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Chap. 21: Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free [Part 2/2]

Hiya guyz! ^_^ Since this is part dos, it picks up exactly where part one left off. Sorry4thewait & S/O 2 all of you for being the bestest audience ever! Plz excuse all mistakes & errors! Love you, muuuaah!!

Chapter: 21 [2/2]

"Ain't this bout a bitch." Nicki mumbled to herself. "Every fuckin time... every time..." She said, tossing her hands up in defeat. Nicki angrily walked to the bathroom to hang up Drake's towel while he was on his way to the front door.

"Who is it?!" He asked, approaching the door, but getting no answer. He looked through the peep hole, but saw no one. Drake opened the door and stepped out, looking both ways, but seeing nothing. He looked over the banister and saw a man heading down the steps and out of the building. He shrugged and turned to head back inside. On the door was a yellow notice. He pulled the paper off and read it carefully. "Shit…" Drake huffed, closing the door behind him.

"So who's the asshole?" Nicki asked, walking toward him.

"Nobody now." He held up the notice.

"What's that?" She asked, taking it out of his hand.

"A rain check. Verizon jus stopped by and we missed them. Somebody has to reschedule."

Nicki sucked her teeth. "Damn it. I really wanted to get this out of the way today."

"Maybe if you weren't so busy tryna get me into your pants, you'd be getting cable right now."

Nicki rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She stuck the paper to the front of Drake's shirt and headed back to her room. He shook his head with a half smile and peeled it off. He then walked into the kitchen and posted it on the fridge.


He heard Nicki lazily calling him. Drake walked out of the kitchen, locked the front door and went to her room to see what she wanted.

"Yes, baby?"

Nicki was sprawled out on her bed, flat on her stomach. She rolled onto her back when Drake walked in. "Aubrey? I'm bored."

"Bored? Why?" He walked over and sat on the bed next to her.

"Cuz... besides you, there's nothing to do. And since you won't play with me, I'm bored."

Drake chuckled to himself. "Well Nicki, besides me, what is it that you wanna do?"

"Go out. I jus wanna go out. I haven't worked in God knows how many days and it's really killing me. It's so unlike me to jus sit around. I need something to do, Aubrey. Take me somewhere. Anywhere. Jus get me out of this apartment."

Drake silently sat there for a moment, staring down at her. "Put your shoes on."

"Where we goin?"

"Jus put ya shoes on." He stood up. "You'll see when we get there."

"Wait, I needa change my clothes."

"No you don't, you look amazing jus the way you are. Where are your sandals?"

"Look under the bed." Nicki stood up and helped him look.

"Here's one." Drake said, handing it to her. "And here's the other." He stood up, handing her the other sandal. "Where are your car keys?"

"To what?"

"The Bentley."

"Look on the kitchen counter. They should be there." She said, sliding on her shoes. Nicki grabbed her purse and followed Drake into the kitchen. "Are you making me drive to?"

"Nope. I'm driving. Your car." He unlocked the front door and pulled it open. "Come on." He held the door open for Nicki to walk out.

"Still not gonna tell me where we're goin?"

"Nope." Drake locked the door and headed down the flight of stairs with Nicki not far behind him.

"Oh crap. Aubrey wait." She pulled her cellphone out of her purse, stopping in her tracks.

"What'd you forget?" He stopped too.

"I gotta tell Faree we won't be here when he shows up. Hold on." She put the phone to her ear, listening to it ring. "Hel- hello? Yea Faree?… Yea, Drake and I are going out for a couple hours so we won't be here when you get here. We locked up so use your key to get in………… yea, between one and one thirty………… mhmm………… Oh! Verizon came, but we missed them so could you reschedule? yea?………… uh huh………… okay, bye." Nicki hung up her phone and put it back in her purse.

"You ready?" Drake asked.


Drake and Nicki both headed down all the flights of steps and out toward the parking garage. He unlocked the doors to the car and helped her in the passenger seat first. Drake then got in on the drivers side and started the engine. He pulled out of the garage, taking a left onto the main road. About thirty minutes later, they pulled up to The Grove. Drake parked the Bentley and helped Nicki out of the car.

"We're here." Drake linked his fingers with hers and they both headed into the shopping resort.

"Drake? There're lots of people here." Nicki said, observing their surroundings.

"Sure are… no paparazzi though so let's shop while we can." Drake slid on his sunglasses and continued to walk hand in hand with Nic. She too slid hers on as if they'd help keep the couple incognito.

When Drake spotted his desired store, he held the door open for Nicki to walk in first. Surprisingly, there weren't many people inside.

"Hi, welcome to Michael Kors. My name is Joseph and I'll be your helping hand today." The man smiled. "What can I do for you?"

"Oh, thanks Joseph, but we're jus browsing." Drake replied.

"Well okay, I'll be behind the counter if you need anything." Joseph clasped his hands together and smiled. He then went back behind the cash register and pulled out a Versace catalogue.

"Okay Nic, do ya thing."

Nicki looked back at him with the brightest smile on her face. "Seriously???"

"Yup. Go crazy, get any and everything you want."

Nicki squealed and threw her arms around his neck."Awww, thank you baby. You're the best!" She stood on her tiptoes and pecked him on the lips.

"Mmmmm." Hummed Joseph, looking on from behind his catalogue. "You go Ms. Nicki!" He snapped his fingers and flipped the page.

Drake and Nicki both turned their heads to face him. "You know who I am?"

"Of course I do honey. Your tattoo gave it away."

Nicki looked down at her arm. "Oh, haha, yeeaa, that thing." She took her arms from around Drake's neck.

"Now don't freak, this is LA, I see celebrities all day. I'm not the spazzing type, but I must say I love your work. Superbass is my shit." He went on to hum a few bars. "Oh, and I know you're Drake." He pointed. "Can't miss those ears anywhere. No offence sweetie." Joseph turned another page. "It's none of my business, buuut are you guys like dating?" He stared at them both.

Drake looked at Nicki and she looked at him. After a few seconds of silence, Drake spoke up. "I don't mean to be rude, but you're right, it's none of your business." Drake shrugged and motioned for Nic to walk forward.

Once they got to the women's department, Nicki spoke up. "That was close."

"Yea, it was."

"So what, is that the motto when we're out in public now?" She mocked him. "I'ont mean to be rude, but it's none of your business."

Drake chuckled. "Either that or the classic, "we're jus friends"."

"I like the classic one." Nicki said, looking through a clothing rack full of shirts."I mean, we wouldn't be lying necessarily cuz we are friends. Jus listen to the words: girlFRIEND, boyFRIEND. It's still true." She held a shirt up to her chest. "You like this one?"

"No, but I don't hafta wear it."

Nicki rolled her eyes and hung it back up. She searched the rack for the same style shirt, but different color.

"Oh, and you're right about the girlfriend boyfriend thing. But I think it's best if we don't tell people anything. They don't hafta know. It's none of their business."

"Say what? Oh no, not Aubrey!" She gasped sarcastically. "Not Mr. ProclaimHisLoveForMeToTheUniverse! This can't be!"

"Ha. Ha. I'm serious though Nic. The world may know I love you, yes. But they don't need to know I have you. I'm honest about a lot of shit, but there are somethings I like to keep secret."

"Well I respect your decision Aubrey, but think about it. Saying, "it's none of your business" gives the media a reason to think otherwise. Telling them we're jus friends gets them nowhere. People say they're jus friends all the time."

"Ok, I see your point. If it makes you feel any better, we'll tell'm we're jus friends."

"It's not that it makes me feel better, it jus makes more sense." Nicki held up another shirt. "You like this?"

"I do actually. You should try it on."

"I will, jus lemme get a few more things first."

After about an hour or so, Nicki had Drake carrying five dresses, three shirts, four pairs of shoes and two bathing suits. All of which she had yet to try on. The two were on there way to look at jewelry.

"Nicki wait." She turned around. "I really think you should try this stuff on. Like now."

"You sure do whine a lot Aubrey."

"I'm not whining, I'm suggesting. I mean, I am the one carryin all this shit."

"Fine." She sighed. "Did you see the dressing rooms?"

"Yea, back that way."

When they got to the fitting rooms, Nicki helped Drake hang up her clothes on the hooks. He placed her shoe boxes on the bench and stepped out. Nicki gave him a mini fashion show with each outfit she tried on. After all was done, she ended up keeping only three of the five dresses, one out of the three shirts, two pairs of shoes, and only one bathing suit. Drake went to go pay for everything while Nicki checked out the jewelry. He asked Joseph to keep the bags behind the counter until they were ready to leave. Drake then walked to meet Nicki, who was trying on a pair of silver earrings.

"Those look beautiful on you." He leaned on the glass counter next to her as she looked into a small mirror.

"Thanks." She smiled at him.

Drake smiled back and then looked down into the glass casing he was leaning on top of. He saw a few watches that caught his eye. Nicki glanced over at him admiring the fine pieces of jewelry. She took the earrings off and tried on another pair.

"Excuse me?" She asked the elderly man behind the counter.

"Yes ma'am?"

"I want both of these pair of earrings." She took off the second pair and placed them in his hand.

"Okay. One moment."

The man put them in two separate boxes and then into a small bag. Drake handed the man his credit card and he swiped it. "Here you go." The gentleman gave Drake back his card. "Anything else?" The man asked. Drake looked at Nicki.

"Uhh, well I was looking at those rings and bracelets and stuff over there." She pointed.

The man guided them around to the other side of the glass casing. Nicki picked two necklaces and three bracelets. She then looked over the rings.

"Hey Drake?" She placed a silver ring on her ring finger. "You think this goes with that dress I picked out?"

"Uhh, yea. I think so." He picked up another ring with gemstones encrusted along the top. "But I think this one goes better." He reached for her other hand and slid the ring on her finger.

"Hm. I like it." Nicki held her hand out and wiggled her fingers.

"It's not too tight is it?" Drake asked.


"Ok, so you're like a size eight. Cool."

Drake pulled his credit card back out and handed it to the man. Nicki got four rings total. When they finished with the jewelry department, it was time to head out. Nicki told Drake she had to relieve herself so she'd meet him at the front desk. When he walked out of sight, Nicki walked around the glass casing again.

"Excuse me? Sir?" She called.

The man showed himself. "Yes?"

"Hi, I didn't get your name."


"Cute name Jefferson." She smiled. "Uh, a friend and I were over here not long ago and if you noticed, he was looking at a few watches. Can you show me the collection?"

"Certainly." He grinned with a nod of the head. Jefferson then pointed out the newest pieces they had just gotten in stock. Nicki saw Drake eying a gold, diamond-encrusted watch so she asked to see that one. She then picked out a white one with the same style.

"I'll take these two, Jefferson." Nicki searched her purse for her wallet. When she found it, she took out her credit card and paid for the watches. "Oh! And I'll take one of those MK wallets too. The black one."

Jefferson dropped the wallet in the bag and charged her card again. "He's a lucky man." He winked, handing Nicki the bag and her credit card. 

"We're jus friends." Nicki put the bag in her purse and zipped it up.

"Sure." The old man pulled out his handkerchief from the front of his vest and removed his spectacle. He cleaned it while Nicki quickly walked away. She passed the men's department, spotting a display of Fall sweaters. It was still Summer, but it was also August, autumn was just around the corner. Nicki walked over to the displays and picked out two sweaters she thought were really cute. She knew there was no way she could hide them from Drake, but she was okay with that. Nicki walked to the front desk, placing the sweaters on the counter. Drake looked up from his phone.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Sweaters for you." She smiled and pulled out her credit card, handing it to Joseph.

"Me?" He smiled.

"Yup. I think you'd look real nice in these."

"Oh, well thank you."

"You're welcome."

Joseph bagged the sweaters and handed them to Nicki along with her receipt and credit card. He then reached under the counter and gave Drake the bags he'd asked him to hold.

"Come back soon!" Joseph waved after them.

"Where do you wanna go now?" Drake asked as they walked to the car.

"Oh, no Aubrey. I'm fine. Really, thank you so much, baby. This was really sweet of you."

"Nic? Come on bae, don't turn me away now. We jus got started. I wanna take you somewhere else."

"But Drake, I—"

"Nope, no buts. It's only like 2 o'clock. We got time to kill til later."


"Yup. It's a surprise so I can't tell you."

Nicki smiled, showing her dimples. "Well, I can't wait til later then."

The two reached the car and put all the bags in the trunk.

"Hey, since you insist on being my sugar daddy today, think we could hit up Victoria's Secret? We passed one on the way out."

"No problem." Drake shut the trunk and the two made their way to VS.

Nicki headed over to the bra's first, Drake following behind. He watched as she picked over many different colors and styles. He grew bored spectating so he helped her.

"You like this one?" Drake held up a shiny pink one.

Nicki looked over at him. "Oh, that's cute. What size is it? It has to be a—"

"32D. Yea, I know." He smirked.

Nicki smiled and took the bra from him. "Thank you, sir."

They picked out a few more bra's and headed over to the panty table. Drake was very helpful in that area. He picked out more thongs than anything. Whenever Nic reached for boy shorts, he'd shake his head in disproval and hold up a pair of thongs. She shooed him away a few times, but he just laughed it off and held his ground.

"Hey Nic, what about these?" Drake held up a leopard printed pair of thongs.

"Those are nice, but look at these." She held up a lime green pair of boy shorts.

Drake frowned. "Ew, those are ugly." He took them from her and gave her the leopard thongs.

Nicki giggled. "Aubrey would you stop that. I'm not getting these."

"But they'd look so good on you."

"No. Hand me the other ones back." She held out her hand.

"No. I don't think I will."



"Ugh! Fine." She rolled her eyes. "I'll get the cyat damn thongs. Are you happy?"

"Not yet. I still hafta see you in them first." Drake winked at her and made his way to check out.

Nicki met him there with a few shirts in hand. "Here ya go." She handed him everything and he sat them on the counter.

An old lady with thick lenses by the name of Margaret worked the register. She was slow moving, but very sweet and polite. "Would this be all?" She asked them.

"Yes ma'am." Drake answered. He held out his credit card for her to take, but she was still ringing up the items so he just waited.

"You know, our lotions are buy one get one 50% off. You might wanna check those out."

"No thank you. I'm fine." Nicki smiled.

"Well okay, if you change your mind, the sale lasts til Sunday."

"Thank you ma'am. I'll remember that." Nicki watched her ring up the bra's one at a time. After ten minutes, the woman finished. Nicki took all the bags and waited for Drake to get the receipt.

"Bye Margaret, thank you." Nicki said as they left.

"Is that it?" Drake asked as they walked to the car.

"Yea, I'm done. I'm all shopped out."

"Alright then. Home it is." 

They put the bags in the trunk then got into the car.

"Thank you Aubrey. I really mean it." Nicki leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I had so much fun with you today."

He smiled. "Glad you did." He removed his sunglasses. "But you say that like the day's over. We ain't done yet." Drake strapped on his seat belt and pulled off.

They arrived at Nicki's apartment around 4:30. Drake parked her Bentley in the garage and they both caught the elevator up. When they reached her floor, all shopping bags in hand, they heard loud cheering coming from her apartment. They both looked at each other and quickened their paces. Nicki opened the door to find Safaree and the Vaks in her living room. All her furniture had been delivered and put in place. Drake shut the door behind her and followed her into the living room.

"Ayo?! Did you see that shit?! Shorty straight juked her ass!" Yelled an overly excited Vincent.

"Hey guys. What's this?" Nicki asked, looking at them all stare at her television.

Safaree looked at Nicki first. "Oh, hey Nic. Ain't think you'd be back so soon. What's in the bag?" SB sat the bowl of popcorn he'd been eating from down on the coffee table.

"Jus stuff. I see the cable's hooked up." Nicki looked at the tv for awhile trying to figure out what it was the guys were watching. She saw scantily clad women running back and forth on a muddy football field. "The hell is this Safaree?"

"Uhhh, football?"

"Lingerie football." Drake added with a smile.

Nicki looked back at him with a squint. "You watch this Aubrey?"

All heads turned in his direction. Rex muted the television.

"Uhh, well… I mean… I've seen a few episodes maybe." He shrugged.

"Riiight." Nicki slowly nodded her head. "I'll be in my room."

Nicki walked off leaving him standing there. He sat the bags down and went to greet SB and the Vaks.

"We sure do see you often, man." Vincent said. "Sup wit dat? You and Nic—"

"WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!!!" Nicki yelled from her bedroom.

"Friends, huh?" Chris John asked.

"Is it… beneficial?" Rex asked.

Nicki marched out of her room before Drake had time to think of a reply. "Get out." She pointed them to the door. "Y'all so damn nosey." She took the popcorn from SB. "And take Faree with you. Please."

"Aye?! What I do?"

"Faree? It's been fun. You've did everything I asked and now your job's done. I thank you, honestly, but you gotta go."

"Oh, I see how it is Nic." SB said.

"Yea, it's lovely. Thank you for everything." She said, escorting them all to the front door. "Drive safely." She smiled and shut the door, locking it. Nicki walked over to the couch and sat on Drake's lap. "Now that we're alone, what should we do?" She asked, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Relax. I know you're tired."

"Only a liddle." She yawned.

"You don't wanna take a nap?"

"No. Stop tryna put me to sleep Aubrey. I'm fine."

He chuckled. "Well then jus sit here and watch tv wit me. We don't hafta leave again til seven."

"Where we goin?"

"A place."

Nicki smirked. "What kinda place?"

"A nice place. You'll love it."

"You sure?"


"Mkay. Well until we get to this nice place, come help me with these bags." Nicki stood, pulling Drake up with her. They each took a few bags and headed to her bedroom. They placed everything on her bed and began to sort through them. Nicki took up the Victoria's Secret bag and went to her laundry room to wash her new panties and bra's. When she walked back into her room, Drake was just hanging up her last piece of clothing. He took all the empty bags and disposed of them in the kitchen. He then met Nicki back in her room. She was looking through her closet.

"Hey Drake?"

"Wussup?" He asked, walking over to her.

"You should really tell me where we're going later so I know what to wear."

"No. I'd rather not." Drake looked through her closet and picked out one of her new dresses. "Wear this one." He took it off the rack and handed it to her.

"Ok, well what about my—"

"Shoes?" Drake looked between the two boxes of shoes he'd just bought her. He opened one and held the shoe up to the dress. "Wear these."

"Alright. I'll get dressed in another hour or so."

Drake looked at his cellphone. "It's almost 5 o'clock. You take like two hours to get ready. You might wanna start now."

"Yea, you're right. Lemme go freshen up." Nicki closed her closet doors and headed to the bathroom. Drake looked through his duffel bag and pulled out a folded pair of black slacks, a blazer and a button up. While Nicki showered, he steamed his clothes to rid them of wrinkles. He then put the steamer away and laid his clothes on Nic's bed. She came out about an hour later wrapped in her towel.

"You done with the bathroom?" Drake asked, polishing his shoes.

"Mhm. You can use it if you need to."

"Ard, jus lemme finish shinin these real quick."

Nicki went to fetch her bra's and panties from the laundry room. When she reached her bed, she tossed everything on it. She had about twenty pairs of thongs and ten bra's. She picked out a matching turquoise blue set to wear and put all the others in her nightstand. Nicki then threw her towel on the bed and stepped into her underwear. Drake had just finished polishing his last shoe. He stood up and sat it on the floor next to the other. He then glanced back at Nicki as he made his way to the bathroom.

"Your ass looks really good in those."

Nicki blushed, pulling her bra straps over her shoulders. "Thanks." She giggled.

Drake smiled and shut the bathroom door. When he completed his shower, Nicki was fully clothed. She had on her shoes and her dress. She'd put on her accessories after she did her hair, which she wasn't quite sure what to do with. Nicki walked into the bathroom while Drake dressed in her room. She stared in the mirror trying to figure out what to do with her hair. About fifteen minutes passed and she'd gotten nowhere. She tried curling it, but didn't like the way it turned out. She didn't wanna wear it as an updo and a wrap was out of the question. Drake had just put his shoes on when he went to go check on her.

"How's it goin?" He asked, fixing his collar in the mirror.

"Horrible. I don't wanna make us late, but I can't figure out what to do with my hair."

Drake looked at her in the mirror for a moment before speaking. "Braid it."

"What? Uh uhh. I am not braiding my hair."

"I don't mean like cornrows, Nic. Here..." Drake pulled her hair back behind her shoulders and told her to face him. She turned around and he plaited her hair over her left shoulder. "Look." He turned her back toward the mirror and waited for her reaction.

Nicki's smile grew wide. "Oh my God! Aubrey?? Baby??? I like it!! How come I couldn't come up with this?"

"Cuz you were over thinking it." He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Lemme know when you're ready to go." Drake said, leaving the bathroom.

Nicki grabbed her mascara and glitter eyeliner from behind the mirror. She lined her eyes and darkened her lashes. She then put them back and went to get her accessories. She chose the black, crystal studs to wear, the pave ring Drake liked and the pave, snake bracelet to match. Nicki then put on her lip gloss and exited the bathroom, turning off the light.

"I'm ready babe!" She grabbed her Blackberry and clutch from off the bed and went to meet Drake in the living room.

"Look at you." He grinned as she passed by him. He turned off the tv and stood up. "You're gorgeous." He said, licking his lips.

Nicki blushed again. "Haha, thank you, baby. Let's go before we're late."

Drake picked the keys to her Bentley up from the coffee table. He lead Nicki to the front door and turned off all the lights. The couple then headed down to the car garage. When they got to the car, Drake carefully helped her into her seat and shut the car door. He got in on his side and cranked up the Bentley.  About a half-hour later, they both arrived at a restaurant. Drake parked the car directly across the street in the only available parking space.

"We're here." He cut the engine.

Nicki leaned forward and looked out of his window. In bright letters on the front of a building lived the name, Katsuya. "Awww, Drake? This is really, really sweet of you. You are such a gentleman." Nicki smiled and pecked him on the lips.

"I try." He grinned and stepped out of the car. He then helped Nicki out and locked the doors. She linked arms with him as they crossed the street. Once they got inside, they were immediately seated in an area blocked off with velvet rope. The restaurant was half packed, but Drake reserved a special area for just them. A waiter greeted them with menus and complimentary glasses of water. He then hurried off back to the kitchen.

"Wow, that was fast." Nic said, removing her black straw from the plastic packaging. She stirred her iced water with it before taking a sip.

"I know. Haha, he seemed kind of jittery. Hopefully he comes back." Drake added, looking over his shoulder toward the kitchen.

"Mhm. Quiet too." Nicki opened her menu and took her time reading over every dish. Drake did the same. "You see anything you want?" Nicki asked.

"I was looking at that seared tuna, but I don't know. These portions are kinda small."

"Haha, it is LA babe."

"True." Drake turned the menu over to look at their beverages. He didn't see any wines that he wanted.

"You ok?" Nicki asked, looking at him over her menu.

"Yea, but I don't see my wine. Kinda strange… You find what you wanted?"

"Sort of. I think I'll get the sashimi. Then maybe we can head over to the sushi bar." Nicki closed her menu.

"Fair enough. I guess we jus wait for someone to walk past now."

As soon as Drake uttered those words, the chef came out to greet them. He bowed, acknowledging their presence and introduced himself. Beside him stood a waiter with a silver tray. "Welcome to Katsuya. I will be your chef tonight. Please, address me as Jon." The little Asian man smiled and snapped his fingers. The waiter removed the lid from the tray. "First dish is on the house. We are highly honored to have you two here. If you need anything, please, don't be afraid to ask." Jon pulled out a silver bell. "Just ring this and BOOM!" Nicki jumped. "You have a waiter." He smiled and placed the platter before Drake and Nicki.

"Thank you, sir." Drake said.

"Jon. Call me Jon." He smiled. "May I get you two anything else?"

"Yes please. Do you have any pinot grigio?" Nicki asked.

"Oohh, the lady drinks, eh?"

Nicki smiled. "No, it's for him." She nodded towards Drake. "It doesn't seem to be on the menu."

"Oh, yes. We don't serve that here anymore. But for you, we'll get it special." Jon snapped his fingers signaling the water to step forward. "Go out and find this gentleman here the finest bottle of pinot. Make it fast."

"Oh, no. That's unnecessary. I'll jus pick something else."

"No! You want pinot, you get pinot." Jon snapped his fingers again. The waiter sped back to the kitchen. "Now, what are we having for the main course?"

"I'll have the Sashimi plate." Nicki said.

"And I'll take the Uechi's seared tuna."

"Okaaay. And what would the lady like to drink? Mascato? Pinot? What?"

"Oh no, water's fine."

"Whaaat? No wine? Everything tastes better with wine my dear."

Drake laughed at the animated chef, making Nicki giggle.

"No really, thank you Jon, but I'm fine."

"I see that, but what about your drink?"

Nicki laughed harder. "Oh my God!"

"Oohh, I kidd, I kidd." Jon smiled. "You have a very lovely lady." He told Drake.

"Haha, thanks, but we're jus friends." He smiled.

"Friends?? In a place like this?? Mhmm. Well… friends, let me go prepare your food. You won't be disappointed." Jon bowed to them once more and made his way back to the kitchen.

"What was that?" Drake asked, laughing.

"Haha, I don't know, but he's so cute. And funny." Nicki picked up her fork and took a small piece of meat off the tray to taste. "Hm, this is good."

"Lemme taste it."

Nicki picked up another piece with her fork and fed it to him. "How is it?"

"Hmm, not bad, not bad at all." Drake picked up his fork and ate a few more pieces.

Jon came back twenty-five minutes later with both their meals.

"Sashimi for the fine lady." He sat the plate in front of Nicki. "And seared tuna for the pinot man." He smiled and sat Drake's plate in front of him. Jon then placed a wine glass on the table and a bottle of pinot grigio. "Anything else?"

"No, that's all. Thank you Jon." Nicki said.

The chef bowed with a smile and then made his exit to the kitchen.

Nicki and Drake then began to eat. She saw that he had more on his plate than she did. "Aubrey?"


"Can I taste that?" She pointed to his tuna with her fork.

"Sure." Drake cut her a piece and fed it to her. "You like it?"

"I can't tell."

Drake cut her a bigger piece. "Here..."

Nicki accepted it and chewed away. "Mmm, thas good tuna. You should like, give me half."

"Haha, I don't think so. You have ya own plate."

Nicki looked down at her dish. "Yea, but I like what you have better."

"I like what I have too." He took another bite of his food.

"Sharing is caring, Aubrey." Nicki batted her eyelashes.

"Fine. Jus one piece." Drake gave her one whole piece of tuna.

"Thank you."

After they ate their meal, they found a spot at the sushi bar. They were surrounded by uptight old men in suits and their spouses. They watched another chef prepare fresh sushi before them. Whenever he did a slick move with a knife, he was awarded with a sophisticated round of applause. When he finished, the chef placed his creations in front of Nicki with a smile and nod of the head.

"Thank you." She smiled back.

The chef went on to prepare more sushi. Nicki pulled the three small plates in front of her and Drake. She picked up a California roll and held it in front of him.


Drake opened his mouth and bit down on the sushi as Nicki inserted it between his lips.

"How does it taste?" She asked.

Drake frowned his face up, slowly continuing to chew. He swallowed and shook his head. "That is the nastiest thing I've ever tasted."

"What?" Nicki's jaw dropped. "This is the best one."

"It's nasty."

"You have no taste." Nicki ate the other half as Drake sat there sipping on a glass of water to wash the sushi down.

After Nicki finished eating, it was time to leave. Drake paid the bill and thanked Jon, the chef. He let Drake keep the bottle of pinot which made him very happy. The couple then headed out of Katsuya and to the car. They got back to Nicki's apartment around 10:30. While inside, Drake placed the wine bottle in the fridge and walked with Nic back to her room. She stood in front of her full body mirror looking herself over. Drake came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Did you have a good time tonight?" He asked.

"I had an amazing time, Aubrey. This whole day was perfect. Dinner was great. I couldn't think of a better way to end our night."

"Who says our night has to end?"


"Stay right here, I'll be back."

Drake went into the bathroom and shut the door. Nicki heard water running and saw him come back out, closing the door behind him. He took off his blazer and laid it across the bed. Nicki watched him as he rolled his sleeves up past his elbows and unbuttoned two of the top buttons on his shirt.

"What are you doin?" She asked.

"You'll see in a minute." Drake jogged into the kitchen. He came back with a big, red lighter and headed into the bathroom.

Nicki looked on trying to piece the puzzle together. She heard the water stop and saw Drake emerge from the bathroom. He put the lighter back in the kitchen and came back to the bedroom.

"So… are you gonna tell me what that's all about?" She asked.

Drake walked over to her, resuming his previous position. "I don't have to." He whispered in her ear. He then kissed her on the neck as he reached for the zipper on the back of her dress. Drake unzipped it then delicately ran his hands up her smooth back. Once he reached her shoulders, he removed the garment as she watched him in the mirror. The dress fell to the floor, exposing Nicki in her turquoise blue bra and thong set. She bit her lip as he ran his hands down her waist and over her thighs. Drake stooped low to remove her dress from around her ankles, Nicki held onto him as he helped her step out of her attire. He then unzipped her shoes and removed them one at a time. Standing back up, Drake took Nicki's plait into his hands. He began to unbraid it as she continued watching his every move in the mirror. Drake's hands slowly traveled up Nicki's back as he gently kissed her neck. Feeling his warm, soft hands on her back, she closed her eyes and began to fantasize where she wanted to feel them next. Drake slipped his fingers under the hooks of her bra and undid them. He then slid her straps down her arms, watching her in the mirror as her bra fell to the floor. Drake moved his hands to her waist and let them wander down. He ran his thumbs over the dimples in her lower back as his hands continued their journey. When he reached the top of her thongs, he slid his thumbs in the sides and edged them off her hips. Nicki opened her eyes when his lips left her neck. She watched him slide her thongs down her legs. Holding onto his back, Nicki slightly lifted both her feet, one at a time, as he removed her panties from around her ankles.

"Hold on to my neck and close your eyes." Drake uttered, before standing back up. Nicki did what he ordered as he reached one arm behind her back and the other behind her knees. He lifted her from the carpeted floor and carried her toward the bathroom. Opening the door, an airy aroma graced their noses.

"It smells really good in here." Nicki said.

A smile spread across Drake's face. "Wanna guess what it is?"


"What kind?"

Nicki inhaled a deep breath. "Is it… peaches?"

"Peaches and…?"



Nicki giggled. "I like it… can I open my eyes now?"

"In a sec."

Drake had decorated the bathroom with peaches and cream scented candles. They were the only things illuminating the space. He had run a bubble bath for her to relax in with slow jams playing low in the background. When they got to the tub, he carefully began to lower her into it. She tensed up when she felt his grip loosening.

"Relax… I gotchu baby." He cooed in his soothing baritone. "Open your eyes."

Nicki looked around the bathroom after Drake sat her in the bathtub. She softly gasped as she noticed all the bubbles and candles. "You did this all for me?" She looked up at him.

"All for you." He knelt down beside the tub and dipped his hand in the water, swirling it about. "Is the water ok?"

"It's perfect." She smiled. "Thank you. Thank you so much baby. For everything. This whole entire day has jus been amazing. I can't say that enough and I can't thank you enough. Jus… thank you."

"You're welcome, but you don't hafta thank me. I don't mind doin stuff like this for you. I enjoy it as much as you do. Consider it my duty. It's only fair that I treat you right, right?"

Nicki blushed. "You're right. I love you, baby." She leaned on the edge of the tub and reached her wet hands out to hold his face. She planted a kiss on his lips, holding it for a few seconds before pulling away and repeating the same action. They kissed like this for only a short while before Nicki introduced her tongue. Drake imitated her gesture then sucked on her bottom lip. She did the same to him. After a good minute or so, Drake pulled away.

"I'll be back. Forget somethin."

"Ok." Nicki nodded as she watched him stand and make his exit. She laid back and played with the bubbles while she awaited his return. Beyoncé's "1+1" began to echo in the background. Nicki picked up on the tune and began to sing a long.

"…when my daaays look low, puull me in close and don't let me goooo… make love to meee… so when the world's at waaar, let our looove heal us all…"

Drake came back with a plate in hand. He stopped at the bathroom door mid-stride as he heard her singing. She hadn't noticed him. Drake leaned against the door frame and listened.

"…help me let down my guaaard, make love to me… meee, meee, meee, meeee, ohhh ohh, make love to me, meee, meee, meeee, meeee……"


Nicki quickly sat up and looked back at him walking toward her. "Oh, God…… you heard that?"

"Haha, yea. Don't be ashamed. Your voice is beautiful."

"You're such a spy." She giggled. "What's that?" She asked, referring to the plate in his hand.

"Oh, it's for you." He sat down beside the tub.

Nicki looked onto the plate with bright eyes. "Awww, you brought me peaches." She smiled. The sliced fruit circled the plate in a decorative design. In the middle of it all rested a small, glass bowl filled with cream.

"That I did."

Nicki went to reach for one, but he held the plate away from her.


"This isn't self-serve. I get to feed you."


"Mmhm." Drake took up a peach slice and dipped it in the cream. He held it out for her to bite. Nicki leaned forward and accepted his offering. Juice flowed down her chin as she slowly bit into it, her lips covered in cream. She pulled away, chewing first then licking her lips.

"You like?" He asked.


Drake smiled and continued to feed her peaches. When he finished, he rinsed the suds off of her, drained the water and blew out all the candles. He wrapped her in her pink towel and carried her to the bed. Drake then dried her off and went to hang up her towel. He came back with a variety of different lotions.

"Which one?" He asked, holding them out for her to see.

"The vanilla one."

Drake tossed it on the bed and went to put the others away. When he came back, he picked up the bottle and squeezed some into his palm. He rubbed his hands together and told Nicki to hold out her arm. She did this and he went to work. He started at the top, working his way down. Nicki sat back on her hands as he started on her thighs.

"Hey Aubrey?"

"Yea babe?"

"Do you still hafta leave tonight?"

Drake slowed down and looked up at her, then over at the clock. "Yea…" He sighed. "2 o'clock."

Nicki looked down and started to giggle.

"What's funny?" He asked, lotioning her foot.

"No, haha, sorry, that jus tickles." She admitted, pulling her foot away.

"Oh." He half smiled, moving to her other leg.

Nicki pressed her lips together as an unnamed silence filled the room. "So… when are you coming back?"

"In a week… maybe… they're talkin about adding more dates to the show…… turn over."

Nicki did so, sitting up on her elbows. "More dates?"


"Well, how many more? Like a few days?" She asked, knowing it'd be more, but hoping it wasn't.

"More like weeks." He replied, lotioning her bottom.

Nicki groaned and collapsed on the bed. "I hate this life…"

"You don't mean that." Drake began massaging lotion onto her back.

"Yes I do. I can never have you all to myself. There's always something in the way. Always some dumb obstacle. Don't get me wrong, I love what we do, but like……" She sighed. "I don't know…" Nicki grabbed a pillow and cuddled up with it.

"It's okay Nic. Jus take your time."

"No. I don't wanna talk about this anymore." She buried her face in the pillow.

"Don't cry." He told her, massaging her shoulders.

"I'm not crying, Aubrey. I'm jus…… relaxing…… You're hands are quite soothing." She yawned, turning her head to the side.

Drake smiled and continued to massage her back. "Don't fall asleep on me, Nic."


"I'm serious."


Not even ten minutes passed before Nicki drifted to sleep.

"Nic?" Drake called, but of course, he received no answer. "Niiickiii??" She was fast asleep. Drake shook his head and put the lotion away. He came back and looked through her nightstand to find something to put on her bottom. He knew how uncomfortable it was for her to sleep pantyless. Drake smiled to himself when he found what he was searching for. He pulled out a pair of leopard print thongs and shut the drawer. He approached a sleeping Nicki and carefully slipped them on her. Drake pulled the covers back, causing her to stir a little, but not wake. He tucked her in with a kiss on her cheek and turned out all the lights. It was nearing 11:50 so he decided to pack his duffel. When all was done, he sat in the living room watching television with his bag until it was time for him to depart.

When Nicki awakened, she felt for Drake on the right side of her bed, only to receive a handful of emptiness. She sat up, a bit dazed, and took a few seconds to make out her surroundings. She threw the covers back, noticing the leopard print thongs she had on. She smiled to herself and shook her head. "He would…" Nicki turned the lamp on with a yawn. She slipped her feet into her fuzzy pink house shoes and walked over to her closet to find a tee shirt to put on. After she did that, she walked back to her bed to get her phone. Nicki noticed Drake's blazer was no longer on her bed. She looked at the clock. It read 1:08am. She checked the bathroom for Drake, but he wasn't there. Nicki then checked the living room, no Drake. The television was off and his duffel bag gone. Nicki anxiously bit her lip. "He wouldn't leave without saying goodbye." She said aloud to calm herself. Nicki called him, but immediately got his voicemail. She checked the kitchen, but he wasn't there either. Nicki sat at the kitchen table, trying to figure out why he left without telling her goodbye. She cradled her Blackberry in her hands, waiting for the answer to hit her. She played their day back over and over again in her head. Had she said or did something wrong? Nicki couldn't figure out. She frowned and got up from the table after at least ten minutes. She looked in the fridge for something to drink. Nicki noticed Drake's bottle of Pinot Grigio still in the refrigerator. She thought that was odd for him to leave his wine. But then she remembered there was no way TSA would let him fly with that. She shook it off and grabbed a bottle of water. Nicki closed the fridge with a sigh. She heard something creaking, almost like hinges. She checked the fridge, but it was shut tight. She cautiously looked around the kitchen. Nicki heard the noise again and quickly turned her attention toward the door to her roof. She saw that it was slightly ajar so she crept over and slowly opened it. Nicki looked up the staircase and noticed the door at the top was also cracked open. She grabbed her phone off of the kitchen table and ascended the steps with caution. When she reached the top, she peeped out of the door. Nicki saw a figure leaning over the railing with a wine glass in hand.

"Aubrey?" She called, stepping onto the roof.

The figure looked back, standing straight up. "Hey, you're up."

Nicki smiled, quickening her pace as she walked toward him. "I was looking for you." She wrapped her arms around his neck as they embraced. They kissed on the lips and Nicki spoke up again. "You had me worried. I thought you left and without telling me bye."

"I'd never leave without saying goodbye to you, Nic. Never leave without saying I love you. You know that." He took a sip of his wine.

"I know, but still…" She said, single-handedly buttoning a button on his shirt. "When I couldn't find you I jus got kinda nervous I guess…… why are you all the way up here?" She asked, resting her head on his chest.

"Observing. This city is beautiful at night. All the lights… it's jus nice to look at. Somewhat reminds me of how it feels lookin out over Toronto." He took another sip.

"You miss it, huh?"

"I do."


"Ha, I do, but it's not like I'm homesick."

"I guess not. Seeing as how you're going back tonight."

"No… I'm not."

Nicki lifted her head up off of his chest and looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"I'm not going. I don't feel right leaving you here alone. It's jus… something's tellin me I shouldn't go."


"I don't know Nic. I jus have this feeling and I can't shake it. All I know is I need to be here with you right now."

"You're kinda scaring me, Aubrey."

"Sorry, I really don't mean to." He finished off his wine and wrapped his arms around her. "Come on, let's getchu inside, it's gettin cold up here."

I hope you liked this. As you can see, mi title is irrelevant, lol. I changed mi mind with this chapter sooooooooooooooooooo many times that the title means nothing now. But oh well… Um, I don't wanna overload with pics, so I'm only posting where Dricki went for dinner, what they wore & ate. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!! Thank you! :p

Extended Ending:

"Hey, babe?" Nicki called. "Can you come here please?"

Drake walked out of the bathroom wearing his boxer briefs. He saw Nicki on the bed laying on her stomach with her feet in the air. She rose to her knees the closer he got.

"What's that?" He asked, referring to a black bag she held in her hand.

Nicki smiled. "It's for you. I got it earlier when we were at Michael Kors." She held the bag out to him, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Open it."

Drake squinted at her while taking the bag. "Michael Kors? But I thought we were only shopping for you?" He sat down on the edge of the bed.

Nicki crawled over to him. "Well… we were, but after I got you those sweaters, I figured I'd buy you something extra. I think you'll like them."

"Them?" He asked, reaching into the bag.

"Haha, yes them."

Drake pulled out a rectangular box and looked at Nicki with a half smile. Once he opened the lid, his eyes stretched wide. "Yoooooooo!!!" He looked at Nicki with a huge grin then back at the box.

"Do you like it?"

"Do I like it!?" He asked. "Baby, I love it. Thank you so much." He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Wow…" He looked back at the watch. "I'm gonna wear this with everything, you know that right?" He looked at her.

"Haha, but babe. You didn't open the other box yet."

Drake pulled out the other box and opened it. He smiled. "You know just what I like, Nic."

"Of course I do." She kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you too." She giggled.

"You know what this means now, right?" He asked, placing his gifts back in the bag.

"No…… what?"

Drake smiled, placing the bag on the nightstand and crawling toward Nicki. "It means…" He began.

Nicki started crawling backwards, toward the headboard, with a smile on her face. "What?"

"It means that I really, really, really hafta thank you…" Drake licked his lips.

"And how are you gonna do that?" Nicki bit her lip watching him get closer to her.

Drake grabbed her thighs, spreading them as he pulled her body beneath him. "Like this…" He leaned down and began kissing her neck.

"Hahaha… I like that…"

Drake slowed down his kisses.

"Nooo, keep goin…"

He smiled and kissed his way up to her ear. He nibbled her lobe for a sec then whispered, "Thank you." Drake then rolled over onto his back.

"Wait…" Nicki rolled onto her side and looked at him. "That's it?"

"Yes. That's it… thank you."

"Are you serious???" Nicki slapped his chest.

"Ow!" Drake started to laugh.

"You are such a tease." Nicki huffed then turned her back to him. "Goodnight."

Done. ^_^


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