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Missin' You

Heeeeey barbz!!! :D Didn't think I'd b posting 2day, it kinda jus happened. I want 2 thank u guyz 4 reading mi post's, it means soooo much 2 me that u do!! I love u guyz nd i freakin mean that! TM is the best team ever!! Muuuaaahhh!!!! Btw, the tour dates in this blog r extreeeemely exaggerated, lol. I had 2 do that 4 important purposes ;) Oh, nd I got tired of the layout 4 mi paragraphs :/ It wuz driving me crazy so i switched bak 2 default mode. Anywho's, I hope u enjoy! :)

Chapter 7:

        It had been three months since Nicki went to Canada with Wayne to finish up the "I Am Still Music II Tour." Drake had been starting to work on his Take Care album back in Houston. The tour was now ending and Nicki would be back in the U.S. in a matter of days. While in Canada, she and Drake called each other daily. They were very careful not to get caught talking on the phone about more than just business. The two would be on the phone for hours at a time and if anyone ever walked into the room, the safe words were, "Yea Swizz, hold that track for me." or "I don't know, let me see *checks calendar* Ooo, sorry, can't, I'm booked." Safaree and Forty were the only one's who knew what was going on between Drake and Nicki. Forty didn't seem too excited when Drake told him and Safaree spazzed out when Nicki mentioned it to him on the flight to Canada. Safaree's exact words were:
"What the hell?! You and that coon ass nigga?! Oh Nicki *shakes his head* you gotta step ya cookies up B."
Nicki could do nothing, but laugh at him. No matter how SB decided to show how he felt about them dating, he was still happy for her. He never liked to see her hurt, upset or angry and to see Nicki smiling and laughing everyday made him feel good.
         Drake even made a few "business" trips to see her on his days off. They couldn't go out on a public date because of all the paparazzi and fans so they settled for dates in the studio. The two would order food and have Safaree bring it down, sometimes Forty. It never mattered what they ate as long as they had each other. This was different for the both of them, but Nicki still saw it as romantic. Just the two of them having long, meaningful conversations, joking around, cuddling up on the couch, kissing and Nicki falling asleep in Drake's arms. Nicki loved the way he held her. His strong arms wrapped around her itty bitty body made her feel safe. She'd lay on his chiseled chest, falling asleep listening to his heart beat. Boom, badoom boom. Boom, badoom boom. Drake had that super bass, whether he knew it or not. However, Drake could never stay over night. He always had to leave by morning so he'd go in the middle of the night while she slept. But Nicki never woke up alone. She always had a stuffed aminal with a heart-filled note attached to it tucked under her arm. Drake would buy her one everytime he left while she was asleep. Nicki had more than ten of these, all different shapes, sizes and colors. But she was never upset with him because she understood. Her favorite stuffed aminal's he bought for her were two pink and green monkeys. She named them Oscar and Elainor and they went almost everywhere with her.
           It was now Wednesday and Nicki was on her way back to the United States. She flew to California because that's where she resided. Nicki lived in an apartment in Los Angeles where the pools and the trees is. It was a beautiful place with dozens of palm trees and she had a nice view of a sandy beach just outside her window, past her private pool. The first thing Nicki did when she settled in was call Drake. It had been two weeks since his last "business" trip and she missed seeing him. He was back in Houston working on Take Care. Drake spent most of his time in and out of hotels there because he was starting to get very busy with his new album on the way.
     *Buzz, buzz, bu--*
"Draaake!" She smiled into the phone. A grin spread across Drake's face as he excused himself from the studio.
"Aye?! Where the hell you goin? We got about an hour left of this session!" Forty yelled after him. Drake waved him off and stepped outside into the hallway, closing the door behind him. The studio was in the basement so Drake was the only one in the hallway. He could scream at the top of his lungs and no one would rush to help him because they couldn't hear him.
"Hey baby. What's up?"
"Nothiiing. I just got home and I'm so frickin' tired... I miss YOU!" She said, laying on her bed.
"I missed you too Nicki. Mmm, it feels so good to hear your voice right now." He moaned, closing his eyes and playfully biting his lip.
"Uh uuh, don'tchu be getting freaky with me over the phone." She said giggling.
"Hahahaa!" He laughed, then licked his lips. "So when you comin' to see me?"
"When do you want me?"
"Late night... my bed... wearing thongs and pumps..."
"Drake?! You know what I mean boy!" She said with a smile.
"Ha, yea I know. I wanted you like yesterday. How soon can you come?"
"Well it usually doesn't take me very long... you just have to hit the right spot... know what you're doing..." She said, tracing the patterns on the comforter of her bed.
"Whoa ha ooh! Now who's gettin freaky?!" He laughed.
"Be quiet, I'll be there tonight. I'm off today... and tommorrow... well until further notice basically."
"Ard cool. I'm in the studio with Forty right now so call me when you get to Ellington airport. I'll send someone to pick you up."
"Ok babe, bye!"
"Bye love."
        The two hung up and Nicki scheduled the quickest flight to Houston. Her pilot had the rest of the day off so she had to catch a commercial flight, but she didn't mind. Nicki didn't plan on staying very long, but she packed a suit case just in case. She suggested SB go back to New York to spend some time with his family while they weren't busy. Nicki knew he missed them so it was only fair that he went to see them. She missed her family too, but she knew she would see them before she had to get back to business. Nicki took every opportunity she had to go see Mama Carol and her little Lamb Chop. Her family was, and still is, her everything.
        When Nicki arrived at LAX, there were lots of people. As she walked in, they started noticing her. She wore her Nicki Teresa disguise, but it didn't work. Dozens of barbz and kenbarbz rushed her as she walked to get her plane ticket. It took about seventeen security guards to hold them all back, but Nicki did not ignore them. She spent about twenty minutes talking to them, hugging them, signing bbobs, hands, necks, biceps and pregnant bellies. Nicki loved her barbz and kenbarbz as much as they loved her, if not more. They were God's gift to her as she saw it. Nicki boarded her flight and was on her way. When she touched down in Houston, she picked up her suitcase from the baggage claim and called Drake.
"Hey babe, I'm here! Hurry up and send me a ride before I get noticed again. I'm all alone and I don't want the media to know where I'm going."
"I figured you'd be here already. It's outside, you should see it as soon as you walk out." Nicki headed out of the airport and looked for her ride, but all she saw were three taxis.
"Um, I don't see it Drake."
"How could you not? It's yellow..."
"Wait... You called me a cab?" She said, trying to figure it out.
"Uh duh. I wasn't gonna call you something fancy, The media would definitely notice you."
"Aww, you are smart." She said smiling.
"Ouch? That hurt." he said holding his heart. Nicki sucked her teeth as she got into the cab.
"Bye boy, I'll see you when I get there."
"Ard love."
        Nicki arrived at the Alden hotel in downtown Houston around 11:53 P.M. She didn't bother checking into a suite because she didn't even know if she was staying overnight, but if she did, she knew she and Drake would share his deluxe suite. Nicki walked through the lobby bbm'ing Drake. She wasn't looking where she was going and bumped into someone, dropping her phone in the process.
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Nicki said, bending down to pick up the pieces of her blackberry.
"You better be!"
Nicki's nose flared and she started to scowl as she heard the rude remark.
"Excuse me?! Don't you talk to me like I'm--" She said, taking off her Nicki Teresa head scarf and shades. Nicki then looked up into the person's face after she put her blackberry back together.
"Drake!!!" She squealed as a huge grin spread across her face. She wanted to hug him right then and there, but she knew she couldn't because there were people watching, waiting for a public fued they expected to see unfold. Nicki stuffed her shades and scarf into her purse then they both rushed to the elevator and boarded the lift. They were the only two on it. Drake pressed a button for the eleventh floor and as soon as the doors closed, Nicki pressed stop, dropped her luggage and threw her arms around Drake's neck, passionately kissing him. They both closed thier eyes and he held her tiny waist then started moving her backwards until her back touched the opposite wall of the elevator. Nicki moved her hands up to his face and held it. She parted her lips a bit and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Nicki returned the gesture and Drake sucked her bottom lip. He moved down, kissing her neck. Drake moved his hands down her hips then to her butt. He cupped her ass in his hands then slid one inbetween her thighs, rubbing his middle finger over her center.
"Mmm!" She moaned. "Stop..." Nicki opened her eyes, she could feel herself starting to drip. Drake opened his eyes and lifted his head up, looking at her. He smiled then pushed the button for the eleventh floor without looking at it. Nicki smiled back at him and playfully shoved him by the chest with the tips of her fingers.
"Pick up my suitcase please." She said, then bit the corner of her bottom lip. Drake picked it up and the elevator doors opened. He rolled her suitcase to his room as she followed beside him. Before going into his room, they both looked around to make sure no one was looking. The coast was clear because nobody was around so they both went in. Nicki closed the door behind her as Drake turned the light on. He set her suitcase near the wall by his bed and took his shoes off. Nicki also slipped off her shoes as she walked over and sat on his bed, laying back on it. Drake walked over to her smiling.
"You gettin ready for me huh?" He said as he approached his bed. He leaned over to lay on top of her, but she rolled over onto her stomach so he fell onto the bed.
"You wish." Nicki said as they both grinned at each other. Nicki stood up as Drake sat up.
"Hey babe?" She said, combing her hair into a ponytail with her fingers. "Can I use your bathroom? I need to shower."
"Sure, you know you don't have to ask."
"I know, I was just being polite." She said with a smile, walking over to her suitcase. She grabbed a few things and headed to the bathroom. Drake picked up the remote next to him and turned on the tv.
        After Nicki showered, she came out of the bathroom in her fuzzy, pink slippers, a white wife beater and a pair of cute, pink shorts with white polka dots on them.
"Mmm, don't we look yummy? I like those shorts Daisy." Drake said, looking her up and down as she giggled at his comment.
"They're not even that short." She said, looking down at them.
"I thought you weren't staying?"
Nicki shrugged. "Eh... I wasn't going to, but there's no reason for me to leave." She said walking over to lay next to him. "Why? Do you not want me to stay?" She asked in her innocent voice.
"Ooh, no, no no no no nooo! I want you to stay. I was just asking."
She smiled at him and he smiled back. Drake put his arm around her and Nicki snuggled up close to him and put her head on his chest.
"What are we watching?"
"The Devil Wears Prada."
"*gasp* Oh my God, I love this movie!"
"I know..." He said with a sly smile.
Nicki side eyed him then looked back at the television. "I wish I caught it from the beginning."
"Oh, too bad huh?" He said sarcastically. "I wonder what this button does?" he said looking down at the remote. Drake pressed the button and started rewinding the last 42 mintues.
"You recorded this?!" Nicki asked happily.
"Just for you." He smiled.
"Awww. Thank you Drake!"
"No problem love."
        After the movie went off, Drake got up to use the bathroom, leaving his blackberry on the bed. Nicki decided to pick it up. She quickly scrolled through his contacts and stopped at a name that caught her eye.
"Drake?!" He walked out of the bathroom drying his hands.
"What's up?"
"Who the hell is this?!" Nicki said holding his phone up so he could see it. Drake got quiet and looked confused. He scrunched his face up to look at the name and number.
"Oh..." A smile of relief spread across his face. "Just some girl I talk to..."
"Some girl huh?"
"Yea, I met her a while back." He sat on the edge of the bed and Nicki sat up on her knees.
"I've known her for like three years now, but I've only been dating her for like three months."
"Oh really?"
"Mhmm." He said, nodding his head.
"Well what do you like about her?"
"She has a beautiful smile... nice lips... her eyes are gorgeous. I love the way she talks to me. She has a mean ass walk and her voice is angelic. She is the sweetest person I've ever met, she's smart and she's funny as hell. She's focused and she puts her family before anything..."
"She sounds perfect."
"She is." Nicki smiled.
"You know Drake? If she's so special, I think she'd appreciate it if you didn't call her "some girl"."
"Well she sounds more like your girlfriend to me... What do you think?" She asked, looking at him.
"Seriously?" Drake asked, raising his eyebrows.
"Yea... girlfriend..." She smiled. "I like it, it has a special ring to it."
Drake slowly took the phone from Nicki and pulled her in close to him. They kissed and Nicki started laughing.
"Hahahaa! I'm sorry Drake, but you looked nervous as hell!" She said, still laughing.
"I was! I didn't know what the hell you were talkin about! But I was more nervous for you. I was like, is she going crazy?! Cuz I know damn well I ain't talking to nobody else." Drake said, laughing.
"Aww, my bad baby." She said putting her arms around his neck, softly caressing the back of his head with her hand. She poked her bottom lip out and gave him the puppy dog eyes. Drake looked up at Nicki, still on her knees *pauz*, and seductively bit the air. Nicki bit her bottom lip and leaned in to kiss him. They both fell back onto the bed, Nicki on the bottom. He started kissing her neck, then he slowly felt his way up her thighs. He slid his hand into her shorts, then into her wet panties. Drake slowly started to massage Nicki's slippery clit.
"Uuuuhhh!" She moaned, furrowing her brow.
"Drake?" She whined, tapping him on the back of his shoulder. Nicki softly gasped then Drake looked up into her eyes and removed his hand. He kissed her on the forehead and sat up. Nicki sat up too, sliding her back up against the head board.
"No, you good Nick." He said shaking his head. "I know you're not ready yet. I was just... I don't know." He said with a smirk and a half smile. Nicki smiled back at him then pulled the covers back.
"I'm going to bed."
"Ard, I'm going to take a shower." Nicki slid under the covers attempting to pull them over her, but Drake grabbed them.
"I got it." He smiled. Drake tucked Nicki into bed and turned off the lamp.
"Goodnight boyfriend." She said closing her eyes.
"Goodnight girlfriend."
        Drake walked to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. When he came out, he climbed in bed with Nicki. Drake held her and together they slept the rest of the night away.


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