Friday, June 17, 2011

Victoria's Secret

Wussup? Wussup?! Hahaha, ok guys this chapter is basically just a filler. It's sorta short, but I jus HAD to put it in here. Cuz if i didn't, mi storyline would b missing reeeally important details :/ Soooo, with that said here is the infamously short filler!! :D

Chapter 4:

After their session, Rihanna headed to a photo shoot and Drake walked with Safaree on the way back to their rooms. Nicki was the last one in the studio, she grabbed her things, cut the lights off and walked out. She felt something pulling her and it scared her senseless. She dropped her purse and let out a scream. Nicki turned to see what it was and standing there was Drake. He was waiting for her so they could talk.
"Nigga?! Don't do that shit!" She snapped.
"I'm sorry?"
"You were so close to having a black eye! And look what you made me do!" Drake let go of her wrist and saw that everything fell out of her purse. He bent down to help her pick it up.
"I thought you went with SB?" 
"I told'm I'd catch him later 'cuz I wanted to talk to you."
"Oh..." Nicki stood up and Drake handed her her purse.
"Um... I don't know exactly how to say this, but..." He began as he stood up feeling the back of his neck. Nicki gripped the strap of her Gucci Jockey bag with both hands as it hang from her shoulder. "Go on." She told him.
"I'm the one who took you up to your room last night. You were too drunk to even stand so I walked you all the way inside. I uh... I helped you into your pajamas."
"I don't wear pajamas."
"Yea, i noticed... So um, I just took your shoes and your dress off and found a really big tee shirt for you to sleep in. After I got u dressed I was about to leave, but then you wanted me to lay on the couch with you."
"Did you?"
"Yea, I did. I'm sorry Nick. You were drunk so I should've known better than to stay." Nicki folded her arms and cocked her head slightly to the side listening to Drake explain.
"After we sat on the couch, I laid my head in your lap waiting for you to fall asleep, but you wanted to be playin' in a nigga hair and shit." Drake smiled, but Nicki looked even more concerned. Drake's smile faded as quickly as it appeared.
"Then what happened?" Drake didn't want to tell her the truth out of fear that she would be too embarrassed to talk to him ever again. But he respected her so he had no choice.
"You started pulling your panties down... then I took'm off." Nicki's eyes widened and he could see her starting to tear up. "We fucked didn't we?" She said as she looked away from Drake, slightly turning to the side, throwing her hands up. Nicki tried to keep a straight face, but the tears were disobediently streaming down her cheeks.
"No." "Don't lie to me Drake!" She shouted.
"I'm not ly--"
 "Yes you are! Please don't stand here trying to spare me my feelings! I woke up with hickies on my fucking thigh! Why would they be there if we didn't DO anything?!"
"That's just it! We didn't DO anything! I gave you a few passion marks, true! But that's all I did! I'm not sayin' it was right, but that is all that happened Nicki!" She wiped the tears away from here face. "... I stopped myself before we went any further." Drake reached out and held her by the hand. Nicki could feel his honesty. His hands were warm. Nicki felt them before and she was starting to remember where.
"I didn't want you to go did I?" Drake looked at her with surprise and said, "No, you didn't. But I left anyway. You told me it was... only for one night."
                                                  "... only for one night?"
They both said in sync. "Yea... So you remember now?" Nicki was all kinds of embarrassed and ashamed of herself.
"I'm so sorry Drake." She breathed. Tears began running down her face again. She tried to stop them, but she couldn't. Nicki rushed to the elevator as Drake just stood there, watching her speed away.

Here's Nicki's purse btw, jus thot u guyz mite wanna c it! :)


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