, this right here is Donté. He jus turned two last week."

"Awww, he's so adorable!" Nic stood and motioned to hold him with her arms out. He pulled away causing her to frown.

"Yea, he gets shy around strangers."

"I see...."

"Hey? You didn't tell us your name." Dee Dee said.

Nicki looked down at her and smiled. "I didn't huh?" She playfully placed her hands on her hips.

"Cut the crap Dee. You know thas Nicki Minaj. Uncle V told us in the car." Megan admitted, rolling her eyes.

"Well she doesn't look like her." Deandria turned to Nicki. "Where's your Tutu? And your makeup? And your wig?"

"Haha, I don't wear that all day sweetie. That's Nicki onstage. When I'm home, this is what I look like. Jus being Onika."

"Oh.... what's Onika?"

"Hahaha, that's my name sweetheart."

"Oh.... it's pretty." She smiled.

"Awww, thank you. You're so cute."

"Thank you." Dee Dee blushed and started giggling.

"You guys want snacks? There's some in the kitchen."

Tyrone and Dee Dee's eyes sparkled. They raced past Nicki and found their way into the kitchen leaving her, Megan, and Donté standing in the living room.

"You don't want anything honey? There's plenty." 

Megan sat Donté and his diaper bag down on the couch. "Look, I'm not here to get all buddy buddy with you. I'm only here cuz uncle V wouldn't let me stay home alone. I don't need you. As a matter of fact, I don't even like you. You have no fashion sense and your music sucks. Jus like you. That is how you got here right? I bet Wayne tastes jus like a lollipop huh?" Megan smirked and brushed past Nic, walking into the kitchen with her younger siblings. Nicki stood there trying to figure out if all that just really happened. Donté crawled off of the couch and waddled over to her. She looked down at him.

"Well.... we're not gonna let one bad apple spoil the bunch."

Donté held his arms up while opening and closing his fists. "Eee, eee!!" He pointed to his mouth.

"Aw, eat eat? Looks like it's time to feed you huh?" Nicki picked him up and he immediately went for her boob. Her eyes grew large with the drop of her jaw as she pulled him away. "Ooh, no no no no no! Thas not goin down Donté."

His bottom lip began to shake as Nicki shook her head no. "Nooo, please don't. These aren't for you sweetheart."

He started sniffling. Nicki reached for his diaper bag to see if he had anything edible in there. "You know Donté, I don't understand why your mom still breast feeds you. You're two now. I believe it's time to wean." Nicki was clearly talking to herself as she searched his bag. All she found were toys, pampers and two changes of clothes. "Ugh.... leave it up to a Vak to pack a diaper bag." Nicki shook her head then zipped it up. She then headed into the kitchen with the rest of the kids carrying Donté and his bag. Megan was playing on her iPod and Dee Dee and Tyrone were fighting over a bowl of cookies.

"Get off greedy! These are mine!"

"No! You can share!"

Nicki walked over to them. "Hey, you guys shouldn't be fighting."

"He started it!"

"No I didn't snitch!"

"Tyrone? Don't talk your sister that way." Nicki took the bowl. "If you guys can't share then neither can I." She sat it back on the counter.

"But we're hungry." Tyrone confessed.

"Your uncle didn't feed you before he dropped you off?"

The children shook there heads no.

"I guess I'll be cooking then you guys."

Nicki put away all the snacks and set aside the board games. She put Finding Nemo on for them and started on dinner. Everything started off fine and dandy, but ended up going horribly. Tyrone and Dee Dee wouldn't stop bickering. Megan kept back talking Nicki. Donté wouldn't stop crying and Nicki was on the verge of kicking them all out. What she thought would be all fun and games didn't go as well as expected. After she fed them. Nicki showed them the guest room, put them to bed and decided to call Candi. She needed someone to vent to.

*ring ring ring*


"Candi help meee!!!" She pleaded.

"What's wrong Nika?"

"I have a lot of shit to tell you... a lot of shit..."

"Go on, I got time."

"Well first off...."

Nicki went on to tell Candice everything that happened after she left NY. Including that night with her and Drizzy in the rain. She told her about the hiking trip. The arguments. His ex. And the sex. Candi was a little upset that Nicki took forever and an eternity to tell her all this, but she got over it. Nicki then went on to tell Candice how she ended up babysitting which eventually led to her telling Candi how she wanted kids with Drake.

"What?! Ok Nika. Hear me out now. I think you've completely lost it. You're a second past whipped and a quarter past sprung! Why in God's name would you wanna have kids only four months after dating this guy?!"

"He's not jus some guy Can. And we're not dating. He's mine and I'm his. I don't see myself with anyone else. I think..... I know he's the one for me so what's wrong with me wanting a family?"

"Look Onika, from what you've told me, Drake still has some hurdles he needs to jump. Give him some time and jus back off. Let'm breathe a little. You and I both know you don't wanna push him away."

"Of course I don't wanna push him away. If anything I wanna pull him closer. I know we've only been together for a few months, but with him it doesn't feel like it. Like... it feels like we've known each other for years and years. Like maybe we knew each other in a previous life? Haha, I don't know Candi. I jus have an instant connection with him."

"Awww, isn't that sweet? Well, it looks like you know what you want so my job here is done."

"NO! It's not. I still need you Candice. What am I gonna tell Drake?"

"What do you mean?"

"About the kids..."

"The one's you're babysitting?"

"No Candice. The one's I want. Pay attention please."

"You still want them???"

"I don't know.... I think me and him should jus talk about it."

"Oh sooky sooky, look who grew a pair of big ones."

"Hahaha! Shut up Candice! Is there anything else you needa say?"

"Oh yea. Whatever you do, don't ask him anything about children or you guys's futures, most men hate that. It's like they jus freeze up and get all awkward nd tongue tied nd shit, haha."

"What the actual fuck Candice??? That's the entire reason we had this conversation. Were you listening to me at all?! Besides it's Drake we're talkin about, he's not like most men. Like I've said before, he's different."

"Oop! Haha, You say that now!" 

"Come on Can, what could possibly happen?"

"Nothing good can come from you askin him that Onika. Jus think about it... think about it... think about it..."

        - * - Nicki's Thoughts - * -

"Do you see us having a family together Drake? Not now, but years down the road?"

"Nicki stop."

"Stop what?"

"This baby talk. You did it last time I called you to. I didn't say anything then but I'm tellin you now, jus stop."

"You didn't answer my question."

"I'm not goin to."

"Why not? I wanna know what you think. Where do you see us?"

"Nic I can't answer that. I don't know. Who knows if we'll even be together that long."

"Wait a second....... are you— are you calling our relationship temporary?"

"I didn't say that."

"But you were hinting at it."

Drake got silent.

"Oh my God? What the fuck do you think this is??? I didn't invest myself in you for us to have a fuckin expiration date! You chased me for three years Drake!! Three muthafuckin years!! And now you got me, what the fuck are you doin?! You shouldn'ta ran the race if you knew you couldn't hold the damn trophy! When I said I love you, I meant that! I meant that to last, but I'm not so sure you did... These last few conversations we've had, you've hung up without saying it back to me. And it hurts. I have feelings too. Tell me why Drake. What's goin on with you?"

"Nic... I don't know anymore... I'm not so sure what's happenin myself... I— I thought maybe we started off on the same road, but somewhere our paths diverged. You went one way and I went the other...."

"What are you sayin?"

"I'm sayin that maybe..... we may be lookin for different things. You want kids, I'm not ready—"

"But I can wait, I've told you that."

"Yea... you've said it, but words and actions are two different things... You may not see it, but certain things you do lead me to believe patience isn't a part of you..."

"Ok? I'm tryin though. I am. And I've told you that I brought it up a little too early, but thas how I felt that nite. And since then I've thought about it. And yes, it was crazy for me to say that so soon but I'm not apologizin for it Aubrey. You should be happy that somebody wants a family with you because they love you for who you are and not for what you do. It's hard to find somebody to love when you're in the industry that we're in. But I'm here for you. I've told you time and time again how I feel about you and you led me to believe that you felt the same way but now I get this? Bullshit! Make up your damn mind and stop stringin me along! My heart is not some fuckin play toy!"

Nicki was in tears. Her make up was running all over her face. She was a mixture of heartbroken and angry.

"Nicki, I'm sorry. I think we should jus—"

"What the fuck is up with you and these sorries?! They DON'T fix shit! Sorry isn't gonna make this all go away!! Sorry isn't gonna fix our problems!! Sorry isn't gonna make me feel any better!!!"

Nicki was turning red in the face. She took a minute to catch her breath then spoke again in a softer tone. "Aubrey? Sorry isn't gonna love me..."

"Look.... we'll talk about this later. I gotta go."

"Drake?!" She whined in surprise.

"Bye. Don't call me. I'll call you." 

The dial tone teased Nicki's ear. She slowly pulled the phone away trying to convince herself that that didn't just happen. She glanced at the blackberry's blue screen and tears immediately overcame her. "He doesn't even care..." She whispered. "He doesn't even fuckin care..." Nicki grabbed a pillow and curled up with it on the couch. She let it soak up her sobs as she lie there...

                          - * -



"You know what Can.... maybe you're right... I should probably lay off the baby shit for awhile."

"Oh, why the sudden change?"

"It's hard to explain Candi. I jus don't— *glass breaking*"

"What the hell was that?!"

Nicki took the phone away from her ear and looked over her shoulder. Donté was standing near Nicki's dinning room table with his hands in the air and glass at his feet.

"Candice, I'll call you back. These damn kids are getting on my LAST!!!" 

"Oh, you don't say? Haha, and you were so ready to have them."

"Ugh, shut up and get off my phone."

"Hahaha, I love you too."

They hung up and Nicki speed walked over to the two year old.

"Donté? Sweetie?" She knelt down to his level. "What are you doing out of bed? Let's get you back, ok?" Nicki was being as nice as possible, but he started crying.

"I told you he'd cry! We should've got them cookies ourselves!"

Nicki heard giggles coming from her kitchen so she looked up. Dee Dee and Tyrone were peeping from around the corner. "Why are you guys out of bed?!" She stood up, snatching Donté's hand. She pulled him into the kitchen and sat him on the counter. "You stay here. Megan, watch him!" Megan was seated at the kitchen table. She looked up at Nic from her iPod and gave her a sarcastic thumbs up. Tyrone and Dee Dee were standing near the fridge. Nicki walked over to them and they started running. "I am NOT chasing you two!!!" Nicki ended up running three laps around her kitchen table until they took off upstairs. "Hey?!?! Get y'all asses down here!! Now!!!" Seven year old Tyrone stopped at the top of the stairs and looked at Nicki wide eyed.

"Ooowaa!!! You cursed!!! Ima tell my uncle!!!"

"Tell ya got damn uncle!!! What he gon do?!" Nicki stormed to the staircase. "Dumb ass Vak." She mumbled. Nic was heated. These kids were driving her crazy. As she stomped upstairs, she heard a thump followed by a thunderous cry coming from the kitchen. Nicki immediately turned around and headed back to the kitchen. She saw Megan picking a red faced Donté off the floor. "Oh my God..." Nicki covered her face remembering she left him sitting on the counter. "I thought I told you to watch him Megan!" Nicki sped over to her and took him from her arms.

"Don't blame me! I'm not the idiot who left him on the counter!"

"I don't know who you think you talkin to but you betta watch ya mouth liddle girl!"

"I'm talkin to you!!"

Nicki stared holes through Megan's face. It took everything in her to keep Queens calm. "Ooo!! You must be forgettin where I'm from. You lucky you only fourteen."

"You wouldn't do shit anyway!!!"

Nicki closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She couldn't forget this was a child she was talking to. She raised her hand and turned around going back into the living room. Nicki sat on the couch with Donté screaming in her ear. "Sssshhhh, it's ok baby, calm down." She rubbed his back while rocking him back and forth. "Sssshhh...." Nicki patted his back, but he kept wailing. "Ooh, lemme see you. She held him in front of her and turned his body side to side. She noticed he had a huge knot on his forehead. "Oh sweetie? I'm so sorry. All this is my fault." Nicki brought him back to her body and he laid his head on her shoulder, rubbing his eyes and calming down. "I'm sorry sweetie." Nicki started to feel bad about Donté's injury so she decided to go get him something to make him feel better. She stood up to walk back in the kitchen, passing the broken cookie jar on the dinning room floor. Nicki carefully stepped over it and continued walking. She looked in the cabinets for more snacks and passed over a box of Zebra Cakes. She took two out and sat them on the counter.

"Donté, you want a snack? Nicki's got a liddle somethin for ya." He didn't lift up. "Donté?" She sang. Nicki could hear him snoring. She smiled and put the pastries back in the box. Nicki then put a few ice cubes in a Ziploc and carried them with her upstairs. She lie Donté on her bed and iced his wound. As they lie there, Nicki realized that this was way more than she could handle. She was nowhere near ready for parenthood. Nic yawned and noticed the Ziploc was now full of water. Donté's swelling went down so the knot wasn't that noticeable. Nicki bordered the bed with pillows so he wouldn't fall off and went downstairs. She cleaned up the broken glass on the floor and straightened up the kitchen. She was beat. Before officially calling it a night, Nicki checked to make sure Dee Dee and her brother made it back to the guest room. She peeked in the room and saw Megan tucking them in. Nicki then made her way back to her room and got ready for bed.

The Next Day...

Nicki was milling about in her kitchen looking for something sweet to eat while the kids were at play down by the beach. Anything cream filled would've been exactly what she wanted, but instead she came across a bag of chocolate covered pretzels so she settled for those. Nicki poured them into a glass bowl and flip flopped her way into the living room. She wore her pink PINK sweats and fuzzy house slippers. She had just gotten out of the shower so her hair was still wet. Nicki just let it hang down to her shoulders. She lie on the ivory colored sofa with the remote in hand, flipping through channels. Judge Judy was the program of choice. Nicki ate the entire bowl of goodies while watching the marathon. She ran out and went to go get another bag. Nicki looked out of the kitchen window to check on the children. They looked like tiny ants on the shore, but she could still tell who was who. She watched them for at least ten minutes then went to go lie back on the couch. An hour passed as she stuffed her face with junk food, she then began to hear a faint tune. Nicki slowly muted the television and listened for it again, holding a pretzel in one hand while her eyes roamed around the living room's decor. Beyoncé's Love On Top echoed through the halls. She tossed the remote on the coffee table, jumped up off the couch and ran upstairs as fast as she could. Nicki lept in the air and pounced on her bed, reaching for her cell on her nightstand.

"Drake!!!" She grinned.

"Hey sweetie. What's good?"

"Aaaahhhh!!! Baby?! Oh my God! I'm so glad you could call!! How are you???"

"Haha, I'm ok baby. You ard? You sound excited."

"I am! I haven't heard your voice in like, a week? Thas a lifetime babe. I really miss you. And I think you butt dialed me yesterday cuz I got a call from you."

"I miss you to Nic. And yea, I musta called by accident. I was in the studio wit Ninth and Boi1da, jus listenin to some shit. I tried callin you hella times since I been out here, but I'm never alone. Hahaha, it's like people always need me for somethin. I haven't slept in days and right now I'm jus hidin out in my room. I desperately needed to talk to my baby."

"Awww, It's ok baby, I'm not upset. I mean we're talking now. That's what's important. But I'ma need you to get some rest. I don't like you not getting any sleep Aubrey."

"Yes ma'am."

Nicki sucked her teeth. "Don't call me that. I'm not old." She was laying on her stomach, spread out across her bed with the small bowl of chocolate covered pretzels in front of her and her cell up to her ear.

"Haha, well sorry. I'll watch my mouth nex time. What'chu been doin?"

"Well... nothing really. I had a few more photo shoots these past couple weeks. Um.... I'm babysitting, I did some—"

"Wait, what?"

"I did some interviews for some magazines? I can't really remember which ones tho. Haha, thas sad isn't it?"

"Very. But um, what'chu say before that?"

"Oh. I'm babysitting..."

"For who?"

"Vincent. He, Safaree and the rest of'm went to Vegas. I told'm I'd babysit his nieces and nephews for him."

"How many are there?"

"Two boys, two girls. One's two, one's seven. The little girl Dee Dee is four and the oldest girl is fourteen."

"And you can handle all that?"

"Haha, I thought maybe I could, but it's harder than I thought. They drove me insane yesterday. The little one kept crying and I almost broke down. I couldn't take it. The oldest one has a mouth on her. She's so lucky she's just a child."

"Damn. Sounds like you got ya hands full."

"I do baby. And it made me think. Like I had an epiphany or something."

"Go on."

Nicki sighed. "I'm not ready..."

"What was that? I'm sorry, my, my hearing's off."

"I said I'm not ready. This whole kid thing is overwhelming. I didn't think it'd be this hard."

"Well Nic. You're babysitting four kids in four different age groups all at once. You have the terrible two's, the four year old who won't stop asking questions. There's the seven year old boy who I bet is full of energy. And then you have the teenager... not even gettin started on that one." 

"I know, but then it made me think about something else. I'm nowhere near where I wanna be in my career. I have a lot of stuff I wanna do before I settle down. I still have life to live and I don't wanna rush anything."

"I'm happy you came to your senses. Maybe in a few years down the road, after we have millions of dollars and five or six numba one albums, we can settle down, get married and have kids."

"You... you still see yourself with me in a few years??"

"Of course I do. I didn't chase you three years for nothin. This thing we got goin is far from temporary."

Nicki smiled to herself and began to tear up. "Wow..."

"You ok baby?"

"Yea..." She blinked away her tears. "I'm fine baby. Just happy to hear you say that."

"I only speak the truth. *smile* I hear you over there smashin on somethin, what'chu eatin?"

"Chocolate covered pretzels. I'm like addicted to these things now."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really. This is like my third bag today and it's only like 1:30 somethin." They both laughed. "I should really slow down though. You know I love my chocolate, but I can't eat too much of it. Although I really want— Hold on babe, someone else is calling. One sec." Nicki clicked over. "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Nicki Minaj?"

"Um, yea? Who's this?"

"This is Jen, Britney's assitant. I—"

"Wait... Britney who? Spears?"

"Yes. Mrs. Spears. I'm calling to—"

"Yea.. Ok..." Nicki hung up and clicked back over. "Hello?"

"Hey babe, who was it?"

"Some asshole playin on my phone. They've been callin me like every other day this past week."

"Haha, what do they want?"

"Me apparently. They keep askin if I'm Nicki, I say yes, then they tell me they're Britney Spears' assistant."
"What?! Call'm back! What is wrong with you?!"

"Calm down guy. I doubt it's legit. It's always a different person. It was some chick named Jen this time."

"And??? Britney prolly has millions of assistants. She's a busy woman." 
"I appreciate your concern baby, but no. If it's really important, they'd know to call Martin first and not me. He relates all the messages."

"You're crazy."

"Hahaha, maybe. We'll see what happens."

Drake was shaking his head. He was alone in his hotel room. Just standing near the window, staring out over Toronto.
"Don't call me cryin when you find out it was really her and she found somebody else to do whatever it is she wanted you to do."

"Haha, trust me Drake, I won't... So what time is your show tonight?"

"Sound check's at four. Show starts at seven."

"Babe? It's almost 2 o' clock, shouldn't you be getting ready?" 

"No, it doesn't take me long to get myself together. I'll prolly start around three sum'n." He shrugged.

"Oh yea... I forgot you're a boy. All you guys do is scrub your balls and you're off. It takes me waaay longer. I have extra, fun parts."

"Hahaha, fun parts that I can squeeze."

"Oh word?"

"Hell yea.... and play with. Mmm..... I can see it now. You steppin out the shower... hair wet... you ain't dried off yet so ya body still drippin... You reach for ya towel, but it's not there.... You see me standin near the sink... lookin in the mirror... ya towel's around my neck.... You ask me for it, but I say no. I make you come get it... I can see you sashayin over to me... holdin ya hand out askin for it.... I turn around and hold it in the air.... I make you jump for it while my eyes wander.... and there they are... breasts as perky as they can be.... bouncin along with you.... Damn...."

"Ooo.... are you bein naughty Drake?"

"I don't know. You tell me. Is my voice turnin you on right now?" 


"Don't try to hide it Nic. You and I both know ya thongs are wet. Aren't they? You can tell Drizzy."

"Drake stop..." She pleaded. "You know I'm weak for you. Your voice is so fuckin sexy. Can you please stop?" 

"Stop what? Talkin? Ha... I don't think so. Answer my question, are you wet?"

"Yea.... are you happy now?"  Nicki sat the bowl of pretzels on her nightstand and lie on her back. She snaked her hand up her shirt and pointlessly rubbed her skin.

"Mmm.... I'd be happier if we were in each other's presence. Then I'd be able to uuh... Haha, you know... I'd definitely tear you up. You jus wait til I see you. I got sum'n fuh dat ass."



"You're such an asshole. I don't appreciate how you're makin me suffer like this. The more you talk, the wetter I get."

"Hahahaha!! Is that so?"

"Yea.... and I don't find it funny. I can't do anything about it."

"Actually you can.... but will you?"

"What are you sayin babe?"

"You know.... self pleasure?"

"Wait.... you think I should masturbate Drake?"

"It'll hold you over til I get there." 

"When are you coming?" 

"The question is, when are YOU cumin? You gon do it?"

"Aubrey.... I.... I don't know. It's not the same. I want you."

"It was only a suggestion baby."

Nicki bit her lip. "Will you stay on the phone with me?"

"Oh, so you are gon do it?"

"Mhmm.... stay on the phone."

"Wait, where are the kids?"

"Don't worry about them. They're outside."

"Ard then. Of course I'll stay on the phone baby."

"Thank you.... Talk to me?"  Nicki slid her hand into her pink sweats, then inside her underwear. "Tell me what'chu wanna do to me Aubrey..."

Drake pulled up a chair and sat down near the window in his hotel suite. "Mmm... I wanna do alotta shit to you Nicki. Unspeakable things... Shit that'd make you blush when asked about..."

"Yea?" Nicki closed her eyes, slipping her fingers over her moist clit. She started massaging it.

"Yea.... I'd start kissin ya lips, while my hands caressed ya hips... my tongue explorin the inside of ya mouth before I'd head down south..."

"Down south?" She breathed.

"Mhmm..... I'd roll my tongue so hard against ya clit, you won't have a choice, but to hold my head there.... you'll love it. I swear you will."

"Mmmm, tell me more Drake..." Moving her fingers down further, Nicki began penetrating herself. She let out a faint moan as she curled her toes and raised both knees in the air. 

"I can taste you now Nicki... you're so fuckin sweet. I'd eat you til you begged me stop. And even then I wouldn't... I'd let ya juices flow all over my lips... my chin.... my nose.... I'd feast on you til I felt ya legs startin to shake..."

Nicki moved her two fingers faster. A wave of heat passed over her body. She furrowed her brow and flared her nostrils. "Hhhmmmmm!!! Oh God! What else daddy??"

"After you came.... I'd flip you over and enter you from behind...."

"Yes?!" Nicki started breathing heavily. With an arched back, she pushed deeper inside herself and rolled her hips against her fingers.

"While rockin inside you, I'd pull on ya hair a lil bit... I know you'll like that...."

"Ooohh.... I'd love that baby! Will you pull it hard?"

"If thas what you want... It's all about you baby.... where's ya hand right now?"

"Uuuhh!! Ssss, in my panties!" She moaned.

"Ya fingers?"

"Inside me...."

"Does it feel good?"


Drake smiled to himself and adjusted in his seat. "You almost there baby?"

"Uuuuhhhh!!!! God!!!!" Nicki began rubbing her clit again.


Her mouth dropped open and she rubbed faster. "Oooohhh!!!!!"


She tensed up, letting her blackberry slide out of her hand and fall to the floor. "Uuh!! Uuhh!! Uuhh!! Ssss, uuuhhh!!!" She clutched the bedspread with her free hand and rode out the strong wave. Nicki was satisfied, but she wanted more. She continued to please herself while she anticipated her next climax. Seconds later, an intense pressure surged through Nicki's body. She rolled onto her side, burying the side of her face into the pillow beneath her head, and rolled her hips against her hand as she continued massaging herself.
"Draaaaaake?!?!?!! Oh fuuck!! Uuhh!!! Ssss, aaahhh!!!!" 
Drake was still on the phone, intently listening to everything escaping Nicki's lips.

"Oh my God....." She whispered, opening her eyes and catching her breath.  Her body began relaxing and cooling off as she removed her hand from her sweat pants. She stared off into space for a second, but sat up as soon as she remembered Drake was still on the phone. Nicki looked down, beside her bed to find the blackberry. Her hand roamed about the carpet until she hit something solid.

"Hello?" Nicki hang over the edge of the bed with one hand on the floor holding her up.

"Oh. My. God.... I am so upset I wasn't there to witness that first hand."

"Hahahaha!! Shut up Drake!" Nic scooted to the middle of her bed and lie back.

"Naw, you don't get it. Like... I am really jealous right now."

Nicki sucked her teeth and grinned. "Don't be babe. I promise you're better. I'd still rather have you."

"I wish I could be there right now Nic. I really do. I miss you so much baby."

"Awww, Drake stop."

"Why? I'm serious. I jus wanna hold you.... wrap my arms right around you..... tell you how much I love you...."

"Drake please. You're gonna make me cry. Stop being all mushy. I miss you too baby and there's nothin I want more than to be in your arms right now.... feelin your body heat..... listenin to your heart beat...... watchin the muscles in your arms flex with each move you make...... mmm..... I can feel you now..... Our hands intertwining as I straddle you..... my skin is so soft and silky..... so smooth..... you enter me and I can feel you goin deep...... ooo, you're givin me everything....... I'm so wet you slide right in....... your dick is sooo—"

"OK, OK! My bad bay. I'll stop."

"Hahaha. Thank you daddy."

"But you hafta stop too. Got a nigga over here gettin hard nd shit."

"Haha, fine. I'll stop, I'll stop. I can't have a perfectly thick boner go to waste."


"Fine. Hahaha, I'm done! No more naughty Nika."

"Thank you."

The phone went silent. They just listened to each other breath. After awhile, Nicki giggled causing Drake to smile.

"What's funny?"

"Nothin.... I jus really miss you. It's like you're some kinda drug to me. I wouldn't mind OD'ing..... I jus can't get enough of you.... and when we're apart, I have a bad case of withdrawal."

"Hahaha, well if I'm your drug then you must be my oxygen... I can't breathe without you..."

"Hahahahaa!!! Wow, are we corny or what?!"

"Hahaha, so??? Let us be corny. I don't care. Haha, reminds me of that one song. How it go?" He began to hum it trying to figure it out. "Mm mm mm mm mmm mm, mm mm mm mm mmm mm, show you the way... sum'n sum'n to be. Baby, sum'n sum'n mmm mm. Um... how that damn song go?"

"Haha, what the hell are you singin Aubrey??? Is it Mario?"

"No? It's Trey! Ain't it?"

"DEAD!! Oh my God! It IS Mario!! But you're singin the wrong one."

"How you know since you so smart?"

"Cuz the one you thinkin 'bout is like how do I breathe or some shit. *sings* Da da da duuun... da da da duuuun. Like that."

"Oooohhh!!!! You right! Like um, *sings* it feels so different bein here,"

"Cuz I'm so use'ta bein nex to you,"

"Life mm mmm is not the same. There's no one I can talk to? Or sum'n like that."

"No, keep goin babe."

"Um, *sings* don't know why I let it go too far, starting over, it's so hard,"

"Seems like everywhere I try to go, I keep thinkin of you,"

"I jus had a wake-up call, wishin that I never let'chu fall, baby you're not to blame at all. When I'm the one who pushed you away. Baby if you knew—"

"No, skip to the chorus."

"Uuhhh...... Oh! *sings* How do I breathe?"

"Without you here by my side,"

Both: "How will I see? When YOUR LOVE brought me to the light. Where do I go? When your heart's where I lay my head. When you're not with me, how do I breathe? How do I breathe???"

"Hahahahahahahhahhaaaa!!!! What the actual fuck Aubrey?! Hahahahahahahaa!!! Oh my God!!"

"Hahahahhahaaahha!!!! We are some clowns!!"

"Hahahahha!!! I love you baby."

"Haha, I love you more."

"No, I love you more."

"Pssh! Get outta here Nic. You know I love you more."

"That's impossible because I swear I love you way more."

"That's what you think."

"Hahaha, shouldn't you be getting ready now? I believe you have a show tonight. Get off my phone."

"Ouch. Why I gotta go so soon?"

"Drake? We've been on the phone for almost two hours."

"So? I thought you liked talkin to me?"

"You know I do. I love talkin to you, but I don't want you to be late babe. Go get dressed."

Drake sucked his teeth. "You're no fun."

"I'm a bag of fun. Get it right."

"Haha, get off my phone. You makin me late."


"Hahaha, I love you baby. Call you when I can. Bye."

"I love you too loser, muuuaah!!!"

Nicki hung up the phone with a happy sigh. "I swear that man will be the death of me." She grinned ear to ear and went into the bathroom to wash her hands.

           _Thirty Minutes Later_

"Aye Nicki?! We back!! Donté said he hungry! And I am too!" Tyrone closed the front door.

"Yea, me too!!"

"Shut up. Y'all know she can't cook." Megan rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"How would you know? You ain't eat nuffin since you been here."

Nicki caught the last bit of their conversation as she came down the steps. "Is that true Megan? Have you not eaten?"

Megan rolled her eyes. "I'm not hungry."

Nicki looked her over while picking up Donté. "You don't have to eat my cooking, but you will eat. Come on, I'll call take out for you. What do you want?"

"Can't you hear?! I said I'm not hungry!!!" Megan yanked the front door open and stormed outside, slamming it behind her. Nicki walked over and opened the door.

"Where are you goin?!" Megan kept walking. "MEGAN?!" Nicki felt a small hand tugging on her shirt. She looked down and saw four year old Dee Dee pulling her thumb out of her mouth. "What is it sweetie?"

"Don't feel bad. She does the same ting at uncle Bincent's house."

"Yea, it's like she don't never eat." Tyrone chimed in.

"Doesn't ever eat."

"Doesn't ever eat.... sorry."

Nicki looked back outside, but didn't see Megan. She closed the door and headed into the kitchen. "Come on you two, what do you want to eat?"

"That stuff you made last night!! It was good!" Tyrone said, jumping up and down.

"You liked that?" Nicki smiled.

"YES!" Dee Dee yelled, throwing her arms up in victory.

This made Nicki laugh. "Ok, and what about you cutie?" She asked a clueless Donté. He smiled showing his only dimple. "Haha, I guess it doesn't matter to you, huh?" She asked in her baby voice. Nicki put him down and walked over to the kitchen sink. Tyrone and Dee Dee raced each other to the kitchen table while Donté wobbled behind Nicki. He placed his tiny palm on the back of her leg while looking up. Nicki dried her hands then looked down. "Can I help you sir?"

"Uuh!" Donté raised his tiny arms with pleading eyes. Nicki looked at him with a pouty face.

"Sorry baby, Nicki's gotta cook, okay?" She turned back around. Donté lowered his arms and his lip started to quiver. He closed his eyes and began to cry. This got Nic's attention.

"No, no, no. Donté please." Nicki picked him up and he stopped. "Ugh... what am I gonna do with you liddle boy?" She walked over to his high chair and placed him in it. She took three toy cars from his diaper bag on the counter and sat them on his tray. "Have fun sweetie. I really hafta start dinner." Nicki turned to face Dee Dee and Tyrone. "You guys wanna help me?" They eagerly shook their heads, making Nic smile. "Ok, go wash your hands." They ran upstairs. "With soap!" She yelled after them. An excited "Ok!" Echoed from upstairs in unison. Nicki shook her head and walked over to the pantry. Donté started to cry again. Nicki placed her hand over her forehead. "Oh my God..." she kept walking. His cries got louder. "Donté, I can't do anything right now. Nicki's busy sweetheart." She never turned around. She opened the pantry doors and took out everything she needed. Tyrone and Dee Dee came running back downstairs ready to help. Donté realized Nicki was ignoring him and shut up. He played with his toy cars as Nic helped the kids fix their dinner. An hour later, the salmon and broccoli were done. Nicki didn't mix any cheese in with the vegetable so she left it on the counter just in case they decided they wanted some. She fixed Donté a plate and put it in the fridge to cool off. Dee Dee and Tyrone were already at the table with their food. Nicki sat down with them, watching them eat. She was secretly proud of herself for successfully cooking them a dinner they liked. She smiled a little. "Did you guys say grace?"

The children looked at each other then Nic. "What's that?" Tyrone asked, taking a bite of broccoli and swinging his feet.

"What?" Nicki's jaw dropped. "You don't know what grace is? Haven't you two been to church? I'm sure you've learned it before."

Tyrone shook his head with a smile. "Nope. They didn't teach us."

"Can you teach us pwease?"

"Sure. First, you put your hands like this.... then you bow your head. Now close your eyes and repeat after me..."

They went through it a few times. Tyrone got it his fourth try, but Dee Dee still needed practice. She repeated the words as she ate, putting emphasis on amen each time she spoke it. Nicki was now seated in front of Donté feeding him his food. She heard the front door open, it was Megan. She walked into Nicki's kitchen and saw everyone seated at the table.

"Your plate's in the microwave." Nic told her. Megan huffed and walked out of the kitchen. Nicki shook her head and continued feeding Donté. After they ate, it was close to 8 o' clock. Nicki cleaned the kitchen and asked the children if they wanted to play something fun. They were game. Nicki set up Trouble on the kitchen table and taught them how to play. Tyrone kept complaining that Dee Dee was cheating which was clearly false. You can't cheat in the game of Trouble. After awhile, they got bored and switched to Life. A few minutes into the game, Nicki heard someone knocking at her front door.

"I'll be right back guys. No cheating." Nicki made her way to the door. "Hold on! I'm comin! One second!!"

When she opened it, she was greeted by a man in baggy jeans, a plain white tee, timbalands and a blue hoodie. He had greenish-hazel eyes, a goat- tee and these full pink lips, but they were hidden under his hood. He wore grey rosary around his neck. His hands were in his pockets as a toothpick poked from the corner of his mouth. He was built, with big, muscular arms and he stood about 6 feet, 5 inches high. Nicki squinted at him as she looked him over.
"Can I... help you sir?"

"Yea.... You sure can." He looked over her body and licked his lips removing the toothpick and tossing it. He then pulled off his hood. Nicki's eyes stretched open when she saw his face and heard the sound of his deep, mellow voice. She went to slam the door shut, but he stopped it with his heavy hand.

"Come on Nicki, don't treat me like this. I jus wanna see you."

"Get off the fuckin door!!!"
The man was pushing it open as Nicki used her weight to push it close.

"Open the door Onika! I'm not gonna hurt you baby, I promise!!"  The guy was pushing so hard, Nicki's feet began to slide on the other side of the door. She turned her head only to find three frightened children and a crying infant standing at the top of the stairs.

"Get upstairs!!!" The children stood there with big eyes. "NOW!! Go to my room and lock the door!!!!" Nicki was still trying to push the door closed. The kids rushed upstairs and Nicki quickly heard her bedroom door slam.

"Get off the door Onika. We don't hafta do this. Jus lemme see you." 

"Get the fuck away from my house Jarvis!!! I'll call the cops!!!"

He rammed the door with his shoulder and Nicki lost her footing on the throw rug beneath her. The door flew open with the corner of it hitting her in the face. Her eyes instantly watered on impact. Nicki shrieked in pain as her hands immediately found her face. Jarvis stood in the doorway breathing heavily as he watched her keel over. 
"All of this coulda been avoided if you jus opened the fuckin door when I asked you to. Now look what you did. You made your nose bleed and everything."

The crimson fluid oozed through Nicki's fingers as she pulled her shaky hands away from her face. Jarvis pulled off his hoodie and white tee revealing a wife beater underneath.

"Come here."

Nicki darted for the stairs, but he snatched her hair, pulling her directly in front of him. Pain etched itself across her face. She reached up and tried prying his fingers away, but he wouldn't let go.

"Where you goin so fast? I jus got here. I know Carol taught you betta then that. This isn't how you entertain guests."

"Fuck you." Nicki spat. She began scratching at his hand, but his grip only got tighter.

"Stop it. Lemme help you." Jarvis yanked her head back some more so that her nose was now pointing high in the hair. Nicki kept trying to pull his hands away.

"GET OFF ME!!!!!!"

"Ssshhh..... Calm down. Jus stop movin ya head... I'm not here to hurt you." Jarvis raised his hand and began wiping the blood away from her nose with his white tee.

"There.... Was that so hard?"

"How the fuck did you find me?"

"Your brother is easily bought."

Nicki's heart sank. "Jelani?!"

"Nah... You know I'ont fuck wit dat nigga. The little one. He ain't wanna tell me at first. Until I waved $500 dollars in his face. Snatched it up like candy." Jarvis smiled a crooked smile.

Nicki dug her nails into his tatted skin. "Stay the fuck away from my family!!" She scratched his arm and he quickly let go.

"Bitch!!!" He smacked her across the face with the back of his hand. Nicki fell to the floor with a scream. She lifted her head and looked up at him with a scowl and pursed lips. She stood up with balled fists then started to swing at him. Jarvis put up his arms, blocking each punch she threw. Nicki then aimed for his face, but he grabbed her wrists. She kicked him in his balls causing him to let go and hold his aching crotch.

'Don't you ever put'cha got damn hands on me!!!" Nicki reached for the nearest object she could find. She pulled an umbrella out of the holder and attacked him with it. "I'm not scared of you anymore Jarvis!!!!" He snatched the umbrella from her and snapped it over his knee. Nicki then searched for another weapon. Jarvis threw it to the side and tackled her, pinning her to the wall. She began banging him in the back.

"Get the fuck off me!!!!"

He backed away then aimed his hand at her neck. Jarvis got in her face as she reached her hands up to pull his hand away. They were nose to nose.

"Don't you ever tell me what the fuck to do! You hear me?!"
The side of Nicki's face was bright red and her nose was still bleeding. You could see a scratch where his ring left a mark on her cheek. "I'm sorry Onika, but you bring out the worst in me baby." His voice was softer now. He took his free hand and placed it on the side of her face, running his thumb over the scratch. "I didn't mean to do that."

"I'm not you're fucking baby anymore Jarvis." Nicki jerked her head away, still holding onto his hand. "Our relationship ended when that officer placed those cuffs around your wrists nine years ago. And I stopped lovin you long before that. You don't mean shit to me. Get the fuck outta my house."

Jarvis squeezed her neck harder, making her cough. "I..... can't breath...." Nicki was tugging at the veiny hand pressed to her neck.

"You should be nicer to me Nika. I can easily hurt you, but I won't. I still love you." Jarvis chuckled. "And you say you're not scared of me, but I know thas a damn lie. Act tough all you want, but I know how to break you down. I swear you done forgot who the hell you talkin to. I might'a been in Rikers for years, but I'm out now so we can pick up where we left off." He took his hand away from her face and placed it on her waist.

"Don't you fuckin touch me! I have somebody now Jarvis. And he's a better man than you could ever be." Nicki started to cry. "He doesn't hit me. He doesn't beat me. He's good to me. He listens to me. Unlike you, he actually gives a damn about how I feel. He loves me and he'd never hurt me. He puts me first and I love him. I don't give two shits about ya crazy ass!"

He slid his thumb under the hem of her shirt and allowed the cotton garment to fall over his hand.
"Fuck that nigga. I don't give a fuck what he do and don't do. He can treat you how ever the hell he wants. I've told you time and time again you're worthless. You may be all rich and famous now, but you have no meaning. Your fifteen minutes of fame will soon be over. And where will you be then? Where will that nigga be? Gone. He'll leave ya ass in a split second. But I won't. I'll be right here. Touching you... Kissing you... Lovin you... And he can touch you how he wants now, but I know you miss my touch... don't you?" He whispered in her ear.


Jarvis started feeling over her stomach. "Noo!! Ok! Ok! I'm sorry!! Jarvis please?! Don't do this! I'm sorry! Jus please stop!" Nicki reached down to remove his hand, but he pressed harder against her neck, quickly sending her hands back up. 

"Oh now you wanna be nice? You was jus big and bad all but a few minutes ago. Hittin niggas wit umbrellas and shit. You gon scratch me now? Kick me? All you are is a lil bitch. Thas all you ever been." He squeezed her neck tighter. Nicki started gasping for air as his other hand traveled up her shirt.

"Jar.... can.... br- breath... I can't.... br...."

Jarvis's hand was now near her breast. He reached around the back to unhook her bra.

".....arvis..... I............ brea......" She continued to gasp for air as his callosed palm traveled back around her rib cage. Nicki was trying her best to wiggle free. She even broke a few nails clawing at his strong fingers. Her entire face was red and puffing up. She was trying her best to keep her eyes open. Jarvis now held one of her breasts in his hand. He gave it a squeeze and ran his thumb back and forth over her nipple.

"Mmm.... just as soft as I remember..."

Nicki's tears made themselves 100% visible. They poured down her face when she squeezed her eyes shut. Jarvis kissed her swollen cheek. He could taste her tears. "Don't cry. This won't hurt a bit." She jerked her face away. He kissed her again. "You're still mine Nicki. I'll never let you outta my site again." Jarvis sounded so sincere, it was scary. He ran his hand back down her stomach and over her navel. He started nibbling on her ear while she struggled to get away. Jarvis's hand explored Nicki's smooth skin. It inched itself over the pink ribbon holding up her sweat pants.

"......op.... St..... op..... Sto...... p....." 


Jarvis turned his head to see four year old Dee Dee standing at the top of the steps with an empty sippy cup in her hand. He stopped moving his hand.

"You got kids now?"

Megan came running behind Dee Dee and scooped her up. "I'm sorry Nicki. I tried keeping her in the room, but she wouldn't.... listen? Wait.... What's this?" Megan looked from Jarvis to Nicki.

"G-go..... back upstairs...... go back....... upstairs......"

"Yea, you betta listen to ya mom little girl."

"She is NOT my mother!"

Megan ran back to Nicki's bedroom.
Nicki was quickly losing consciousness. She slowly stopped wiggling and gasping for air. Her vision blurred with each blink. As Jarvis watched her fade, he raised his free hand, placing his thumb on her chin. I'll be back..... He kissed her lips then let her neck go when she completely stopped moving. Nicki quietly slid to the floor as he let himself out.

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