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Chap. 21: Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free [Part 1/2]

Miss me? :D Lol, I finally gots the goods so all y'all can stop buggin! As you can see, this chapter is 2 parts so I apologize if this 1st part is too short. I'll jus make up for that in the next post. I love you guyz, don't forget that. Read on!

Chapter 21:

Drake delicately stroked Nicki's hair as she slept. He watched her toss and turn through half the night, trying to find a comfortable spot in her new bed. Nicki threw the comforter off a few times only to cover back up with them later. She finally found the perfect position to sleep in; snuggled under Drake. Her head under his chin, her breath on his chest as he held her close. The three weeks of them being apart did something to him inside. Drake never realized how much he truly did love her until they had to spend time away from one another. He hated being without her. He missed her laugh, the conversations they'd have and her overall presence. Nicki brightened up his day, whether she knew it or not. Drake wondered why he ever doubted her. How could he be so afraid to love her? How could he be so afraid to trust her? What did he have to lose? Drake knew Nicki would never do anything to harm him. She loved him and he knew that. He could feel that. Every time they kissed, every time she hugged him. There was always passion in everything she did for him. Drake no longer understood why he held back anything from her. If Nicki was willing to give him everything after all she'd been through, why couldn't he do the same? He knew it was a challenge for her to open up to him. Especially about Jarvis and what he did. Drake felt bad that he wasn't there to protect her. He knew if he were there, Nicki would've been perfectly fine. He also knew that they could only move forward. Drake decided at that very moment, there was no need for him to bottle up how he felt. There was no need for him not to trust Nicki. No need for him to be afraid to love her like he knew he could. If she could do it, then so could he. He listened to the sweet and soft snores emanating from Nicki while she slept. They innocently lulled him to sleep as he lie there, curled up with his one and only. Drake knew that's where he belonged, with her at all times. But because of the lives they both lived and careers they both lead, he understood that would be difficult to do. However, that never stopped him from wanting to be by her side. It was now 8am and Nic was still journeying through dream land. Drake considerately eased himself out of bed, careful not to wake her, and made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself. He washed his face and hands, brushed his teeth, then headed into the kitchen in only his white Calvin Klein briefs and Hanes ankle socks. Drake decided to make them a simple breakfast: pancakes, eggs, and bacon. He knew Nicki would be up as soon as the smell of food hit the air. Drake had set their plates out on the counter since the kitchen table and chairs were still absent. He hoped they'd be delivered before he left so Nicki wouldn't have to move anything by herself. About thirty minutes later, Drake was almost finished with cooking. All he had to do was scramble the eggs and wait for the bacon to get done in the oven. As he moved the spatula about in the skillet, he felt small arms wrap around his waist from behind.

"Morning babe." Nicki spoke, squeezing him into a tight hug with her head resting on his bare back.

Drake smiled. "Good morning to you to beautiful. How'd you sleep?"

"I slept fine." She kissed his back. "I'm happy you were there with me." She kissed him again, in a different spot this time. "I love it when you stroke my hair Aubrey," Another kiss. "...and when you hold me..." Then another kiss. "...I feel so safe and comfortable in those sexy ass arms of yours..." Nicki continued to place kisses on his back. Drake shut his eyes, enjoying the moment, as she kissed him up to the nape of his neck. Nicki ran her hands all over him. "I missed you Aubrey." She allowed her right hand to wander around the front of his body and down to his briefs. Nicki slowly started slipping her fingers inside the waistband.

Drake opened his eyes and caught her wrist before she went any further. "Whoa there.... Haha, I see somebody's hungry."

Nicki pulled her hands back and casually folded her arms.

"Good thing too cuz I'm makin breakfast." He said, not turning around to look at her.

Nicki scratched her head. "Okaaay.... so um, what are you cooking?" She peeped around his body to have a look.

Drake turned the oven and stove top off. "I made us some eggs, pancakes and bacon." He pulled on an oven mit and reached into the oven to take out the bacon. Drake placed the pan on top of one of the eyes and took the mit back off. "You woke up just in time. Everything's all done now." Nicki watched him as he put the food on their plates.

"Can you get the glasses please?" He asked, looking back at her. Drake turned back to their plates then quickly did a double take. "Uuh.... Nicki? Where are your clothes?" He asked as a smile started to creep across his face.

Nicki smiled back. "What? You can't expect me to be fully clothed all the time Aubrey." She had on a bubble-gum pink, lace g-string that had hot pink ribbons which tied into bows on the sides. "I mean, if you can jus walk around in your underwear then why can't I?"

Drake stuttered, struggling to find the words to answer her question as he looked at her. "Uuh... y-you um... Well uuh... y-you you... you have um..." He raised his hands in front of his chest and carved out air boobies. "You have breasts."

"Hahaha, okaaay???" She laughed. "Thanks for noticing. But that's not a good enough reason."

"Yes. It is. Those things are very, very distracting." He said eyeing her breasts. "So fuckin distracting..." Drake caught himself staring. He shook his head to snap out of his trance before he started drooling. "You uuh.... you should really put those away." He turned back to their plates.

"And if I don't? What are you gonna do?" She asked innocently as if she had no clue. But Nicki knew exactly what she wanted him to say. She bit her bottom lip and placed her hands on her hips waiting for him to respond.

Drake cleared his throat. He began to pick up on her hints so he played along. "Nothing. I'm not gonna do anything at all."

"Are you sure about that?"


"Oh I dunno Aubrey, what was all that shit you said to me over the phone the other day then? Was it jus... talk?" She asked seductively, articulating the k.

Drake cockily looked back at her. "It worked didn't it?" He smiled and opened a few drawers looking for forks.

"So you don't wanna play with them?" Nicki walked over to him and stood by his side, facing him. She licked her lips and gently traced the owl tattoo on the back of his shoulder with her fingernail. "Come on Drizzy... you know you miss them..." She softly pressed her boobz up against his arm.

Drake turned to her and gripped her waist. Nicki gasped as he quickly lifted her up onto the counter with no problem. He moved his hands to her thighs and subconsciously began to rub them. "What I wanna do, is eat..."

"Yea?" Nicki breathed, spreading her legs a little.

Drake looked down for a split second then back up. "...the food I cooked." He removed his hands from her thighs and motioned to pick up his fork.

"Well... can I have a kiss first? On the lips? I didn't get my good morning kiss."

Drake smirked and sat his fork in his plate. "Fair enough, but just a kiss."

Nicki nodded and he reached his hand up to hold her chin; his thumb under her bottom lip. Drake pulled her face to his as they both closed their eyes. He met her lips with a gentle peck. Nicki immediately wrapped her legs around his waist and brought him closer. At the same time, she grabbed both his hands and quickly raced them to her breasts.

Drake yanked away, forcing her to hold onto the counter's edge so she wouldn't fall. "Damn Nicki, I jus said a kiss."

"Damn it Drake! Jus have sex with me. It's been three weeks baby. I'm practically throwing myself at you. Look at me. I NEED the dick. And I don't even have any clothes on. I'm basically giving you a head start. Come on daddy." She begged.

"But I don't wanna have sex with you."

Nicki furrowed her brow. "B- but why???"

Drake sighed. "Because.... I... I feel like thas all we do. Don't you ever get bored?"

"Hell no nigga! Why would ask me that? Do I bore you? Are you... are you calling me boring Aubrey?"

"NO! Nooo." He shook his head. "No baby, you are not the least bit boring." He stepped over to her and held her by the waist, looking into her eyes. "It's jus... it seems like we sort of have this routine goin on."

She placed her arms around his neck as he stood in between her legs, her hand holding onto her wrist. "What do you mean, baby?"

"It's like this: I leave, come back, we fuck."

"And the problem iiiiisss???"

"Well, I jus automatically feel like you expect me to have sex with you every time we like... reunite or somethin'. Now tell me I'm lyin."

Nicki's eyes rolled around in her head as she processed what he said. She started to smile a little, trying to pull it back.

"Am I right?"

She hid her face in her shoulder with a whimper. "Yes..." she mumbled.

"What was that? I- I can't hear you. I'm sorry, my hearing's off." He pretended.

Nicki lifted her head up. "I said yes... you're right. I do kind of expect it." She admitted. "But I don't see a problem with that." She quickly defended.

"There is really no problem. It's jus become routine now. I always thought sex was supposed to be spontaneous and fun."

"It's not fun?" She squinted.

"No, it's fun." He smiled with a chuckle and nod of the head. "Jus not as spontaneous as I think it should be. I mean, if you always know when you're gonna get some, that kinda takes away from the experience. You tell me, where is the spontaneity in that? If you always know?" Drake raised an eyebrow.

Nicki scrunched up her face. "I guess there is none, huh?"

Drake shook his head, pressing his lips together.

"Well then.... now that we cleared that up, where does it leave us? You can drop the drawers now or later."

"You weren't listening to a word I said..."

"Oh no babe, I heard you, I was listening, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop wanting you. If you'd like, I could pretend as if I have no clue what we're about to do."

"No Nicki."

"Yes Aubrey. How bout I go to my room, right? Pretend I'm sleeping and you just sneak in like some bandit. Crawl over top of me and "wake me up" with your kisses? We could easily act like we don't know each other. I could scream for my husband, awl'lat. It could work babe."

"Hahahaha! Nicki nooo." He shook his head. "You're missing the point. All you just said could really work if you were actually sleeping and you actually had no idea I'd be meeting you in your bedroom. You still know that I'm coming though so—"


"Yea pauz, but you still know though so you still expect it and that doesn't make anything spontaneous. Look, I know you want me baby, but I wanna do somethin different."

"So no sex right now?"

"No sex. Not right now."

"Ok, so when you say no sex, where do you draw the line exactly? Like, what is sex to you?"

"We," He pointed between them. "won't be gettin down."

"Hold on, does this include no oral? Like, how does that work with you?"

Drake laughed. "Nicki, don't worry about it. You'll be fine. It's not like I'm cutting you off completely. You jus won't know when we're gonna do it. Expect thee unexpected."

"Ok, but you definitely got me next time, right?"

"Whenever that is. And nothing's definite cuz I'm breakin the cycle today so you'll never know when next time will be. Could be in the next five minutes, after I finish this sentence or even three seconds after you're telling me goodbye tonight." He shrugged. "You'll never know."

"Ugh, you would wait til my ass is all wet and horny to pull some shit like this." She rolled her eyes and removed her arms from around Drake's neck.

He let her go and backed away to look at her. "Haha, didn't mean to bae. Now can we eat?"
He took a slice of bacon off his plate. "Oh, and can you please go put some clothes on?"

"Fine. Be that way."

He went to bite the bacon, but Nicki snatched it and hopped off the counter.

"If I can't have my meat, then neither can you." She bit into the slice of bacon and walked off. Drake snuck a peek at her derriere. Nicki could feel him staring so she stopped and turned her head. "If you're not gonna hit it, keep your eyes to yourself." She covered her cheeks with the backs of her hands and continued walking to her room.
"Nicki, come back!" Drake playfully yelled when she was out of sight.

"NO!" She yelled back.

He laughed to himself and got their glasses. "I like it when you tell me no!"

"Drake stop! You're being a tease!!" She whined from the other room.

He chuckled to himself and went over to the fridge to get the orange juice. Nicki came back wearing a long tee shirt. She side eyed Drake with a slightly pouty lip as he closed the fridge. He smiled and walked over to the counter to pour their juice.

Nicki walked over to him. "Where's my plate?"

Drake slid it over to her and passed her her cup of OJ. He saw her lip still poked out. "Cheer up Nic, it's not that bad. Need a hug?"

"I'm advising you not to touch me right now because I will seriously pounce on you." She stated. Nicki picked up her plate and cup, then headed into the living room. She sat on the floor near the window with her plate in front of her. Her legs were folded criss cross, applesauce. Nicki said her grace and began to eat. Drake walked in moments later with his food. He sat directly across from her with his back up against the wall. He stretched his legs out and crossed them over one another while sitting his plate in his lap.

"Couldn't wait for me, huh?" He smiled.

Nicki looked up from her plate with a half smile and cheek full of pancake. Drake blessed his food and began to eat. He glanced over at Nic as she swirled her eggs in syrup. He never noticed she did that with her eggs before. Nicki brought the fork up to her mouth, but stopped, holding it over her plate.

"Why do you always do that?" She asked, looking at Drake.

"Do what?"

"Watch me eat."

He smiled, shaking his head. "I don't really know." He shrugged. "It's jus something I do. Not on purpose... jus habit I guess. Does it bother you?" He took a bite of pancake off his fork.

"A liddle..." Nicki smiled at her next thought. "Makes me feel like I hafta perform for you or something." She giggled and continued eating.

"Haha, sorry. I'll try to stop, but I can't promise you. It's not everyday I get to lay eyes on a goddess."

"You're so corny."

"But that's why you love me."

"Haha, if you say so." She smiled.

Drake smiled back and continued to eat. When they finished, he took their plates into the kitchen and began placing them in the dishwasher. Nicki joined him a few seconds later with their glasses. She placed his on the counter and drank from hers while watching him load the washer.

"Enjoying the view?" He asked, still bent over.

Nicki smirked. "No..." She lied.

Drake stood up and closed the door to the dishwasher. He turned around and walked over to Nic, who was leaning against the counter. "Lies..." He smiled, getting in her face. Nicki straightened up without breaking eye contact. Drake licked his lips causing Nicki to look at them. She then looked back up into his eyes, biting the edge of her bottom lip. Drake closed his eyes and began puckering his lips while leaning in. Nicki saw this and did the same. He reached behind her as their lips got closer. Drake grabbed his glass of orange juice off the counter and sipped it over her shoulder. Nicki opened her eyes when she didn't feel his lips on hers. Her jaw dropped and she scoffed in disbelief. Drake put his glass back down and began to laugh. Nicki didn't find it funny.

"Fuck this shit..." She pushed him away and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Drake laughing to himself. Nicki clearly didn't appreciate how he faked her out like that.

"Nicki wait, where you goin baby?" He giggled, following her out of the kitchen. Nicki didn't answer, nor did she turn around. She continued walking to her room.

"Nicki? Come on baby, what? You ignorin me now?"

Nicki went in her room and shut the door behind her. Drake jogged over to it and knocked.

"Onika? Can I come in?" He listened to the sound of her opening and closing dresser drawers. "Baby?" He knocked again, but got no answer. Drake decided to walk in anyway. He opened the door and heard her searching through clothes hanging in her walk-in closet. Drake went over to it and peeped in. Nicki looked at him in disgust. She rolled her eyes and began walking toward him holding a graphic tee and low cut denim shorts in her hand.

"Move." She said, pushing past him.
Drake watched her as she laid the garments out on her bed. She stood there, hand on hip, deciding if that's what she'd wear. He closed the two mirrored doors to the closet and walked over, standing behind her.

"What's wrong?"

Nicki huffed and snatched up her clothes. She grabbed her underclothes and headed to the bathroom, which she could also access from her room, not just the hallway. Drake looked on as Nicki slammed the door. He heard the shower turn on so he quietly sat on her bed, waiting for her to come out. Twenty minutes passed as he lie back on the mattress. He closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head, just waiting. He heard the shower turn off about ten minutes later. Nicki dried off, lotioned up, and got dressed in the bathroom. Drake heard a door open so he looked over, but it was shut. He knew Nicki went out of the other door facing the hallway. He sighed and exited her room, leaving her bedroom door open. Drake found her comfortably curled up on the couch so he went over to her.

"You mad at me?" He asked, crawling up to her on the sofa.

Nicki simply turned on her back to look up at him while her head rested on the arm of the couch. A smile began to creep across her face as he stared down at her. She tried to pull back, but she couldn't. "No..." she admitted, trying not to giggle.

Drake smiled. "So what's with the attitude?"

Nicki shrugged. "I don't know." She looked away from him.

"Nah... don't gimme dat. Tell me. What's up?"

Nicki sighed and looked him in the eyes. "It's jus.... you say you wanna be more spontaneous right?"


"Well..... it's kinda makin me a bit upset cuz.... I want you now and you're holding off on me."

"You are so spoiled."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are. You can't always get ya way Nic. Look at it this way, it's more about me surprising you than bein spontaneous. I jus wanna surprise you, that's all." He tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "And if it means keepin my dick in my pants a little longer, then that's the way it'll be. So can I do that for you? Jus... let me surprise you baby." 

Nicki sighed. "Why do you always make me feel like the bad guy?"

"I'm not."

"Yes huh..... and you know I can't say no to you."

"So it's a yes?"

"Haha, you know it is." She smiled.

"Thank you baby." Drake leaned down and pecked her on the lips. "I'm about to go take a shower. You can join me if you like." He smiled and stood up off the sofa.

Nicki giggled. "Haha, stop it Aubrey."
"Haha, suit yaself." With that, he disappeared around the corner. Nicki heard the shower running minutes later. As she lie there on the couch, she decided to call IKEA and find out when they'd be delivering the rest of her furniture. The movers would be there around one or one thirty. Nic then dialed up Safaree to ask him when the cable company was scheduled to arrive. He told her between ten and two. Nicki looked at the time on her phone and it was already ten o'clock. She told SB to come over a little before one o'clock so he could help move stuff. When she had everything in place, Nicki called Martin to make sure there were no surprise photo shoots or interviews. Her schedule was all clear for the day which made her extremely happy because she'd get to spend the whole day with her boo. Just thinking about it brought a smile to her face. Nicki hung up the phone, leaving it on the couch, and walked back to her bedroom. Drake was just putting his shirt on when she walked in.

"Aww man!" She playfully snapped her fingers. "I missed the show!"

Drake chuckled as he grabbed his towel off the bed. "Damn. Sounds like a personal problem, huh?"

Nicki sucked her teeth. "Don't get smart wit me Aubrey."

Drake walked over to her, his chest touching hers as he looked down at her. "I'm not gettin smart. I am smart. Intelligent in fact."

"Oh? So you on ya cocky shit, huh?"

"Hell yea. You awlready."

"Hahahaha!! Drake stop! Please don't try that accent with me."

"What accent, son? This is how I tawk B."

"Drake? No! Please!" Nicki burst into laughter. "Jus stop babe, stick to Toronto lingo, kay?"

"Hahaha, fine baby. Anything for you." He kissed her forehead then turned around. Nicki bit her bottom lip and grabbed his ass.

"Ayyyee!!" He jumped, smacking her hand away while turning back to face her. "Haha, cut that out. The game's ova Nic, Gatorade, wet towel." Drake immediately took the ends of his drying off towel and twirled it in his hands. He then whipped it towards Nic so quickly she couldn't do anything to stop it from hitting her thighs.

"Ow! Drake stop!" She laughed. He did it again with a smile on his face. "I said stop! That shit stings!" She held her hands out to block, but continued to laugh so he did it a third time. "Hahaha, ouch! Draaake???" She whined.

"That doesn't hurt."

"The hell if it don't!"

"I ain't even hit you that hard though."

"Tell that to my thighs. Look what you did." They both looked down at her legs as she rubbed her fingers over her skin. Her thighs were turning red.
Drake slung his towel over his shoulder. "Damn, sorry bae. Lemme kiss it to make it better." He got down on his knees and pulled her close, his hands on her ass.

"Ooo... sss..." She hissed as he kissed her thighs. "I think you hit my clit to..." Nicki unbuttoned her shorts and slowly began to unzip them.

"I did?" He asked, knowing he didn't.

"Yea.... it hurts." She lied, pulling her shorts down with her thongs.

Drake pulled back, watching her get them off, her bottoms falling to her ankles. Before she could step out of them, he grabbed her butt again, pulling her forward. Nicki placed her hands on his shoulders, taking his towel in her hands. She wrapped the ends around her fists and pulled him in with it around his neck. "Tell me you're sorry." She seductively whispered, looking down at him kissing up her thigh.

"I'm sorry..." As he approached her clit, he heard a knock at the front door. He stopped and looked up at Nicki.

"Why'd you stop baby?" She moaned.

"You don't hear that?"

"Hear wha—" She was cut off by another knock. "Are you fucking serious???"

"Should I go get it?"

"Fuck no. Whoever it is can wait."

Drake went back to work. He started kissing her thighs, as before, to set the mood right again. Nicki was beyond wet with a throbbing clit begging to be taken care of. As if it were possible, the knocking at the door became more rapid and louder the closer Drake got to her pleasure spot. It started to bother him. Nicki was trying to block it out, but it was as much of an annoyance to her as it was to him.

"I can't..." Drake admitted, shaking his head. He pulled Nicki's denim shorts up and stood to his feet.

"Baby, nooo!! They'll go away, pleeeaase??"

"I doubt it." He huffed, buttoning and zipping her shorts. He then kissed her on the cheek. "Nice try though, Nic. You almost had me to." He walked out of the room leaving Nicki standing there with folded arms.


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