Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thing's Left Unsaid

Eeeep!!! I'm happy u guys read!! O! Nd btw, I assumed TeamMinaj wur the only ppl reading this so I didn't take time out to introduce all the characters, but if u need to kno who's who jus let me kno nd I'll inform u! :) I'm luvin ur comments, lol! Keep'm cumin!! *pauz* Um, so yea here is the morning after! Haha, let's c how Nick turned out shall we? :)

Chapter 3:

The next morning, Nicki woke up with a throbbing headache. The sun was shining through the drapes so she quickly got up to shut them. Nicki stood up way too fast and her head started spinning. She raced to the bathroom to throw up, but she only got as far as the trash can next to the couch. After she puked her brains out she trudged to the bathroom to relieve herself. As she reached down to pull off her panties, she noticed she wasn't wearing any. Her eyes got wide as soon as she realized this. Nicki also noticed she had passion marks on her thigh and started to panic. She rushed out of the bathroom to look for her cell phone. Nicki paced the floor as she waited for Safaree to answer.
"Hello?" He croaked.
"SAFAREE?!?!" Nicki yelled, waking him out of his sleep.
"What's wrong Nick?" He said as he sat up in bed. 
He could sense the fear in her voice. "Are you ok?"
"NO!! Oh my God I'm so NOT ok Safaree!" She screamed into the phone. SB held his blackberry away from his ear to prevent his eardrum from rupturing.
"What's wrong?! Tell me what happened! You want me to come up there?!"
Safaree started to get scared himself. He threw back the comforter and hopped out of bed putting on his fitted tee.
"NO!" She shouted. "Please do not come up! Just... just tell me how I got here last night. I can't remember shit! Oh my God, what did I do Safaree???" She said with her hand over her forehead, still pacing the floor. Safaree started to explain to her that she took a couple shots then he left. He was unsure of what else happened, but he told her he was pretty sure she got drunk. Nicki started to come to, but she could only remember so much.
"And what else? How did I get to my room?" She asked.
"Um... Drake. Drake took you back to your room."
"DRAKE?!" She gasped. "Oh my God..."
"Is everything ok though, Nick?" Nicki sat on the edge of her bed looking at the couch.
"Yea... I'm good... Thank you Aree..."
"No problem... Oh! Be ready by 2:30, I booked you some studio time."
"... Ok, thanks..." She sighed then hung up the phone. Nicki noticed something pink and lacy sticking from inbetween the sofa cushions. She squinted to get a better picture of what it could be. Nicki slowly stepped over to the couch. She pulled the item from the cushions and discovered it was her underwear. She stood there in disbelief as a million thoughts raced through her head. She tried to figure out why there were hickies on her thigh and why she had awaken with no panties on. Nicki wanted to know why her panties were stuck inbetween the sofa cushions. She wanted to blame Drake, she had a right to, but she didn't know that. Nicki took off her shirt and bra then headed for the shower. She figured it would help her calm down. After she got dressed, she made her way to the studio in the basement of the hotel to meet SB. He was already settled when she arrived.
"What's up Nick? You good?"
"Hey Aree..." She said with a half smile. Safaree could tell something was still bothering her, but he didn't want to frustrate her any more than she already was so he kept quiet. Nicki sat her purse down on the leather sofa and pulled out her pen and notebook.
"Drake and RiRi are on their way over here." Safaree said. Nicki's stomach dropped when she heard Drake's name. She knew something happened between them last night. Nicki had a feeling that they might have had sex. She wanted to be wrong, but all the signs were there. She started to think to herself, *I woke up with no panties on... there are passion marks on my thigh... I mean, what else could've happened?*
"Nicki?" Safaree called to her. He saw her standing by her purse staring at her notebook and wanted to know what she was doing.
"Hmm?" Nicki answered, coming out of her daze.
"Ha, what are you doing?" He chuckled.
"Oh... nothing," She smiled. "I was just making sure I had the right book." That was a lie. They both knew that, but Safaree just let it go.
"Come here." He said. Nicki walked over and sat next to him.
"What's up?"
"I want you to hear this..." SB turned a few knobs on the mixing board and a beat started playing from the speakers. Nicki bobbed her head to the rhythm and smiled.
"That's dope Aree!"
"Of course it is. I made it." Nicki gave him the side eye and said, "Don't you be gettin' too cocky nigga." They both laughed then SB stood up.
"I'll be back. I gotta piss."
"Ew?!" Nicki proclaimed as he walked out. She sat there as the beat played scribbling rhymes in her notebook. She heard the door open.
"Damn, that was fast. I hoped you washed ya hands." She said laughing.
"Yeah, I got here as quickly as I could." Nicki looked up, over her shoulder and saw that it was Drake, not Safaree. Her eyes widened and she started to get nervous.
"Hey Drake." She managed to say. He walked over and sat in the swivel chair next to her where SB had been sitting.
"What's that?" He asked looking in her notebook.
"Nothing." She said, quickly closing it. She turned off the speakers and looked up at him. Their eyes met for a brief second and Drake smiled. He looked away and scratched at the stubble on his chin. Nicki was still looking at him... thinking. Drake didn't notice her staring so hard at him until he looked back at her. It was an awkward moment. Even for him. Drake was just as nervous as she was. He worried if she remembered last night.
"Drake?" She asked.
"Yeah?" He said. Both of them were still looking at each other.
"I... I woke up this morning... half naked." She said, tucking her hair behind her ear. Drake looked away licking his lips. He turned his body toward Nicki and looked at her in the eyes. Drake opened his mouth to speak, but then he saw SB walk in. Nicki turned around to see who it was then she rolled her eyes.
"Wussup Drizzy?" Safaree said giving him dap. Rihanna walked in behind him and shut the door. "Hey guys!! Wussup? Wussup?" She said with a huge smile. Rihanna brightened up the mood in the studio with her spunky personality. She walked over to Nicki and kissed her on the cheek. "Heeey doll! Stand up, give me a hug! I've missed you!" She squealed. Nicki smiled and stood up to hug her. RiRi grabbed a handful of Nicki's booty as they hugged.
"Rihanna?!" Nicki laughed in shock. "Keep your hands to yourself!"
"I can't help it Nick, it's just sooo juicy!" Rihanna said with wide eyes and a grin on her face.
"Sup Driz?!" She said to Drake.
Nicki had been wondering the same thing.

I kno guys, this chapter wuz i tiny bit short. But do nt worry, the good stuff is in the works! ;)


  1. lol that must be soooo awkward, not to mention scary, waking up without ur panties o_O
    I wonder what Drake was gonna say but Safareee interruptedd -___- and ew riri *mumbles* hoe. lol anyway, great chapter, cant wait to see what happens next. update soon pleasee!
    -Maria (@TeamMinajPeru)

  2. ^^ BESTIE!!

    Lol anywayz damn Nicki that's disgusting! But I know hwo it feels feeling hungover and puking ur guts out :/ (accidental! liquor was wasted on the ice cream!) And no panties on? Yeah that's really creepy and if I were you I'd freak otu too but don't worry, ya'll didn't hit that do si do -___- And ew I hate when people say they gotta piss! lol and Uh oh I wonder how this is gonna go down! And if I was Riri I would do that too no joke lol. Love it!


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