Monday, April 30, 2012

Response Post

What happened that night with the Nicki/SB thing that has Nicki's dad so angry towards SB?

Hopefully this post explains why Robert & Safaree don't get along.


Shoes off, 2-way in hand, and nearly sprawled across his bed with my feet propped up on top of his headboard… this is how I'm spending my Friday night. In my best friend's room while he sits on his floor playing Mario on his Nintendo. I'm assuming the game froze 'cause I hear him remove the cartridge, blow into it, and put it back into the console. He's been trying to beat this level for a few days now with no luck. His mom and sisters are visiting family across town so it's just us here, in our own little worlds. Oh… I should probably tell you who he is, right? Haha, well Safaree of course. And yes, as you all know, I am your narrator, Onika. Enough with the introductions though; I just got another message on my 2-way. It's from my boo, Charlie. We've been dating for about three months now. He's really, really sweet and cute and funny and all that good stuff. Faree introduced me to him actually. I'd always see them hanging out and playing basketball on the court a few blocks away from my house. I guess I was staring a bit too hard one day when Charlie shot his three pointer. He was Skins so I just couldn't look away, haha. Anyway, Safaree noticed the look I was giving him so he took it upon himself to introduce us. And I've been in heaven ever since. He's nineteen and I know I'm only sixteen, but I'll be seventeen next month so really there's no issue, right? Right.

"Shit!" Safaree yells, breaking me from my thoughts.

I roll over onto my stomach and look at the television. "What happened?"

"Oh my God… I was THIS close!" He showed me with his fingers. "Thiiiiis close!" He tossed his controller and ran his hands over his face. "That damn Princess Peach gon hafta stay captured…"

I started to laugh. "Hahaha! It's just a game, Faree. Relax."

"Shut up. You don't even know how to play so I wouldn't expect you to understand."

"So???" I grab a pillow from the head of the bed, behind me, and whack him with it.

He quickly shielded his head with his hands. "Stop!" He started smiling as the pillow continued to make contact with him.

I giggle and tuck the pillow under my bosom. "Well now you know to watch your mouth."

Safaree smirked as if my words held no value, so I mushed the back of his noggin.

"Stop, Lil' Charlie." He says.

I smile. "Don't call me that." I say, knowing damn well I like it.

"Little Charlie!" He says again, annunciating every syllable while he switches Nintendo cartridges.

"Shut up, Safaree…" I reply, closing my eyes and resting my head on the pillow beneath me. My 2-way goes off again, making me smile. I check it.

Well yea, I'm jus layin on my bed thinkin bout u

Aww, really? What abt me?

How beautiful u r & how u coulda came over tonight

I roll my eyes.

Now u know I can't. Ya mom hates me 4 some odd reason

She jus jealous

Of me?? Y would she be?


I giggle at his lack of an explanation. Safaree looks back at me.

"What's funny?" He asks. 

"My C. Bear." I respond, replying to Charlie's message.

"You and that nickname stuff…" Faree shook his head. "You know me and the boys' clown him about dat shit, right?" He chuckled, eyes on the television screen as he played Donkey Kong 64. 

"Y'all are wrong. Leave my baby alone. Don't be mad 'cause he got somebody and y'all all still single lookin like scrubs."

"Me?? A scrub?? Yea, a'ight. You musta forgot that blue classic sittin out front is mine. I ain't no scrub."


I see Faree pause the game and pick up his 2-way while he mumbled something inaudible.

"Don't mumble. Say whatchu gotta say, my nicca." 

"It ain't even about you so chill. Ya C. Bear, " He mimicked. "just sent me somethin."

I look over Safaree's shoulder to see the message. Yea, I'm curious alright. But Safaree holds his 2-way away from me so I can't see.

"I said he sent ME a message. Not Onika."

I suck my teeth and sit up, laying back on his bed now. I continue to text my boo, oblivious to all else.

Ayo S. Beezy. Wuddup, nigga?

Nothin. Tryna play this Nintendo game

U still ain't beat that level on Mario?

Naw, nigga, lol. I ain't even mad though. Playin Donkey Kong.

Oh word? That's wussup. But yo, guess what?


Yo, u know the girl Leslie from History class, right?

Safaree furrowed his brow.

Yea... the lightskin 1? What abt her?

Shorty tried 2 get @ me yesterday

And? U tell her u got a girl?

The bitch already know. Son...

Forreal? So what happened?

She invited me over her house

What??? So where u at?

Her house...

I freeze. I can't believe what this nigga just told me. Fuck he doin at this bitch house?!

Um... & y is that? U 4get 2 tell me bout a house party?

I ask, but I already know that ain't why that nigga there.

Naw nigga. It's jus me & her. She wanted me 2 come over &… yea

Wtf is wrong with u, nigga?!? U know u got Onika over here all crazy 4 u & shit?!? The girl is head over heels. Don't do dis, man. Please.

Well she ain't puttin out! It's been 3mos, nigga! You know I don't wait that damn long 4 nuthin. So if she ain't lettin a nigga get dat, I gotta get it some place else

I don't even reply. This nigga… fuckin dumb ass…



"You still messagin' ya C. Bear?"


"Did he say what he was doin?"

"He's home… layin in bed thinkin about me."

I can hear the smile in her voice. I sigh, trying to figure out my next move.

"Why are you so concerned?" She asks.

How can I tell her? Can I even tell her? Should I tell her?

"Faree?" She calls. "What is it?"

"Nothin… just askin… I'll be back." I get up to go to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.

Safaree is so weird… weirdo. Haha, I wonder why he asked me that though… I look at the television, the game is still paused. I never really played this thing before, but how hard could it be? I slide off the bed and pick up the controller next to his 2-way. The little monkey character on the screen begins to twitch when I resume the game. I press a few buttons and he begins to run. I don't get why boys like this stuff. This game is so basic, haha.

*beep, beep*

Oop! Another message. I look at my 2-way, but it's not me. I look at Faree's and I see a notification for one new message. It's from my C. Bear. I really shouldn't be going through his phone, but... it's just Charlie.

U still there man?


I reply.


How is it that Safaree gets a response faster than me? Like… and I don't even know what Charlie's talking about. Haha, I'm so nosey. I begin to read the beginning of their conversation. "……wait……" I say aloud. "No fuckin way………" I cannot believe what I'm reading. I look through my inbox and read our messages. But what the fuck am I comparing?! He fuckin lied to me! How could he lie to me??? He said he was home. He fuckin told me he was home! Now he's at this Leslie bitch's house?! She is such a fuckin hoe! Everybody at school knows that! How could Charlie do this to me?! Oh my God, if he fucks her, I swear...

U're not gonna screw her, r u?

I brought the rubbers so

Nicki dropped Safaree's 2-way and held her face in her hands. Her tears made contact with her palms immediately. "What did I do?" She asked herself.

Safaree walked back into his room and saw her crying on the floor. His heart dropped into his stomach. "Onika… please tell me you didn't go through my messages…"

She looked up at him, rage quickly replacing her sadness.

"How long did you know about this?? And why the fuck didn't you tell me?"

"Onika…" He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, closing his bedroom door behind him. 

"No Faree! Don't even!" She threw his 2-way at him as she rose to her feet. "You're supposed to be my best friend, right?? Fuck you." Nicki slipped on her shoes and coat and headed for his door.

"Whoa! Onika, hold on! I can explain. Jus wait a minute." Safaree blocked her from leaving.

"Fuck ya explanation Safaree! If you couldn't even tell me his ass was cheatin then it ain't shit you can say to me now!"

Nicki shoved him out of the way and yanked his bedroom door open.

Heavy footsteps soon followed behind her. "Wait! I'm coming with you!"

"No! I need to be alone!" She ran to his front door, struggling to unlock all four locks.

"Be mad at me all you want, but I'm not letting you walk home by yourself Onika! It's 1:34 in the mornin! Anything could happen to you!!" He placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" She jerked away.

"Jus let me talk to you. I apologize. I know… I should've told you. I jus didn't know how…"

Nicki had her back to him, her hand on the bronze doorknob. She slowly pulled the door open and looked back at him before stepping into the vestibule. She then opened his screen door and walked out, closing it behind her.

It's really dark out here… There's only one working street light and it's way down the sidewalk on the corner. I fold my arms into my body trying to stay warm. Looking both ways, I head down his steps, taking a left and walking a couple paces, I stop at an alley way. It's faster to get to my house through this alley and all I wanna do is get home so why not? I mean, I can see a light at the end and there's nobody in it.... I look around me one last time before I head into it....


What the fuck…… I have no idea why I didn't tell her. I should have told her. I hope she's not too upset. Aw man… this is fucked up. It doesn't matter how mad she is right now, I hafta go after her. I can't let her walk home alone. I open my front door and hop down my steps. I look both ways, but I don't see her. All I see is one street light at the end of the corner. I hope she didn't walk through that alley. I've told her to stay out of it. Even I don't walk through it, it's not safe. I run to the alley. I can see her walking, but I don't want her to see me. I'll jus watch her from here, peeping around the corner of this building. I can get to her fast if I need to… She's stopping? Who the hell is that she's talking to? I walk into the alley, sticking by the wall and hide behind a dumpster. Peeping around it, I can see Onika better from here… What the hell? Why is she—



I can barely see a damn thing. My vision is blurry and I can't stop crying. Why the fuck would Charlie cheat on me? I was good to him… I was so fuckin good to him. What did I do to deserve this? So what I didn't put out. I told him I wasn't ready. He fuckin knew that and he said it wasn't a problem. Liar…… I fuckin hate him. Oh my God, I hate him… He better not fuckin call me. I'm so done with him… Safaree really should have told me. I would've told him if he were in my shoes. *sniffles* I really hope he isn't following me. He's told me about this alley. I don't see what the big— *gasp* Oh my God… Somebody's stumbling towards me… Wait....


"Mm… What the fuck do you want?"

"Dad? Are you high?!"

"Naw... Naw... Mm mm!" He stops and wobbles a little.

"Daddy? Why are you still out here?? Let me get you home..." I walk up to him. I can't believe him! He is so fucking high. He can't even stand straight up. We may not get along, but he's my father. I'm not gonna leave him out here like this.

"No! Don't, mm mm, don't *shakes head* don't touch me! I got it, shit!"

"Let me help you!" This is exactly why he should stay off these streets!! I then see a baggie fall out of his coat pocket so I pick it up. There's white stuff in it… I am completely disgusted… He tries to snatch it from me, but I hold it up high. He's keeled over so he can't get it.

"Gimme my shit!"

"No!! This is the problem!! Who'd you get it from this time dad?! Was it Corey?! You know better! You need to stay away from this mess!!"

"Shut up!!! Hand it here!!!"

"NO!!!!" He lunges at me and grabs me, trying to take it. I suddenly hear my name. It sounds like... like Safaree...

"ONIKA?!?!" I feel hands pull me apart from my father. Safaree's face flashes across my eyes. He takes the bag from me.

"What the fuck is this Onika?!"

"It's not mine!!! It's his!! Why are you here?! I told you I needed to be alone!!"

"And I told you I wasn't gonna let you walk alone!!!" Safaree looks at my father. "Robert? Why you out here man?" He sounds disappointed.

"Jus hand me my shit young blood..."

Faree looks at what's in his hand.
"You want this? Naw, I don't think so." 

I snatch the baggie from him.

"Stop playin wit my shit!!!"

"This is between me and my dad! Go home!! I don't need you to fuck up anything else! Jus leave!!!" I push him.

"You know what, fine, be mad. Since you so tough, I'll go..."

I watch him turn to go back up the alley and I pocket the drug. Then I look at my dad.
"Come home with me please? You don't need this." I start crying again, I'm fed up. I walk closer to my dad and I see him pulling something out of his pocket. I can't really tell what it is.

"Dad?" I ask hesitantly. He points it at me. It's a switchblade. My eyes widen. "Daddy? What are you doing?"

"I'm tired of playin games… Hand me my fix, Onika."

"What's the knife for? You... you wouldn't use that on me... Would you? I'm your daughter, it's me. Onika. Remember?" I raise both my hands in surrender. I'm scared. I can tell he's already been shooting up. He's capable of doing anything right now.

"I don't want to, but I will."

"What? No, dad please?! I'm not gonna give you the bag, jus please put the knife down!" I'm breathing heavily now. I can't move. I'm frozen in place and not just because of the cold weather.

"I'm not playin wit' you! Hand it over!"

"NO!!!" Before I know it, I'm screaming and the palm of my hand is on fire. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! DADDY?!?!?? Wha- Wha- I d- I-" I squeeze my bleeding hand shut and fall to my knees. It stings like hell. I can't believe he just fucking cut me. HE CUT ME! My father? He... He cut me? I hear a thud so I look up. I see Faree wrestling with my dad on the ground. I thought he left?

"Faree..." I say, but it comes out as a whisper. "Faree?" Can he hear me? "FAREE?!" I yell. He doesn't look at me. He snatches the switchblade from my father and throws it down the alley. My dad punches Safaree in his face. Then I see Faree striking my father in his jaw. Robert puts him in a headlock. Safaree is punching him in the chest. I don't know who I should be more angry at right now. Robert lets go and I see Faree stand up and kick him one time in the ribcage with the head of his Timberland. Then he walks over to me. My father rolls over and crawls toward the switchblade. Not his bleeding daughter, but the got damn switchblade.

"Safaree?" I cry. He kneels down and helps me stand. I bury my face in his chest and he holds me there, letting me cry. After a few seconds he pulls me away and wipes the tears from my face.

"You ok?" I shake my head no and show him my left hand. It's shaking. His eyes grow wide and his nose spreads. I can see the anger dance across his face like wildfire. His lips are pursed and he looks more than upset.

"Fuck him. Come on, I need to get you to the hospital."

"No! Safaree no, I jus wanna go home. I'll clean it. Wrap it up. I can't even feel it anymore..."
He grabs my hand and I scream.

"Yea, we're goin to the hospital..." Safaree pulled me by the wrist, his grip was tight. I struggled to keep up with his pace. He was speeding, almost dragging me behind him like I was some sort of misbehaving child.

"Safaree, you're hurting me."
He looked back and loosened his grip, but continued speeding out of the alley. When we arrived to the ER, it took twenty minutes before I was seen. The nurse cleaned my hand. She said the cut was pretty deep. She called it a gash. The doctor came in and examined me. I had to get stitches, nine of them. They wrapped my hand in gauze and Faree drove me home.

My mother, Jelani and Caiah were asleep so we had to sneak in. I told Safaree I'd be fine, but he insisted on walking me to my room. He had me sit on my bed while he removed my coat, hanging it up for me as I took off my shoes.

"Put on ya pj's, I'll step out." He left, closing the door behind him. I change clothes and crawl into bed, thinking about all that has happened today. My life is fucked up… I sink further into my sheets. I feel tears running down my face again. I'm not surprised. I've been crying so much, it just feels like that's where they belong. I hear a polite knock on the door. I look over, but don't say anything. Safaree knocks again.

"You dressed?"

"Yea..." I tiredly admit. He opens my bedroom door and walks in. I don't tell him to leave. I'm too fed up to care about anything. He shuts the door then sits on the edge of my bed and looks at me. I absent-mindedly stare back at him.

"How's ya hand?" I slowly lift it up and show him. "Can you move it?"

I try to wiggle my fingers, but it hurts. I sniffle and shake my head no. I feel more tears pouring down my face. I bite my lip and Faree reaches over to wipe my tears. I wish he wouldn't do that. It's just so weird.

"I'm gonna go home now. Call me if you need me for anything. I mean it."

He turned my lamp off and left, closing my door behind him. I cuddle up with a nearby pillow and stare at my digital clock, watching the bright red numbers change until my heavy eyelids lose the battle with sleep.

& this is why Robert & SB don't get along… didn't know where to put this post so I withheld it. I now know it could've been a flashback, but I clearly wasn't thinking straight at the time…


  1. Smdh & Robert has the nerve to still be mad after the shit he did. Like it was more important than his daughter, f-king a-hole. I really dislike him. As far as Charlie, he's a guy, so that's expected plus he nineteen...smh. She flipped before she even knew Faree would tell her, he could've been getting his thoughts together in the bathroom, but who's to say she would've believed him? She may have, either way it was wrong. Robert can kick rocks & eat poop if continues to hold that grudge against SB. Good flashback tho. Thanks for enlighting us with this. *clap clap* Bravo :D

  2. Whoaaaaa Charlie's a dickhead. Well, no one compares to Aubs anyway but Nic was wrong for yelling at SB! He was probably going to tell her once he got out of the bathroom... Nic knows damn well she wouldn't have believed him right away -_- Andddd wtf is wrong with her dad?!?!? Smfh @ what he did.... I swear if I was Nic, I would never talk to him everrrr. Plus he has no right to be mad at SB now. That was all his fault!! SB was there to help Nic! *Sigss* My poor Nic went through so much :'( I'm glad she has Drake now <3333 Loved this flashback chapter Tonic, post soooooon :*

  3. Toni Toni TONI! Mmmm How dare that niggah Charlie do that to my Onika bear. The nerve of that niggah and Faree not telling mad the situation even worst. Nic had the right to blow up SB. Anyways omgeee papa Robert...... Who could you it's your daughter Nic member. He had the Nerve to cut my baby Thank god safaree was following or who knew what could happen. Know I know why Robert and Sb be beefing hella hard bt I don't think Robert should be mad a faree shoot he coulda killed her. I think Robert should apologize for what he did keep stuff in like that ain't good but any way Toni loved it post soon darling - Jamiela

  4. Smh man. How could Robert do that? That is beyond f'd up :l

  5. This answeres a lot of questions. Thank you :)

  6. OMG!!!! SMFDH!!! MY Nic :(
    Robert should apologise to SB and Nic, how could u do that to Nic, smh.
    I don't blame Safarre for a bit and Robert was jst in the wrong.
    Now everything makes sense to me.
    Thanks for updating T!
    Post soon <3

  7. That dirty ass C bear (DEAD at me calling him that LOL) cheat on Nicki, damn its not SB fault Nic. I feel bad for SB cuz he just didnt know how to tell her =( WTF SB dont let her walk alone, Oh no Nicki dont go down the alley! *reads on*
    Wait SB wut u see boy... spit it out, TELL ME SHIT!
    OMFG it was Robert ass in the alley 0_0 *reads* Is this nicca drunk, high or wut? Like his ass stumbling all over the fuckn alley -_- Ugh Nicki stop being so stubborn, SB is trying to help u. Her dad is getting on my last fuckn nerves, he really bout to fight them over it... just sad. Wut the actually fuck, this nicca said he WOULD stab her?! OMFG this bitch cut her hand OH HELL FUCKN NO, IMA KILL HIM IBET NOT SEE HIM IN THE STREETS!! Omg thank god SB didnt leave, YES for him beating the fuck outta Robert! Not here for Nicki trying to go home like she wasnt just cut in her hand, talking bout it dont hurt and she just going to clean and wrap it up... like NO take yo lil ass to the hospital! SB is such a good friend, and Robert ass better not come home!
    This is an eye opener on to wut went down, but fuck Robert bitch ass!

  8. Oh man! Look how far technology has come *weeps* that's a big ass phone lmfao anyways. Charlie is a lil bitch and I pray he burns in hell(and you know the rest) how you gonna straight lie to ur girlfriend but talk about fucking another girl to her best friend who's in the same room as her? Nigga wasn't even smart enough to check first. But I wish Safaree would've told Nicki what CHarlie was saying without her having to fidn out for herself. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION WHEN PEOPLE SAY THEY DON'T/DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU!!!!!!! LIKE BITCH USE YOUR FUCKING WORD!SOME BASIC FUCKING VOCABULARY!!!!!! *takes deep breath*

    Robert is fucking fucked up for that. Nigga should be ashamed of himself for wanting that crack more than he wanted to see his daughter. He actually fucking cut her!!!!!!! TF?! I'm glad that Safaree wrassled him away and how can Robert hate SAFAREE for that?! HE was the one on crack who hurt Onika...smh damn yo

    P.S. Sorry for replying kinda late! My blogger was acting weird -__-